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									Methods Used In Chimney Cleaning - Tips And Hints
Since the chimney is subject to heat, dust and soot arising from firewood burning, it is vital to have it
cleaned on a regular basis, to ensure safety. Chimney cleaning involves, cleaning out the soot, dust
and removing creosote from the walls of the chimney.
Tools used in chimney cleaning include fireplace cover, chimney brush rods/rope, tape, mirror, dust
mask or goggles, flashlight, ladder, metal bucket, shovel, broom chimney brush, shop vacuum and so
There are four different methods used to clean a chimney - Rod Method Top Down, Rod Method
Bottom Up, Weight Method and Dual Line Method. Here is a look at them in more detail.
•Rod Method Top Down: In this method, chimney brush is used to clean through the chimney opening
by raising and lowering chimney brush inside the walls of the chimney. To reach the lower part of
chimney walls, a metal rod can be fixed to the chimney brush. Rods need to be added to attain the
length for cleaning. The suit and debris will be collected at the closed end of fireplace within the
•Rod Method Bottom Up: This is similar to the above method, but the cleaning will be carried out from
the fireplace to the top of the chimney. Here the only advantage is, there is no need to climb to the
roof. On the other way, this method will lead to messy outcome, since the fireplace is open. So using
drop cloths and plenty of tarps is essential to keep the flooring and furniture nearby clean.
•Weight Method: This method is almost similar to top down rod method. Here instead of rods attached
to the chimney brush, rope along with pull ring and weights are used. A set up with rope, pull ring and
weight is assembled with chimney brush. Here the internal walls of the chimney are scrubbed by
raising and lowering the brush. The fireplace can be closed in this method leading to a contained
clean up.
•Dual Line Method: This method needs two people. The rope is tied to the both ends of the brush.
One person pulls the rope upwards from the top while the other pulls from the bottom of the chimney.
Each person takes turns pulling the rope so that the brush moves top and bottom thereby scrubbing
the interior walls of the chimney. This method is also messy since the fireplace doors are kept open.
While cleaning the chimney you need to ensure some safety concerns as well. The first concern is to
check any fires going on before starting the cleaning process. The next is using the ladder. A fall from
top is very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the surroundings before starting the
cleaning process. The last safety concern is your health related. Make sure your vision and
respiratory systems are not affected. Using goggles or full mask is an important safety precaution.

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