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									                                                 There were no fiftieth-year            business executives, owners, and
The Year in Retrospect                     graduates to march across that               managers; and five clergymen. And
                                           Quadrangle in 1953 because Brooklyn          that’s just from the database records
Fifty Years Ago Today
                                           College was then only twenty-three           we have. There were also judges,
by Roberta Rose Wallach, ’53
                                           years old. But I guess we all felt a         geologists, accountants, architects,
Thursday, May 29, 2003, was the            little like Sir Edmund Hillary, who          engineers, designers, social workers,
day of the Seventy-eighth                  made headlines in the New York Times         nurses, therapists, actuaries,
Commencement of Brooklyn College           on our graduation day, June 14, 1953,        pharmacists, and even one farmer,
and the Fiftieth Reunion of the Class      by becoming the first to reach the           specializing in livestock breeding.
of 1953. I don’t know how we pulled        summit of Mt. Everest. Commencement          What course did he take?
it off, but I think May 29 was the only    was our Mt. Everest.                             We enjoyed the camaraderie of
day in May or June when it did not               In 1949 most of us were the            house-plans, sororities, fraternities, and
rain and the weather was sunny and         children of immigrants working part          clubs. Some friendships have endured
cool. And Brooklyn College certainly       time during college for the minimum          for sixty-five years, as have mine with
knows how to honor its fiftieth-year       wage, $1.35 an hour. We came from            Helen Marcus Daniels and Shirley
graduates by celebrating the occasion      Brownsville, East New York, Canarsie,        Eisenberg Swidler. Some friendships
on Commencement Day. There you             Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay,                have held fast for fifty years—Betty
are, marching on the Quad in your          Brighton Beach, Borough Park,                Antonoff Arfin and Elaine Feldman
flowing gold gown and cap across the       Midwood, East Flatbush, Bay Ridge,           Adler, for instance.
most beautiful campus in the country,      Bensonhurst, Bushwick, Williamsburg,             Commencement Day began with a
as noted in the Princeton Review’s         Crown Heights, Windsor Terrace, and          wonderful breakfast in the Georgian
ranking of about 350 colleges in 2003,     even from that distant land, the Bronx.      Room, a time for bagels, hugs, cheers,
right down that center aisle, past row     We rode the trolley and buses to get         and even some tears. Then there was
after row of 2003 graduates in             to BC. We studied on the IRT and             the class picture taken on the steps of
burgundy or black robes, cheering and      BMT. We attended public high                 the New Ingersoll and lining up for the
applauding, a stand-up ovation! I’m        schools, not private schools. But we         traditional walk. U.S. Senator Charles
not sure if I walked or floated to the     must have been doing something               Schumer and Borough President Marty
front row seats and the podium             right. Our class turned out 184              Markowitz, ’70, were there to greet us
carrying the BC banner with Arlene         teachers and guidance counselors;            at Commencement. At a luncheon
Lichterman. It was a surreal               fifty-eight college professors and           that followed, in the Gold Room at
experience. I was especially honored       administrators; twenty-six principals,       SUBO, we were greeted by President
that President Kimmich had asked me        supervisors, and superintendents;            Christoph Kimmich. I offered greetings,
to speak as the representative of the      sixteen librarians; forty-two lawyers;       too, as president of the BCAA.
Class of 1953, and thrilled that my        forty-seven doctors and dentists;            Everyone got a great Fiftieth Reunion
husband and four children could be         twenty-two writers, editors,                 gold T-shirt and a fabulous, unique
present that day. I am proud to say        publishers, artists, poets, musicians, and   Reunion Journal. And what a Reunion
that all four children are also Brooklyn   actors; six physicists; six biochemists;     Journal Committee that was: Arlene
College graduates.                         ten state legislators; seventy-nine          Lichterman and Marilyn Sarhis, cochairs;

                 Volume 6, Number 1 • Spring 2004A newsletter published by the Brooklyn College Alumni Association
                                      Phone: (718) 951-5595; Fax: (718) 951-5962; E-mail:
Florence Miller Bernstein, Mina Leibowitz
Herman, Leanora B. Katzman, Joan                                                              BCAA Levenson
Cooper Mirrer, Estelle Broome Schaffer,
Malcolm M. Sellinger, and myself. What a
                                             defender, and most enthusiastic                  Awards Presented
                                             cheerleader that Brooklyn has ever had.”
Journal we produced, spectacular from                                                         by Samuel Rabinoff, ’49
                                             The Alumna-of-the-Year Award was
cover to cover, including highlights from    presented to Mary McWilliams, ’49, who           Sam Levenson, originally a Spanish
The Kingsman and Calling Card from our       interrupted her college years with a             teacher at Tilden High School, left the
student days, photos from our previous       tour in the Women’s Reserve of the               classroom to become a television
reunions, and other articles and             Coast Guard and a job with the FBI.              comedian. One of his popular
memorabilia.                                 She taught from 1950 to 1975 and now             monologues focused on a bar mitzvah
     The reunion supper on Wednesday         is an activist for senior citizens.              boy. The thirteen-year-old, overwhelmed
evening—which featured the slide show            All of us enjoyed the dinner, wine,          by the large number of writing
“Brooklyn:The Way It Was,” narrated by       music, and dancing. Roberta Rose                 implements he received, began the
BCAA board member Ron Schweiger, ’70,        Wallach, ’53, president of the BCAA,             traditional speech, “Today, I am a
official borough of Brooklyn historian—      acted as emcee. She took us on a trip            fountain pen.” While fountain pens
was a warm-up and prelude to the             down memory lane to the Brooklyn                 have since diminished in popularity, the
incomparable sheer joy of Thursday.          and the College we knew so well.                 importance of education has not.
     We received rave reviews of the         She reminisced about the Fox and the                  Every year, the Alumni Association
reunion from Dolores Rosenbluth,             Paramount, the Pitkin, the Oriental,             gives three $2,000 awards to students
Priscilla Lipton Lewis, Helen Marcus         dining at Dubrow’s, Garfield’s, Wolfie’s,        who have contributed to campus and
Daniels, Sydelle Flaxberg Hirsch,            shopping on Fulton Street at Mays,               community life and/or the performing
Leanora Katzman, Janet Sider Kleinman,       A & S, and Russeks, and waiting for the          arts. The awards are in honor of
Arlene Lichterman, Alice Ruth Friedman       Good Humor Man, Dugan’s and the                  Sam, ’34, and his wife, Esther Levine
Alter, and Myrna Macowitz Egeth. To          Bungalow Bar. She spoke of the many              Levenson, ’34, and are presented at the
those who have not yet experienced           memorable performances at BC by                  BCAA Annual Meeting, which is held
their fiftieth, I can only say that I wish   Yehudi Menukin, Satchmo, Simon and               on Alumni College Day and is open to
you the good health and good fortune         Garfunkel, Morty Gunty, Sam Levenson,            all alumni. The recipients invariably
to be able to reach that glorious            and Dame Judith Anderson.                        represent the diversity and caliber of
milestone and emotional high and share           If you missed this wonderful event,          the BC student body. The 2003
it with your dear family and friends.        be sure to mark your calendar for                winners are outstanding.
                                             October 16, 2004, when “Tracks to                     Darnel John, ’04, fascinated by
                                             Brooklyn” marks the New York City                media since his childhood, worked as a
Alumni Association                           subway centennial as we honor the                production assistant at a television
Gala Reunion, 2003                           alumnus and alumna of the year. Join             station in St. Lucia before arriving in the
                                             us then at Tavern on the Green for the           United States in 2001. This experience
by Agnes Ford, ’69
                                             next annual reunion celebration.                 influenced him to pursue a B.A. in film
On October 25, 2003, the evening of                                                           production. Darnel wants to help
the Gala, the Water Club looked               Errata in the spring 2003 newsletter            express the “rich texture of the
especially beautiful. The ships sailed on     * Professor Sam Leiter has two children,        Caribbean voice.” He is a member of
the East River and Brooklyn sparkled            not three.                                    the Honors Academy and has served as
across the water. The Alumnus-of-the-         * Dominic Chianese was Professor Leiter’s       president of the Brooklyn College
                                                classmate, not his student.
Year Award was presented to Brooklyn                                                          Student Film Society.
                                              * Marilyn Friedman Antelis, ’52, is divorced,
Borough President Marty Markowitz, ’70,         not widowed.
                                                                                                   Desi A. Moreno-Penson, M.F.A. ’04,
who describes himself as the “best                                                            began studying drama at fifteen. She

                                                                                              alumni news               2
pursued her passion at the Greer
Garson Theatre Center, College of
Santa Fe, New Mexico, earning her B.F.A.
in theater and acting. She then studied
in London and in June received an M.F.A.
in dramaturgy and theater criticism
from Brooklyn College. Desi feels
“that multiculturalism is the future for
American theater” and has founded an
ensemble, Daddy Bear and Company,
Inc., on that principle. Through an English
Department honors program, Desi will
return to England for independent study.
     Edward M. Rebenwurzel, ’04, is a
student who is justifiably confident of       Alumni College Day, left to right: President Christoph M. Kimmich, Ella Friedman Weiss, ’62, Antonia
his ability to excel. Though working          Yuille Williams, Bill Baird, ’55, Roberta Rose Wallach, ’53, Agnes Ford, ’69, Hal Schaffer, ’56.
toward a degree in computational
math, Edward plans to practice law.           with excitement. Instead of the                      Schaffer, ’56, member of the BCAA
Besides his full schedule at BC, he is        traditional concurrent sessions, we had              Board of Directors, presented the award.
also enrolled as a full-time Yeshiva          organized a forum to address a single                    Ella Friedman Weiss, a former
student in Talmudic studies. He               topic of great concern, “Freedom of                  schoolteacher, began her career at BC
participates in student government, is        Speech and the Media.” The day began                 as director of community relations and
an editorial assistant for a student          with an elegant reception hosted by                  audience development at the Brooklyn
newspaper, and volunteers at his              President Christoph M. Kimmich,                      Center for the Performing Arts at
synagogue and a local hospital.               followed by a luncheon at which the                  Brooklyn College (BCBC). From 1985
     The Levenson Awards, funded by           2004 Distinguished Achievement                       to 1994, she was the executive director
special campaigns in the past, are            Awards were presented to Bill Baird, ’55,            of the College’s Office of Alumni Affairs.
sustained now by alumni. All who wish         and Ella Friedman Weiss, ’62.                        From 1994 to 1998, she was assistant
to donate may earmark their tax-                   Bill Baird, director of the Pro Choice          vice-president for college relations.
deductible contributions, payable to the      League, has been a leading advocate for              She remains on the boards of BCBC
Brooklyn College Foundation, by               reproductive freedom since 1963. He                  and BCAA. A founding member of
designating a specific dollar amount for      is the only person not admitted to the               the Flatbush Development Corporation,
the Levenson Awards. If you don’t own         bar to win three U.S. Supreme Court                  she chaired its Fundraising and Special
a fountain pen, a ballpoint will suffice to   cases, which legalized birth control for             Events Committee for nearly twenty
write the check.                              single women and allowed minors to                   years and has been vice-president since
                                              obtain abortions without parental                    1986. In 1998 Weiss became the
Alumni College Day,                           approval. He has spoken on college                   consulting director of the Brooklyn Arts
                                              campuses, appeared on television,                    Council, serving as the council president
May 2, 2004                                   and won many honors. He has also                     since June 2000. Antonia Yuille Williams,
Freedom of Speech                             received hate mail, death threats, and               director of public affairs, Brooklyn-
and the Media                                 was once sentenced to three months                   Queens Electric Operations, Con
by Marilyn Levy Sarhis, ’53                   in prison for promoting birth control.               Edison, presented the award.
Midspring, the BC campus was lush.            Nonetheless, Mr. Baird carries on the                    The awards ceremony concluded
We anticipated Alumni College Day             fight to uphold women’s rights. Hal                  with the presentation of the Jerome S.

                                                                                                   alumni news                   3
                                             Chapters and
Milgram Award for outstanding service        Affiliates
to BCAA to Hal Schaffer, ’56, former
                                             by Roberta Rose Wallach, ’53
president and past membership
chairperson of the BCAA Palm Beach           This column highlights chapter and               New Mexico Chapter Holiday
Chapter and current BCAA board               affiliate activities of the past year. It also   party. Barbara Rothman Vojta, ’57,
member. Agnes Ford, ’69, vice-president      lists people whom you may contact for            (505) 771-0143,
of the BCAA Board of Directors,              information about future events in
                                                                                              Northern Metropolitan Chapter
presented the award.                         your region.
                                                                                              Financial seminar. Joan Tartell
     “Freedom of Speech and the
                                             Atlanta Chapter Dick Sobel, ’51,                 Stupler, ’52, (914) 968-3530,
Media,” the afternoon session, treated
                                             (770) 410-9117.                        
a topic vital to our democracy. A
distinguished panel debated such issues      Broward-Dade Chapter Alumni of                   Palm Beach Chapter Distinguished
as how political and business interests      70s and later luncheon; afternoon in             speakers luncheon and others. Hilda
influence news stories. Moderator Paul       Hollywood; scholarship luncheon and              Werner Hainer, ’49, (561) 738-6439 or
Moses, ’75, a Pulitzer Prize–winning         others; planetarium tour. Millie Bialeck         (570) 775-6664,
journalist and the former city editor of     Cohn, ’43, (954) 925-6459,
                                                                                              Phoenix Chapter Luncheons.
New York Newsday, is currently an  ; or Diane
                                                                                              Jordan Richman, ’55, (602) 256-2830,
associate professor of English at            Nadler Simon, ’64, (954) 475-1638,
Brooklyn College. On the panel were
Pro Choice League Director Bill Baird,                                                        San Diego Chapter Brunch, dinner.
                                             Campus Chapter Cyclones baseball
’55; Herb Dorfman, ’51, a former news                                                         David Herskowitz, ’61, (760) 942-5167,
                                             game at KeySpan Park in Coney Island;
producer for CBS, NBC, and ABC; New                                                 
                                             BC Library talk and tour; BC theater
York Post Brooklyn Bureau Chief Gersh
                                             party; Regina Opera; UrbanGlass tour.            San Francisco/Northern
Kuntzman; George Arzt Communications
                                             Sam Rabinoff, ’49, (718) 377-6133,               California Chapter
Senior Vice-President Bob Liff, ’70, a
                                                                CCNY/BC/Polytech picnic. Arnold
former reporter and columnist for New
                                                                                              Kaufman, ’59, (650) 493-5287,
York Newsday and New York Daily News;        Central Florida Chapter Several
and Howard Reed, ’48, a retired group        luncheons. John Banaghan Sr., ’57,
vice-president of Cox Broadcasting           (407) 339-9110,
                                                                                              Pick up your copy of the Broeklundian
Corporation and Hearst Business Media.
                                                                                              yearbook today! Revisit familiar faces
     One conclusion drawn was that we
                                             Long Island Chapter Westbury                     and places!!!
must hold the media to the highest
                                             Gardens concert; jazz brunch; Green-             Your cost per volume:
standards of integrity and diversity since
                                             Wood Cemetery tour; slide show of                    1958: $85         1980s: $65
we depend on them to provide reliable
                                             old Brooklyn; theater party. Marsha                  1960s: $80        1990s: $60
information and champion First
                                             Zirn Elowsky, ’56, (516) 349-8821,
Amendment rights.                                                                                 1970s: $75
                                             or Claire Garfinkel Kerman, ’56,
     The day closed with the Annual                                                               2000 and 2001: $60
                                             (631) 367-2833,
Meeting, featuring the Annual Report,                                                             2002 to present: $50
given by BCAA President Roberta Rose         Manhattan Chapter Boat ride on                   Don’t wait! Copies are limited.
Wallach, ’53, and the presentation of        the Hudson; jazz brunch. Arlene                  Call (718) 951-5910, or e-mail
the Sam, ’34, and Esther Levine              Lichterman, ’53, (212) 988-9471, or    
Levenson, ’34, Awards.                       Arnold Weiss, ’54, (212) 319-4000.

                                                                                              alumni news              4
                                                                                          1992 when Moses was the lead writer
                                                                                          of the team that was awarded the
Southwest Brooklyn Chapter                                                                Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Reporting
Walking tour; BC basketball game;                                                         for their coverage of the 1991 Union
theater party; Picasso/Matisse                                                            Square Station fatal subway crash.
discussion. Connie DiGeronimo, ’92,                                                            When BC made him an offer he
(718) 951-5391,                                                                           couldn’t refuse, the post of associate                                                                 professor of English, he left New York
                                                                                          Newsday in September 2001, after
Tucson Chapter Invisible theater;
                                                                                          writing his final article, the story of the
social; theater party; casino adventure.
                                                                                          tragic attack on the World Trade Center.
Irma Schulman Sankman, ’50,
                                                                                               Regarding the first amendment,
(520) 877-8283,
                                                                                          Moses emphasizes that as a result of his
Accountants Affiliate Edward                                                              career in the news media he believes
Shoenthal, ’67, (212) 807-8013,            Spotlight on a                                 “it’s good for the public to know what’s                 Faculty Alumnus                                going on.” He finds that students from
                                                                                          other countries are always surprised
BAABC Annual scholarship reception,        Paul Moses, ’75, Returns to
                                                                                          by the freedom our media has. “The
annual Clearinghouse Expo. Craig           Brooklyn College
                                                                                          First Amendment is what makes our
Collins, ’98, (718) 342-5061,              by Helen Zegerman Schwimmer, ’69
                                                                                          country different.”
                                           Associate Professor Paul Moses, the                 Moses and his wife, Maureen, a
Athletes Affiliate Dinner in Florida.
                                           eminent moderator of the Alumni                school nurse, live in Marine Park. Their
David Askinasi, ’50,
                                           College Day panel on “Freedom of               twenty-four-year-old son, Matthew, also
(516) 764-5102 or (561) 499-6601,
                                           Speech and the Media,” spent twenty-six        works in the media. Their twenty-year-
                                           years carving out an illustrious career in     old daughter, Caitlin, attends the
BC Managers for the Performing             journalism that ultimately led to his          University of Massachusetts.
Arts Affiliate Neal Brilliant, ’93,        triumphant return to his alma mater.
(718) 768-4937.                                After graduating from BC in 1975           Letters to the Editor
                                           with a B.A. in psychology, Moses
Brooklyn College Latino                    received his M.F.A. in English in 1978         Who would believe that the Alumni
Alumni Affiliate Reception. Barbara        from the University of Massachusetts at        Newsletter could bridge a fifty-year
Pimentel, ’96, (718) 926-7117,             Amherst. Then followed a stint as a            gap in seconds! Nevertheless, when
latinoalumniadvisorycommittee@             reporter for the Hudson Dispatch of            Dr. Dennis Ribatsky, ’68, saw Miss Rose,                                 Union City, N.J. He moved on to the            his first-grade teacher in 1953, in a
                                           Associated Press and finally to New York       newsletter photo, he knew he must
Millennium Alumni Affiliate
                                           Newsday, where he spent seventeen              contact her. On a very cold Saturday
Hokey karaoke night; game night.
                                           exciting years as reporter, religion writer,   evening in January 2004, Dennis and his
Stacey Backenroth, ’02, (718) 951-5065,
                                           Brooklyn editor, and City editor.              lovely wife, Carol, ’68, drove two and a
                                               He covered City Hall during the            half hours from their home in Voorhees,
School Psychology Alumni                   Koch and Giuliani administrations and          N.J., to meet “Miss Rose” of the Class
Affiliate Cari Rose-Tomo, ’97,             the federal court trials of such well-         of 1953 and her husband for dinner in
(516) 781-9450,            known defendants at Bess Myerson,              New York. Dennis came bearing a
                                           Leona Helmsley, and Imelda Marcos.             bouquet, a framed picture of the first-
                                           The highlight of his career came in            grade class, and his old report cards.

                                                                                          alumni news               5
We talked for three and a half hours,          grant has given me the opportunity to       Grant, Al Krauser, Sy “Shimmy” Lebenger,
and my only regret is that I did not give      finish my last year at Brooklyn College,    and Marv Schrier. I could have caught
him more satisfactory and outstanding          and to make new friends within the          Marty Silverman or Milt Sirota, both of
marks on his report cards.                     BCAA. . . .                                 whom looked ready to pitch.
                              —RRW, ’53               —Desi Moreno-Penson, M.F.A., ’04          It was wonderful to share the day
                                                                                           with our spouses. Billie Gaglio—a
…thank you for a most enjoyable                                                            talented swimmer herself—Joyce
alumni news (vol. 5, no. 1). Keep up the       Former and Current                          Hochhauser, and Terry Sonkin attended
good work.                                                                                 in honor of their departed husbands.
         —Shirley (Gittel) Goldwag, ’42        Athletes Meet in Florida                    Carol Schlanger Sirota, a gifted former
                                               by Jerome Tiegel, ’50                       athlete in her own right, and the wives
We were on a Tauck tour of Oregon
this summer and discovered there were          The alumni meeting of former Brooklyn       of Jerry Abramowitz, Dave Askinasi, Stu
six Brooklyn College grads in our group:       College athletes is an annual affair. In    Kessler, Mort Panzer, Irv Pincus, Howie
Rhoda Polakoff Nagler, ’57; Les Nagler,        January eighty-four youthful souls          Thompson, and many of the guys that
’54; Marion Beitel Gold, ’54; Greta            convened at Benvenuto’s Restaurant and      I’ve already mentioned, my own darling,
Soberman Fischer, ’54; and us. It is           Catering Hall in Boca Raton. Athletes       and others enjoyed the festivities.
impossible to go anywhere without              from the College’s early days were               The annual get-together is a
running into someone from Brooklyn             present. George Edelman played              wonderful way to maintain ties and
College, which proves that BC folks            football from the late thirties into the    renew memories. Our initial group of
are constantly on the go, even after           forties. Sid Roth arrived ready to          rock-and-sock footballers has expanded
retirement. You did a great job at the         manage a team of retired basketball         to include former players from every
fiftieth reunion. Hope to see you at           players, among them Norm Cole, Mike         sport. Join us on January 25, 2005, for
some future BC functions.                      DiTomasso, Sid Finklestein, Sid Gerchick,   our next feast. If you would like more
               —Lillian Gulotta Knight, ’53,   Bernie Kirsner, Joe Post, Murray            information, contact Dave Askinasi,
                 and George F. Knight, ’53     Rosenberg, Don Seigelaub, and Herman        (561) 499-6601; Boomie Bressler,
                                               Teitler. We considered forming a            (561) 369-0539; or Jerry Tiegel,
October 25, 2003, was really a gala                                                        (516) 433-4059.
                                               football squad of “mature” guys,
event. The setting was beautiful and the
                                               including Arven Aronin, Dave Askinasi,
food was super. Best of all were the
alums, gathered from so many classes,
                                               Boomie Bressler, George Edelman, Jerry      Spotlight on a Chapter
                                               Edwards, Joe Fallek, Al Fox, Wilbur         Palm Beach County
who were friendly and interesting. My
husband, who did not go to Brooklyn                                                        By Hal Schaffer, former chapter president, ’56
                                                Are you a graduate of the Brooklyn
College, also loved the Reunion. We’ll                                                     In 1991 some venerable Palm Beach
                                                College B.A.–M.D. Program? If you are
be at the next Gala, wherever it is!                                                       residents received an invitation to a
                                                and would like to add your name to our
                     —Elaine Kurtzer, ’42                                                  meeting concerning the revival of their
                                                B.A.–M.D alumni database, please
Great meeting you at the October 25             contact Ken Miyano, associate professor    chapter. A feisty group assembled for
Gala Brooklyn College Reunion. ’Twas            and director of the B.A.–M.D Program,      the promised caucus. Those of us left
a wonderful evening for my relatives,           by telephone, 718-951-4857, or via         standing agreed to give it our best shot.
friends, and me. Many thanks to all             e-mail,        This bunch included a classics major, a
who organized the party.                            In addition to your name, please       physics major, a nurse, a lawyer, a naval
              —Mary E. McWilliams, ’49          indicate your address, date of             engineer, a college dean, and several
                                                graduation, and any professional or        teachers, who unaccountably thought that
…Many, many thanks to everyone on                                                          I should be the president. After the
                                                personal information you care to share.
the committee for choosing me as one                                                       others agreed to chair committees and
                                                We would love to hear from you!
of the Levenson Award recipients. This

                                                                                           alumni news                 6
                                             Post-Fiftieth                               $5,000 grant, which is presented to a
participate, I accepted. The biggest fight                                               Brooklyn College department of the
                                             Luncheon and                                recipient’s choice. Rose, a published
was over a motion to charge $10 in
annual dues. While most board members        Awards Ceremony                             poet, directed the prize to future bards
were skeptical, seed money was needed.       by Alice Ginsberg Margolis, ’43             in the English Department.
     A modest program of three
luncheon meetings—a kickoff, a               On September 21, 2003, one of the
distinguished speaker, and an annual         most eagerly anticipated events on          Brooklyn College is
                                             the BCAA calendar took place: the
meeting—plus a couple of dessert-
                                             thirteenth annual Post-Fiftieth Luncheon    “Family”
discussions was planned. Within three
                                             and Awards Ceremony. This year’s            by Roberta Rose Wallach, ’53
years, the chapter was able to give
$500 to BC student scholarships.             luncheon paid special tribute to the
                                                                                         Attending Brooklyn College is a
     Because of the creative programming     Classes of 1938, 1943, and 1948. In
                                                                                         tradition carried on by generation after
that swells our ranks, the current $15       addition, six extraordinary members of
                                                                                         generation in many families. The
yearly fee, income from our activities,      the Class of 1933 celebrated their
                                                                                         romance doesn’t stop there. Many
and donations made through our               seventieth anniversary.
                                                                                         couples meet at Brooklyn College as
registration process, the chapter, now in         Roberta Rose Wallach, ’53, BCAA
                                                                                         well. If you would like to see the
its thirteenth year, donates at least        president, spoke of her debt to and
                                                                                         BC alumni in your family listed in this
$6,000 a year in scholarships.               affection for Brooklyn College and of
                                                                                         column, send their names to the Office
     This year we had four luncheon          her great pride that her four children
                                                                                         of Alumni Affairs. Please give us your
meetings and finished the year with a        were also alums. President Christoph
                                                                                         name, too, and your street and e-mail
popular dessert-discussion that              M. Kimmich gave a glowing report on
                                                                                         addresses and telephone number.
addressed the 2004 Election. Hillary         the College’s current status and its
                                                                                         Contact Stacey Backenroth, ’02, at
Rodham Clinton wrote, “It takes a            plans. Dr. Robert I. Goldberg, ’41, a
                                                                                         the Office of Alumni Affairs,
village to raise a child.” We believe        recipient of the 2002 Milton Fisher, ’38,
                                                                                         (718) 951-5065, or by e-mail,
that it takes an engaged core group, an      Second Harvest Award, presented the
exciting program, and a cooperative          2003 Lifetime Achievement Awards,
                                             with characteristic wit.                    Couples
membership to revitalize a chapter.
                                                  While offering the opportunity to      Sheldon Blumengold, ’75, and
                                             renew friendships and make new              Marilyn Indig Blumengold, ’75
                                                                                         Floyd F. Cumberbatch, ’52, and
News Flash: New Chapter                      acquaintances, the Post-Fiftieth Luncheon
                                                                                         Mary J. Williams Cumberbatch, ’53
                                             and Awards Ceremony acknowledges
A First for New Jersey
                                             distinguished alumni, many of whom          Michele Resnick Emmer, ’72, and
Another branch was added to the              have achieved national and international    Michael Emmer, ’70
BCAA family tree, which now spans the        acclaim in their chosen fields. This year   Phil Fagin, ’54, and Judith Benczer
country. Alumni living in East/Central       nineteen were recognized with Lifetime      Fagin, ’55
New Jersey are charter members of a          Achievement Awards, including Maurice       Donald Forman, ’53, and
new chapter organized on April 22,           Bleifeld, Minerva Critchlow Bonds, and      Florence Sporn Forman, ’53
2004, at the Library of The Chathams.        Robert R. Robertson from the Class of       Louis Moskowitz, ’36, and
It looks like it will be a great year for    1933. Beatrice Dubin Rose, ’33, was         Dorothy Deutsch Moskowitz, ’62
New Jersey alumni, chock-full of             awarded the Milton Fisher, ’38, Second      Barry D. Shelkin, ’55, and
activities planned by this vibrant group.    Harvest Award, which honors                 Agnes Mokarry Shelkin, ’51
Call the Office of Alumni Affairs,           outstanding creative and/or philanthropic   Sam Unterricht, ’73, and
(718) 951-5065, for more information.        accomplishment. The award includes a        Alayne Finkelstein Unterricht, ’73

                                                                                         alumni news               7
Brooklyn College Alumni Association
                                                                                                                       Nonprofit Org
Brooklyn College
                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
The City University of New York
2900 Bedford Avenue                                                                                                       PAID
Brooklyn, New York 11210-2889                                                                                         Permit No. 3091
                                                                                                                       Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Printed on recycled paper

                                                                                               chairing countless committees. An
                                                Gala Alumni Reunion                            advocate of interfaith and interethnic
                                                Set for October                                enterprises, she lectures at universities
                                                                                               and in Jewish communities here
                                                By Arlene Lichterman, ’53
                                                                                               and abroad.
  Generations                                   Hold the date, Saturday, October 16,                 The Honorable Ira B. Harkavy
  Paulette Barry, ’91;
                                                2004, for our exciting annual reunion          is a justice of the State of New York
  Kelvin A. Barry Sr., ’00
                                                at Tavern on the Green in Central              Supreme Court in Kings County and a
  Michele Resnick Emmer, ’72;                   Park. Our theme, “Tracks to Brooklyn,”         respected legal scholar, one of the
  Michael Emmer, ’70; Keith Emmer, ’95;
                                                is in honor of the centennial of the           few among his peers to preside over
  Lisa Emmer, ’01
                                                New York City subway system. Major             civil, matrimonial, medical malpractice,
  Phil Fagin, ’54; Judith Benczer Fagin, ’55;
                                                junctions will be the twenty-fifth             and criminal parts. President of the
  Ellen Fagin, ’87; Susan Fagin Elman, ’91
                                                reunion of the Class of 1979 and the           BCAA from 1973 through 1983,
  Miriam Cohen Fertig, ’42; Mark Fertig, ’71
                                                fortieth reunion of the Class of 1964.         Harkavy now serves as a board
  Kate Okryenetz Finkelstein, ’47;              Alumna- and Alumnus-of-the-Year                member. He was an active community
  Alayne Finkelstein Unterricht, ’73            Awards will be presented to Blu                leader when he was a partner in a
  Helen M. Snyder Granatelli, ’36;              Genauer Greenberg, ’57, and Justice            Brooklyn-based law firm and is still
  Elizabeth Granatelli, ’75                     Ira B. Harkavy, ’51.                           involved in many local organizations.
  Percy Haynes, ’03; Lyndon Haynes, ’02              Blu Greenberg is a widely                 With twenty-two years on the
  Sharon Diamond Meloy, ’69; Joseph L.          published author on the contemporary           bench, he continues to work to make
  Meloy, ’04; Daniel E. Meloy, ’06              Jewish family, feminism, and orthodoxy.        Brooklyn even better.
  Ann Caratozzolo Whooley, ’71;                 She is the cofounder and the first                   Join us for this gala reunion as we
  James Whooley, ’01                            president of the Jewish Orthodox               honor our alumni and dine and dance
  Dorothy Levine Winters, ’34; Eleanor J.       Feminist Alliance and has served on            under the stars at Tavern on the
  Winters, ’69; Margaret E. Winters, ’67        the boards of many organizations,              Green in Central Park.

Editor: Roberta Rose Wallach, ’53               Margolis, ’43; Samuel Rabinoff, ’49;

Staff: Agnes Ford, ’69; Arlene
Lichterman, ’53; Alice Ginsberg
                                                Marilyn Levy Sarhis, ’53; Hal Schaffer, ’56;
                                                Helen Zegerman Schwimmer, ’69;
                                                Jerome Tiegel, ’50
                                                                                               alumni news                8

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