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									                 Detailed Lesson Plan
                          TLE IV

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          Rhea Cutamora

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                                 Detailed Lesson Plan in TLE IV

I.         Objectives : After presenting the ways in 60 minutes the students must be
                       able to do the following skills with 75% level of proficiency:

                      a. Identify the different tools on manicuring
                      b. Find pleasure in applying the basics of manicuring.
                      c. Apply skills in manicuring correctly;

II.         Subject Matter: Manicuring
             References : On line with TLE pp.111-113; Internet
             Materials : Power point; Manicure Kit; Pictures; Chart
             Values      : Care and Concern

III.          Procedure

              Teacher’s Activity                                     Pupil’s Activity

           A. Initiatory Phase

                      1. Prayer
                      2. Checking of attendance

      1.      Drill
      Okay let’s have a game first. I want you to
      group yourselves into four groups, it could
      be according to friends or whatever you like.
      Am I understood class?                                         Yes, ma’am!
      The first group will be seksing butiki, the
      second group will be the macho na opaw,
      the third group will be the buntis na bungi
      and the last group will be branyong ukay-ukay!
      here are the actions for seksing butiki,macho na
      opaw,buntis na bungi and branyong ukay-ukay.
      Okay, are you ready?                                           Yes, ma’am!
      Let’s start from the seksing butiki, after seksing butiki
perform they can point to the other group and if they’re
done that group will also point the other group and vice
versa. A group who will now perform properly will be
eliminated you must point one group only.

OK, seksing butiki, are you ready?                         Yes, ma’am
Good, start now!
                                                           Seksing butiki!
                                                           Seksing butiki!
                                                           Seksing butiki____
                                                 (Whatever group they will point)

Okay, congratulations the winner.                          Yeheey!

  2.   Review
  Who still remember our past lesson, Jojie?     Our last lesson is about hairstyle!

  What have you learned about hairstyle, Mira?

                                                  Hair styling is creating
                                                  a pleasing
                                                  coiffure suitable to the person.

  What else, Lucille?                             To be a good hairstylist
                                                  One should
                                                  know and master basic skills in
                                                  curling, waving, and cutting.

  How about you Stephanie?                        We should study people
                                                  to determine
                                                  good and poor features and
                                                  learn to accentuate the first
                                                  and conceal the latter.

  What other factors we have to
  consider to have a suitable hairstyle,
  Wenilyn?                                       We must considered the patron’s
Okay! Very good!

I have here different pictures of face,
can you identify what shape of face

Is this
                   Kathy?                     Oval face ma’am!

Okay! How about this                 Icee?    Round face ma’am!

Okay! This one               Stef?            Square face!

This one             Lucille?                 Heart shape face!

Very good! This one               Sedlex?     Long face ma’am

And the last one                Jojie?        Bell-shaped face ma’am!

Okay, very good!

Any question regarding our past discussion?   No, ma’am!
B.     Development phase

1. Motivation
 Okay, how does your mother take care
 of her hands particularly on fingernails?
 Yes, Icee?                                          My mother used to go to a
                                                     parlor shop to clean her nails
                                                     once a month.

 How about others, does your mother go to
 a parlor shop? Lucille?                             No ma’am, my mother will
                                                     contact my aunt to clean her
 Your aunt must be a?                                A manicurist ma’am!

 Okay! How about others, does your mother
 Have the same way of caring their naila?
 Yes, lorge?                                         No ma’am, my mother knows
                                                     how to clean her nails on her

             Very Good!
 How about you, do you take good care of
 your fingers, Wenilyn?                              Yes ma’am!
             How?                                    By cutting it short ma’am!

 How about you Mira?                                 Washing with soap ma’am!

 Okay, how about you Kathy?                          I used to see my friend if I want
                                                     to clean my fingers

 So at your age now, you can take good care
 of your fingernails. But some, let somebody
 to clean their nails for them, maybe because
 they want their nails more attractive to look at.
2.    Presentation

I have here a chart with different pictures.
look closely to the picture in column A and
column B, how do they differ?

                 A                                        B

What have you observe in this picture?          On column A the fingers are
                                                dirty and it looks dry.

Another, chyrell?                               On column B the fingers are
                                                beautiful they’re like fingers
                                                of a princess!
Wow! Do you agree with Van?                     Yes, ma’am!

Why do you say so, Wenilyn?                     Because it’s colorful, clean and
                                                beautiful to look at!
      Very Good!
Why do you think it’s beautiful?                Because of its color ma’am!
Yes, one is color
What else? Sedlex ?                             Because of its shape!
Do you like to have a finger as beautiful
as the princess?                                Yes, ma’am!
Very good!
Based on the pictures and our activity awhile
Ago, what do you think is our topic for this
      Yes, Stef?                                It is manicuring ma’am!
      Very good!
3.   Setting of Standard

But before we proceed, what will you do if
the teacher is discussing in front of you?       Sit properly, listen and
Can I expect that from you?                      Yes, ma’am!

4.   Discussion
What comes into your mind when you hear
the word manicure or manicuring?

Yes, Van?                                        It is the way of caring fingernails
                                                 as well as beautifying and
                                                 enhancing it.
Very good! Thank you for your idea,
Okay, manicuring as van said, it is the
way of caring our fingernails, it is not
only cutting it short, but for the Beauty
Culturists they need different tools and
supplies to make it beautiful and attractive.
Why do you think, Beauty Culturist used
different tools and supplies for manicuring?
Can’t they just used nail cutter for it?

Yes, Jojie?                                      In order to clean it well and
                                                 polish it well too.
Thank you, Jojie.
Manicuring is now highly serve, services
for beauty culture, because of the increasing
demand for care of fingernails. They use
colored lacquers, it brought many new patron
in their beauty shop. So manicurist must be up
to date, they must be fully equipped to be
efficient and effective on their job.
(The teacher will show different tools and products used in manicuring)

What is this class?                            Nail File!

Good, this one?                                Emery board!

OK, this one?                                  Orange wood stick!

This one?                                       Nail brush!

This?                                           Nipper!

Okay, this?                                     Pusher!
(The teacher will show a video about the proper way of manicuring)

From the video you have watched, what
are the procedure?

Yes, Mira?                                    The procedures are:
                                        1. The manicure table
                                        2. Moisten cotton with antiseptic and
                                           wash all patron’s finger.
                                        3. Remove old polish.
                                        4. File nails of left hand.
                                           a. Start with little finger
                                           b.Always file from corner towards
                                        5. Immerse fingers of left hand in soap
                                        6. File nails at right hand.
                                        7. Dry nails at left hand with manicure
                                        8. Apply cuticle remover.
                                        9 .Remove soil from edge with cotton
                                          tipped cotton stick
                                        10. Loosen cuticle with pusher.
                                        11. Use nipper where necessary.
                                        12. Moisten cotton with antiseptic and
                                            bath all fingers of left hand.
                                        13. Apply nail bleach, paste or liquid
                                            beneath edge of nails.
                                        14. Apply hand lotion.
                                        15. Apply cuticle oil or cream.
                                        16. Dry nails of right hand.
                                        17.Brush nails of left hand in soap bath
                                        18. Remove any stray cuticle.
                                        19. Buff nails
                                        20. Apply base coat.
                                        21. Complete right hand.
                                        22. Apply polish to left then to right.
                                        23. Apply top coat.
                                        24.Sterilize all tools and clean up table.
6. Generalization

What is manicuring? Lorge?                    Manicuring is a job who trimm
                                              and polish fingernails.

What is the other term for
Beauty Culturist?                             Cosmetologist

What is the importance of manicure?           It gives as or develop our self-
                                              Esteem, and also it makes us
                                              Look presentable to the people.

Very good, any question?                      No, ma’aam!

7. Application

I want you to look for your pair. Since
you already have tools and supplies
I want you to follow the ways or procedures
you have viewed awhile ago. Choose who
yill do the manicuring while other serve as
the patron, who will dictate the procedure
for her partner to follow.

Am I understood?                              Yes, ma’am!
IV. Evaluation
Direction: Identify and name the tools and supplies for manicuring. Write your
answer before the picture.

__________ _1.                          _____________6.

___________ 2.                          _____________7.

____________3.                          ______________8.

_____________4.                         ______________9.

_____________5.                         ______________10.
V. Assignment
Direction: Arrange the following steps in manicuring. Let A for the first step
          until letter P which will be the last step.

_______1. Remove all polish

_______2. Prepare manicure tools

_______3. Loosen cuticle with pusher

_______4. Immerse fingers in soap bath

_______5. Apply cuticle remover

_______6. Dry nails

_______7. File nails

_______8. Moisten cotton with antiseptic and wash patrons’ fingers

_______9. Apply hand lotion

_______10. Remove soil from edge with cotton tipped cotton stick

_______11. Brush nails

_______12. Remove cuticles

_______13. Apply base coat

_______14. Buff nails

_______15. Apply top coat

_______16. Sterilize tools and clean up table

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