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					           Industrial Advisory Board, ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc.
                                    August 30, 2011
                                  Denver ACS Meeting
                            Plaza Court 2, 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

In Attendance:

Co-Chair: Travis Baughman, DSM
Co-Chair: Diana Gerbi, 3M
Aylvin Dias, DSM
Robert S. Moore, Kodak retired
Peter Grasse, 3M
Erik Hagberg, Archer Daniels
Eric Amis, United Technologies Research Center
Barry Farmer, Air Force Research Laboratory, Immediate Past Chair
Stacey York, Johnson and Johnson
Shanti Swarup, PPG Industries
Joseph Mabry, Air Force Research Lab, POLY Chair elect
Lesia Linkous, ACS Polymer Division
Sheng Lin-Gibson Polymers Division of NIST and future POLY Programming Co-Chair
Ann Salamone, Rochal, via conference call
Dana Garcia, Arkema, via conference call
Andrew O. Meyer, Wyatt Technology Corporation, via conference call
Frank Sun, Johnson and Johnson, via conference call

Industrial Advisory Board – Strategic amplification of the ACS Polymer Division’s (POLY’s)
             industrial voice in programming, education and award recognition

Co-Chairs Diana Gerbi and Travis Baughman opened the meeting and offered their brief

Spring 2011 IAB Meeting minutes were provided to those in attendance. Motion: To approve
the minutes - motion approved unanimously.

The 2011 Goals of IAB are as follows

    Encourage higher participation of industrial scientists in POLY programming; as both
     symposia organizers and attendees
        • At ACS Meetings, host a reception/orientation meeting for industrial participants
           “how to organize a symposium"
        • Invite industrial members to join the programming committee
        • Plan an industrial focused symposium for the Fall 2012 Industrial Polymer
           Scientist Award
        • Identify social networking media to improve group communication
    Increase high quality nominations from member companies for the POLY/IAB Industrial
     Scientist Award

The agenda was given to attendees as follows:


   •   Current Membership Status
   •   Exploring Future Membership/Connecting with other Companies
   •   Networking and Social Media/How to increase its value
   •   The Current Status of Awards and Education Supported by IAB
   •   Upcoming Programming and Awards Support
   •   Industrial Polymer Scientist Award – clarifying the process of selecting recipients
   •   Balancing Existing Support while supporting the future needs of this committee
   •   IAB sponsored Reception/connecting with Programming Committee on well suited topics
       - A “ Stop by to learn about opportunities in POLY programming” - Reception format -
       SAN DIEGO
   •   Action Items

Discussion as follows:

Current Membership Status

A listing of active members was shown and funding information provided.
Baughman explained to the group that membership has remained steady even through the
economic downturn. More than 70% of sponsorship has been collected for the year with the
remaining expected by year-end.

Brainstorming/Exploring Future Support

This committee was provided a list of those companies who are or have been active in functions
within POLY to include previous IAB Members no longer active.

Previously Active Companies vs. New or Other Companies within POLY vs. New Start-Up

Previously Active Companies: The question is why do we lose companies and how do we stay
connected to them. Historically the loss of companies represents the IAB loss in connection to a
contact or representative (i.e. contact leaves or retires from company). Baughman described the
new implementation of having multiple representatives from each company involved in IAB.
Amis described the need to continue to enhance the perceived value of this committee by
keeping representatives connected to upcoming events of interest to industry, as well as offering
functions at ACS Meetings to connect others in industry to IAB. As we explore previous
companies, Mabry reminded the group that, very simply, it may be all in who you know within
the companies.
Other Companies active in POLY: This group discussed the value of other groups within POLY,
like workshops which may connect this committee to others in industry who may have an
interest in IAB. Mabry offered general information about workshops and discussed creating a
connection using visual aids at these events. Anything significant may need to be approved by
Workshop Co-Chair, HN Cheng. Farmer questioned the value of the current membership roster
as an ability to connect with potential companies. Grasse explained to the group that using
rosters may not provide complete information on affiliation of a member as there are some
members who do not wish to include their company name with POLY membership. The roster
may be a tool though to be used if there is a perceived value.

Start-up Companies vs. Larger, more predominant companies: Dias mentioned start-up
companies as an area to explore as they may perceive a high value of connecting with IAB.
Gerbi and others expressed some concern as to whom to contact in these smaller companies.
This group agreed that using existing contacts or connections to other companies, small or large,
is a wise place to start.

Hagberg mentioned the possibility of holding an open forum meeting separate from this finance
/business meeting at ACS Meetings as way to introduce those in attendance to this committee
and its purpose and function. A Reception format could also be considered.

Networking and Social Media/How to increase its value

Progress is slow though we are exploring what function this will serve. Baughman is going to
explore this and will review what is needed to make social networking beneficial to its members.
Mabry questions the value of ACS Networking… maybe trying LinkedIn, or Facebook.
Baughman will review these alternatives.

The Current Status of Awards and Education Supported by IAB

Upcoming events being supported are as follows

Fall 2011
Graduate Student Travel Awards: Abhijit Paul, Oklahoma State University; Jia Wei, University
of Maryland
       2 awards $500.00 each tba later this year
        (Sponsored by IAB)

Spring 2012
Industrial Polymer Scientist Award, Nomination Deadline is Nov 1, 2011
        - Plaque, $2,000.00 honorarium, and Travel Expenses
        - Recipient TBD on delayed to Fall 2012
Graduate Student Travel Awards
        2 awards $500.00 each tba later this year
         (Sponsored by IAB)

Industrial Polymer Scientist Award and the need for a hands-on approach
Nomination Deadline is Nov 1, 2011
     - Plaque, $2,000.00 honorarium, and Travel Expenses
     - Recipient TBD on delayed to Fall 2012

Gerbi provided some overview of the general selection process of this award:
“Individual or team nominees will be selected on the basis of creative polymer science
conducted at any industrial research facility. Aspects of the work must have been published
in the open literature, which includes either patents or technical journals.”

Gerbi feels there is significant value in this committee’s members being pro-active in nominating
colleagues. In addition, Gerbi and Baughman have been in communication with the Awards
Committee and will keep the lines of communication open between all involved to help ensure a
successful selection and programming.

The nominations will remain in the system for 2 award cycles. There will be a half-day
symposium around the award recipient. IAB and the Programming Committee will be available
to assist the awardee in organizing the symposia regarding session chairs and presenters. Ideally,
the symposia will appeal to a large number of industrial scientists and lead to an increase in
participation and attendance.

Salamone questions if we can keep those nominated for IAB Awards in the loop of IAB and its
activities. Baughman suggests that we invite them to connect to their network, assuming it is
effectively developed to help members of this committee and beyond.

Supporting the Current and Future Needs Of This Committee

Existing Support Overall:

Graduate Student Travel Awards       4, 500.00 awards annually    2,000.00

                                   2,000.00 plus travel exp,
Industrial Polymer Scientist Award Fall Even Years                2,000.00

Undergrad Research Symposium,
ACS                                  1,000.00 annually in Spr     1,000.00

Graduate Research Symposium,
ACS                                  1,000.00 annually in Spr     1,000.00

                               Biennial, Summer Odd Yrs,
POLY Graduate Student Workshop as requested              2,000.00
Polymer Sci of Everyday Things       Biennial, as requested       1,000.00

Considerations for the future:

As mentioned in previous discussions during this meeting, Gerbi describe a planned IAB
sponsored Reception/connecting with Programming Committee on well suited topics - A “ Stop
by to learn about opportunities in POLY programming” - Reception format - SAN DIEGO –

Gerbi and Baughman also want this Board to continue its support of the Bi-annual
ACS/POLY/PMSE Meeting Hospitality Suite by encouraging Board Members to be present at
the event.

As discussed during this meeting, there is a perceived value in connecting with other committees
within POLY with similar interest including Workshops and Awards.

ACS Programming

A Programming slide was shown to the group with themes for the new few years of
programming (tentative). Much discussion about programming and how to involve and attract
industrial members. There seems to be a high level of support to hold social reception/”how to
program” session at Spring Meeting from IAB and the Poly Board. We are targeting Monday
afternoon session either in hotel or outside restaurant/bar.

Lin-Gibson was in attendance and provided valuable information on programming and deadlines.
She is agreeable to providing this committee a preliminary list of ACS Meeting sessions and
organizers with contact information. The deadline for San Diego is October so there is still time
for submissions for the upcoming event in Spring 2012.

Hagberg, Amis and others acknowledge that this type of information has a high level of value
(i.e. knowing future programming) to their company and asked that a notice with this
information be sent to IAB in the near future so that it can be forwarded to their colleagues.

Other Matters of Awareness

Several topics of general interest for benchmarking among the IAB members for future
discussion were brought up:

a) global training and communication where companies are expanding internationally

b) use of post-docs where hiring might be restricted
c) technology/product development processes for short/medium/long term development for both
industry and government.

The group liked the idea of having a round table discussion around how different companies use
post-docs effectively. They are viewed as potential resources for a variety of issues but some of
the company members have processes in place to successfully recruit and utilize. The plan is to
organize a round table session at the Spring Meeting.

Mabry reminded IAB to inform their Polymer Scientists within their own company to become
members of POLY

Action Items

   1.   Focus on start-up companies/medium size
   2.   Use lists to identify potential companies
   3.   Using workshop sponsor companies as potential members, discount
   4.   IAB social function/get together for dinner, etc.

Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research (1,000.00)
Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science (1,000.00)
Student Travel Awards (2- 500.00 ea)
IAB Reception: “Stop by and Learn about Opportunities in POLY Programming”
Continue to be active at ACS/POLY/PMSE Hospitality Suite
Provide a notice to IAB of the latest programming and workshops
Expand Social Networking

Industrial Polymer Scientist Award (approx 4,000.00 which includes travel support)
Student Travel Awards (2- 500.00 ea)
Support of “Polymer Science of Everyday Things” (1,000.00)
Continue to be active at ACS/POLY/PMSE Hospitality Suite

Adjourn: 9:30AM

Respectfully submitted, Lesia Linkous, Travis Baughman and Diana Gerbi

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