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					The American Civil War: The War Years            Name: ______________________________

1.   During the Civil War, how did the North     6.    In what statement did Lincoln say
     and South compare in terms of troop               “government of the people, by the people,
     numbers?                                          for the people, shall not perish from the
     a. They were almost even.                         Earth”?
     b. The North outnumbered the South                a. the Gettysburg Address
        three to one.                                  b. his first Inaugural Speech
     c. The South outnumbered the North                c. his second Inaugural Speech
        three to one.                                  d. the Emancipation Proclamation
     d. Sometimes the North had more troops,
        sometimes the South had more.            7.    By the end of the war, who were the head
                                                       generals leading the armies of the North
2.   What was the name of Lincoln and the              and South?
     North’s initial plan to defeat the South?         a. Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee
     a. the Anaconda Plan                              b. Ambrose Burnside and Jefferson Davis
     b. the Stonewalling Plan                          c. George McClellan and Stonewall
     c. the Richmond, Virginia Plan                       Jackson
     d. the Forced Monetary Attrition Plan             d. William T. Sherman and Albert Sidney
3.   Which of the following killed the most
     soldiers during the War?                    8.    Why did the South especially hate the
     a. bullets                                        Union general William T. Sherman?
     b. traitors                                       a. He led the capture of the Confederate
     c. surgery                                           capital, Richmond, Virginia.
     d. diseases                                       b. He was responsible for the victories at
                                                          both Vicksburg and Gettysburg.
                                                       c. He personally captured the president of
4.   What city became the South’s last
     stronghold in the Western Theater?                   the Confederate States of America.
                                                       d. His troops destroyed Southern homes,
     a. Richmond, Virginia
                                                          farms, and fields during total warfare.
     b. Nashville, Tennessee
     c. Vicksburg, Mississippi
     d. New Orleans, Louisiana                   9.    What event is considered the symbolic end
                                                       of the Civil War?
                                                       a. the assassination of President Lincoln
5.   Lincoln announced the Emancipation
                                                       b. the capture of Richmond, Virginia, by
     Proclamation after the Union victory in
     what battle?                                          Union forces
                                                       c. the South’s simultaneous losses at
     a. Shiloh
                                                           Gettysburg and Vicksburg
     b. Antietam
                                                       d. Lee’s surrender to Grant at the
     c. Richmond
                                                           courthouse in Appomattox, Virginia
     d. Gettysburg

                                                 10.   How many Americans died in the Civil War?
                                                       a. 40,000
                                                       b. 100,000
                                                       c. 300,000
                                                       d. 600,000