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					                                           F.O.P. NEWS

                               Committee: Rhonda Bullock, Chairman                Gerry Majerczyk                 Bill Burns

                                                        Official Publication of Chicago Lodge No. 7

                             President’s Report, By Mark Donahue
                                   Police Officer            and five years to pay into the    Cullerton as Senate President
                               Joseph M. Airhart Jr.         fund. All purchases of up to      and Chris Radogno as the
                                 On November 4 , Joe the ten years may be made in
                                                     th                                        Minority [Republican] Leader
                             Airhart lost his long battle to six month increments. We          in the Senate, “all” are opti-
                             recover from gunshot wounds currently estimate that there         mistic about a more coopera-
                             he received while attempting are about 1400 members of            tive level of efforts in getting
                             to apprehend a bank robbery the CPD of all ranks that have        things done in State Govern-
  FOP, Chicago Lodge 7       suspect in August of 2001. served in a Law Enforcement            ment. Lodge 7 has enjoyed a
1412 W. Washington Blvd.     An extremely supportive capacity in Illinois before               very positive relationship with
                             family and close group of joining our ranks.                      both of these leaders and
                             friends gave Joe much com-         This is the first time that    looks forward to continuing
                             fort these many years. We       such a transfer will be possi-    that relationship in the future.
                             ask that all remember Joe and ble in the history of our Fund                Elections
                             his family in their prayers.    in which there will be no             All but two of the candi-
                                  Pension Portability        “sunset provision” included       dates endorsed in the Novem-
                                 After six years of effort, which in the past limited the      ber elections by the Lodge
                             we were successful on No- time frame to make the pur-             won their positions. The Po-
                             vember 20th in getting SB chases. The Lodge is proud              litical Action Committee did a
                             2520 passed out of the Senate to have accomplished obtain-        commendable job in making
                             on a concurrence vote. When ing this enhancement which            the choices they did. When
                             the Governor signs this piece will be available to all current    we consider that all that we
                             of legislation, any current and future sworn employees            do in the performance of our
                             CPD officer who has prior of the CPD of all ranks. But            duties is directly impacted by
                             law enforcement service in it was not without serious             those who make laws at the
                             Article 3,7,9,10,13,14,15 and efforts put forth by us as well     City, State and Federal levels,
                             22 [former CHA officers] as representatives of the Pen-           the importance of being po-
                             Pension Funds, which covers sion Fund and the City in en-         litically active should be obvi-
                             every Illinois Law Enforce- suring that this bill would           ous to all. A much greater
                             ment officer we could iden- have no serious financial im-         involvement by our member-
                             tify, will have the opportunity pact on the Fund, which we        ship is needed to secure the
                             to purchase up to ten years of all have interests in. The         importance of the Lodge en-
                             creditable service in those Lodge is appreciative of these        dorsements by means that
                             funds, into the Chicago Po- efforts. So for now, the Fund         may be as basic as registering
                             licemen’s Annuity and Bene- will begin preparing tables           to vote.
 Inside this issue:          fit Fund. Those current offi- and charts to help in calculat-         The question of convening
                             cers will have one year to ing the required amounts to            a Constitutional Convention
Sell Or Carry Over   Pg. 7   apply for this benefit after it purchase the time. Any ques-      failed in November which
                             becomes law and will then tions should be held until after        means as far as current pen-
                             have five years to pay into the Governor signs the legis-         sion benefits are concerned,
State Lodge Report   Pg.     the Fund the amount the Fund lation and we will advise fur-       they are secure. The only
                     10      determines to be sufficient ther when that happens.               changes that can be made to
                             enough so that there is no         The above legislative issue    what is currently enjoyed are
                             significant increase to the     as well as all others was over-   enhancements, or a lessening
FOP Gift Shop        Pg.
Holiday Ad           11      Fund’s unfunded liability. shadowed during the final              of benefits only for new hires.
                             Future new hires will have days of the Fall veto session          These issues have expectedly
Season’s Greetings   Back    two years from their date of by the election of leadership        become a matter of discussion
                     Page    hire to apply for this benefit in the Senate. With John                        (Continued on page 2)
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 President’s Report Continued...
 at the City’s Pension Commis-       We are currently attempting        covered under the Fifth          statement made by you…and
 sion that has been meeting          to schedule more of these          Amendment and are not            the fruits thereof cannot be
 monthly to address the issue of     meetings prior to the end of       protected under Garrity.         used against you in a subse-
 funding the four City Pension       the month. The two primary           This ruling in no way im-      quent proceeding.” We are
 Funds.                              financial proposals, those of      pacts statements made pur-       familiar with this as the Gar-
   National Memorial and             pay increases and healthcare       suant to an administrative       rity rule.
         Museum                      coverage for retirees at an        investigation. Since Garrity         Pursuant to Illinois law, an
    For several years now there      earlier age are still open for     was decided, the law prohib-     individual charged with DUI
 has been an effort to build a       discussion as are putting fin-     iting the use of administra-     clearly has the right to refuse
 Law Enforcement Museum in           ishing touches on several of       tive evidence has been wa-       to submit to a breathalyzer
 Washington adjacent to the          our other proposals.        Al-    tered down very much, espe-      exam, although that right ap-
 Memorial in Judiciary Square.       though there is no crystal ball    cially in Illinois. Garrity      pears to be in jeopardy as
 Understandably, efforts for         which can tell us when we          only applies to testimonial      other states have legislated
 support have been overshad-         will be finished, our objective    evidence. Therefore, only        away the right to refuse. Re-
 owed by the establishment of        of reaching an agreement that      statements made by an offi-      gardless of an Illinois driver’s
 our own Police Memorial here        you the membership can vote        cer in an administrative in-     right to refuse, since the Jones
 in Chicago and the ongoing          on is still our priority.          vestigation will be sup-         case was decided in 2005, the
 support of the Memorial Foun-              Dues Increase               pressed at any subsequent        law is clear that when a
 dation. Craig Floyd, who is             As a reminder, beginning       criminal proceedings (with       driver’s blood or breath is
 the Chairman and CEO of the         in January you will see a dues     rare exception); however all     taken, despite their refusal, it
 National Law Enforcement            increase of .50 per pay pe-        non-testimonial evidence is      is admissible in a criminal
 Memorial Fund which is spear-       riod. This increase reflects       clearly admissible at crimi-     proceeding. The courts do not
 heading the museum project,         the increases in dues that         nal proceedings. (i.e.           allow the police the authority
 came to Chicago to meet with        were voted on at the National      breath/blood test; identifica-   to use physical force to obtain
 me and Superintendent Weis          Conference in 2007 and at the      tions at line-ups, contraband    a result, however results ob-
 and his staff to discuss the po-    State Conference in 2008 that      found in PO’s locker, etc.).     tained any other way are fair
 tential of the Chicago Police       both go into effect for 2009.          The case at issue in-        game at criminal cases. (i.e.
 Department becoming a part-         Our Constitution and By-laws       volved an off-duty police        coercion, blood draws at hos-
 ner in the project of building      call for the Lodge to pass         officer who was involved in      pitals and administrative
 the museum. Discussions were        these increases on to the          a traffic altercation which      searches).
 had about the project being         membership and that is why         included a high speed chase          The Lodge Board of Direc-
 completed exclusively from          this increase will appear be-      and allegations that the offi-   tors has decided to appeal this
 donors to the project and the       ginning in January. We are         cer threatened the individual    decision to the Illinois Su-
 potential of the CPD offering       sure that our membership           with his weapon. The offi-       preme Court. Use of the ad-
 up a payroll deduction oppor-       understands the necessity of       cer was placed under arrest      ministrative blow in criminal
 tunity for members of the CPD       these changes in light of the      on the scene for aggravated      proceedings is precedent set-
 to participate. The Lodge fully     gains that the FOP has made        assault and driving under the    ting in the CPD. The decision
 supports this effort and the        for Law Enforcement at the         influence. The officer was       of an Assistant States Attorney
 Department is in the process of     National level and in Spring-      brought to the 14th District     to appeal a lower court deci-
 seeing if and when they can         field as well and it is the con-   and the arresting officers       sion to the Appellate Court on
 make this happen.                   tinuation of those gains that      asked him if he was willing      this subject sends a clear mes-
   Contract Negotiations             this dues increase will ensure.    to submit to a breathalyzer      sage.      If any member finds
    Although discussions on               Breathalyzer and              test. The off-duty officer       themselves in this position, we
 many issues had slowed due to             Garrity Update               refused and accordingly was      recommend that you continue
 the efforts that went into reach-      On Monday, November             processed as a “refusal” per     to contact the Lodge.
 ing an agreement on the sev-        11th, the State Appellate          the statute. At that point a
                                                                                                          On behalf of myself and the
 eral work schedules that are        Court ruled that prosecutors       sergeant from IAD arrived,
                                                                                                         entire Board of Directors, not
 being piloted in January, there     can use, in criminal proceed-      identified himself and pre-
                                                                                                         to mention the strength of the
 have been a couple of key Core      ings, the results of a police      sented the off-duty officer
                                                                                                          union, the Support Staff, we
 Group Committee meetings            officer’s breathalyzer test that   with the standard adminis-
                                                                                                          wish you a Healthy, Happy
 with the City. At these meet-       were obtained administra-          trative proceedings rights
                                                                                                            and Prosperous Holiday
 ings, not only was the progress     tively (by IAD). The court         and notification of charges.
                                                                                                          Season and please take the
 of the talks evaluated but is-      reasoned that such results are     As you are aware, included
                                                                                                         opportunity to spend the most
 sues that are considered finan-     non-testimonial; therefore         in those rights is the lan-
                                                                                                          precious commodity of time
 cial in nature were addressed.      breathalyzer results are not       guage, “any admission or
                                                                                                         with your family and friends.
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First Vice-President’s Report, By Bill Dougherty
       Slips And Falls               and the parking lot presented      not submitted within 30 days    medical treatment. In addition
      Are They IOD’s?                a “neutral risk” to the officer.   you won’t be able to make       to the letter, a questionnaire
    The Lodge has enjoyed            That is, there was nothing         the change until the next       requesting certain information
much success arbitrating IOD         unusual or defective about         open enrollment period.         regarding the accident such as:
grievances over the past six         the curb or the parking lot.              Subrogation              • Whether or not you have
years. However, there is one         The arbitrator also took note         Whenever medical treat-      retained an attorney to sue.
particular kind of IOD that has      of the fact that, by walking to    ment resulting from an acci-    • If an insurance company
always caused a lot of grief,        the blood bank, the officer        dent is submitted to Blue       of another party is responsible
and grievances. It is the “slip      was not performing a task          Cross/ Blue Shield for pay-     for payment.
and fall” accident.                  that she was obligated to per-     ment from a medical pro-        • Whether there is any other
    The City’s Committee on          form by virtue of her employ-      vider, it prompts a letter to   means of recovery.
Finance evaluates all IOD            ment as a police officer. For      the officer from the law firm       This questionnaire must be
cases and either approves or         these reasons, the arbitrator      of Coughlin, Kukankos and       filled out and returned or pay-
denies them. Historically, the       concluded that the injury did      Cook. This letter serves as     ment of benefits may be with-
City denies nearly all slip and      not “arise out of” the officer’s   notification from the City      held.
fall IODs.       Inevitably, the     employment. However, the           that they are invoking subro-
Lodge files a grievance. Slip        arbitration award does make        gation rights. This means         Jessica and I would like to
and fall cases are our most          it clear that slip and fall IODs   that the City can recover any   wish the membership a Happy,
common IOD grievances, the           are compensable as IOD as          monies that they paid for          Healthy Holiday Season.
Lodge has attempted to push          long as the officer presents
one of these cases to arbitration    evidence to show that she
for the past six years in order      was exposed to a risk of in-               10-1              10-1              10-1
to resolve the issue. Each time      jury that is greater than that
a slip and fall grievance got        to which the public is ex-            PLEASE COME OUT TO SUPPORT ONE OF OUR
close to being arbitrated, the       posed.                                                   OWN
City would grant the grievance           Though we would have                      Officer Johnace “Jan” Lewis
and the injury would be con-         liked to win the case, the                    Telecommunications Unit/175
sidered an IOD.                      Lodge is nevertheless pleased
    That changed earlier this        by the result. We believe that           Jan and her family experienced a catastrophic
year when the City actually did      it helps clarify the kinds of                 loss in a fire on 20 November 2008
arbitrate a slip and fall. In that   slip and fall incidents that are
case, an officer was injured         compensable as IOD versus                                   BENEFIT
when she stepped off a curb in       those that are not. Hopefully,                       Friday, 16 January 2009
a District parking lot on the        the City will take note and
way to a mobile blood bank to        there will be fewer griev-                                 FOP Hall
donate blood. The officer ad-        ances as a result.                                  1412 W. Washington Blvd
mitted that there was no defect           Notify BMO Of Any
in the parking lot or curb. The               Status Change                       Donations are also being accepted at:
fall was what the law refers to          If you are getting married,            Chicago Patrolman’s Federal Credit Union
as an “unexplained” fall. For-       divorced, adopting a child or                     1359 W. Washington Blvd.
tunately the officer was not         experiencing the birth of a                            Chicago, Il 60607
badly injured and was only off       child, keep in mind that you                    Attn:” Jonace-Jan-Lewis Fund”
work for a couple of weeks; no       must notify the Benefits
surgery or broken bones.             Management Office of this.
    The arbitration result in the    You have 30 days from the
officer’s case was both good         date of the family status                        General Meeting Notice
news and bad news. The good          change to notify the BMO.
news is that the Lodge got a         To change your benefits as a
written award stating that slip      result of a family status              The next General Meeting is scheduled
and fall injuries are generally      change, you must submit a             for Tuesday, 16 December 2008 at Noon
compensable as IODs. The             completed enrollment form
bad news was that this particu-      and provide proper documen-
lar slip and fall was not one of     tation. If your enrollment              There will be a Turkey Raffle at this
them. The arbitrator held that,      form indicating your request            meeting and all members are invited.
in this particular case, the curb    for a change in coverage is
December 2008                                                                                                                  Page 4

2nd Vice-President’s Report, By Frank DiMaria
      Parole Hearings               tentionally kill the police        I would like to personally of suicide and general feel-
    The Illinois Prisoner Re-       officer but fired a handgun thank the 25 police officers, ings of hopelessness. The
view Board held En Banc             into a crowded street where members of the States Attor- Employee Assistance Pro-
Hearings on 30 October 08 in        other persons and coinciden- neys’ office and the represen- gram (EAP) is available to
the Capitol Building in Spring-     tally uniformed Chicago Po- tative of the Police Memorial members of the Chicago Po-
field to hear the cases to con-     lice Officers were quelling a Foundation who made the lice Department (active and
sider parole for the convicted      gang disturbance which PO trip to support our Fallen retired) and their families.
murderer’s of PO Kenneth            Terry Loftus had on-viewed Heroes. I would also like to The services of the EAP in-
Kaner, PO Anthony Rizzato,          off-duty and was assisting. express my sincere admira- clude Professional Counsel-
Sgt. James Severin and PO           The Prisoner Review Board tion and respect to the family ing Service, Alcohol and
Terrence Loftus.                    went into executive session members of these slain Police Substance Abuse Unit and
    The Memorial Foundation         and we had to leave the room Officers who must endure the Peer Support Program.
supplied a bus, which trans-        so they could discuss the mat- these hearings sometimes The services of the EAP are
ported 25 police officers in-       ter privately without us yearly, reliving that terrible free and confidential to those
cluding myself from Headquar-       watching or hearing what was day from the past when their that use them. Just remember
ters to Springfield to attend       said. They remained in ex- world changed forever.                  that you are not alone during
these hearings. We arrived at       ecutive session for at least WE WILL NEVER FOR- a difficult time you are ex-
the Capitol just before 0800 hrs    15-20 minutes and then GET!                                        periencing that there is some-
and we were admitted into the       called us back. We sat and        Employee Assistance              one willing to listen. The
gallery which held the hear-        listened as the members of            Program (EAP)                EAP can be contacted at 312
ings. The case to consider the      the board cast their votes, 6 -    The Holiday Season is 743-0378 at their new loca-
release of PO Kenneth Kaner’s       5. The motion failed and this quickly approaching us and tion 1759 W. Adams.
murderer was held first with a      gang banging murderer was with these festive times may
presentation of the evidence        denied parole by 1 vote. also cause some persons to                 I would like to take this time
which was heard at the two          ONE VOTE!                       become depressed. During and wish all of our members
hearings and a vote was taken.          Every police officer at- this time alcohol related               and their families a Happy,
He was denied parole.               tending this parole hearing problems arise, higher rates              Healthy and Safe Holiday
    The next case heard was for     received a serious civic les-                                                  Season.
the release of the murderer of      son regarding these hearings
PO Rizatto & Sgt. Severin with      because it is inconceivable           Drifter MMA & UMMA Combat Present
a summarization of the two          that a responsible thinking
hearings. Again, parole was         civically appointed body after                   BATTLE OF THE SHIELDS
denied for this murderer also       being presented with the facts
with a continuation to place        of this incident would con-                                    CHICAGO
further parole hearings on the      sider returning a murdering                    Chicago’s Annual Battle of the Shields
same set as his co-defendant in     gang member to the streets of                 Ultimate Caged Combat Championships
these brutal murderers.             Chicago during these violent
    The last case called was for    times we are experiencing. The toughest and the most skilled Amateur Mixed Martial Art-
the murderer of PO Terry            Apparently the Illinois Pris- ists from Illinois Police and Fire Departments clash in the Cage
Loftus. Also attending this         oner Review Board is not          for combat supremacy in Chicago’s Annual Battle of the
hearing were members of the         seeing the facts clearly and                Shields. $25,000 to be raised for local
inmate’s family and a group of      for whatever their reasoning              Police and Fire Charitable Organizations.
activists who supported the         would consider release of this
release of this murderer. A         murderer.                              January 24, 2009
summarization of the facts,             We will continue to battle        Doors open at 1630 hours
along with the additional evi-      the efforts to consider release        First bout 2000 hours
dence which was supplied by         of this murderer as well as
the Cook County States Attor-       the other convicted cop kill-
ney’s Office and CPD Gang           ers with the petition drives,               Aragon Entertainment Center
                                    letter writing and appearing                       1106 W. Lawrence Ave.
Intelligence.      The evidence
                                    at the hearings to make our                             Chicago, Illinois
presented disproved claims by
this murderer and his support-      objections known and heard
ers after the trial at subsequent   that no cop killer should be Men in uniform, please contact us at
                                    released before their lawful           to register for tryouts or for more information.
parole hearings who claim that
                                    sentence is served.                                  Tickets on sale now.
this gang member did not in-
December 2008                                                                                                                   Page 5

Ho Ho Hoody & The Dutch Act, By Father Tom Nangle
    The holidays are here. They  large envelope and drove to        storm/impulse. After my            a holiday- eggnog- fir tree-
follow election time. The tim-   the lakefront and parked. He       double latte caramel grande        fireplace story, but it’s true.
ing is bad and we can’t catch a  took the photos of his kids        macchiato ($24.95) was gone        It’s from one of our own. It’s
break from the promises and      and fanned them between the        and his coffee had gotten          about a life that prevailed over
pressure. People acted like      fingers of his left hand; in his   cold, I sat in awe at the story.   pain and distortion. And it’s
fools a bit more than usual on   right hand was his .45. The        I put the suicide notes back       all about the incredible resil-
Black Friday and disgusting      suicide notes were on the          in the envelope and slid it        ience of the human heart.
human behavior is shared im-     passenger side seat so they        across the table. I fought         Respectfully,
mediately via TV and internet.   wouldn’t get messed up, the        back the impulse to talk           Fr. Thomas Nangle
Guaranteed some religious        ironic, distorted ‘thought-        about an angel in a hoody          Chaplain, CPD
institution will have a small    fulness’ of the suicidal mind.     because angels usually don’t       312-738-7588
statue of Jesus stolen from      He looked at the kids and          carry .9mm’s, but our man
their manger scene by some       wept; he raised the big gun        didn’t censor himself. He               INFO FOR THE
drunken fool (ever hear of bal-  and put it to his head. He         wondered if God had gotten                 POLICE:
ing wire or duct tape?), or      sobbed so hard that he put the     him through that moment. So        -By the time you read this,
some church will have their      gun down for a few seconds.        did I. The Great, Generous         your Police Chaplains Minis-
clothing, toy or food collec-    Then he looked at the kids’        Comedian seems to pull gen-        try will have hosted almost
tions heisted (ever hear of pad- pictures one more time, took       erous loving jokes on us, and      160 Gold Star Families/guests
lock and key?) and there will    a big breath, and raised the       we often miss it. Whatever         at The Drake Hotel for our
be some thoughtless media        .45 to his temple. That’s          the explanation, the bottom        annual holiday dinner. We
attention to these moments, as   when he saw the guy walk           line is our man got past the       want them to know they’re not
if they’d never been heard of    toward the left front fender of    terrible irrevocable moment        forgotten. We are the only
before. Then the statue will be  his car, look around quickly,      and did a one hundred eighty       department in the USA that
found, and the stolen food-      pull up his hoody and put his      degree turn-around in an           does this (that I know of) and
toys-clothing will be doubled    hand in his sweatshirt pocket.     instant, thanks to hoody-          your donations make it hap-
by some good hearted person.     Our man went from suicidal         man. He’s figuring things out      pen. We will also have sent
And the holidays grind on.       to the Real Police in a nano-      now with the help of a fine        almost 50 high quality care
Sometimes we’re in the mood      second. The would-be bad           counselor. He knows he’s           packages to CPD personnel in
for them, sometimes we’re not.   guy approached the driver’s        not trapped or hopeless. And       Iraq-Afghanistan, thanks to
But if we are in any kind of     side window, stared at the .45     he told me I could tell his        your support. If you’d like to
personal battle, the holidays    pipe looking at him, and he        true story to anyone who’d         make a tax deductible dona-
will add to the discomfort.      too changed his evening’s          listen.                            tion, we’d be grateful if you’d
There’s no pain that ‘Silent     plan. He retreated to his              This story could only          send it to: Police Chaplains
Night’ cannot make worse.        buddy’s car and got in; our        happen in the police lane of       Ministry, 1140 W. Jackson
That’s pretty much how the       man, in no mood for police         life, with its unusual mixture     Blvd, Chicago IL 60607.
policeman felt when he de-       work, started his car and          of heroism and horror, good        Thank you, and happy holi-
cided on the Dutch Act.          drove off, and the bad guys        and evil, humor, incongruity       days to you.
                                 followed. They played a brief      and intensity. It’s not exactly
    He had problems in his life. game of bluff and bluster
To me, they seemed very nor- before they peeled off LSD                   Retirement Celebration Honoring
mal and resolvable. But he felt near McCormick Place. Our
helpless, hopeless and trapped. man continued to his part-             Sgt. Robert “Rocky” Nowaczyk
His own mind became his ner’s house, where he’d been                      •   31 Years of Service With The
worst enemy. He jumped into staying. We met for coffee                           Illinois State Police
the future and saw himself los- the next morning.                           • Illinois National Trustee
ing the job, his pension and his     I wish you could have            •    National FOP Easter Seals Chairman
family. He saw arrest, humilia- heard him describe the eve-
                                                                                Friday, 9 January 2009
tion, and being gang-raped in ning. The language was street
                                                                                 6:30 pm - 12:30 am
prison. He saw no future for police, and the insight was a
himself without misery and mix of frustration, anger, and                     White Eagle Banquets & Restaurant
agony, so he made a terribly even humor. In the 12 hours                        6839 N. Milwaukee Ave., Niles, Illinois
distorted decision to kill him- that had passed, he’d re-
self. He wrote 5 suicide notes gained his equilibrium to a             $40 includes dinner, 4 hour open bar, music & dancing.
full of regret, apologies, and great extent. The robber got
love. He placed the notes in a him past his suicidal brain-                     For more information or tickets contact
                                                                                    Kris Arnold at 847-294-4424
December 2008                                                                                                                     Page 6

Third Vice President’s Report, By Greg Bella
       It Never Ends               anything to do with the case.     will see just how important plan in place. That causes
    The State solved all the       The poor desk detective or        candy bars and pop are to a the rumor mill to run wild
problems when they passed          review detective who hears        convict.                           and everyone on the gang
videotaped interrogation leg-      the knock on the door and                    Manpower                teams is wondering what
islation, or so they thought.      takes the suspect to the bath-        The outlook is bleak on hours they will work and for
This would be the end of tor-      room is now being accused of      manpower. The City has said that matter where they will
ture allegations because the       abuse. These allegations are      they will stop hiring next year be working. We can only
suspect would be video taped       so preposterous that after all    and the Department is creating hope that an order comes out
the entire time he is in cus-      the testimony is done and the     new units without an influx of in enough time so that offi-
tody. What would happen            motion is denied, the criminal    bodies. This means that every cers can evaluate the new
though when the suspect had        should now be charged with        officer, detective, E.T., forensic unit and decide if it’s right
to use the bathroom? It ap-        perjury.                          investigator or supervisor who for them.
pears this inevitability was not      I know that a criminal         retires, will not be replaced.        The problem will not be
contemplated.                      charged with murder has           Everyone knows what that           rectified until we hit rock
    The criminals and their        nothing to lose by making         means, more work on less peo- bottom and the public outcry
lawyers have come up with a        these outlandish accusations,     ple. There will be no time to is so great that the only solu-
new scheme. They are filing        but maybe the courts could        work on crime prevention, only tion will be change.
motions that their clients are     think outside the box. If the     time for report taking. Once
being abused by the detectives     court finds that the criminal     again, the public loses.             On behalf of Kathy Moore
while inside the bathrooms,        committed perjury he forfeits         What the Department fails to        and myself, we wish
hence outside any camera’s         commissary for his entire         understand is how much anxi-           everyone a happy and
view. The problem is that the      sentence even if it is a life     ety that they create by announc-      healthy holiday season!
accused detectives don’t have      sentence. I bet the system        ing a new gang unit without a

Upcoming Arbitrations, By Tim Fallon
 Overtime Opportunities            primary reason for the new        cluding 2,000 of our members            If an Officer is given an
    For this year’s Chicago        policy is to save money. The      from overtime opportunities          order to call in on his/her
Marathon the Department            Department also states that       simply because they worked           day off to determine if the
instituted a new policy. In the    since days off are not being      hard, studied, passed exams,         day off has been cancelled,
past, the Department would         cancelled Section 23.6 does       and were promoted, is an arbi-       and the Officer does not call
cancel days off to ensure po-      not apply to the marathon.        trary use of management rights.      in the Officer is subject to
lice coverage for the mara-        The Department has also in-       We will be going to arbitration      discipline. If the Officer
thon. Additionally, officers       stituted this policy for over-    on this matter in February.          calls in and is told their day
would be allowed to work the       time opportunities pertaining       Election Day Stand-By              off is cancelled, and the Of-
marathon for time and one          to President-Elect Obama’s            On Election Day, November        ficer then does not report for
half if the marathon was held      house, at the Federal Building    4th, various units ordered Offi-     work the Officer is also sub-
on the officer’s regular day       for the transition team, and in   cers that were scheduled RDO         ject to discipline. Therefore
off. This program has been         Washington D.C. for the in-       on November 5th, D.O.G. 6/7,         Officers that were RDO on
regulated by Section 23.6          auguration.                       to call in to determine if their     November 5th D.O.G. 6/7
Overtime for Pre-Planned               All Officers covered by       day off was going to be can-         were not able to come and
Events. Section 23.6 states,       the Collective Bargaining         celled. We believe this order        go as they please, and should
“the following procedures will     Agreement are still able to       from the Department is covered       qualify for Stand-By pay.
apply in case of events which      work Special Employment at        by Section 20.8 Stand-By,               This matter was arbitrated
will require the cancellation      C.T.A., C.H.A., and the air-      which states, “Where the em-         once before as a result of the
of days off and for which the      ports. These rights are cov-      ployer requires an Officer to        1998 Bulls Championships.
Department has received a          ered under Article 16 Secon-      remain on standby, available for     The facts of that case were,
minimum of 21 days’ prior          dary Employment and Spe-          work, and the officer is not able    Commander Bartik of Youth
notice.”                           cial Employment. The De-          to come and go as he or she          Division issued a directive
    The new Department pol-        partment’s new policy does        pleases, such time shall be paid     on June, 12 1998, that stated,
icy for the marathon and other     not affect any Special Em-        as time worked”. The Depart-         “1st watch personnel who are
overtime opportunities is to       ployment.                         ment’s position is that this order   regular day off on a day fol-
limit the overtime opportuni-          We can understand the         does not qualify for Stand-By,       lowing a Bulls Champion-
ties to just Police Officers       Department trying to save         and denied to pay the affected       ship game shall call their
paid at D1. The Department’s       money, but we feel that ex-       Officers for November 5th.                      (Continued on page 9)
December 2008                                                                                                                         Page 7

It’s A Wonderful Life, By Rich Aguilar, Trustee/Field Representative
   Christmas is approaching          took many of the things that he     Correction! In the November Newsletter, listed in the July
and either this year or in years     did for her for granted. Not big    Retirees, Retired Officer Roland Woo was named Ronald
past most, if not all, of you        things mind you, but small          Woo. Apologies, Roland!
have seen or will see this clas-     things like changing the oil,                               August 2008 Retirees
sic movie. It’s the story of         jumping a dead battery, light-      Name                          Rank                Dist.    Yrs
George Bailey and how things         ing the pilot on the furnace on     Argentino, Kathleen           Sergeant            140      27
would have changed if he had         that first cold day or balancing    Baxter, William C.            Officer             020      23
                                                                         Booker, Jeffrey               Officer             002      18
never been born.                     the checkbook.                      Brown, Derrick A.             Officer             171      23
                                                                         Gibson, James J.              Officer             001      17
   Did you ever stop to think           This Christmas why not           Grzemski, Daniel K.           Forensic Inv.       177      26
of the daily impact that you         give a gift that keeps on giving.   Judon, Tyrone                 Officer             001      22
                                                                         Kaplan, Richard               Officer             DPR      36
have on people’s lives in even       Take some time to teach a fam-      Kinnavy, Barbara A.           Officer             013      15
the smallest way? I ask this         ily member some small thing         Laskero, Joseph               Detective           640      38
because I had the opportunity        that they currently do not know     McCarthy, Dennis M.           Officer             012      38
to speak with one Gold Star          how to do. They may never           Netecke, Linda J.             Officer             601      22
                                                                         O’Connor, Thomas M.           Detective           642      41
Family member after Det. Joe         take the time to thank you, but     Quarles, Gladys M.            Officer             142      20
Airhart’s funeral service. She       they will always remember the       Scanlan, Kathleen E.          Lieutenant          021      21
spoke of her husband who             time that you spent with them.      Scanlan, Patrick W.           Sergeant            142      31
was no longer with us. She                                               Silva, Mario D.               Officer             004      30
                                                                         Siudut, Walter R.             Officer             025      38
related that although he has             Have A Safe And Merry           Szparkowski, Debra J.         Officer             079      22
been gone for several years                   Christmas.
she still feels the effects of his                                                          September 2008 Retirees
departure. He, like most of us,                                          Name                          Rank                Dist.    Yrs
                                                                         Acevez, Clemente R.           Officer             001      32
                                                                         Banks, James M.               Officer             004      38
Recording Secretary’s Report,                                            Chuich, George                Officer             171      39
                                                                         Espinosa, Gilberto            Officer             023      23
By Sidney Davis                                                          Hill, Daron A.                Officer             001      22
                                                                         Jones, Lester                 Officer             151      22
     Merry Christmas                 benefit someone less fortunate.     Limon, Frank                  Chief               188      31
                                                                         Lyons, Gerald F.              Officer             004      41
    It’s the time of the year        Play Santa this year to a child     Neal, Roland                  Officer             701      27
when children’s eyes are             from a letter (Post Office) and     Panagas, Peter G.             Officer             004      37
aglow and twinkling with             discover what a magical feel-       Pritchett, Rita L.            Officer             701      31
magical visions of toys and          ing derived from helping a          Schmitz, Nicholas P.          Officer             016      40
                                                                         Spina, Karen M.               Officer             025      27
gifts under the Christmas tree.      needy family.                       Ve Sota, Jr., Vito V.         Officer             022      32
Do you remember how                      Sell or Carry Over
Christmas time made you feel            Members will soon think
many, many years ago? For            about either selling or carrying     tional BFD day, will receive           For example, if you carry
some families this Christmas         over Personal Days and Baby          the additional day on your             over 4 P-days or 4 BFD days
will not be as blessed as some       Furlough Days. The amount of         anniversary date.                      from 2007 to 2008, you must
in the past. We as police offi-      time you have on the job deter-          At the end of the year, you        use the carried over days by
cers have a good job that pays       mines how many Baby Fur-             may sell back all of your              December 31, 2008 or you
a decent salary, combine it          lough Days, (BFDs) and Per-          BFD days or you may carry              will lose them.
with special employment and          sonal Days, (P-Days) you will        over 4 BFD days and sell                 2009 Holiday Event
other odd jobs we may find,          receive.                             two.                                          Calendar
Christmas for us should be           15 years or more; 6 BFDs                 Probationary Police Offi-            The completed 2009 HEC
OK.                                  10 but less then 15; 5 BFDs          cers completing the 12th               should be ready for print
    The Chicago Post Office          5 but less then 10; 4 BFDs           months of probation this               around mid December, a
each year has a program              1 but less then 5; 3 BFDs            month will receive 4 personal          partial calendar (holidays
where one could acquire a               Probationary Police Offi-         days. Rate of pay for sell             and special events) was sent
letter written from a child          cers receive 3 BFDs days the         back is computed as of April           out a couple of weeks ago to
asking Santa Claus for a warm        day they complete 12 months          1 st the following year.               assist members in furlough
coat and a toy. It’s a very          of probation.                        Checks are also received on            scheduling.
heart warming experience                Officers who have an anni-        or around April 1st. P-days or
when one donates their time,         versary date during the year,        BFD days cannot be carried
talent, and treasures that will      which entitles you to an addi-       over for more then 1 year.
December 2008
                                                                                                                                    Page 8

A Time To Look Forward, Compliments of Rabbi Moshe Wolf
    As the year comes to a        learn the importance of lov-     responsibility, and in life it is    back to make a new begin-
close, we take a moment to        ing and championing our-         okay if you have to say "No".        ning, but we can start today
reflect. There have been good     selves and in the process a          We look in the mirror and        to make a new ending".
times and laughter, hard          sense of new found confi-        come to terms with the fact that
times, challenges, and tears.     dence is born of self-           we may never be a size 5 or a            On behalf of ALL your
But here we are; thank G-d        approval. We stop complain-      perfect 10 or as in my case, it is    Chaplains, best wishes and
we made it. We enjoyed            ing and blaming other people     okay not to have a full head of      best of blessings to you and
G-d's blessings and at times      for the things they did to us    hair, (or in plain English, bald).   your loved ones in this Holi-
we were shown more than we        (or didn't do for us) and we         We come to the realization               day Season.
can understand. So let us take    learn that the only thing we     that we deserve to be treated
a moment to reflect and medi-     can really count on is the       with love, kindness, sensitivity     Compliments of your Police
tate......"A Time to Look For-    unexpected. We learn that        and respect and we won't settle      Chaplain Rabbi Moshe Wolf
ward"...                          people don't always say what     for less, and that's okay. We        773-463-4780 or e-mail:
                                  they mean or mean what they      learn that for the most part, in
    A time comes in our lives     say. That not everyone will      life you get what you believe
when we finally get it...         always be there for us and       you deserve and that much of
When in the midst of all our      that life is not always about    life truly is a self-fulfilling      Deceased Brothers
fears and insanity we stop        'me'. So, we learn to stand on   prophecy. We learn that any-             & Sisters
dead in our tracks and some-      our own and to take care of      thing worth achieving is worth
                                                                                                           Nelson N. Patterson, Age 82
where the voice inside our        ourselves and in the process a   working for and that wishing
head cries out - ENOUGH!          sense of safety & security is    for something to happen is dif-           Jethell Ellison, Age 60
Enough fighting and crying or     born of self-reliance.           ferent from working toward              George L. Gannon, Age 77
struggling to hold on.                We stop judging and          making it happen. You also             Frederick F. Allen, Jr., Age 74
    Like a child quieting down    pointing fingers and we begin    learn that no one can do it all         Michael A. Stather, Age 67
after a blind tantrum, our sobs   to accept people as they are.    alone and that it's OK to risk            Cliff T. Neimy, Age 87
begin to subside, we shudder      To overlook their shortcom-      asking for help.                          David D. Smith, Age 55
once or twice, we blink back      ings and human frailties and         We learn that the only thing        Robert B. Galloway, Age 66
our tears and through a mantle    in the process a sense of        you must truly fear is the great         William J. Hayes, Age 82
of wet lashes we begin to look    peace & contentment is born      robber baron of all time...FEAR
                                                                                                            Harrison Mailey, Age 64
at the world through new          of forgiveness. We begin to      itself. Remember also, that life
                                                                                                           Barry N. Hawkins, Age 66
eyes. This is our awakening.      sift through all that we have    isn't always fair; we don't al-
                                                                                                            Frank J. Kosinski, Age 67
We realize that it's time to      been fed, about how we           ways get what we think we de-
stop hoping and waiting for       should behave, how we            serve and that sometimes bad           Raymond H. Johnson, Age 66
something to change or for        should look, and how much        things happen to unsuspecting,          Leonard F. Labuda, Age 84
happiness, safety and security    we should weigh. What we         good people. We learn that G-d              Paul Caley, Age 76
to come galloping over the        should wear and how and          is NOT punishing us or failing          Joseph Airhart, Jr., Age 53
next horizon. We come to          where we should live and         to answer our prayers. It's just
terms with the fact that "he is   what we should do for a liv-     in life things happen that we
not Prince Charming and you       ing. Whom we should marry        just don't understand.
are not Cinderella" or visa       and what we should expect of         Slowly, we begin to take
versa. That in the real world     a marriage, and the impor-       responsibility for ourselves by
there aren't always fairytale     tance of having and raising      ourselves and we make our-
endings (or beginnings for        children.                        selves a promise, to never be-
that matter) and that any guar-       We learn to open up to       tray ourselves. And we make it
antee of "happily ever after"     new worlds and different         a point to keep smiling, to keep
must begin with us and in the     points of view. We learn the     trusting, and to stay open to
process a sense of serenity is    difference between wanting       every wonderful possibility.
born of acceptance.               and needing, and that it is          Finally, with courage in our
    We awaken to the fact that    truly in giving that we re-      hearts and with G-d by our side
we are not perfect and that not   ceive.                           we take a stand, we take a deep
everyone will always love,            We learn that we don't       breath and we begin to live to-
appreciate or approve of who      know everything. It's not our    day, the first day of the rest of
or what we are, and that's OK.    job to save the world, just to   our lives, to it's fullest.
(They are entitled to their own   give it our best. We learn to        Remember the famous
views and opinions.)         We   distinguish between guilt and    quote, "We can't turn the clock
December 2008                                                                                                                   Page 9

Disability Report & Veterans’ Corner, By Carlos ‘Sal’ Saladino
    Disability Report             cers at no cost if you were to   James Balcer. Family members ~ PO James A. Robinson Jr.
    The best of health from the   die. All it takes is a simple    were present and a luncheon ~ Commander James M.
Disability Committee. We          phone call to check and make     was served.                      Roussell ~ PO Steven A.
are available for calls at the    sure that they have the proper                                    Sabatino ~ PO Luis H.
FOP office Monday through         information. There are only      Those honored represented the Saldana ~ PO Joseph L.
Friday. Click on the Disabil-     two carriers. 1) Prudential      United States Army, Marine, Sanders Sr. ~ ET Matthew
ity Page link on the FOP web      Group Life #344004, phone        Navy, Air Force, and National Savage ~ Sgt Peter E. Sodini
site,, for     1-800-778-3827 or 2) Bank-       Guard. The FOP thanks the II ~ PO Scott W. Storr ~ PO
beneficial information. Feel      ers Life Extended Group Life     following who have returned to Esmelida Torres ~ PO
free to e-mail me at csala-       on Total Disability Policy       the CPD after their dedicated Esteban Trujillo ~ PO James              #1802, phone 1-800-521-          service: Det. Jeffrey S. Aldrich L. Tucker ~ PO Gregory
                                  5542. Take a little time to      ~ PO Brian L. Bardsley Jr. ~ Williams ~ PO Lucas A.
October Pension Meeting –         check so your loved ones         PO Kevin Beatovic ~ PO Juan Wise ~ PO Darren A. Wright
Advocates present: 1st VP Bill    won’t have to.                   Cabrales ~ PO Scott Carter ~ ~ PO Stefan W. Zajczenko ~
Dougherty, Det. Steve                                              PO Veronica Coffee ~ Det. PO Andres Zayas Jr.
Schorsch, Det. Mark Howe,            Veterans’ Corner              Gerald Cruz ~ PO Rockwell R.        Those officers still serv-
PO Mike Shields and myself.       Operation Enduring/Iraqi         Del Mundo ~ PPO John Fol- ing overseas are always in
One appointed trustee absent.     Freedom – Our thoughts and       liard ~ PO Kevin Gibbons ~ PO our thoughts.
Disability Claims: Duty – 1       prayers go to the CPD mem-       Katrina B. Grey ~ PO Michael
granted at 75%, 1 granted at      bers who are actively serving    L. Henderson ~ PO Paul G. The Winds and Words of
50%. Ordinary – 1 granted, 1      our country in the military.     Hernandez ~ PO Joel P. Holler War - WWI posters and
granted without prejudice.                                         ~ PO Steven H. Kapanke ~ ET prints exhibit at Harold
Three continued by officers.      CPD Military Deployment          Dominick J. Kearns ~ Det. Washington Library through
                                  Awards - On November 18 a        Kenneth G. Krupowicz II ~ January 11, 2009.
Death Benefits – As of last       ceremony was held at Navy        PPO James S. Kurth II ~ PO
month’s article there were        Pier Grand Ballroom by the       Louis M. Luna ~ PO Bert A. “Let him who desires peace
two deaths of disabled offi-      Chicago Police Department        Major ~ PO Joseph E. Martis ~        prepare for war.” ~
cers and their beneficiaries      to honor our police officers     PO Jay Masey ~ PPO Sean T.            Vegetius 375 A.D.
had a terrible time locating      serving our country with the     McDermott II ~ PPO Jorge
who holds the policy for the      Military Deployment Award.       Mendez ~ PO James E. Moore Airborne Sal
$25,000 life insurance policy.    Awards were presented by         ~ PO Reece A. Murry ~ PPO
The City of Chicago covers        Mayor Daley, Superintendent      Oscar Navarro ~ Det. Joseph C.
all active and disabled offi-     Jody Weis, and Alderman          O’Carroll ~ PO Dimitri Roberts

Upcoming Arbitrations Continued...
(Continued from page 6)           compensated for the time         work and could not come and           the limitations incurred on
unit of assignment between        worked in accordance with        go as they chose during the           that day by an order to call in
2300 and 2330 hours on the        the contract.                    period of time claimed under          to determine your duty
day of a championship game            Youth Officers testified     Section 20.8”. The arbitrator         status. If the arbitrator be-
to determine their duty           that they had to alter their     also states “there is no evidence     lieved Section 20.8 does not
status.”                          usual day off schedule and       that the Grievants were ready to      apply to the time before your
    The Bulls did not win the     activities in anticipation of    accept an assignment during the       tour of duty, then Section
championship game on June         reporting for duty. Besides      Bulls’ games on the dates in          20.8 must apply to your ac-
12th. Officers called in to       altering their regular day off   question not was there a show-        tual day off.
their unit, as directed, and      schedule the Officers also       ing that the Department actually
were told that regular days off   had to change their sleep rou-   or constructively restricted the      Merry Christmas and Happy
had not been cancelled for 1st    tines, in anticipation of re-    Officers’ ability to come and go       New Year from Catharine
watch Youth Officers. On          porting for duty.                as they pleased prior to the start           and myself.
June 14, 1998 the Bulls won           The arbitrator denied the    of their shifts.”
the championship series. The      grievance, stating in part,          In his ruling the arbitrator is
regular day off for 1st watch     “there has been no satisfac-     focused on the time prior to the
Youth Officers was cancelled      tory showing that the 1st        Officers reporting for duty. We
on June 15th. Youth Officers      watch Youth Officers were        contend that the Stand-By ap-
who reported for duty were        required to be available for     plies to your actual day off, and
December 2008                                                                                                                         Page 10

Fitness For... “Our Finest”, By Coach Joe Cullen
    The Holidays are here &      your newsletter in 2009; Look         exercising in December, which         dog/puppy for the family or a
it’s the End of the Year!....    & Feel Fine for 2009, Exercise        improves your spirit, and re-         fish aquarium? Animals can
and I hope you all had a         Routines, Lowering Choles-            lieves the holiday stress. Other      do wonders for lowering
wonderful Thanksgiving. I’d      terol, How to Stop Smoking,           healthy tips may be to turn off       blood pressure, and adding
like to say Thank You All        Keeping the Weight off, Youth         that TV this month (especially        some enjoyment. I can also
very much for reading my         Fitness Programs, Stretching          that brainwashing negative            provide you with other ideas,
monthly column in 2008,          routines & much more!!                news), and just turn-on that          just contact me.
and for all the positive feed-       Since my aim is always to         great music! Also, given that
back. I am looking forward       provide advice on both physi-         we all have tighter budgets this      So everyone, enjoy your holi-
to 2009, and providing the       cal & mental health, let me           year, sending out holidays            days, and Get excited for
Chicago Police family with       offer some tips for reducing          cards with a nice, sincere note       2009 – Your Year to Look &
more coaching towards lead-      the holiday stress, now that          may be more practical &               Feel Fine!
ing a more energized, health-    both Hanukah and Christmas            meaningful this year, rather
ier & happier quality of life.   are upon us. First of all, it’s       than spending money (many                  Tip of The Month:
It’s a rewarding experience      the month of the year, where          don’t have) on gifts. There is        The key to staying committed
for me, and I’m proud to         lets’ face it, you should expect      way too much commercialism            to an exercise program is
contribute to the best police    to gain a couple of pounds,           and pressure to spend money           accountability & discipline.
organization in the USA.         and don’t fight this, rather          and that’s very unhealthy &           Think about getting an afford-
    In 2009, I encourage you     expect it, and give yourself a        causes stress.                        able Phone Coach to keep you
all to contact me anytime for    break. I know I do. It’s a time           Give the Gift of Health.          motivated or perhaps form a
advice and to suggest topics     when we are more focused on           Some affordable ideas can be;         neighborhood fitness club,
you’d like to hear about. I      our family and friends and            a subscription for an exercise        which can all be a fraction of
can also share with you some     sharing good food and yes,            magazine, exercise videos,            the cost of a Health Club.
very affordable ways to get      some responsible drinking at          buying a gift certificate for an
yourself in better shape, such   parties. So enjoy, in modera-         exercise class, a visit to a Nu-      Happy Holidays, and if you
as exercising with a Phone       tion, and we’ll work it off           trionist, running shoes, dumb-        have any questions or sug-
Coach, exercising at home        again, starting in January.           bells for home, a pre-owned           gested topics, feel free to call
and on-the-job. Some of the          Well, of course, I’ll highly      treadmill or elliptical machine.      me on my cell, 312-972-2828
topics I have planned for        recommend you keep up your            What about a rescue                   or at the office, 773-857-

State Lodge Report, By Darrin Bourret, State Trustee, District 1
    On behalf of the State       Illinois was held on October and his family in your but also remember officers
Lodge, I would like to take      26th. Special thanks go out to thoughts and prayers.                      who are less fortunate and
this opportunity to wish all     PO John Pagan for planning            Stay safe this holiday sea- may need assistance.
the members of Lodge 7 and       this wonderful event. The son and enjoy your families
their families a safe and        Nathaniel Taylor family was at
happy holiday.                   the Mass, which was dedicated       The Chicago Police Association of Nevada Proudly
    This season, why not give    to all of our fallen Police Offi-                                       Announces….
the ultimate Christmas gift; a   cers and Firefighters. State
2008 Harley Davidson mo-         Lodge First Vice President
torcycle, limited law en-        Patrick Duckhorn also at-                                 The Return of the Annual
forcement edition. The State     tended along with Chicago                                Law Enforcement Reunion!
Lodge is raffling off this       Firefighters and several mem-
beautiful motorcycle for only    bers of the southwest suburban                    June 7th through June 10th, 2009
$50.00 on December 11,           police and fire departments.
2008. Tickets are still avail-   Thanks to Rev. John P. Chrzan
                                                                                     The Orleans Hotel & Casino
able; please contact myself      and Commander Graber for
(312-745-4388) or you can        their help and to all for attend-                          Las Vegas, Nevada
stop by the FOP Gift Shop        ing this successful event!
located at 1412 W. Washing-          Finally, we recently lost       Reception, Golf Outing, Shows, Dinner Dance and More
ton.                             Detective Joseph Airhart, Jr.,
                                                                   To make reservations please call the Orleans at 800-675-3267. Please identify
    The Second Annual Po-        whose memory and dedication         yourself as being with the Chicago Police Association of Nevada or use
lice and Fire Mass of St.        will never be forgotten!                                     group code 9CPAC06.
Joseph Church in Summit          Please keep Detective Airhart
                                                                               Please visit the website at
December 2008                               All FOP Members, Family & Friends Always Welcome!                                      Page 11

                                                        Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
                                      We Want You & Yours To Have A Great Holiday Season, So We Have Sales Galore!!
                                        Did you know that you can shop online at Click on the FOP Store.
                                      FREE shipping for all orders over $40 until December 20th. Also, look for our new mini-catalog
 Holiday Store Hours:                                 in the Districts and Units with many catalog exclusive items.
     Mon-Thurs 9:00 – 5:00
     Friday    9:00 – 4:00
     Saturday 8:30 – 4:00
                                                                             Gold Sale
   Christmas Eve 9:00—2:00                               10% OFF all star pendants & all rings. This sale ends on December 20th.
      Direct: 312-733-2344
        Store Closed:                                                 CPD Patch Bath Mat
      December 25, 2008
      January 1—3, 2009                                    Originally Priced at $17.95—Now on sale for only $14.95

     Kid Size Caps—25% OFF, brings price to $4.46 each!                 Glazed PO Figurine—25% OFF, brings price to $25.46 each!
              Back in stock in time to stuff a stocking, the CPD   Uniformed Teddy Bear, still priced at only $9.95 each
 “Copper” Travel Mug—30% OFF, brings price to $6.26 each!               On The Rocks, 4-glass set—Was $12.95, On Sale $8.95 each!
                         Don’t Forget Our FREE Holiday Raffle...FREE Ticket With Any Purchase!!
                     Enter As Often As You Like! Drawings Everyday Starting December 8th Through
                              December 24th. FREE Calendar With Any Purchase Over $30

          All Vanmark Police Figurines—30% OFF!                         Sabre Pepper Spray—A Gift They Won’t Forget—$7.95 each

        All Police Officer & Wife of Police Officer framed prayer plaques—30% OFF, brings price to $15.36 each!
Flashing Holiday Pins—Was $3.99, Now $2.99, while they last                    All Novelty Ties—$8.95 each, GREAT gift idea!
                                    New Black Jacket, Fleece Lined—Small—XL—Only $35.95 each!
 Navy & White Wind Shirt with diamond plate CPD Design                                   Tee Shirt of the Month:
 on front! This is a beautiful item! Small—2XL—$36.95—$38.95                                 “Bomb Squad”
      each. Christmas Special 10% OFF while supplies last.               30% OFF—brings the price to $8.36, 2XL & 3XL slightly higher

          Sports Desk Lamp, Bears, Sox, Cubs & Police Too—Was $29.95, now only $24.95 each, while supplies last!
                             New Mouse Pads With CPD Operations Calendar—In Stock Now For Only $3.95
        Holiday Special!! Singing Snowman, Santa, Teddy Bear, & Donkey—Great & Fun Gift Idea!                    Various prices.

          The Entire Staff At The FOP Gift Shop Would Like To Wish Everyone The Best Of
                  The Season & A Better, Brighter & Happier New Year! Stay Safe

                                  Address Change Form, Effective Date: __________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Star Number: ______________________________________
                                        (Last, First, MI)

New Address: ___________________________________ City/State: ______________________ Zip: ________ Telephone: ____________________________

                                        Return Form To The FOP – Unit 541 or 1412 W. Washington Blvd
                                                     Chicago Illinois 60607, Attn: Doreen
          Official Publication of Chicago Lodge No. 7   FIRST CLASS       PRESORTED
                                                                      FIRST-CLASS MAIL
                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                          CHICAGO IL
                                                                       PERMIT NO. 6291


                                   Happy Holidays
                                 From The Board of Directors
                                    & The Support Staff
                                  Of Chicago Lodge No. 7.

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