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Building Your Own Web-Site

So you've decided you want to
build your own website.
Maybe it's the cost of having
someone else do it for you,
or you just want to give it a
try on your own.

Whatever the case may be, you
need to know the basics
before you get started.
Let's take a quick look at
what you need to have and
what you need to do.

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There is very little you
actually need in order to
build your own website, and
just about everything you
need is available for free
somewhere on the Internet or
in your computer.

This probably comes as a
surprise to you, but at least
it's a pleasant surprise!
And to top it all off, there
are scores of websites and
tutorials on building your
own website available at the
click of your mouse.

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Here's what you'll need:

1.Basic computer skills
(which I'm sure you have
already if you're reading
this article!)

2.Access to a personal
computer (there again, you're
reading this article, so you
can check that off, as well)

3.Access to the internet
(another check for this
requirement!) HTML editor (FrontPage
comes pre-installed in many
computers, but if you don't
have it, no worries. There
are plenty of free HTML
editors available on the web.

Just do a Google search for
"free HTML editor" and you'll
quickly find one. )

5.A place on the web to
publish your page. (This is
where you will want to bypass
free and go for a paid
service. If you intend to
use this site for business
there is no substitute for a
paid domain.

To be taken seriously and
considered a professional you
need to have a paid domain
with corresponding e-mail

As you can see, there's not
much that you need to build a
website. You will want to
take the time to read up on
the HTML editor that you
choose to use so that you
will have a firm
understanding of how it works.

With just a little time and
effort you will quickly have
your own website, built and
designed by you.

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Thank you,

Daniel Ambrose

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