Are harley davidsons fast ?

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					it would seem that everyone is needing a 200mph sports bike. My Harley
goes 120mph and has only been there once. It is more than fast enough.

They are a little faster than most cars, but a quite a bit slower than
most other motorcycles. They're not built for speed.

Compared to a riding lawn mower, sure. Dollar for dollar, pound for
pound, cc for cc, air cooled vtwin crusiers are the worst performing
motorcyle period. So primitive and underperforming that they no longer
qualify as motorcycles. Harleys are nothing more than butt jewlery.
Harley davidson is famous for turning gasoline into noise, without the
pesky side effect called horsepower.

I'm a Harley enthusiast because I like big Cruisers that ride nice and
let me get into the wind. I don't have anything against muscle bikes, but
they're just not interesting to me.

If you want a fast bike, go for a BMW or a Japanese muscle bike. If you
want to cruise the back roads at an enjoyable pace on a Sunday morning,
Harley is the bike for you.

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