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					    Electric Vehicles
Range Anxiety Mitigation
     Range Anxiety Causes
• Confusing Marketing
   Real World Range vs. Label Range
   Real World Driving 50 to 70% of Label Range
• Inaccurate Range Remaining Displays
   Constantly Changing Numbers
   Unexpected Drop to Reserve/Empty
• Drivers Typically Have No Idea of Actual
  Distance to Destinations
   Also No Means to Identify the Point of No Return
    to Home Base
   Impact of Range Anxiety
• Reduces EV Appeal to New Customers
• Limits EV Driver Enjoyment
• Precipitates More Use of Household
  ICE Vehicles for Some EV Capable
• Conveys Image of a Less Than
  Dependable Product
• Limits EV Sales
        Deficiencies of Today’s
            Range Displays
• Calculations Based On Instantaneous
   Battery State of Charge
   Vehicle Average Energy Consumption
• No Comprehension of the Effects of:
     Road Grade
     Mean Elevation
     Temperature
     Wind Direction and Velocity
     This Trip Vehicle Energy Consumption
       Celadon “Energy Manager”
         EV Range Application
• Energy Manager: Complete Range Calculation
      Road Grades
      Mean Elevation at Current Location
      Temperature at Current Location
      Mean Wind Direction and Velocity at Current Location
      This Trip, This Particular Vehicle Energy Consumption
• Displays Range In Easy to Comprehend Format
    Graphical Representation
    Numeric Values
    And Navigation
• Range Capability in All 360 Degree Directions At Any
  Time with Point of Safe Return to Home Base
    Celadon Energy Manager
              Celadon         OEM


 Internet                              In Vehicle
                                      Device/ Can
                          Bluetooth       Bus
 Cellular         Smart     & WiFi
Today’s EV Energy Consumption
 and Range Predictor Solutions

                 Perfectly Equal Range
                          in a
                 Perfect Driving World
 Today’s EV Energy Consumption
  and Range Predictor Solutions
        vs The real World

                             True Range   Would Never Try
True Range Considering
Road Grade, Elevation,
Posted Speeds, Traffic,
and Weather               A Problem Waiting To Happen
A Larger More Costly EV Battery
             or a
   Better Range Predictor ?

           True Range    Would Never Try

       A Problem Waiting To Happen
“Energy Manager”™
• The driver will select the starting point and
• The Energy Manager application will
  calculate best route and display the trip from
  Sacramento to Auburn, CA with changing
  graphic display of energy and distance.
• The Energy Manager application will use
  vehicle, road, environmental data, altitude,
  wind, and temperature to create a driver
  friendly visual range display.
• The visual display will contain a two
  dimensional polygon indicating the range for
  possible travel distance in all directions
Upper Display Control

Fuel Gauge

Lower Display Control
• The driver selects a location on the map to
  start, then selects the destination with
  mouse, keyboard or touchscreen
• The Energy Manager application calculates
  the route.
• Driver clicks on “Plot Trip” to begin trip
• The “Energy Manager”™ application then
  begins by displaying the route and the
  distances which the vehicle can travel with
  the available charge.

The route will be calculated
      and displayed

                               A maximum range 360
                                  degree polygon
• We will now run a demonstration of the
  first round trip route showing the driver
  inputs and snapshots of what will be
  calculated and displayed.
 Select “From”
and then “Home”
  Select “To” and
then “Destination”
The “route” and “maximum range
polygon” will display. The driver
       will click “Plot Trip”
       Range enhancing/reducing factors
Colors of range polygon, route, and
       of grade, wind and temperature will
 information panel will change to
       be indicated by green (enhancing),
    alert of lower panel will display real
        The unfavorable range
        black (neutral) or red (reducing).
 conditions, matching fuel gauge.
                time information.
Vehicle Icon
 The range polygon and
   The maximum range
  R/T information panel
polygon and information
  have changed color to
panel have changed color
     alert of the energy is
to alert that possible
    unfavorable range.
 marginally sufficient to
 return to start location.
First leg completed, lower panel
displays time, distance traveled,
      energy used and cost.
   The driver will select
 “Reverse” for trip home.
   Start location(A) and
destination(B) will switch.
Driver will plot second leg trip to
Sacramento by clicking on “Plot
   Range polygon and route
display red color matching the
 energy gauge, indicating the
   energy level has reached
a caution level with a marginal
    risk of not reaching the
 Vehicle reaches the
destination, summary
  data is displayed.
• Now as another example, the driver can
  select a new destination, one considerably
• Selecting “To” and then “Map Entry” will
  allow the driver to pick any spot, selecting a
  charging station near Colfax, CA.
• The Energy Manger™ algorithm will re-scale,
  change direction and redraw the route (A-B)
  with a new range polygon.
• In addition, charging points along the route
  will be displayed.
                        New Destination

Driver clicks “Map Entry”
    and selects new
   destination on map
• Having reached the new destination,
  which has an appropriate recharging
  station, the driver can take the
  opportunity to recharge and conduct
  any other business.
An alert can be sent
to the drivers
indicating driver
selected level or
completion of
The range polygon will
display the new energy
level and new distance
that can be reached.
The vehicle is fully
charged, and new
 maximum range
 polygon displays
• Selecting “Reverse” and “Plot Trip” will
  start the return trip.
• Notice when the new trip starts, the energy
  usage will significantly less due generally
  traveling downhill.
Click “Reverse” and
   then “Plot Trip”
• Note that the energy used in the second
  round trip is less compared to the first
  largely due to the drop in elevation during
  the trip.
   21.1 kw/100miles out vs. 19.6 kw/100miles
• This is a differentiation and important
  value of Celadon Energy Manager™.
  End of Celadon
“Energy Manager”™

• Development Contract
   with Prepaid Licenses
   with Exclusivity for a period of Time
   with combination of above
• Equity Investment
     for a number of Licenses
     for Exclusivity for a period of time
     for a share of Celadon
     for Celadon IP Access
     for combination of above
• Combination
   Development Contract & Equity
US Patent: #12504810.
Petition to Make Special
filed 12/14/2009.
EPO patent: #10005113.5
Japan Patent: #2010-
PCT: #PCT/US2010/29771
Examples: Control Functions
       and Panels
• Following are snapshots of examples
  of many control functions and the
  panels used to access and control the

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