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Singapore Shopping Guide
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Although it is no longer the bargain trove it used to
be and the prices are not as attractive as they once
were, Singapore is still one of the world's leading
shopping destinations and its glittering shopping
malls, colorful bazaars and ethnic shops pull
thousands and thousands of shoppers who buy
everything from world class fashion to electronic
gadgets, and from flamboyant Indian saris to
premium Chinese tea…

This mini-guide will take you through the ins and
outs of the Singapore shopping experience, so you
can make the most of it…


     1. What is worth buying in Singapore                                          2
     2. A few good shopping tips                                                   4
     3. Singapore's shopping districts                                             5
               Orchard Road                                                        5
               Marina Bay and Raffles City                                         8
               Chinatown                                                           10
               Little India                                                        10
               Bugis and Arab Street (including Geylang)                           12
               VivoCity                                                            13
               Shopping around the Singapore River                                 13
               Shop where the locals do                                            13

     4. Shopping with kids                                                         14

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What is worth buying in Singapore?

Electronics and computer ware: There is a very good        Those of you who are looking for cheap imitations
range and the prices are usually lower than in Europe      might find what they want in places like Bugis Village
or the States (and sometimes even significantly            (on the corner of Victoria St. and Rochor Rd. -
lower), although they are normally higher than in          Opposite Bugis Junction Shopping Mall), as there are
Bangkok.                                                   shops there that sell reasonable - quality fakes.
Singapore's shops stock the latest, state-of-the-art
electronic products, including gadgets, smartphones,
                                                           Gold and Jewelries: You can buy high-quality pieces
digital cameras and what have you, and you may
                                                           of jewelry in Singapore at relatively good prices. The
very well find here stuff that has not yet reached the
                                                           city-state's goldsmiths are reputed for their fine
rest of the world.
                                                           workmanship and creative designs, and quite a few
                                                           of them will be more than happy to produce as per
The right places to shop for this kind of goods include
                                                           your order.
Funan DigitalLife Mall (which is also known as Funan
Centre), on North Bridge Road / Hill Street (just a few
                                                           There are some things, however, you should pay
minutes' stroll from City Hall MRT Station, as well as
                                                           attention to:
from Clarke Quay) and Sim Lim Square, which is
between Little india and Bugis.
                                                           If you buy expensive Jewelries, try to stick to shops
                                                           that display the QJS emblem (QJS stands for Quality
Mustafa Centre, on Little India's on Serangoon Road,
                                                           Jewelers of Singapore).
is also well worth trying.
                                                           Fixed retail prices are based on weight, purity and
Watches: There is an unbelievable variety and the          Make sure you receive an invoice that indicates the
prices are relatively good.                                fineness, weight and price of the jewelry item you
Passions Watch Exchange, in Funan Digitalife Mall          If you need more information, or you are not sure
(#02-20 / 21 / 22) makes a very good place to shop         about something, contact the Singapore Jewelers
for genuine watches at reasonable prices, and they         Association on 6533 4053
deal with both brand-new and pre-owned watches.            When shopping for gold jewelry, make sure the shop
                                                           is participating in the GST Refund Scheme.
Other recommended shops where you can look for
unique, high-end new and pre-owned watches                   How to find the best deals in Asia ?
include Watch Link in Far East Plaza (14 Scotts Road,        Instantly compare the world's leading hotel-websites
#03 - 79) and Visiotime, at 9 Raffles Place (#01-15          and get the BEST rates for accommodation in Macau,
Republic Plaza). Monster Time, also in Far East Plaza        Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore,
(#02-22, 14 Scotts Road) is also a good place to shop        Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei and elsewhere in Asia!
for pre-owned luxury watches
                                                           Little India is packed with gold jewelry shops,
Watch Arena, on 290 Balestier Road, is one of the          especially along Serangoon Road and near Little
city's leading distributors and retailers of fine luxury   India's MRT Station. Another popular place to shop
timepieces                                                 for gold jewelry in Singapore is Mustafa Centre, also
                                                           in Little India (Just remember that most of the
Cortina Watch Espace, Asia’s largest watch boutique,       jewelry shops in Little India specialize in Indian-style
boasts a unique ‘shop in shop’ concept featuring           stuff...).
more than a dozen individual brand boutiques within
it, including Piguet, Cartier, Omega, Patek Philippe,      The city's most popular & respectable jewelry shops
Vacheron Constantin and their likes... They have           include: TianPo, Lee Hwa Jewellery, Goldheart,
outlets in Marina Bay sands (The Shoppes #B2-              Meyson Jewellery, Soo Kee and SK Jewellery. Each
39/39A), as well as in Millenia Walk.                      one of them has several outlets within the city's
                                                           leading malls and shopping arcades, and the designs
                                                           they sell are international, as well as Chinese.
International fashion and footwear brands: There         5. JustMens Tailor is at #01-36/39 Tanglin Shopping
are literally thousands of shops across the city that    Centre, on 19 Tanglin Road - (+65) 6737 4800 / 6235
specialize in international brands: From the more        2303
casual brands, to the world's most notable fashion       6. CYC is at #02-12 Raffles Hotel Arcade, phone (+65)
designers.                                               6336 3556, as well as at #B1-06 Palais Renaissance,
                                                         390 Orchard Road (+65) 6737 5332
"Sale seasons" are a particularly good time to buy
quality fashion and footwear at relatively sane prices   7. Leighton's Shop Pte Ltd can be found at #02-03 Far
(and if you like brand names, you can save quite a       East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road, (+65) 6235
few bucks, buying in the right place at the right        2410
                                                         8. Oxford Tailor can be found at 1 RAFFLES PLACE,
  The "Singapore Flexi Pack" allows you to save          #04-12 (OUB Building), Tel: (+65) 6533 7131
  over 40% on Singapore's BEST attractions and           .
  sightseeing.                                           And here are three other shops that are worth
                                                         knowing about (and might also be slightly less
Tailor-made suits: Singapore's tailors are famous for
their fine workmanship and quality garments, and
                                                              Max @ Mohan's, in Far East Plaza on Scotts
although the prices you will pay here are not as good
as in Bangkok (not to mention Vietnam), they are
                                                              "That Shirt Shop", also in Far East Plaza (#03-
much lower than in Europe or the USA, and the
quality is top notch.
                                                              Ehkay Corner Tailor, on 150 Orchard Road
Suits, shirts, skirts and evening gowns can be created
to suit the most elegant or demure of tastes, and you    Fabrics: Enormous range of Chinese, Asian and
can even opt for a pair of high quality tailor-made      Western fabrics at relatively good prices.
                                                         The most popular fabric shops can be found on Arab
Two Tips:                                                Street and its small offshoots, while Indonesian
    It is worthwhile to invest a bit of time in a       'Batik' cloth can be found mostly in Litlle India, as
       short market research, as tailor-made suits       well as in Chinatown and Kampong Glam (Arab
       are not something you buy every other day…        Street).
    When ordering tailor-made suits or clothes, a
       certain deposit might be required.
                                                           Although Singapore has one of the best public-
                                                           transport systems in the world, taking the
And here is a list of some of Singapore's "crème de la     Singapore City Hop-on Hop-off Tour is highly
crème" tailors:                                            recommended, as it takes you directly to the
                                                           various attractions and saves you the time and
1. Raffles Tailor: #02-18 Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard       hassle of waiting for a bus or walking…
Road, (+65) 6733 1336
                                                         Arts, Crafts and Antiques: There is a fantastic
2. Personality Menshop can be found at the
                                                         selection of crafts and antiques available in
Peninsula Shopping Centre, on Coleman Street (next
                                                         Singapore. The city sits on one of Asia's major
to Peninsula Excelsior Hotel and just around the
                                                         crossroads and is home to some of the continent's
corner from Funan digitaLife Mall), phone: (+65)
                                                         most notable ethnic groups, so it naturally developed
6337 2459
                                                         into a huge bazaar where beautiful arts and crafts
                                                         from Asia's four corners can be found, and at a
3. Pagoda Master Tailor is on 48 Smith Street in
                                                         relatively good price... Personal seals engraved in
Chinatown (+65) 6323 6973 / 9009 0840 / 9127 8072
                                                         stone, Miniatures, Chinese Silk rugs, Oriental carpets,
                                                         Rattan furniture, colorful Indian fabrics and what
4. Eurobest - 31 Pagoda Street, Chinatown (+65) 6323
Herbal medicines, Spices and exotic dried foods can         reasonable prices, although the small streets around
be found in small traditional shops, mainly around          MRT Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar accommodate a
the ethnic enclaves, as well as in the city's markets       few other shops that sell higher quality stuff, but are
(in the case of herbal-medicines, you can also find         pricier... The best ones are Yixing Xuan Teahouse at
them in more than a few modern shops). Take your            30/32 Tanjong Pagar Road, Tea Chapter, on 9 & 11
time to familiarize yourself with all those exotic          Neil Road (a short walk from "Buddha Tooth Relic
products...                                                 Temple") and Ten Ren Tea, on 259 South Bridge Road
                                                            (across the street fro the Hindu Sri Mariamman
Premium Chinese Tea:
In Chinatown: Yue Hwa, Singapore's famous Chinese
                                                            In Orchard Road: Time for Tea in Lucky Plaza also
department store, is one of the best places to shop
                                                            make a good option.
for quality Chinese tea and its paraphernalia, at

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A few tips that are well worth knowing about

1. Avoid the "parallel product trick": A favorite           4. Always ask for a receipt: In addition to the
tactic among dishonest shop owners (fortunately,            ultimate certificate of warranty, it is also important
there are not many of them) is to give you a good           to get a receipt and to make sure that all details are
price for the product syou want, and then to pretend        properly written on it (should not be a problem as
it is "coincidently" out of stock... The vendor will then   most receipts are computer generated nowadays). In
tell you that there is another product in stock, almost     case of a problem, you can contact the Consumer
identical to the one you wanted... Obviously, the           Council or the Singapore Tourism Board, show them
"identical product" is inferior, compared to the one        the receipt and ask them to help you out.
you wanted, and the price you'll pay for it will not be
such a bargain...
                                                              The "Singapore City Pass" makes a good choice
In one sentence: You should know what you are                 for those who want to explore the city by
looking for and think about an alternative or two. If         themselves, with a full day of unlimited Hop On
none of these can be found at a certain shop, just            Hop Off Bus sightseeing, as well as well as a trip
move on and keep looking for it...                            on an amphibious vehicle.

2. Look around: Don't rush to buy anything
(especially if it is expensive) before you compare the
price in a few different shops. "Sales" and special         5. Applying a surcharge on a credit card transaction
discounts are published in local English newspapers         is not allowed. If a certain shopkeeper tries to do it,
and the folks in Singapore Tourism Board might also         you can report him to either the Singapore Tourism
know something about a sale that is currently on...         Board (1-800-736-2000) or to the relevant credit card
  The "Singapore Flexi Pack" allows you to save
  over 40% on Singapore's BEST attractions !                6. Many shops offer packing and shipping of large
                                                            items that are too big to be carried. It is advisable to
3. Have you got what you paid for? Make sure that           ask them to commit on a date for delivery, and to
the product comes in its original pack, that it has all     write it down on the invoice/receipt.
the components it should have, that there is a
certificate of warranty (which is valid in your home        7. As a tourist, you can claim a refund of the GST you
country), that there is a clear return policy in that       paid on goods you take home with you. It may sound
shop and, of course, that the product is adapted to         negligible at first, but when it comes to expensive
be used in your country.                                    stuff, it certainly worth the little effort (it really isn't
                                                            much of a hassle).
How does it work? Basically, there are two central         When leaving Singapore (through the airport), you
refund agencies operating in Singapore, those are:         should validate the vouchers by customs and take
Global Refund and Premier Tax Free. When you buy           them to the counters of Global Refund or Premier
goods, worth not less than SG$ 100, from any               Tax Free, next to customs, where you will be given
participating retailer (that is any shop that displays a   the refund in a form of cash, cheque, Airport
Global Refund or Tax Free shopping or Premier Tax          shopping vouchers or whatever... If you want to
Free logo) the shopkeeper should give you a voucher        know more about the Tourist Refund Scheme, visit
for the GST portion of the invoice (after you showed       this webpage.
him your passport and proved you are a tourist...).

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Where to shop

Orchard Road - Singapore's Fifth Avenue                    Ngee Ann City, one of the largest of Orchard Road's
                                                           malls, is next in line. Connected to Wisma Atria by a
The largest cluster of modern shopping malls can be        direct pedestrian link, this colossal mall houses more
found around MRT-Orchard, and that is, probably,           than 130 specialty stores that specialize in a wide
the best point to start your "shopping-safari" from:       array of goods... From internationally-known brands
                                                           like Hugo Boss, Bossini, Christian Dior, Zara and even
ION Orchard, Orchard Road's trendiest shopping             Harley-Davidson Motorclothes, to fine jewelry and
mall, occupies one of the city's most central spot –       watch shops, gifts, toys and what not... The mall also
The corner of Orchard and Scotts, next to MRT              boasts an excellent food court, with more than thirty
Orchard Station, and offers its visitors a choice of       outlets and, above all, the mall's anchor shop is the
more than 300 stylish shops, restaurants, cafés and        Japanese mega department store, Takashimaya,
plenty of free cultural events (Click here to see          that offers more than thirty thousand square meters
what's on).                                                of floor space, packed with everything you can think
                                                           of, including a fantastic food court that serves some
Another attraction here is the ION Sky: An                 fabulous Japanese food. The mall is open daily until
observation terrace on the 55th floor, from where          9:30 pm (restaurants are opened until 11 pm).
you can enjoy beautiful cityscape views.
                                                             The "Singapore Flexi Pack" allows you to save
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  hostels and low-cost accommodations in
  Singapore and Asia !                                     Opposite Ngee Ann City, on the other side of Orchard
                                                           Road, you can visit The Paragon, a posh shopping
Wisma Atria is the first mall you are likely to enter,     mall with some 200 specialty stores that cater mostly
when coming from MRT Orchard (there is a direct            for the well-heeled and brand-conscious
link to the station, as well as to ION orchard). Well      cosmopolitan shoppers. Notable shops include
noted for its massive glass facade, this stylish mall is   Gucci's flagship store, Marks & Spencer, BVLGARI,
home to almost 100 specialty shops that cater mostly       Burberry, Canali, Dunhill, Ermenegildo Zegna, Jimmy
for the young and trendy female fashion shoppers, as       Choo, Metro, Diesel, Escada, United colors of
well as to sophisticated, modern working women.            Benetton and Paragon Junior, where you can find
Other than trendy fashion shops, the mall also             lots of stuff for the little ones...from fashion to toys.
houses one of Singapore's largest Japanese                 There are also some excellent restaurants and eating
department stores, Isetan, where you can browse            houses at the mall.
through an array of international designer labels, like
Agnes B, Calvin Klein, Paul Smith, Emporio Armani          The Heeren Shops, next to The Paragon, on 260
and many others. The flagship stores of both Nike          Orchard Road, also houses quite a few lifestyle shops
and Gap in Singapore can also be found here.               that specialize in pop culture and cutting edge
                                                           fashion, mostly for the young and young-in-heart.
Lucky Plaza, on the other side of The Paragon (304                      Opposite Far East Plaza, on the other side of Scotts
Orchard Rd., on the corner of Mount Elizabeth), is                      Road, you will find the stylish DFS Galleria, one of
very popular among Singapore's foreign domestic                         Singapore's best duty free shops, where you can get
workers and especially among the city's Filipino                        the whole shebang of international luxury brands like
community. The mall houses numerous shops that                          Burberry, Cartier, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and
sell everything, from arts and crafts to fashion                        many others...
accessories, jeweleries, gadgets and what not... It is
considered as a good place to fetch bargains,                           Shaw House and Centre, on the corner of Orchard
especially electronics and computerware, and there                      and Scotts (opposite Tangs), is a complex of two
are also some shops here that specialize in second-                     connected buildings, each with its own mall. Shaw
hand designer outfits and bags. As expected, it also                    House, on the corner itself, is best known for the Lido
boasts a good food court with some authentic                            Cineplex, one of Singapore's best cinema complexes,
eateries.                                                               as well as for Singapore's largest outlet of Isetan, the
                                                                        famous Japanese department store. Isetan Scotts
A word of cautious: Some of the electronic shops in                     boasts five floors of quality goods, including a fully
Lucky Plaza have a bad reputation for playing all                       stocked supermarket at the basement where you can
sorts of dirty tricks, like the "parallel product trick"                find all sorts of unique Japanese foods. Shaw Centre,
(see more details under "tips" above) or "the extra                     on No.1 Scotts Rd., is home to some upmarket
charges trick", which goes like this : After you've paid                fashion boutiques, Jewelery and gem shops, and
for the product, and before they actually give it to                    some furniture shops, worth visiting.
you, the salesman might suddenly inform you there
is an additional amount you have to pay...
supposedly for the "software" that comes with this                        Although Singapore has one of the best public-
product, or for God knows what... (Those of you who                       transport systems in the world, taking the
want to buy cellphones should be particularly                             Singapore City Hop-on Hop-off Tour is highly
cautious).                                                                recommended, as it takes you directly to the
                                                                          various attractions and saves you the time and
Do not hesitate to speak to the Consumers Association of Singapore        hassle of waiting for a bus or walking…
(CASE) if you think you have been taken for a ride (phone: 6463 1811)

Tangs Plaza, on 310 Orchard Road, is located next to                    Opposite Shaw House, on the other side of Orchard
the corner of Orchard and Scotts, opposite MRT-                         Rd. and right next to Orchard MRT Station and ION
Orchard (it is connected directly to the station with a                 Orchard, there are two shopping complexes that are
walkway). The plaza houses the flagship store of                        well worth mentioning:
Tangs: Singapore's oldest department store and an                       Well noted for the unique conical glass structure
icon of the city's retail market. 15,000 square meters                  above its entrance, Wheelock Place spans across
and five floors of retail space, loaded with an                         seven floors of retail space and makes home to one
unbelievable choice of premium quality products...                      of the city's largest bookshops - Borders, which
Cosmetics, housewares, fashion, fashion accessories,                    occupies its entire ground floor, as well as to a
shoes, electrical appliances and what have you...                       particularly large outlet of Marks & Spencer. It also
                                                                        houses some high-quality shops that specialize in
   Discover Singapore with those who know it best!                      sportswear and eyewear (Connected by an
   Click here to view our choice of city-tours and                      underpass to Orchard MRT Station and ION Orchard /
   activities.                                                          Wisma Atria).

Moving up Scotts Road, a few steps from Tangs, you                      Adjacent Liat Towers houses some upmarket
will see Far East Plaza on your right hand side (on 14                  boutiques that specialize in international luxury
Scotts Road). This bustling mall houses an array of                     brands.
shops that sell everything, from fashion and
accessories to jeweleries and knick knacks... It's quite                Moving further along Orchard Rd. (away from the
a good place to look for cheap, no-brand clothes and                    MRT station), Far East Shopping Centre on 545
other bargains, as well as for authentic stuff... The                   Orchard Road is a pretty good place to look for some
small shops at the basement are selling hip clothing                    reasonably priced clothing (including tailor shops), as
for the young and young-in-heart.                                       well as Chinese arts and porcelain.
The Hilton Shopping Gallery, one of Singapore's          Holland Village, Singapore's expatriate enclave, is a
swankiest shopping arcades, boasts a selection of        trendy shopping and nightlife precinct, with many
well-heeled boutiques, such as Balenciaga, Donna         popular hangouts for both locals and expats...
Karan, Dries Van Noten, Issey Miyake, Jil Sander,
Marni, Missoni, Moschino and Paul Smith... (for many     Other than a good range of pleasant alfresco-cafés,
of which, this is their only outlet in Singapore). The   restaurants and bars, it boasts some specialty shops,
Gallery is connected to the shopping arcade of the       where you can find unique arts and crafts, brick-a-
ultra-prestigious Four Seasons Hotel, where you can      brack and so on, as well as a small market and a food
find some more top-end international brands.             centre.

Next to the Hilton, on 583 Orchard Road, Forum the       Although it's not exactly the best place to look for
shopping mall features a unique mix of shops that        "cheap bargains", it's certainly is a refreshing
cater to both fashion-savvy shoppers and families        experience and you might also be surprised at some
with small kids. The massive outlet of Toys "R" Us is    of the stuff you'll find in those "specialty shops"...
one of the mall's major draws, alongside family-
oriented shops like Twinkle Thinkers and Bookaburra,     Most of the action takes place around Lorong
Kids' fashion shops and swanky designers boutiques.      Mambong and its offshoots, where a bunch of
                                                         beautifully restored shophouses were converted to
Opposite the Hilton (and the Forum) on the other         shopping and entertainment venues.
side of Orchard Road, stylish Palais Renaissance
houses an impressive collection of swanky fashion        To get there: Holland Village MRT Station (on Circle
boutiques, with names like Prada, DKNY, Tyan, The        Line)
Lingerie Shop, Vanilla Home, Passion Hair Salon,
Steinway Gallery and others... It's quite popular        Another bunch of glittering, air-conditioned shopping
among the city's who's who.                              malls can be found in the close vicinity of MRT-
                                                         Somerset, which is just a few minutes' walk from
Just a step away from Palais Renaissance, on the         MRT-Orchard. The following are considered as the
same side of the road, Delfi Orchard is a pleasant       best:
mid-sized mall with a fairly good choice of beauty
and bodycare shops, as well as some decent               Housed within the prestigious Meritus Mandarin
selection of home décor and furnishings.                 Hotel, on 333 Orchard Road, the Mandarin Gallery
                                                         houses more than a few upmarket boutiques and
Moving further on Orchard Road (on the same side         shops, catering mostly for well-off shoppers... From
of Hilton and Forum), pass the Orchard Parade Hotel      international luxury brands, to jewelries and arts.
and just behind the curve, the road's name changes
to Tanglin Road. Tanglin Shopping Centre, next to
                                                           How to find the best deals in Asia ?
the Orchard Parade Hotel, is one of the best places
around this area to hunt for antiques, handcrafts,         Instantly compare the world's leading hotel-websites
furnishings, home décor and authentic brick-a-             and get the BEST rates for accommodation in Macau,
bracks... Great variety of Asian arts and crafts, from     Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore,
Persia, India and Pakistan in the Southwest, to China,     Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei and elsewhere in Asia!
Mongolia and Japan in the Northeast.

Further on Tanglin Road, pass the lovely Tudor Court,
a row of old Tudor-style shophouses that currently       On the other side of Orchard Road, right opposite
accommodate some antiques and home décor shops,          MRT-Somerset and Hotel Phoenix, the very popular
and you will reach the art-décor building of Tanglin     Centrepoint houses almost 200 shops of different
Mall, which is the last shopping complex along the       types and classes... from the prestigious Robinsons
Orchard Shopping Belt. The mall is very popular          (one of Singapore's classiest department stores) and
among expatriates who live around, as well as            Marks & Spencer, to Cold Storage supermarket,
Singaporeans. It boasts a nice mix of shops, selling a   international fashion boutiques like Esprit and Gap,
wide variety of stuff... from soft furnishings and       and many other shops. Open daily, 10 am - 10pm
fashion accessories to foodstuffs and arts.
Perankan Place, next to the Centrepoint (on 180           The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is Singapore's
Orchard Rd.), is a great place to chill out... This row   newest and hippest shopping mall. Housed within
of beautifully restored Perankan shophouses is home       the grandiose tourism and entertainment complex of
to some excellent restaurants, cafés and bars where       Marina Bay Sands, this shopping mecca boasts
you can dine or have your cold beer "alfresco", as        almost one million square feet of retail and
you watch life on Orchard Road pass by...                 restaurant space, with hundreds of world-class
                                                          boutiques and shops, including Agnès b, Alfred
Recently opened 313@Somerset boasts a variety of          Dunhill, Anne Fontaine, Burberry, BVLGARI, Bottega
mostly mid-market fashion and lifestyle shops, as         Veneta, Cartier, Davidoff, FENDI, Ferrari Store and
well as a good range of food outlets.                     Jimmy Choo, just to name a few…

The mall's 177 outlets are spread across 8 levels of      As expected, there are more than a few restaurants
shopping & dining and include quite a few                 and cafés, as well as attractions, like riding a replica
international names, like HMV (music), Zara, Uniqlo,      of a Chinese Sampan boat on the canals that run
Forever 21, New Look and Esprit, just to name a           through the mall…
few… There are also quite a few reputable jewellery
and watch retailers here, like Lee Hwa Jewellery, Soo     Click here for more information about Marina Bay
Kee, Tian Po, Fossil, Moments and City Chain              Sands (including how to get there)
(Located right next to Somerset MRT and across the
street from Peranakan Place).                             Marina Square houses more than 300 quality shops
                                                          that sell everything from international designer
On the other side of the Centrepoint (but on the          labels to funky fashion, accessories, home décor,
same side of Orchard Rd.), you will find the              furnishings, toys, gifts, jewelries, arts and crafts and
impressive department store of OG, with five floors       what not..
of fully stocked retail space.
                                                          The mall is a paradise for both sophisticated
Next in line is Orchard Plaza, on 150 Orchard Road,       shoppers, youngsters and families with kids and, as
where you can order your custom made suits or             expected, it also boasts an impressive choice of food
shoes from the various tailors and shoemakers.            and beverage outlets, as well as some entertainment
                                                          and gaming options. Marina Square is located on
The ever popular Plaza Singapura, on 68 Orchard           Raffles Boulevard, which means it is only a few
road (towards MRT- Dhoby Ghaut), is one of the            minutes' walk from MRT-City Hall ((through CityLink),
street's oldest malls. With dozens of lifestyle shops     and even less than that from MRT Esplanade Station.
and food outlets, this mall is particularly popular
among families and young adults. Anchor tenants              The "Singapore City Pass" makes a good choice
include Carrefour hypermarket, Marks & Spencer,              for those who want to explore the city by
Golden Village Cinema, John Little Department store,         themselves, with a full day of unlimited Hop On
Best Denki electronics and Yamaha…                           Hop Off Bus sightseeing, as well as well as a trip
                                                             on an amphibious vehicle.
  Discover Singapore with those who know it best!
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                                                          Suntec City Mall, one of Singapore's biggest
                                                          shopping complexes, is located next to Marina
                                                          Square, on the other side of Raffles Boulevard, and
Marina Bay and Raffles City                               boasts some 360 outlets that are spread over 3 floors
                                                          in an L-shaped configuration.
Accommodating some of the city's biggest and most
glittering shopping malls, the modern shopping,           To help shoppers moving around, it was divided into
business and entertainment district of Marina Bay is      four thematic zones: The Galleria - On the ground
quickly becoming the new "city" of Singapore, and         floor of the International Convention and Exhibition
one of Southeast Asia's most sought after shopping        Centre, is where you can find an array of swanky
destinations.                                             shops and boutiques, selling top international labels
                                                          to the center's well-heeled visitors.      Continue…
The Tropics - Is the mall's more casual area, with 160           Next to Marina Centre, on the other side of Beach
shops that sell an array of lifestyle goods to people of         Road, there are two other 'shopping hot-spots' you
different tastes and budgets... from fashion and                 should consider...
home furnishings to sports, electronics and what
have you... As its name denotes, The Entertainment               Located within Singapore's classiest hotel, Raffles
Centre houses the mall's entertainment facilities,               Hotel Arcade is certainly one of Singapore's most
such as the "cineplex", the fitness center,                      elegant and exclusive shopping destinations, housing
entertainment related stores and an outlet of                    some of the city's finest shops... From Swarovski
Carrefour hypermarket. The Fountain Terrace boasts               Crystal and fine jewelry shops to top fashion
a number of restaurants, food outlets and cafe's,                boutiques, like CYC (one of Singapore's best known
overlooking the famous Fountain of Wealth, which                 custom tailors), Laichan (up class evening gowns and
earned itself a place in the 1998 Guinness book of               cocktail dresses) and Jim Thompson Thai Silk, and
records as the world's largest fountain. The                     from fabulous art and antique shops to the "must
magnificent fountain consists of a massive bronze                see" Raffles Hotel Shop where you can buy gifts and
ring with a circumference of 66 meters, from which               souvenirs that relate to the rich history of this
the water falls down (from a height of almost 15                 internationally known hotel... like a "Singapore Sling
meters) to the base area of the fountain. At night,              Glass", vintage advertisement posters of the hotel,
there are some laser performances at the fountain,               special tea blends that are used in The Raffles and so
worth watching (8, 8:30 and 9 pm)                                on...

Millenia Walk, just a few minutes' walk from there,                Although Singapore has one of the best public-
is not as big as Marina Square or Suntec City Mall but             transport systems in the world, taking the
it is still worth a visit, especially if it is fashion you are     Singapore City Hop-on Hop-off Tour is highly
after, as it boasts a decent choice of different shops,            recommended, as it takes you directly to the
including the famous Cortina Watch Escape                          various attractions and saves you the time and
Boutique, where Asia's largest watch gallery can be                hassle of waiting for a bus or walking…

  How to find the best deals in Asia ?
  Instantly compare the world's leading hotel-websites           Raffles City, right next to MRT-City Hall Station (and
  and get the BEST rates for accommodation in Macau,             to Raffles Hotel, on the other side) is a fairly large
  Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore,              shopping mall, beautifully designed with large sunlit
  Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei and elsewhere in Asia!             atriums and water features... It boasts an excellent
                                                                 choice of cafés, restaurants and food-court outlets,
Esplanade Mall is part of the architecturally                    including Chippy (Singapore's famous British
magnificent performing arts centre, Esplanade -                  takeaway), Canelé (Italian style coffee shop), Shahi
Theatres on the Bay (The Durian). It's neither the               Maharani (Indian) and Aerin's (A lovely fountain-side
biggest nor the most impressive of Singapore's malls             café, serving modern European fare), not to mention
but it is worth mentioning nonetheless, as it boasts             the Equinox complex on the 70th - 72nd floors of the
some unique shops, selling stuff that is related to the          Swissotel-Stamford Hotel, just above the mall...
center's cultural activities... (Such as: "Movie
Memorabilia Specialist", manufacturer of                         Shopping wise, there is a good mix between fashion
handcrafted guitars, violins shop and others...).                and lifestyle, with strong presence of semi-casual
There are also some excellent cafés and restaurants              brands like Billabong (Australian beachwear), Nike,
here that offer lovely, waterfront alfresco dining.              Adidas, Calvin Klein Jeans, Guess? and Timberland,
                                                                 alongside some exclusive fashion boutiques, jewelry
CityLink Mall, Singapore's first underground mall,               shops and large outlets of Robinsons (one of the
actually connects MRT-City Hall station with Marina              more classy department stores in Singapore) and
Square, Suntec City Mall, Millenia Walk and The                  Marks & Spencer. There is also a reasonably large
Esplanade, so you are likely to pass through it                  shop of MPH bookstores, but their choice of
anyway... There's a fairly good choice of both fashion           Singapore-related titles is not the biggest you can
and fashion accessories here, alongside some                     find...
restaurants and cafés.
Shopping in Chinatown                                     Opposite People's Park Centre, on the other corner
                                                          of Upper Cross street, you will find a few shopping
The shopping centres along New Bridge Road make a         buildings, worth mentioning: The historic Yue Hwa
good alternative to the glitzy malls of Orchard Road      Building houses a large and well known Chinese
and Marina Bay, especially if you are on the look for     department store, called Yue Hwa Chinese Products,
something slightly more local…                            where you can shop for all sorts of Chinese goods:
                                                          Herbal medicines, dried foods, fashion and
Chinatown Point, on the corner of New Bridge Road         accessories, home furnishings, house hold items,
and Cross Street, just a stone's throw from Pagoda        Jade sculptures, porcelain, traditional Chinese
Street (directly accessed from Chinatown MRT              furniture and more...
station), houses a unique mix of both traditional and
                                                          The shop is open daily, 11 am - 9 pm (till 10pm on
modern shops, and is probably the first modern
complex you should visit when shopping around
Chinatown. At Podium B of Chinatown Point you will
                                                          Next to Yue Hwa Building, facing Upper Cross Street,
find Singapore Handicraft Centre: A range of
                                                          you will find the impressive department store of OG,
specialized shops selling Chinese arts and
                                                          with five floors of fully stocked retail space. OG
handicrafts, Chinese furniture, and even Chinese Seal
                                                          stocks a good selection of both regional and
                                                          international brand names, so the price range is vast
                                                          enough to suit different people with different
A few steps from Chinatown Point, on 18 Cross
Street, China Square Central is a nice and modern
mall that beautifully combines Chinese
                                                          Further on New Bridge Road (or, more accurately, on
contemporary architecture with colonial-era
                                                          the parallel Eu Tong Sen St.), on the other side of Yue
shophouses. Most of the shops here are somewhat
                                                          Hwa Building, People's Park Complex is a big
upmarket, with a good mix between fashion and
                                                          Chinese-style mall, dwarfed by an old (and rather
accessories, lifestyle products, beauty and bodycare
                                                          ugly) mustard-colored monolith with huge red
and so on... Not really the kind of place where you
                                                          Chinese letters on its side wall.
are likely to find cheap bargains, although they do
have a Sunday Flea Market, where you can get some         The mall boasts a good range of shops selling
interesting stuff at a good price...                      everything from Chinese arts and crafts to fashion
                                                          and accessories, electronics and what have you... It's
Far East Square, next to China Square Central, is a       quite a good place to fetch bargains and there is also
good place to chill out and have a bite and a drink (or   a pretty good food-court here.
even a "real lunch")...
                                                            The "Singapore Flexi Pack" allows you to save
                                                            over 40% on Singapore's BEST attractions and
  The "Singapore City Pass" makes a good choice
  for those who want to explore the city by
  themselves, with a full day of unlimited Hop On
  Hop Off Bus sightseeing, as well as well as a trip      Little India Shopping
  on an amphibious vehicle.
                                                          Serangoon Road is Little India's main thoroughfare
                                                          and most of the shops can be found along it, as well
                                                          as on its smaller offshoots.
Back to the corner of Cross Street and New Bridge
Road: People's Park Centre, opposite Chinatown            Little India boasts an enormous variety of shopping
Point (on the other side of New Bridge) is a fairly big   options... From colorful sari boutiques, spice shops,
shopping centre, topped by a soulless, giant white        emporiums and dazzling goldsmith shops, to modern
building. The mall has a reasonable range of shops        shopping malls and inexpensive electronics and
that sell various inexpensive goods, including Chinese    computer shops. You really should try to take your
arts and crafts, fashion and accessories, electronics,    time when visiting the area, as there is so much to
luggage and suitcases... You name it. There are also      see and do here, even long after the sun goes down.
some cafés, eateries and food stalls in the building.
Sim Lim Square, just across the street from Little       Just around the corner, on the corner of Serangoon
India, is Singapore's mecca of electronics, computers    Road and Campbell Lane (opposite the corner of
and photo gears.                                         Serangoon and Buffalo Rd., for those of you who
                                                         come from MRT-Little India), Little India Arcade is
Located on the corner of Bencoolen Street and            housed in a cluster of restored shophouses that were
Rochor Canal Road (few minutes' walk from MRT            turned into a bustling, colorful and authentic Indian-
Bugis, as well as from MRT Little India), this           style shopping complex. The shops here sell
enormous glass-clad building is home to a beehive of     everything Indian... From bangles, cheap jewels and
tiny shops that sell every possible gadget at very       other trinkets to saris, spices, incenses and Indian
competitive prices, so you really need to gear           sweets... Alongside the exotic shops, there are some
yourself with plenty of patience before coming here      excellent (and inexpensive) eating houses, selling
(The thumb-rule is that the further you get from the     various Indian delicacies.
entrance, the better prices you are likely to get...).
                                                         Opposite Little India Arcade, on the other side of
Unfortunately, Sim Lim Square is infamous for its        Serangoon (along Buffalo Road), the light green
relatively high number of dishonest shop owners,         building complex of Tekka Centre houses a wet
and although the situation is far better than it was,    market, a food centre and some shops. The hawker
you should still be cautious when dealing with the       centre has a good selection of vegetarian food stalls
traders here…                                            that serve different Indian cuisines, as well as
                                                         vegetarian Malay and Chinese delicacies, while the
The information desk near the entrance might be          shops are selling a wide range of stuff, from Indian
able to give you viable information about errant         fashion and inexpensive casual clothes to Taoist and
retailers.                                               Buddhist paraphernalia and from tailor shops to
                                                         henna salons. The Centre is just next to MRT-Little
[STARetailers is a voluntary programme, recently         India (for those of you who do not come from Sim
launched by Sim Lim Square Traders' Association.         Lim Square).
Under the programme, the participants (who are
allowed to display the STARetailers logo at their
store) guarantee full refund for any product that was      Click HERE to find some of the best rates for
purchased from their shop at above its                     hostels and low-cost accommodations in
Recommended Retail Price (RRP). Participants also          Singapore and Asia !
promise to provide proper after-sale service and so
                                                         Serangoon Road and its offshoots are packed with
Sim Lim Tower, just across the street, on the other      traditional Indian shops selling all sorts of treasures...
side of the canal (10 Jalan Besar) is also packed with   Great variety of textiles and fabrics, silk saris, soft
shops that sell electronics, and although it is not as   furnishings and bedspreads, brassware, silverware
known as Sim Lim Square, it is well worth visiting...    and brick-a-brack, cheap Jewellery and trinkets,
                                                         colorful bangles, incenses and spices, Henna and
On the other side of Rochor Canal, between Sim Lim       Indian cosmetics... and gold, gold, gold... Buffalo Rd.,
Square and MRT-Little India, there are a few             Dunlop St. and Cuff Rd. are particularly
shopping centres that are worth mentioning: The          recommended but the other small streets around are
Verge (better known by its previous name - Tekka         also very good.
Mall), near the corner of Sungei Road and Serangoon
Road, is Little India's first and only modern shopping   Mustafa Centre, near the corner of Serangoon and
mall. It actually has two buildings: The main building   Syed Alwi Road, is Singapore's legendary 24 hours
(which, ironically enough, is much smaller than the      super shop. This huge department store sells an
second building...) is where you can find a variety of   enormous range of goods at some of the lowest fixed
thrift shops, including Jewelers and boutiques, while    prices in Singapore and actually comprises two main
the second building (now named Chill @ The Verge)        sections: Mustafa Centre itself is located on 145 Syed
is where you can find a huge outlet of the discount      Alwi Road, while the neighboring Serangoon Plaza is
Sheng Siong Hypermarket.                                 just behind the corner, on 320 Serangoon Rd. (they
                                                         are linked to each other).
 The immense variety includes household items,            A few minutes' walk from MRT-Bugis (on Victoria
fashion, footwear, books and magazines, CDs and           Street - away from the city), Kampong Glam, more
DVDs, electronics and photo gears, watches and            commonly known by the name of its main
jewellery... You name it.                                 thoroughfare, Arab Street, was where Singapore's
Mustafa is also where you can normally get the best       Arab traders settled in the early days of the colony…
forex rates in Singapore.                                 Arab Street and the small offshoots around it are
                                                          packed with old-style shops where you can get a
Mustafa Centre is within a short walking distance         whole lot of exotic and oriental stuff: Great variety of
from MRT-Farrer Park.                                     textiles and fabrics at reasonable prices seems to be
                                                          the area's main drawing point... Then there are
  How to find the best deals in Asia ?                    Basketry and other products of rattan, cane and
  Instantly compare the world's leading hotel-websites    straw, as well as carpets, spices, and a wide range of
  and get the BEST rates for accommodation in Macau,      authentic ornaments and bric-a-brac...
  Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore,
  Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei and elsewhere in Asia!      Hajji Lane and Bali Lane, next to Arab Street, are
                                                          dominated by a few cool and hip shops, selling all
                                                          sorts of funky stuff like second hand records and
Bugis and Arab Street                                     designer clothes.
Bugis Junction is the first shopping mall in Singapore
                                                          There are also some very nice and easygoing cafés
that was actually built within an old street, covered     around Arab Street, Bali Lane and Bussorah Street,
by a colossal glass canopy. Colonial shophouses are       which make them a good place to chill out...
lined along what used to be Singapore's 'sin street' in
a (not-so-successful) attempt to bring back some of
                                                            The "Singapore City Pass" makes a good choice
the special atmosphere that this area enjoyed during
                                                            for those who want to explore the city by
its heydays... The mall is easily accessed through
                                                            themselves, with a full day of unlimited Hop On
MRT-Bugis Station and, other than the usual shebang
                                                            Hop Off Bus sightseeing, as well as well as a trip
of international brand names and lifestyle shops,
                                                            on an amphibious vehicle.
there is a youth themed area, a "cineplex" and a very
good choice of restaurants, cafés and food-court-
                                                            Discover Singapore with those who know it best!
                                                            Click here to view our choice of city-tours and
A stone's throw from Bugis Junction and just around
the area where drunken sailors and all sorts of
lowlifes used to market their smuggled goods, New
Bugis Street (which is presently known as 'Bugis          Geylang, the hub of Singapore's Muslim community,
Street') is another attempt to bring back some of the     is not one of the city's most prominent shopping
ambience that characterized the original Bugis Street     areas, but if you do visit the area (and there's a lot to
                                                          see there), you should just as well see the market…
Hundreds of street stalls along the covered walkway
sell almost everything... from trendy street wear and     40 years old Geylang Serai Market, one of the area's
watches to knick-knacks, and from cheap cosmetics         most prominent landmarks, has recently reopened
and fashion accessories to fruits and vegetables...       in its historical location, on the corner of Changi
You name it...It's a pretty good place to fetch           Road and Geylang Serai, after the old building gave
bargains and enjoy some authentic snacks, and if you      way to a new edifice, architecturally designed like a
are after some reasonable quality stuff that is a step    Malaysian village, or 'kampong'.
above the usual chintzy garbage (but you still want to
pay a good price), then Bugis Street and neighboring      Being the main market of Singapore's Malay-Muslim
Bugis Village might be the right places for you to        community, it boasts many shops that sell spices, as
browse...These two places are also acting as a "night     well as ethnic jewellery and clothes, alongside a
market" and although it is not the authentic night        plethora of stalls that serve traditional Muslim
market you can see in cities across "third world Asia",   specialties from the cuisines of Malaysia and
it is still worth a visit.                                Indonesia
VivoCity - Singapore's largest shopping mall               The Central is a modern five-story riverfront
                                                           shopping mall, located right on top of MRT-Clarke
VivoCity, Singapore's largest shopping mall, is really     quay (next to Coleman Bridge). Boasting almost 300
the kind of place where you can spend a whole day          shops and F&B outlets, the mall is strongly Japanese-
easily... Other than hundreds of shops that sell           themed, which means that many of the tenants are
everything, from international fashion brands to toys      businesses from the country of the rising sun
and books, it also boasts a whole shebang of great         (although there is a good mix of both Japanese and
dining and entertainment facilities...                     Western-style fashion boutiques). Fashion and
                                                           fashion-accessories are the big thing here, alongside
Singapore's largest multiplex, with 15 cinemas and         a relatively good choice of gift shops, home décor,
one of Asia's widest screens is the right place for        jewellery shops and... of course... some very nice
movie lovers, and then there is a 300 m long seafront      restaurants and cafés.
promenade with 'alfresco' cafés and restaurants,
excellent food courts, and a rooftop park with water       Clarke Quay, on the other side of Singapore River,
features, shallow pool for the kids and an outdoor         across Read Bridge, is one of Singapore's most
amphitheater...                                            popular Wine & Dine precincts. There is not so much
                                                           in the way of shopping here, other than the popular
Recommended wine & dine venues include Imperial            Sunday Flea Market which is held here regularly,
Herbal Restaurant (cooking with medicinal herbs),          once a month...
Brotzeit (German resto-bar), Garuda Padang Cuisine
(one of Indonesia's most popular restaurants) and St         Although Singapore has one of the best public-
James Power Station (One of Singapore's best night           transport systems in the world, taking the
spots - Not exactly in VivoCity)                             Singapore City Hop-on Hop-off Tour is highly
                                                             recommended, as it takes you directly to the
Getting to VivoCity is very easy: The mall is right next     various attractions and saves you the time and
to MRT-HarbourFront Station (direct passage for              hassle of waiting for a bus or walking…
pedestrians), which means that you can easily
continue from here to Sentosa Island, if you still got     Next to Clarke Quay and to the Novotel, Liang Court
enough time and energy...                                  is a mall for both families and adults, with some well-
                                                           known Japanese outlets and other shops. Kinokuniya
  How to find the best deals in Asia ?                     is a large Japanese bookshop, selling a wide range of
  Instantly compare the world's leading hotel-websites     both Japanese and international titles, as well as
  and get the BEST rates for accommodation in Macau,       magazines, comics, CDs, greeting cards and so on...
  Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore,        Meidi-Ya is a high quality Japanese supermarket,
  Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei and elsewhere in Asia!       where you can fetch some unique Japanese products
                                                           and foodstuffs that can't be found anywhere else.
Shopping around the Singapore River                        There is also a counter of Singapore Tourism Board in
                                                           the mall.
OUB Centre, on No. 1 Raffles Place (adjacent to MRT
Raffles Place Station) has five floors of retail space,
                                                           Shop where the locals do
with a good mix of prestige boutiques, businessmen
oriented shops and other shops that specialize in a
                                                           If you are tired of all those glitzy and glittering malls
variety of goods, from jewelry and gifts to toys,
                                                           of Orchard Road and Marina Bay, and you feel like
lifestyle products and office supplies. Open daily
                                                           shopping where the locals do, than HDBs public
(except Sundays), 10 am - 8 pm.
                                                           housing towns are probably your best bet, although
                                                           there are some other options...
Funan DigitalLife Mall (also known as Funan Centre),
on North Bridge Road / Hill Street, just a short stroll
                                                           Toa Payoh, one of Singapore's first and largest public
from the Singapore River, is a true heaven for lovers
                                                           housing towns, is a good place to browse for
of IT technology and electronic gadgets... It might not
                                                           reasonable quality stuff at wallet-easy prices and to
be as cheap as places like Sim-Lim and Mustafa, but
                                                           enjoy some nice food at the numerous food stalls
it certainly is the place to look for the newest and
                                                           and at the kopitiams (local coffee shops)...
most innovative stuff.
The Town Centre comprises a fairly big open-air                 If you plan to visit Singapore Zoo or the Night Safari,
pedestrian mall, right next to the MRT station, which           you might pass through Ang mo Kio, another large
means that getting there is as easy as pie, and you             public housing town along the red marked North-
can combine it with a visit to the nearby Siong Lim             South(NS) MRT line. Just like in Toa Payoh, Ang mo
Temple, or to other places of interest around this              Kio's "Town Centre" comprises a few open-air
part of Singapore...                                            pedestrian malls near the MRT station, so you
                                                                wouldn't have to challenge your navigation skills to
MRT-Toa Payoh is located along the red marked North-
South(NS) MRT line
                                                                find the shops and the eating places...

                                            The See Singapore Attraction Pass can save a lot of money for those of you
                                            who wish to make the most of their precious holiday time… You can take a
                                            Singapore River Cruise, or ride the world’s largest observation wheel, visit one
                                            (or more) of Singapore's fantastic museums, see the world's largest collection
                                            of tropical orchids at the National Orchid Garden, visit Jurong's BirdPark and
                                            Singapore Zoo, join a guided walking tour and much more…

Shopping with kids – Not necessarily a nightmare

As any parent with young children knows, shopping               Forum The Shopping Mall, on 583 Orchard Road
with kids is not one of life's most pleasant                    (just a few minutes' walk from MRT Orchard Station /
experiences (to put it mildly) and that is why quite a          ION Orchard) is a very family-oriented mall and
few of Singapore's large and glitzy malls offer                 organizes performances for children every now and
playgrounds and fun activities for children. Here are           again...
some that are well worth knowing about…
                                                                The toddler-playground at 313@Somerset (Orchard
  The "Singapore Flexi Pack" allows you to save                 Road, next to MRT Somerset Station) is located at
  over 40% on Singapore's BEST attractions !                    the Sky Terrace, which means you can enjoy the nice
                                                                views while they play (It is right next to the large
                                                                Food Republic food court, where you can fetch fairly
Suntec City Mall, one of Singapore's most sought                nice food at a good price)...
after shopping complexes, boasts plenty of
attractions for kids, teenagers and their families…             Paragon Shopping Centre, on 290 Orchard Road
From the Fountain of Wealth, which earned itself a              (almost opposite 313@Somerset), has a small indoor
place in the 1998 Guinness book of records as the               playground on level 5, with a mini climbing wall,
world's largest fountain, to "Virtual Land" (the virtual        slides and tunnels.
games arcade), and from the outdoor children's
playground and the "Sky Garden" on the 3rd level of             VivoCity, Singapore's largest shopping mall, has both
Tropics Zone, to the Japanese-landscaped Koi Pond,              wet and dry playgrounds that can be found in the
where you can feed the fish…                                    open-air courtyard on the second floor, as well as a
                                                                spacious rooftop skypark, which features a wading
Marina Square, between Suntec City and the                      pool (great choice for those of you who wants to do
Singapore Flyer, has a medium-sized indoor                      some shopping on their way back from Sentosa and
playground on the 3rd level (in the atrium near                 Universal Studios).
Mothercare and Gain City) which is very quiet during
the week...

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