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 Many individuals as they aging are worrying about
male thinning hair and their appearance, more than
95% of male thinning hair is defined as male pattern
baldness, and it seems like a destiny fact and men
have to accept it. The incidence of male thinning
hair or pattern baldness varies based on genetic
background and environmental factors.

  Genetic factors, family history, and
the overall aging process seem to play
the principal role in male thinning
hair and many men may notice a
normal physiologic thinning of hair
starting in their thirties and forties at
the crown of the head.

  Although male thinning hair is
not associated with systemic or
internal disease, nor is poor diet a
frequent factor, dealing with male
thinning hair can be challenging
especially when it starts early and
lets you look more ten years older.

  The degree of male thinning hair and pattern of baldness
can vary greatly, but its most common case known as
androgenic alopecia, men with androgenic alopecia have
higher levels of 5-alpha-reductase (5-alpha-reductase is
responsible for converting free testosterone into DHT)
lower levels of total testosterone, male thinning hair is
caused by a genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT, This
hormone causes follicles to shrink and prevents hair roots
from producing hair again.

   Male Thinning Hair styles
 Male    thinning    hair   often     carries    negative
connotations, but the truth is that guys suffering from
male thinning hair look more distinguished than guys
with a full head of hair. There are several magic
treatments and remedies for treating male thinning
hair so don't give up quickly, a little self-confidence
and a great-looking haircut can go a long way.
  Consult your barber or stylist
before choosing any style to
determine if your head shape is
right for this look. There are
many short styles that can help
hide   thinning     hair   besides
treating you hair loss.

Thinning Hair Remedies for Men
  As we know male thinning hair is a fact and dealing with it
is a challenge, use the following natural remedies to delay the
effect of thinning hair and to get a natural look.

 One of main causes of increasing male thinning hair is
dandruff, and there are many natural remedies available in
the kitchen can remove dead skin cells and control oily scalp,
as vinegar, olive oil, and baking soda.

 Aloe Vera gel considers one of the best treatments
for male thinning hair and encourages hair growth,
mix two teaspoons of the gel and almond each and
massage your scalp gently for three minutes, wash
your hair after 20 – 30 minutes, repeat 3 times a
week. This will cleans your scalp and simulate hair

 Mix    three    tablespoons     of
coconut milk and one teaspoon
of castor oil, massage into the
scalp and hair and Leave it for 30
minutes, then rinse with warm
water. Repeat 3 times a week.

  As you can see, although dealing with
male thinning hair is a challenge, there
are ways to fight it and stop the
thinning hair almost immediately. So,
don’t worry at all!


Description: This slide show discusses the major factors that lead to male thinning hair and how to manage it by making good hairdo or using hair remedies.