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					2011 Academic Internship at The Tampa Tribune,, WFLA,
News Channel 8 and Centro Tampa in Tampa, FL

About the Internship:
This internship is a real world experience for students and offers an
opportunity to learn the day-to-day working of a news organization in
Tampa, Florida. We focus on three platforms of journalism – print,
broadcast and online. Students will be immersed in a competitive, hands-on,
multimedia work environment that promises a diverse experience.

Initially, interns will shadow multimedia journalists on their assignments
and will be able to participate in reporting assignments. They will learn
brainstorming and storyboarding to come up will good ideas and find the
focus of their stories. The internship coordinator will help them pitch their
story ideas and guide them through their initial assignments.

After a two-week training period students will be assigned to various groups
in the newsroom and will start reporting. They will be assigned to cover
stories for all three platforms.

A total of eight interns will be chosen from all submissions from different
universities. One intern will work with the editorial board and another with
Centro Tampa, our Spanish language newspaper. The other six interns will
work for the multimedia newsroom. Feedback will be provided after each

Interns are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and
follow the newsroom guidelines. Any ethical violation will be grounds for
termination of their internship.

At the end of the 10-week period, students will be graded on their
professional manner, quality of work, conduct in the newsroom and while on
assignment. A grade will be sent to the office of their respective university
Ten week internship is offered by the NewsCenter in Tampa. NewsCenter is
the converged newsroom of the Tampa Tribune, WFLA-News Channel 8, and Centro Tampa.

All interns will be working from the Downtown Tampa office located at 200
S. Parker St. Tampa, FL 33606

This internship is available for students currently enrolled in a Journalism
studies graduate program. The applicants must have the approval of their
College of Journalism/Mass Communication to enroll in the course.

Students earn college credit for the semester/quarter. All applicants must be
enrolled in college and have an interest in journalism. The intern for the
Spanish language newspaper should be proficient in both English and

Application process, Deadlines:
All eligible students are required to submit the application form, a resume,
two samples of their work and a 300-word proposal describing their area of
interest and their goals for the semester. The application package must be
submitted to the internship director of a journalism course in their respective
university and a copy sent to Vidisha Priyanka (see contact information

Applications must be submitted to the university journalism office by April
4, 2011. The “internship faculty” will recommend students for the 10-week
unpaid internship from May 31 to Aug 5, 2011.

Applicants will be informed by April 30, 2011 of the final decision.
Once the internship is approved, please enroll and register for the specified
course at the university. The deadlines are firm and late applications will not
be considered.

CONTACT: Vidisha Priyanka
Audience Editor,, The Tampa Tribune, WFLA
200 S Parker St. Tampa FL 33606
Ph: 813 259 8086 email:
                                    Media General Educational Internship Guidelines

The Media General Educational Internship program augments the educational development of those
studying for careers in a number of fields in which Media General employees perform, such as
broadcasting, journalism, operations, sales, marketing and production. This is accomplished by creating
opportunities for students enrolled in institutions of higher learning to gain experience in the company’s
day-to-day operations as they relate to the student’s field of study. Students participating in the
internship program become knowledgeable in delivery of content across multimedia platform. For
instance, news interns might interact with assignment editors researching stories, making police checks,
and answering phones; observe the news edit area where stories are prepared for broadcast, video
feeds are brought in from remote news coverage locations and news video archives are maintained;
have the opportunity to shadow reporters and photographers in the field, giving them a first-hand
experience at the news gathering process; and spend time with producers in the newsroom and the
control room, learning how a newscast is assembled and broadcast.


A. Participants will not accrue any benefits or salary and it is required that students receive college
   credit for internship participation (no exceptions).

B. Ordinarily, the duration of participation by any one student shall not exceed one semester or other
   single segment of a school term or related course.

C. Interns should spend time working in all phases of the department that relates to their field of study.
   (A journalism student should spend time with Producers, Reporters, Photographers, Editors,
   Assignment Desk/Planning Editors and/or Anchors/Columnists.

D. Interns shall not serve for more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours per week.

E. The appointed coordinator in each department will provide such reasonable reports and evaluations
   on the intern’s education as the intern may require for course credit. Copies of completed
   applications and all performance evaluations will be sent to the Human Resources Coordinator for
   approval and kept on file.

F. The department coordinator will provide a specific description of the curriculum.


•   be at least 18 years of age;

•   possess a valid drivers license and a car; arrange for a place to stay during internship.

•   be enrolled in an accredited college, university or educational institution and eligible to earn course
    credits for the internship;

•   be majoring in a field having a direct relationship to the activities of the department(s) that will host
    the internship;

•   submit prior to the start of the internship, an application signed by their advisor or appropriate
    representative of the education institution that states the number of applicable credit hours.
                                            Media General Educational Internship

                                  APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

Please read this agreement and then sign at the bottom. You are entitled to a copy of this agreement. The
completed and signed agreement must be submitted to your internship coordinator, Vidisha PriyankaError!
Reference source not found., at, 200 S Parker Street, Tampa, FL 33606 prior to the start of your
internship. Please call 813-259-8086 or email with any questions or to follow-up.

This is an agreement among ________________________________ (intern candidate),
_____________________________________ (school), and The Tampa Tribune, News Channel 8, and Centro Tampa, a Media General Company.

1.    Upon acceptance into its internship program, the status of the intern with Media General will be as
      outlined for trainees in the Fair Labor Standards Act and nothing in this agreement or subsequent
      relationship shall be in any way a violation of that act.

2.    Media General may at any time in its sole discretion terminate this agreement without notice or

3.    The education received by the intern is for the benefit of the intern.

4.    The intern will not replace or displace regular employees of Media General.

5.    The training received, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of Media General, is
      similar to that which would be given in a vocational school.

6.    Media General does not receive an immediate advantage from the activities of the intern.

7.    Media General in no way through direct statement or inference guarantees employment to the
      intern during, or at the conclusion of the internship program as a result of the training received or

8.    All parties involved understand that that intern is NOT ENTITLED TO WAGES or other payments
      for the time spent in the internship program.

9.    Media General assumes none of the “ex loco parentis” responsibilities of any school, institute, or
      other educational organization with respect to the intern.

10.   All rules and regulations governing Media General employees shall apply equally to all interns and
      all interns will be provided with these rules and regulations either orally or in writing.

11.   It is agreed among the parties that the intern while on the premises of Error! Reference source
      not found. or in their involvement in connection with the company is not to be considered an
      employee or agent of Media General for any purposes, including but not limited to workers
      compensation.    The intern is at all times to be considered a student of
      _____________________________________ doing assigned work as part of their curriculum.

12.   ________________________________ (intern candidate) acknowledges that his/her participation
      in the internship program may involve some risks, such as risks associated with traveling by
automobile away from Media General premises to accompany a company employee in the performance
     of their job duties. Intern assumes all of the risks of participating in the internship program. In
     consideration of the opportunity afforded to the intern to participate in the internship program, intern
     hereby agrees that he/she, his/her assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, will not
     make a claim against Media General, or any of its affiliated organizations, or either of their officers
     or directors collectively or individually, or any of its employees, for the injury or death to intern or
     damage to his/her property, however caused, arising from his/her participation in the internship
     program; without limiting the generality of the foregoing. ________________________________
     (intern candidate) hereby waives and releases any rights, actions, or causes or action resulting
     from personal injury or death to him/her, or damage to his/her property, sustained in connection
     with his/her participation in the internship program.

The term of this internship is determined by the school and __________________________, which
begins on or about May 31, 2011 and ends on or about Aug. 5, 2011.

___________________________________, Intern ____/____/____
(Signed)                                             (Date)

___________________________________,             For _______________________________
(Signed)                                             (School)

___________________________________                  ____/____/____
(Title)                                              (Date)

___________________________________,             For Media General, Inc.

___________________________________                  ____/____/____
(Title)                                              (Date)
Academic Internship Application form for 2011 for MEDIA GENERAL

Student information Form: (Please write legibly.) 2011 DEADLINE: April 4, 2011

First Name              Middle                 Last Name

Name of University                     University ID

Email                               Phone

Contact information during Internship Semester: (Interns will be responsible for their
own housing arrangements) This information can be provided later.



I hereby acknowledge that all information provide above is correct,


Student's signature                               Date

Name of Internship Director / Professor    Phone

If you have questions, please visit our Web site at

Application package should contain:
  1. Student information form (Download/Print complete application form)
  2. Media General Application and Agreement form (Download/Print complete
      application form)
  3. Résumé
  4. Internship proposal: (What gives you the edge over other applicants, and
      what do you hope to learn - 300 words)
  5. 2 samples of your work
Mail complete application package to:
Vidisha Priyanka
Audience Editor,, The Tampa Tribune, WFLA
200 S Parker St. Tampa FL 33606
Ph: 813 259 8086 email:

A copy of the application package also has to be sent to the University’s
journalism department internship advisor/faculty.

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