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									                                     Arthritis diet guide
                                      Top 5 dietary tips…

Arthritis sufferers can benefit greatly by following the recommended
diet by the Arthritic Association which is high in whole grains,
vegetables, raw fruits, and natural foods. We’ve compiled a list of
tips that will help you to better understand the foods which should be
included in your diet.

   1- Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables

OA and RA patients have been reported to benefit from high consumption of dietary
antioxidants in their daily diet such as Vitamin E. These antioxidants are consumed through
eating no less than five portions of vegetables and fruits each day. When the patient eats a
variety of vegetables and fruits, they increase the chances of consuming the antioxidants.
Studies show that there is a beneficial relation with fruits and vegetables in the arthritis patient.
In fact the higher the intake of fruits and vegetables the less likely you are to develop arthritis.
There are various reasons that this may be different reasons for this such as a higher intake of
antioxidants, a healthy lifestyle, or Vitamin K.

2- Increase your intake of fish

Fish, with its high Omega’s is known to lessen the arthritic symptoms that are so painful in the
patient when consumed at least once per week. Other foods that are noted to help the patient
are olive oils and vegetables. One recent study conducted on a group of rheumatoid arthritis
sufferers reported that by consuming cod liver oil the patients experienced less inflammation
which resulted in less non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication which arthritic patients use for
pain. This clearly shows that eating fatty fish a few times a week or taking fish oil capsule will
improve arthritic conditions. Studies involving olive oil are also positive. Oleic acid is found in
olive oil and its eicosatrienoic acid (ETA) may exert anti-inflammatory effects similar to that of
fish oil.

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    3- Include a daily arthritis dietary supplement

There has been conclusive research that a correlation between food, dietary and nutritional
supplements such as omeg-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins and certain forms of arthritis or
related condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, and reactive arthritis. Supplements which has
a high dose of foods that are extremely effective in the arthritic patient such as SOD
(Superoxide Dismutase), Tongkat Ali, Capsaicin, Triterpenes and Organic Germanium can
help in all kinds of arthritis. Several studies have been conducted which confirm the safety and
effectiveness of the ingredients.

    4- Track your food

The food we eat does make a difference in the arthritis symptoms we experience. Keeping a
daily record of your food consumption will alert you to what foods are beneficial and which are
destructive. By tracking your food intake you will have an accurate record of what foods help
your condition and which hinder the condition. After a few weeks, you will be able to note any
patterns. With this you will be able to determine which foods to avoid and which to continue.

    5- What to avoid?

Foods such as chocolate, alcohol, spices, citrus fruits, cereal products, red meat and dairy
products are all known to aggravate arthritis symptoms and should be avoided as much as

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P.S. If what you have been using so far isn’t working, don’t you owe it to yourself to seek relief and
comfort elsewhere?

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