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     Identity Theft
                            Custom Home Insurance Series: Part 4
     Scheduled Per-
                            The final installation of the Cus-                                           Iowa. Unfortunately, earthquake
     sonal Property
                            tom Home Insurance Series fo-                                                coverage is not an automatic
     Water Back-up of       cuses in on a little known and                                               coverage on your home owners
     Sewers and Drains      often times neglected home in-                                               policy. It is an endorsement that
                            surance endorsement: Earth-                                                  can be added to your policy and
     Earthquake             quake coverage.                                                              normally functions with a per-
                            While we do not live in Califor-                                             centage deductible. By this, a
Contact your Absolute
Agent for additional info   nia, with a constant barrage of                                              person can have earthquake cov-
on these options prior      information, warnings, and occur-                                            erage at a 5% deductible, where
to the next issue.          rences, it is not unknown to the                                             the percent is derived from your
                            Midwest to have devastating                                                  total dwelling coverage. By this, if
                                                                 Further protect your home               your home is insured to
                            earthquakes occur.
                                                                 by requesting the addition of           $100,000, your 5% deductible
                            The fault line that we are most                                              would be $5,000.
                                                                 the earthquake endorse-
                            concerned with in this region of
                            the US is the New Madrid fault       ment.                                   The cost of this endorsement
 INSIDE                                                                                                  ranges from company to com-
                            line. This fault line and Seismic
 THIS ISSUE:                                                     could actually have unstable ob-        pany along with deductible op-
                            Zone runs between St. Louis and
                                                                 jects overturned.                       tions but is typically between $40
 Tips for Mo-      2        Memphis.
                                                                 While it may not lead to the            - $80 per year for this additional
 torcycles and              According to some “Danger
                                                                 same type of damage seen in             coverage added to your existing
 Boats.                     Zone” maps, most of Iowa would
                                                                 California, a substantial amount        homeowners policy. Call your
 Tips for car      2        feel the seismic activity while                                              Absolute Agent for further cov-
                                                                 of property damage could very
 shopping.                  indoors, while Southeastern Iowa                                             erage details.
                                                                 well be evident in or around
 Questions for 3
 the right auto

                            Spring Sump Pump Maintenance

 Savings on        3
 your auto

 Absolute                   If you have not done so already      should be free of debris and your       not in good working order. A
 Kitchen                    (my pump has been running 24/7)      float should move freely. After         battery back up is another wise
                            you should perform your routine      inspecting your pit and pump,           investment since your pump
 Helping your      4        maintenance of your pump as per      plug it in, and fill up your pit with   works off electricity. Typically,
 friends.                   your manufactures instructions       water and give it a test run. Many      your power fails when in the
                            to ensure it is in proper working    claims are from people who have         midst of a bad storm and your
                            order. Make sure you unplug          had a sump pump for years and           pump is filling with water. It is
                            your pump before doing any           never used it. The time they            recommended to check your
                            maintenance. Your sump pit           needed the pump to work, it was         pump at least twice yearly.
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                          Tips For Protecting Boats And Motorcycles
                          Before you take your motorcycle         policy could cover things like the      your questions.
                          on the road or put your boat on the     cost to replace lost or damaged         “An independent insurance agent
                          water, it may pay to be certain         fishing gear and costly services        or broker can make sure you have
                          your insurance is ship-shape.           such as emergency on-water tow-         the specialized coverage you need
                          Motorcycles and boats are often         ing and fuel-spill cleanup. You         to protect your boat or bike,” said
                          significant investments, and the        probably wouldn’t get this cover-       Jim Lloyd, of the Progressive
                          right insurance policy can help         age by adding a boat to a home-         Group of Insurance Companies.
                          protect them. Here are a few tips,      owner’s policy.                         “Some insurance companies pro-
                          courtesy of Absolute Insurance:           Consult with an independent           vide only bare-bones protection
                            Evaluate your specific needs.         agency – like Absolute Insurance.       for your boat or motorcycle by
“An independent           Insuring a boat or a motorcycle is      Unlike “captive” agents who rep-        simply adding it onto your existing
                          different than insuring                 resent only one company, inde-          auto or homeowner’s policy, but
insurance agent ...       your car or home. A specialized         pendent insurance agents and            independent agents and brokers
can make sure you         motorcycle policy, for instance,        brokers are licensed insurance          can review and evaluate your
                          can provide coverage                    professionals who represent sev-        needs to help match you with the
have the specialized      for custom paint jobs and after-        eral companies. They can offer          company that will provide you
                          market equipment that might not         you a variety of coverages, review      with the combination of special-
coverage you need         be covered if the bike were just        and evaluate your policies, suggest     ized coverage, service and price
to protect your boat      added to a generic auto policy.         new coverage options that meet          that’s best for you.”
                            Similarly, a specialized boat         your changing needs and answer
or bike.”

                          Seven Shopping Strategies for New Car Buyers
    “It’s important to

     consider the cost    New car shopping can be a lot of        buying strategically.
                          fun, especially if you’re a car en-                                             5. Check pricing for your desired
                          thusiast. But others can find the       So if you’re in the market for a        make and model at two or three
               of auto    experience stressful and tedious.       new vehicle and you find yourself       dealerships and use that informa-
                          Either way, there’s a lot to think      having trouble keeping a clear          tion to help you negotiate the best
      insurance… (as      about. According to a survey of car     head, just keep these strategies,       deal.
                          shoppers, overall purchase price is     courtesy of Absolute Insurance, in
   the) insurance can     the most important factor when          mind:                                   6. Get a firm quote, in writing.
                          shopping for a new car (46 per-                                                 This should include not only the
   add significantly to   cent), followed by make and model       1. Decide how much money you            cost of the car, but any fees and the
                          (31 percent).                           can spend and what type of vehicle      sales tax.
    the vehicle’s total                                           best suits your needs. Just looking
                          Safety and performance come in a        for the basic transport capability of   7. Inspect your new car carefully
                          distant third, tied at seven percent.   a small or medium sedan? Or do          before driving off the lot. Make
                 cost.”   But whether you’re turned on or         you need the hauling capacity of a      sure all the options you’ve ordered
                          turned off by the dizzying array of     van or SUV? Something practical?        are included and that the body and
                          car choices, trim options, “expert”     Something sporty? Something in          paint are free of scratches or dents.
                          reviews, incentives and other deals,    between?
                          it definitely pays to approach car                                              Finally, it’s important to consider
                                                                  2. Research crash tests and acci-       the cost of auto insurance, although
                                                                  dent data available from the Insur-     it seems that few people realize
                                                                  ance Institute for Highway Safety.      that what they pay for insurance
                                                                                                          can add significantly to the vehi-
                                                                  3. Shop around for financing. If        cle’s total cost.
                                                                  you can, apply for and get approval
                                                                  for a loan from a bank, credit union    Wise car buyers know to shop
                                                                  or other financier before you even      around for insurance and find out
                                                                  visit the dealership. Being a “cash     how costs compare. They also
                                                                  buyer” gives you an advantage           know to visit an independent insur-
                                                                  when you do finally meet with the       ance agency – like Absolute Insur-
                                                                  dealership’s financing person.          ance. We can check with several
                                                                                                          companies to find the best combi-
                                                                  4. Test drive the car. Try to drive     nation of coverage and price.
                                                                  in conditions that will be similar to
                                                                  those under which you’ll drive
                                                                  every day.

              ABSOLUTE    ADVISOR
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Four Questions to Ask to Get the Right Auto Policy
Using the right tool for a job is key      Here are some questions that can            coverage and coverage for towing a
to success in any profession. Experts      help you determine if you might need        trailer for business use—that are not
say the same principle applies when        a commercial auto policy instead of a       available with personal auto policies.
selecting an auto insurance policy.        personal auto policy.
Having the right type of policy can                                                    • Do you need to list any employees
help ensure that you, your employ-         • Do you need more liability cover-         as drivers? You can do this with a
ees and your business are all pro-         age than your personal auto policy          commercial auto insurance policy.
tected in the unfortunate event that       provides? Generally, a commercial
one of your vehicles is involved in an     auto policy provides higher limits of       • Do you use your vehicle for busi-
accident.                                  liability, but less or no coverage in       ness purposes? If you use your vehi-
If you’re a business owner and you         areas that are typically not associated     cle for things like pizza or newspaper
or your employees use a vehicle for        with commercial auto risks.                 delivery, catering, door-to-door
business-related deliveries or to                                                      consulting service, landscaping or
carry certain materials to and from a      • Do you need special coverage for          snowplowing service, logging busi-
job site, you may need a commercial        situations associated with conducting       ness, day care/church retreat van         Help put the
auto insurance policy that’s tailored      business? Commercial auto policies          service and/or farm-to-market deliv-
to more closely suit the needs—and         also usually offer certain coverages—       ery, you might need a commercial          brakes on high
risks—of a business vehicle operator.      such as hired and non-owned auto            auto policy.
                                                                                                                                 cost auto

                                                                                                                                 insurance by

How to Save Money on Your Auto Policy                                                                                            inquiring on

                                                                                                                                 the discounts

• Ask us to check several companies’       give you advice on whether it makes         you how raising your deductible will      you are
rates. This is the single most important   sense to reduce or drop this coverage       lower your premium.
thing you can do to get the best possi-    altogether.                                                                           entitled to.
ble rate—and we can do it for you                                                      • Look for discounts. Many insurance
quickly and easily. The difference be-     • Raise your deductible. According to       companies reduce premiums for cer-
tween the highest and lowest rate          the Insurance Information Institute,        tain driver traits or car features. For
available to you from different compa-     raising your deductible from $200 to        example: being a homeowner for more
nies could vary by hundreds of dollars.    $500 could reduce your collision and        than three years, nonsmoker, non-
                                           comprehensive cost by 15 to 30 per-         drinker, students with good grades,
• Reduce or drop physical damage           cent. In addition, because the average      senior citizens who have taken an
coverage on an older car. Depending        driver files a collision claim only once    approved defensive driving course,
on your car’s age and where you live,      every ten years, odds are that over the     people who only drive for pleasure,
comprehensive and collision coverage       lifetime of your car, a higher deductible   cars kept in garages, antilock brakes,
may not be worth keeping. We can           will save you money. We can show            antitheft devices, air bags, etc.

Absolute Kitchen: Spring Rhubarb Salad
Recipe submitted by Bessie East-           Directions:                                 If you have an all-time favorite rec-
vold.                                      In medium sauce pan, cook the               ipe that you’d like to share, please
2 Cups diced rhubarb                       diced rhubarb, cup of water, and            feel free to email the recipe to
                                           the sugar until mushy.            
1 Cup sugar
                                           Add the Jell-O and cold water.              The Advisor would like to thank
1 Cup water                                                                            Bessie Eastvold for this recipe sub-
2 (3 oz) boxes of Strawberry Jell-o        Place in servable container.                mission. We hope that it turns out
8 oz carton Cool Whip.                     After that starts to jell, add the          well for all those who try it!
                                           Cool Whip.
3/4 cup cold water
      Helping your Friends is Now Easier
      Many times people don’t think too        covered properly and as well as bene-      WWW.INSAIA.COM. Once on
      much about their coverage and rarely     fiting from the referral money. Your       the site, you will be able to see the
      is it a topic amongst polite conversa-   friends and family will also be thankful   companies that we represent, make a
      tion. Its one of those things that al-   for your help in guiding them to Ab-       payment on an existing policy, or
      most gets placed along the same side-    solute Insurance.                          request a quote. Since we are not a
      lines as religion and politics.          We are also now conveniently lo-           cookie cutter agency, with one size
      At Absolute Insurance, we under-         cated on the internet at                   fits all policies, our request for a
      stand that. Our focus is to make in-                                                quote asks for contact information, as
      suring your priorities as simple and                                                we will either call or email
      cost effective as possible.                                                         (whichever is more preferable) to
                                                                                          make sure we get all the important
      Next time you hear your friends or                                                  information. This allows us to get to
      family discussing their insurance and                                               know you better and generate a
      possible needs, please give us some                                                 quote that will be more accurate and
      consideration. Not only will we tailor                                              customized for your specific needs.
      make a policy or policies for their
      specific situation, we will also send                                               There is also some great information
      you a check in the mail for $5 (as                                                  on different types of insurance prod-
      long as they say the referral came                                                  ucts and an interactive map that can
      from you).                                                                          help in locating our offices at 7400
                                               After seeing the savings that              University Ave, Ste A in Clive, IA.
      You will have the satisfaction of        Absolute did for you, imagine
      knowing your friends and family are      what we can do for your friends!

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