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Reconstruction Video Quiz


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The American Civil War: Reconstruction
     Name: ______________________________

1.   The Confederate states were allowed back             They had to enforce the use of
     into the Union if they _____.                        passports for blacks.
     a. allowed all blacks the right to vote        6. What did Congress do to President Andrew
     b. gave up their weapons and confederate          Johnson because he was accused of
         money                                         interfering with Congress’s plan for
     c. had the majority of people take an             Reconstruction?
         oath of allegiance                            a. fired him
     d. agreed to give up their lands to blacks        b. reelected him
         and Union soldiers                            c. impeached him
                                                       d. assassinated him
2.   After President Abraham Lincoln’s
     assassination, new president Andrew            7.    The Fifteenth Amendment denied
     Johnson wanted to get rid of Lincoln’s plan          freedmen the right to vote.
     for reconstruction.                                  a. true
     a. true                                              b. false
     b. false
                                                    8.    Which group of people below had to write
3.   The Black Codes stated all of the                    the constitutions for the Southern states?
     following, EXCEPT _____.                             a. scalawags, enslaved blacks, and
     a. blacks were not allowed to handle                    sharecroppers
         firearms                                         b. blacks, female Southerners, and
     b. blacks had to have permission to enter               Northern blacks
         a town                                           c. carpetbaggers, Northern military
     c. blacks had to be off the streets at a                generals, and scalawags
         certain time                                     d. anti-secessionist Southern whites,
     d. blacks had the right to vote and to own              blacks, and Northern whites
                                                    9.    The white supremacy groups in the South
4.   The Freedman’s Bureau was set up to                  said they were formed to _____.
     _____.                                               a. combat the South’s economic problems
     a. educate the ex-Confederate soldiers               b. get blacks educated about the
     b. educate and provide food for Southern                 superiority of the white race
        women                                             c. be a peacekeeping force to protect
     c. provide education for blacks and poor                 their states from the progress of
        whites                                                Reconstruction
     d. provide military training for the freed           d. help the progress of Reconstruction by
        blacks                                                allowing all whites, men, and women
                                                              the right to vote
5.   Which of the following was NOT a way
     Southern states could have regained their      10.   What was the importance of the
     constitutional rights?                               presidential election of 1876?
     a. They had to give freedmen the right to            a. It allowed the South to make a bargain
        vote.                                                to have federal troops removed.
     b. They had to hold a Constitutional                 b. It allowed blacks in the South to have
        convention.                                          greater rights and political power.
     c. They had to ratify the Fourteenth                 c. It was a hotly contested election over
        Amendment.                                           the question of slavery in the West.
d.   It caused dissension among the
     Northern carpetbaggers and the
     Southern scalawags.

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