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Affiliate Rules For Articles

You hear a lot about the
importance of quality content
on your website. You're told
that quality is key, fresh
articles on a regular basis
are important in maintaining
your visitors' interest and
so on.

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But what you hear very little
about are the rules and
regulations of articles on
affiliate sites. Before you
end up in a sticky situation
let's take some time to
discuss what rules and
regulations are out there
that you should be aware of.

When it comes to affiliate
marketing, most affiliate
programs have their own rules
and regulations regarding
content articles on their
affiliates' sites.

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While some are clearly
stated, others are not. The
following list is just a few
of the most commonly-known
rules regarding content
articles on affiliate sites.

 Links may only be placed in
certain areas in articles.
(dependent upon program)

 You may not tell or ask a
reader to click on a link.
(dependent upon program)

 Your article must be
written in a certain font
style and size. (varies from
program to program)

 Stale content is not
allowed. (this is becoming a
widespread rule, especially
since the Google revolution)

This is particularly
important to marketers
regardless of the rules,
since your visitors want
fresh content.

The fresher the content the
more likely you are to have
repeat visitors. They will
come to your site looking for
new reading.

 Filler content is not
allowed. No one wants to
read an article full of
"fluff". If you're going to
take the time to read an
article you want to feel like
you've gotten something out
of it when you're done

 Articles topics must be
related to the product or
service on the site. This is
to prevent people from
"stealing" traffic by have
content on their site that is
totally unrelated to the
products and services they
offer. After all, fair is

Before placing content on
your affiliate site be sure
to take the time to fully
understand your program's
rules regarding content. It
will save you a lot of wasted
time on re-writing your
content and the possibility
of a lot of trouble.

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Thank you,

Daniel Ambrose

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