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     There are many theories about dreams ; their causes and meanings . Many
of these contain some truth , but none can be scientifically proved to contain the
whole truth .
One theory is that dreams are caused by something affecting your body : if your
bed clothes become twisted round your neck , you might dream that you were
being strangled . This would not in itself , however , explain why you dreamed
you were being strangled by your best friend . In that case , there will be another
person as well as the bed clothes . You may recently have had a quarrel with
your friend , for example .
In a dream , a friend may appear as an enemy , and this may turn out to be true .
Perhaps , over a period of time , all sorts of tiny hints about the friend's true
character have been stored up in the unconscious mind , and for the first time
they add up in the dream . You may not be willing with your conscious mind to
admit that someone you like is making jokes about you behind your back , but
such knowledge can be stored up in the unconscious mind .
      Sigmond Freud was the first person to put forward the theory of dreams as
wish-fulfilment . Everyone , according to Freud , has sub-conscious wishes and
fears of which their possessor is not consciously aware .
A middle-aged man , who never gives a thought to girls during the day , might
have a dream in which he was a sort of James Bond with lots of glamorous
girlfriends .
on waking up he might be quite shocked at having such a dream , but perhaps
because of his shyness he has covered up and long forgotten his secret anxiety
about his lack of contact with the other sex .
Freud took this theory to the point of saying that unless people were able to
express their secret wishes and fears in the form of dreams , they would not be
able to sleep , and that therefore dreams are essential to our health .

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