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Belkin N900 Dual-Band Wireless Router
                                                             List Price :   $199.99

                                                                 Price :

                                                            Average Customer Rating

                                                                             3.9 out of 5

                                                        Product Feature
                                                        q   Speeds of up to 450Mbps +450Mbps
                                                        q   Exclusive MultiBeam technology for a
                                                            high-powered signal for multiple devices
                                                        q   Simultaneous dual-band operating on 2.4 and 5
                                                            GHz bands
                                                        q   Wirespeed Routing
                                                        q   Gigabit ports for ultrafast sharing of files
                                                        q   Downstream QoS to prioritize video streaming
                                                        q   Two speed optimized USB 2.0 ports for wireless
                                                            printing and high-speed NAS
                                                        q   Read more

Product Description
The Belkin N900 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router gives you ultimate performance for all aspects of network
multi-tasking. Read more

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