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									Property, of course, is anything and everything that can be owned. Real
estate property, explicitly, is defined as land and all of the geological
and man-made upgrades that are permanently associated and attached to it.
This includes not only the geosphere itself and all that is connected to
it, but the air above it and the minerals below it as well as all rights
associated therewith. All property not categorized as real estate is
personal property.

With the ownership of real estate comes not only the possession of the
physical property and the characteristics that define it, but also the
acquisition of certain legal rights to continuously enjoy the peaceful
utilization and redistribution of it. What that means is that when we
gain ownership of real estate property, we also earn an accompanying
collection of rights in the property. These rights relate to the use,
possession, control, enjoyment, exclusion, and distribution of the
property, including the right to pass ownership along by way of a will.
Collectively, these rights change the definition of real estate to real

Over the course of time, the ownership and control of real estate has
very much become a central part of our lives. We rely on real property to
feed, clothe and provide us with shelter. In the United States and other
highly developed countries, these basic needs are met in a number of
ways. As a result of the many technological inventions that have advanced
our living standards, people are no longer directly dependent on owning
land to meet their essential needs. Instead, we rent or own apartments or
houses that are serviced by utility companies and financed by lending
institutions. We work in office buildings, factories and shops and
purchase the products and services we need from stores, play in parks and
consume the meat and crops that comes to us from distant farms and

Many people now have the financial means to proceed beyond the use of
real estate for the purpose of supplying their basic essentials. Now it
is increasingly possible and desirable for individuals to purchase real
estate as an investment, a wealth creator, and a depository of value that
can effectively convert the results of their properly directed work
efforts into a tangible, profitable asset.

A real estate investment can be described as the commitment of financial
resources for the purpose of preserving and increasing capital and
earning a profit. Most everybody makes investments of various kinds
throughout their lives. We put our time, energy and money into educating
ourselves and our children, buying cars, obtaining health care,
accumulating savings and pursuing other ventures in search of gaining a
better quality of life.

 Frequently, making an investment also involves the setting aside for a
while some present comforts in anticipation of earning future benefits.
Forgoing instant gratification, while unpleasant, often is necessary in
order to sufficiently accumulate the savings needed to acquire real
estate property. Moreover, money isnt the only component typically
applied to a real estate investment. Ones time and effort,, referred to
as sweat equity, can also be very much involved.
Yes, the resources necessary to reap the intended rewards from real
estate investing in terms of money, time and effort must be budgeted and
planned in advance, for they surely will be over and above what are
needed for securing ones life necessities. However, those rewards can be
substantial, indeed. To best optimize the use of ones limited resources
when investing in real estate, I enthusiastically recommend that one
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