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					                                                                                      The LLL Alumnae Association

    Volume 22, No. 3 ~ September - December 2009 _________________________________________________

                                       Alice Martino Roddy became a Leader in 1969 when her oldest son was two-years-old.
                                       She was active until about 1975. After her children were launched into college, she
                                       decided to support breastfeeding and see what had gone on in LLL in the interim. So she
                                       attended a World Walk for Breastfeeding and became more active again. Alice has three
                                       adult children (one is adopted) and five grandchildren (two are adopted). She has been
                                       the New York-West Area Leaders’ Letter Editor and is currently a co-Leader with the
                                       Front Royal, Virginia LLL group and a Communication Skills Instructor (CSI).

                                       Her passion is being available to Leaders to expand their communication and listening
                                       techniques in their daily lives and as they help breastfeeding mothers. Alice shares her
                                       perspective about making peace with anyone and most importantly with oneself.
IIn Thiis IIssue                        
  n Th s ssue
1  Make Peace With Anyone
                                       Make Peace With Anyone
2  Where Is the CBI Library?                                                 
3  Celebrations and Holidays:                                               Make Peace With Anyone: Breakthrough Strategies to
   Staying Connected With Family                                            Quickly End Any Conflict, Feud or Estrangement by
3 Leader Service Pins Available                                             David J. Lieberman, PhD, is a powerful book
   from Alums                                                               with specific, step-by-step instructions. As I read
4 Risk and Breast Cancer                                                    it, I was electrified by Lieberman's insights into
5 Finding Solace in Alumnae                                                 human nature. Lieberman believes that when we
   Connections                                                              make any decision in life we are choosing:
5 Staying Fit As You Age
6 Janet’s New Horizons                                                      (1) What makes us feel good?
6 Tributes of Thanks to Janet                                               (2) What makes us look good? or
                                                                            (3) What is good?
7 Attending LLL Meetings As a
   Mother Then…and As a
                                                                           However it is only by choosing what is good and
   Grandmother Now
                                                                           right that we can truly feel good about ourselves.
8 Third Generation LLL Leaders
8 Margaret Campbell Receives           When we choose to do what is right, we build our self-respect, we feel in control of
   Alumnae of the Year                 our lives and capable of taking care of ourselves.
9 LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US
9 World Breastfeeding Week in Big      Lieberman's basic premise is that feeling in control is a fundamental need of any
   Lights                              human being. We need to feel we can take care of ourselves and meet our own needs
9 Alumnae Council                      in order to feel capable of survival. A diabetic, who eats a luscious piece of cake at a
10 Taking Time to Learn                party because it tastes so good and because she feels closer to the rest of the group
11 From the Mail Bag                   when she is behaving like them, is likely to feel weak and shameful later because she
11 Past Issues of LLL News Available   didn't take care of herself. She jeopardized her own health and her ability to care for
                                       her family.

                                       If, when she was about to take a bite of that cake, someone else–her husband, her
 Is LAST ISSUE on the back            own mother or child–stopped her, her health might be protected but not her self-
                                       respect. It wasn't her control that led to the correct behavior. Another of Lieberman's
page/address section of your issue?
                                       fundamental principles is that human beings need the freedom to make their own
Renew by December 31 to be on
                                       choices in order to feel in control and therefore safe.
the 2010 mailing list. Membership
is $20/year. Remember to ask a         When we are motivated by a desire to look right–to wear the right sneakers, drive the
friend to join with you!               right car, live in the right neighborhood–there may be nothing inherently wrong with
                                       our choices, but we are still not free because we are still dependent on others.

                                                                                                               (continued on p. 2)

Makiing Peace Wiith Anyone
M a k n g P e a c e W th A n y o n e             (continued from p. 1)

As I read, I thought about how well           for what is lacking in him or herself:       So the keys to resolving or preventing
this explains why it is so important to       respect. If we don't respect ourselves,      conflict are respect and freedom. Make
respond to a baby's cues. It is obvious       we don't love ourselves. But we must         Peace With Anyone gives very specific
that life is precarious for a newborn.        have love. If we don't have it within        steps for managing 25 different
We know that his reserves are as small        ourselves, we demand it from others. If      arguments, feuds and estrangement. All
as he is, that his tummy is tiny, and         someone ignores us, bullies us,              begin with establishing respect and
that he could dehydrate so quickly. If        overpowers us or in any other way            include respecting the other person's
someone does not respond promptly,            threatens our sense of being able to         freedom of action. This meshes
how can he feel safe? If he isn't safe,       manage our own lives while we are in         beautifully with our work as La Leche
how can he feel good about himself?           that state of low-self respect, we are not   League Leaders and members.
How paradoxical that in a culture that        going to allow them to drain our             Listening intently is respectful. Sharing
places a high value on independence,          remaining self-respect. We react             information without giving advice is
there are many who believe independ-          negatively. We may become angry.             both respectful and freeing.
ence is promoted by ignoring a little         Anger gives one a sense of some power
person's efforts to take care of himself.     or control.                                  Although I doubt I'll ever use the
                                                                                           specific strategies Lieberman
Now I know that in writing this to            The reality is that no one ever argues       prescribes, Making Peace With Anyone
readers who are supportive of LLL, I                                                       has deepened the philosophical
                                              over socks on the floor, what color to
am, as the old saying goes, "preaching                                                     framework underlying my practice of
to the choir." However, when I was a
                                              paint the kitchen, or where to eat. We
                                                                                           communications skills. My one
new mother in 1967, I was torn                argue over the right to be heard, the        reservation about the strategies in this
between my desire to breastfeed my            right to have our beliefs validated, and     book is that someone who wants to
baby and my fear that I would spoil my        the right to be who we are.                  manipulate people for their own ends
baby if I catered to his every need. I                                                     could abuse them. Lieberman warns
had Dr. Spock's book in one hand and                 David J. Lieberman, PhD 
                                                                                           repeatedly against this, saying his
La Leche League's blue manual (as The         Lieberman uses the example of how we         advice should be used only for the
Womanly Art was then known) in the            react to a driver who cuts us off on the     mutual benefit of everyone involved
other, so to speak. If I had known            highway. He could have caused an             and that a manipulator will end up in
Lieberman's view of human nature              accident. His careless driving is a real     big trouble. In all likelihood, most
back then, I would have been quicker          threat to our survival. Our feelings run     people who read the book will find that
to understand that my baby was just           through fear to anger. If we are feeling     the greatest benefit is in making peace
trying to survive, not manipulate me.         generally good about our lives, we           with oneself. 
I'm grateful that today, should I have        regain our balance quickly. But a
the opportunity to discuss spoiling with      person with low self-esteem is a             Alice Martino Roddy
a young parent, I'll have Lieberman's         candidate for road rage. Interestingly in    Linden, Virginia USA
vision to share.                              this situation, many people would have       Reprinted with Alice’s permission, from
                                              a strong need to see the other driver.       Harvest, Autumn 2003, Area Leaders’ Letter
What does all this have to do with
                                              Does that driver look like someone           for LLL of New York-West.
resolving conflict between people?
                                              who would disrespect us? If it is a little
Well, Lieberman maintains that when
                                              old man, we may feel relieved that no
someone's self-esteem is lowered or
                                              disrespect was intended even though
damaged, that person looks to others
                                              the threat was no less.

                                        W h e r e IIs t h e C B II L iib r a r y ?
                                        Where s the CB L brary?
                       The Center for         copy to me: c/o Pat Young, 10 Ferro          will be useful for future planning and
                       Breastfeeding          Drive, Sewell, NJ 08080 or at                direction. Send ideas to me at
                       Information (CBI) Your help is or to LLLI
                       Library previously     needed to combine the collections, sort      Executive Director, Barbara Emanuel
                       provided over 50       duplicates and create a database. If you     at:
                       services for LLLI.     are an active or retired Leader and
                       Now it is simply a     would like to help with these tasks, you     There is a list of "books up for grabs"
                       library of             are invited to come to Sewell, a 30-         that you can ask for. Contact me to get
breastfeeding-related research articles       minute drive southeast of Philadelphia,      the list. After you receive the requested
safely stored in my basement. Active          to assist with this. Room and board          books, donated postage is encouraged,
Leaders may request research articles         will be provided. Donations are              but not required. These books will all
by contacting a local LLL Area                welcome and can be sent directly to          be put into the recycling dumpster on
Professional Liaison (APL). Joining the       LLLI with the notation that they are         January 1, 2010. So contact me while
LLLI collection are the Wellstart             specifically marked for the CBI              they are available! 
International breastfeeding research          Library. Suggestions for how the CBI
articles. Articles published since 2005       Library can be useful to Leaders and         Pat Young
can be sent in pdf format or in printed       health care providers are welcome and        Sewell, New Jersey USA

2     _______________________________________________________________ September – December 2009  
The holiday season is coming soon. I posed this question on The Leader Connection 2 (TLC2) list for Active Leaders signed on to the
Community Network (CN): How do you connect with family either in person if they live close or at a distance when holidays arrive, especially if
they work on holidays and weekends? I’d like to share these email responses with readers.              Fran Dereszynski, Editor

                            Celebrations and Holidays:
                          Staying Connected With Family
I have a large family and am the oldest            breastfed! When the first one of us                 chat with me through instant
of seven kids. I will soon be 70 and               turned 50, our mother thought a                     messaging. I also keep up with them by
they never let me forget it. Each of us            birthday party would be a good idea.                using the Web site Facebook. Calls on
hosts our own birthday in our home                 So far, I think about half of us have               the phone are a special treat but that
and all the other siblings and their kids          turned 50 and the parties have been                 doesn't happen more than every week
come for goodies. We have wine, beer,              loads of fun. About half of us live                 or two. Emails? Rare. Letters in my
munchies like chips and cheese, and of             within easy driving distance of each                mailbox by postal mail? What's that?
course, kielbasa that my brother makes.            other; some of the others who live                  It's wonderful when they are in town
He provides smoked, unsmoked, hot,                 farther away have been able to travel               and we can have a family meal. We
sweet, more garlic, less garlic kielbasa!          home for a party. Now we've begun to                rented a beach house for a week and
Last, but not least--cake and ice cream            add 60th birthday parties, and my turn              that got everyone into gear! They all
with gifts. We also celebrate all of the           will be in January 2010. Gasp! For                  came. The rented beach house was
children's birthdays until they are 16-            other special holidays, we also are able            near the daughter who had the least
years-old. The same occurs at                      to get together for other special                   amount of vacation time. Fortunately
Christmas where each sibling and                   holidays, again because enough of us                for all of us, she lives in Virginia Beach,
immediate family of kids–if they can               live within driving distance of our                 Virginia!
come–has an assignment to bring a                  hometown. We also have a facility
specific type of food. One year I was              that's finally big enough to hold all of            When my family is together, there is a
assigned the cheese platter. Having just           us–the gathering room of our mother's               feeling of enjoying being together
seen a Wallace and Grommett movie, I               apartment complex. She and my dad                   but an awkward pause-- "What should
brought British cheese. Christmas is a             had to move out of our childhood                    we do now?" We sometimes play
food-shared event so the burden doesn't            home to finally have enough room for                games or cards. It's pretty fun to get a
fall totally on to the host. We all share          all the kids, in-laws, grandkids, etc. to           cooking project going. For Christmas
a wacko sense of humor, so there are               gather for holidays. In the summer                  dinner, we all worked together to make
plenty of gag gifts. We go home with               time, we have big parties in the yard of            Indian food. It was really fun and quite
sore muscles from all the laughter than            the house where we all grew up in,                  labor intensive so everyone got
ensued. With each family member                    because our youngest sister owns it                 involved in chopping, stirring, calling
working full time (except for my                   now and it's in the middle of three                 out the recipes, etc. For example, we
husband and I who are retired), it                 acres. Those parties often happen when              heated up two gallons of milk on the
would be hard to get together other-               an out-of-state sibling comes home to               stove. That took a lot of stirring so that
wise. Good thing there are lots of us!             visit. Many of us also keep in touch via            it wouldn't burn. Then we added some
There is a birthday in nearly every                email, even our 84-year-old mother!                 lemon juice and made curds and whey.
month. One sister hosts a Labor Day                                                                    We ladled it out into a cheesecloth and
event, too. When my birthday comes                 Peggy Wiedmeyer                                     made "paneer" or Indian cheese. It was
up, we usually have pizza, fresh fruit,            Glenbeulah, Wisconsin USA                           pretty exciting and tasted great, too. 
cake and ice cream. My brother will                                              
bring the kielbasa. Of course, we're                                                                   Kathy Kerr
Polish.                                            My kids are ages 18, 22 and 25. I've                Arlington, Virginia USA
                                                   found the best way to stay in contact                                               
                                                   with them is to learn how to use
Judie Gubala
Rocky Hill, Connecticut USA                        technology. The fastest, most sure-fire
                                              way for me to contact them is by text
                                                   message from cell phone to cell phone.
                                                   They will almost always answer
I have 11 siblings. All 12 of us were              quickly. Sometimes I can get them to

                                        L e a d e r S e r v iic e P iin s A v a iilla b lle ffr o m A llu m s
                                        Leader Serv ce P ns Ava ab e rom A ums
                                Pins for years of service in LLL can be ordered from the Alums! Prices start at $5 per pin with reduced
                                prices for bulk orders. Available are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year pins. By the end of this year, we plan
                                to add a basic LLL Leader pin and 35-year pins to our inventory. Contact Susan Geil
                                to place an order or download the order form at:

September – December 2009   _____________________________________________________________                                             3 
Barbara Parker was diagnosed with two breast cancers in 1990 and has been cancer free so far since then–despite ten years of
breastfeeding her three children. Barbara wrote: “What makes me credible is not my diagnoses, but the fact that my diagnoses
motivated me to learn about the language and concepts of scientific research, and that for ten years I interacted and
‘dialogued’ with cancer researchers on the local, state and national level bringing patient perspectives into the research
process. I also wrote an ‘invited’ chapter on how patient advocates can enhance the development of clinical trials in a book for
medical professionals on the subject.” She took time to share her unique perspective with the Alumnae.

                                      Risk and Breast Cancer
Most of us think about things we can          Now you can consider “family                  Dense breasts = the glandular tissue in
do to reduce the risk of breast cancer–       history”’ differently. If your family         hormonally active women that shows
breastfeeding, avoiding alcohol,              history consists of your mother’s or          up on film as white and cannot easily
eating a low fat diet, exercise, etc.         your sister’s breast cancer on one side       be differentiated from cancer that also
Actually these have only a minimal            at 62, it does not pose a significant         shows up as white.
effect in reducing risk. We focus on          increased risk for you because her
these because they give us something          cancer likely occurred by random              For women who are truly at increased
to do. Did you know that 70% of               acquisition of a genetic error as she         risk because of an extensive and/or
women with breast cancer have                 aged.                                         early family history, an alternative of
lifestyles that are associated with the                                                     frequent and thorough breast
above “reduced risk” factors?                 You may have heard that pregnancy             examinations is a reasonable one.
                                              is protective and it is–if it is during the   Another possibility is breast Magnetic
The two biggest risk factors by far of        teen years. That is because breast            Resonance Imaging (MRI), a
developing breast cancer are: being           development isn’t complete until after        radiology scan/test. That is much
female and growing older. Both are            a pregnancy. An early pregnancy               more effective in finding malignancy
factors we can do nothing about.              completes that development early,             if it is there, but MRIs produce a lot of
Even family history that is the first         minimizing any chance of acquiring            false positives (showing malignancy
thought for women to have when                gene errors, while a later pregnancy          when it is truly not) and it is
thinking about increased risk, has to         leaves room to acquire gene errors            expensive, so be prepared for the
be a very particular kind of family           (mutations) that are replicated as the        increased cost and anxiety about the
history to increase risk. One would           breasts develop further during                possibility of a “diagnosis” and a
have to have several genetically              pregnancy, replicating any gene errors        follow-up biopsy when there really
related close relatives who had breast        as well. If a pregnancy is in the 30s,        isn’t any cancer.
cancer when they were young, or had           that raises the risk a smidge.
it in both breasts (or both of these                                                        Also women who are truly at
circumstances) to be at notable               Long-term breastfeeding reduces risk          increased risk can do a Web search or
increased risk; and the female                for pre-menopausal women by about             Google the word FORCE (facing our
relatives could be your father's sisters      one third (after menopause,                   risk of cancer empowered). This is an
or mother! Huh, you think? If you             breastfeeding history makes no                advocacy group of women who are at
remember any biology, “you” were              difference in risk). According to a           high risk of breast cancer. I know the
formed half by genetic material from          massive new study of 60,000                   women who founded this organi-
your father and half from your                participants, “among women whose              zation and I highly recommend it.
mother, so any mutation you inherit           mothers, grandmothers, or sisters had
can come from either parent.                  breast cancer, those who breastfed            Anyone who wishes to pursue genetic
                                              their babies had a 59% reduction in           testing should definitely first contact a
Now consider this: Only about 10% of          incidence of pre-menopausal breast            genetics counselor who will take a
breast cancers are caused by genetic          cancer compared to women who                  thorough family history and tell her if
mutations that are inherited from a           bottle fed.” (Aug 10, 2009, Archives of       her history makes her a candidate for
parent. Although we generally think           Internal Medicine)                            testing. Also, the genetics counselor
“inherited” when we hear the word                                                           will review what she can and cannot
“genetic,” the vast majority of breast        For a young woman who is really               infer from either a positive or negative
cancer is caused by “errors”                  uneasy about her risk because of her          test. Genetic testing for BRCA1
(mutations) in one’s genes that are           mother’s, grandmother’s or sister’s           (breast cancer 1, early onset) or
acquired randomly during a lifetime.          diagnosis, one suggestion is to have a        BRCA2 (Breast Cancer Type 2
Women who inherit a gene error                first mammogram about ten years               susceptibility protein) is expensive. 
(mutation) are more likely to develop         earlier than the mother’s age at
breast cancer earlier in their lives (e.g.,   diagnosis. Remember, though,                  Barbara Parker
in their 30s) while for most women,           mammograms are notoriously                    Raleigh, North Carolina USA
the age peak for diagnosis of breast          uninformative in women with dense
cancer is for women in their late 50s         breasts, which most young women
and late 60s.                                 have.

4     _______________________________________________________________ September – December 2009  

             Finding Solace in Alumnae Connections
My Continuum arrived yesterday. Two            of us as retired LLL Leaders finding each    and assurance. This instance was with
stories in particular affected me. The         other again later on in our lives. Most of   my daughter, the last baby I nursed and
article by the widowed Leader from New         us found LLL in the first place because      who was part of so many meetings. It’s
Zealand was excellent and pertinent. I         we were searching for help to take care of   sort of a living demonstration of the
already have had two friends who               a very special love that had entered our     saying, “what comes around goes
become widowed in their 40s or early           families–our new baby. We just wanted        around” or the other way around, I can
50s. My husband keeps reminding me             to be the best moms we could be but it       never remember.
that this will probably happen to me and       turned out harder than expected–so we
statistically, he is right. Plus he became     found LLL, found some help and               So, it’s not surprising, that when we are
more aware of mortality after his bypass       continued on to be Leaders.                  now experiencing new challenges in our
surgery two years ago. Thank you for                                                        lives, not just losses of our spouses and
raising the issue. I know I need to think      The help I received and the help I ended     family, but losses like not seeing a
about it even though it could go the other     up giving to others as a Leader, turned      familiar body in the mirror, knees aching
way. The other article was the one about       out to be one of the most gratifying         that never did even last year, skin
raising a “shaken baby” grandchild.            services I’ve done in my life. Years and     hanging under the arm…you get the
What strength Lynne Stone showed and           years later, a woman will recognize my       picture, that we find solace in hearing
how much she attributed the skills she         name and say thank you for helping her       from the same people who accompanied
learned in LLL for helping her cope.          with her baby. Help for such a precious      us on that path of new motherhood
                                               relationship is not forgotten. Meetings      where all the “firsts” were encountered.
Kris Dobyns                                    nurtured an emotional safety net where       Sharing with each other is like skooching
Richmond, Indiana                              we shared ways to become a mother that       around in your chair until it’s a comfy fit.
                                               just felt right. Years went on by. I         I look forward to hearing from all of you:
I had to sit down and write something          stopped being a Leader because for me it     how did those babies turn out that co-
after receiving the May-August issue of        was hard to move on in life without          slept in bed with you, that you nursed so
Continuum in early June. In response to        babies while being surrounded by them.       long that people were sure they would
the article, Traveling Alone: The First Year   Now, babies and LLL have returned            never grow up, So many, many ways we
of Widowhood, I, too, am a widow since         through grandchildren and through            can now share with each other. Thank
about five years ago. I was married to         Continuum. This time around, my              you for being there in the past and thank
Mark for 40 years when he died. I know         daughter and I needed help with inverted     you for being with me now. 
about the physical aching in your heart        nipples and breast shields (help so
that the author Jeanette talked about–so       wonderfully given by Mary Ann Martin,        Joey Latterman
much pain. I could also connect with           a Leader here in Lansing, Michigan, who      East Lansing, Michigan
many other areas along that journey of         had stuck with LLL all these years). LLL
grief, but I want to address the idea of all   again came to our rescue offering peace

                        D r iiv e T o g e tth e r a n d C a ttc h U p W iitth O lld F r iie n d s
                        Dr ve Toge her and Ca ch Up W h O d Fr ends
I had the neatest experience when I             used to be involved in LLL. When they         we both served for several years
decided to drive to Indiana with                arrived at the meeting point, I found         together on the local board of
Wendy Masters, a long-time LLL                  that the grandmother was an old friend        education. The Leader Applicant was,
friend. We were headed for the spring           of mine. Both were originally from my         of course, at those meetings as a baby.
Area Conference about three hours               local community, New Buffalo,                 What fun we had “catching up” all the
away. We stopped to pick up some                Michigan. The Applicant had                   way down to the Conference and on
Leaders from northwest Indiana. One             graduated around the same time as one         the drive back from Indianapolis! 
Leader who was there thought that I             of our daughters. I first met her mother
might like to ride with a Leader                when she hosted LLL Series Meetings           Pam Oselka
Applicant, her one-year-old, and her            in her home in the 1970s. Our paths           Union Pier, Michigan USA
mother (the baby’s grandmother) who             have also crossed since those days, as

                                               S tta y iin g F iitt A s Y o u A g e
                                               S ay ng F As You Age
I would encourage all of you who are             that the “normal” trajectory of aging         the decline we assume is “normal”
the least bit concerned or interested in         that we assume–gradual and                    aging can be postponed many years
maintaining fitness as you age to see if         increasing physical decline as we             for almost everyone. When aging
your library has the book Younger Next           approach and after retirement–is not          comes, it debilitates us for a lot less
Year: A Guide to Living Like 50 Until            inevitable.                                   time. If any of you reads it, I would be
You're 80 and Beyond, by Chris                                                                 very interested in what you think. 
Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, MD.                  They say that with some effort (one
The book is very readable and                    hour a day) and thought about how             Barbara Parker
explains just what happens in our                we eat, how we conduct our          
bodies as we age and how we can                  relationships, and with inclusion of          Raleigh, North Carolina
change that. The authors maintain                activities focused outside ourselves,

September – December 2009   _____________________________________________________________                                   5 
Janet Jendron, recently took on the position of President of the Board of Directors for Attachment Parenting International (API). She has
been a long-time supporter of API <> . She served for eleven years on the LLLI Board of Directors and
many years on the LLL Alumnae Association Council.

                                            J a n e t’ s N e w H o r iz o n s
The decision to have children is to              premise that we all want the best for             LLL Co-Founders said, "We need to
make an investment of love. Very                 our children. I'm grateful for the many           focus on helping the mother breastfeed,
recently, my mother and my mother-in-            years of experience I've been given in            and then let the baby teach the
law both passed away unexpectedly.               La Leche League, with the hope and                mother." My children have certainly
They were both bottle-feeding mothers,           prayer that I can use that experience to          taught me my critical lessons in life,
and watched my early decision to                 help API grow in exciting new                     especially about the importance of
breastfeed, let the babies into our bed,         directions. Parent-to-parent support is           humility! 
and so forth. They embraced our                  critical to changing our world. As my
choice of attachment parenting with              four children and four-year-old
practical, emotional and spiritual               granddaughter have grown, I've learned                               Janet Jendron
passion. They were my mothering soul             the importance of giving grace to each                               Chapin, North
mates. They profoundly influenced my             other, while still focusing on our                                   Carolina USA
desire to embrace all the parents I've           common goals, and always being open
encountered through the years, with a            to learning from each other. One of the

                Tributes of Thanks to Janet Jendron!
                                                 The competence of Janet led effective             Janet always had some very funny
                                                   committees and guided complicated               stories to entertain us with at Alumnae
                                                   discussions.                                    Council meetings. I will miss hearing
                                                 The experience of Janet kept us from              those, as well as the many words of
                                                   wandering dead-end paths.                       wisdom that she offered to the group.
                                                 The honesty of Janet wasn’t afraid to
                                                   call up any elephants in the room.              Susan Geil
                                                 The integrity of Janet anchored us to             LLL Alumnae Council
                                                   thoughtful decision-making.
                                                 The playfulness of Janet made any                 Working on anything with Janet is
                                                   gathering just plain fun.                       always fun. There were always many
                                                 The tenderness and caring of Janet                laughs! I love the fact that I could
 Sue Christensen & Janet Jendron                                                                   always count on Janet to do what she
                                                   enveloped our Co-Founders at Alum
                                                   events and beyond.                              said she would do, and to do it well.
Janet played a unique role on                    The heart and soul of Janet grounded              Who can forget all of the stories of "my
the Alum Council                                   us all.                                         new best friend," often a stranger that
                                                 The commitment of Janet means she is              Janet met on her travels, perhaps
The generosity of Janet gifted the                 still just an email away.                       stranded in an airport, due to weather,
  Alums with a wealth of virtues.                The spirit of Janet always makes us               or an airport employee tracking down
The sparkle of Janet brought laughter              smile.                                          lost luggage? I think of Janet as the
  and carefree abandon to hard-                                                                    eternal optimist, with a strong faith,
  working meetings.                              Sue Christensen                                   and always a positive attitude, no
The perspective of Janet added years of          LLL Alumnae Council                               matter what the challenge. I loved the
  LLL history to deepen our                                                                        way Janet handled her "mistress of
  understanding.                                 During the time I worked with Janet on            ceremonies" responsibilities at the LLL
The efficiency of Janet whipped out              an LLLI Board Committee years ago                 Alumnae teas at LLLI Conferences–
  detail-filled minutes that actually            and as a member of the Alumnae                    she was so comfortable on stage, so
  made sense.                                    Council, she has been a role model of             respectful and kind with the LLLI Co-
The friendliness of Janet meant new,             grace, understanding, and patience.               Founders, and just made these events
  interesting acquaintances around               Janet, you continue to inspire me!                very special for all in attendance.
  every corner.                                                                                    Thanks, Janet, for all that you did for
The pragmatism of Janet kept                     Fran Dereszynski
                                                                                                   the LLL Alumnae Association–I know
  farfetched ideas within reach of               LLL Alumnae Council
                                                                                                   that you will bring the same grace and
  success.                                                                                         continuing work and dedication to API
                                                 Janet lights up the room when she
The grace of Janet accepted our                                                                    as you have to your many responsibili-
                                                 enters; bubbly effervescent; energizes
  imperfections.                                                                                   ties through the years for La Leche
                                                 those around her; and her fingers fly on
The curiosity of Janet forced us to                                                                League. With much gratitude and love,
                                                 her laptop!
  think about things like whom in
  history we’d most like to meet.                                                                  Pam Oselka
                                                 Wendy Masters
                                                                                                   LLL Alumnae Council (continued on p. 7)
                                                 Valparaiso, Indiana USA

6     _______________________________________________________________ September – December 2009  
            T r iib u t e s o f T h a n k s t o J a n e t J e n d r o n !
            Tr butes of Thanks to Janet Jendron!                                                         (continued from p. 6)

                   Nancy Franklin & Janet

Janet has an energy that zooms and takes most of us with her. She
brought that energy to the Alumnae Council and setting up of the
Alumnae Web site as well as the other activities of the Alums. Favorite
memories abound. You haven't seen a whirling dervish at work until
you see Janet going from booth to booth to booth to buy items from all     It was a pleasure working with Janet. I could always
over the world at the 2005 LLLI Conference World Faire.                    count on her when things needed to get done.
Nancy Franklin                                                             Whether it was unloading my car at 1:00 a.m. at the
San Antonio, Texas USA                                                     LLLI Conference or pulling together the program for
                                                                           the Founders’ Tea. The picture above will forever
  could always rely on Janet to be the bubbly personality for any
I                                                                          remind me of Janet. She helped me unload my car at
occasion and working with her was a joy! Thanks JJ                         1:00 a.m. in preparation for the LLLI Conference.
                                                                           She grabbed a hotel cart and we were sneaking
Helene Scheff, LLLI Conference Pizzazz Team                                around to avoid having to pay a bellman to move
North Kingstown, Rhode Island USA                                          the boxes for us. Her resourcefulness amazed me.
                                                                           And, she was a terrific Master of Ceremonies at the
Janet Jendron is synonymous with boundless energy, laughter,               Teas. Janet makes friends wherever she goes. The
loyalty, and caring. She is a can-do woman who gets the job done no        stories of her travels to the Council meetings always
matter how busy she is. Janet has been helping mothers and babies in       added extra entertainment. And no matter what
LLLI as long as I can remember as an LLL Leader, LLLI Board                happened on the way, she did not let it keep her
member, Alumnae Council member, and a strong supporter of                  from staying focused on the business at hand. API is
attachment parenting. Thank you, Janet, for all you have done and          fortunate to have her on their board, and I wish
for all you will still do for breastfeeding mothers.                       Janet the best. 
You are the BEST!!!!                                                       Sue Steilen
Carol Kolar, Director of Education, LLLI                                   LLL Alumnae Council 

                           A sense of humor can help us overlook the unattractive, tolerate the unpleasant,
                            cope with the unexpected, and smile through the unbearable. Moshe Waldoks

                     A t t e n d iin g L L L M e e t iin g s A s a M o t h e r T h e n …
                     Attend ng LLL Meet ngs As a Mother Then…
                                    and As a Grandmother Now
                                     and As a Grandmother Now
I'm currently a Leader but not very active. I have been attending      She told me after the meeting that everything she heard at the
local Group meetings with my daughter-in-law and my first              meeting was just like what I had been saying about
grandchild (a little girl). The questions new mothers ask have         breastfeeding and babies. I was saying these things ever so
not really changed. The concerns of new mothers have not               gently throughout her pregnancy. 
really changed. The meeting is not quite as structured as I
remember years ago but the ability to help new mothers has not         Janice Pickett
changed. I had to laugh after the first meeting I attended with        Black Mountain, North Carolina USA
my daughter-in-law because she was laughing when we left.

September – December 2009   _____________________________________________________________                                        7 

                          Third Generation LLL Leaders
At the April 2009 Connecticut Area
Conference, a candlelight ceremony (using
battery-powered candles) was held to
honor all newly accredited LLL Leaders. It
was also an occasion to recognize third
generation LLL Leaders! Shannon Sion
has just become accredited. She is the
daughter of Mary Campbell Hirsch, an
Alumnae Leader, and the granddaughter of
Margaret Campbell, who is also an
Alumnae Leader who lives in Ohio.

Margaret became the AACL for Southern
Ohio (1974-1984), beginning around the
time that Ohio split into two Areas. She
was also a member of the LLLI Board of
Directors and the Area Leaders’ Letter
Administrator (ALLA) for the Eastern
United States. Mary was an active Leader
from 1976-1989. She was the Connecticut
Area Treasurer “pretty much from the
minute she moved from Maine to                                      Three generations of Leaders!
Connecticut.” After that, she was the
AAPL for Connecticut. Mary wrote that          Marian Tompson, LLL Co-Founder; Margaret Campbell, Mary Campbell
she fielded Physician’s Desk Reference         Hirsch, and Shannon Sion with her three children: Campbell (5); Aiden (3)
questions (the PDR contained details about     and Jordan (7 months).
medications that physicians prescribe) and
was a resource for Leaders who spoke to        Do you know of any other third generation LLL Leaders?
doctors. She said, “I talked to Mary White     If so, contact Harriet Smiley <>
and Dr. Gregory White on several               Area Alumnae Representative, LLL of Connecticut.
occasions, calling them at home.” 

 Margaret Campbell Receives Alumna of the Year
On April 25, 2009 the Notre Dame College
Alumni Association honored Margaret
Walsh Campbell '46 as its Alumna of the
Year at its Annual Spring Luncheon and
Annual Business Meeting. This award
recognizes an outstanding alumna or
alumnus of Notre Dame College whose life
reflects the ideals and mission of the
College in church and community
activities, in professional accomplishment,
personal life and service to the College and
Notre Dame College Alumni Association.

In 1946, Margaret graduated from Notre
Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio, with
a degree in chemistry. She and her dearly
departed husband, Regis, have been                               Comments from LLL Alumnae members:
dedicated supporters of the college and the    I attended Notre Dame College and was thrilled to learn that Margaret Campbell,
Alumni Association for many years.             my first LLL Leader in Ohio, was to receive an honor this spring…Marti Miller
Margaret most recently served as a             Margaret was an active Leader in the 1970s and 1980s as well as an active person
committee member for the campus chapel         in the 1980s and 1990s! I saw a photo of her water-skiing just a few years
fundraising campaign. She is also very         ago…Barbara Parker
active as a program chair of her local
parish church. (from the Notre Dame College    Margaret was with many of us who attended the 2004 LLL Alumnae trip to
Magazine)                                     Savannah, Georgia…Janet Jendron

8     _______________________________________________________________ September – December 2009  
              L a L e c h e L e a g u e B r e a s t f e e d iin g H e llp lliin e --U S
              La Leche League Breastfeed ng He p ne US
The LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US is           while the experienced Leaders share           odds of weaning are 2.4 times the odds
a wonderful resource for breastfeeding         their personal and helping experiences.       of a mother who did not start working
mothers in the United States. It is toll-                                                    that month. When working mothers
free and available to mothers 24 hours         If a Leader had a question about              call the Helpline and receive
a day, 7 days a week. The Helpline             something and can't seem to find the          information and support, they are then
provides answers to a variety of topics        information that she needs, there is also     able to explain to their employers why
from pregnant and breastfeeding                a way to “flag” calls in the SalesForce       breastfeeding not only benefits babies,
mothers, fathers, or health care               system. At the click of a button the call     but also companies. From their
providers. Many resources are available        information will be whisked away and          knowledgeable employees, employers
to the volunteer Leaders who assist            popped into the email boxes of the            are then able to realize the bottom line
with calls. The best resource is               Professional Liaison Leaders who              benefits of establishing a lactation
SalesForce, the software used for the          assist the Helpline. One of them will         program. As a result, breastfeeding
call logging system. It provides a             contact either the Leader or the mother       duration rates for employed mothers
wonderful tool that puts all the               with additional information. There is         will increase.
information that a Leader might need           quite a lot to learn from each other just
right at her fingertips. Included is the       by reading the chat!                          Donations to the Helpline are needed
ability to log calls and find topics.                                                        on an ongoing basis. The Helpline Web
There are many links to important              LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US has             site lists the LLL Alumnae Association
information on Web sites, including the        been approved to do a special project in      as a donor/sponsor. Log on to
LLLI Web site and access to a                  partnership with the Department of   to
subscription to Dr. Thomas Hale’s              Health and Human Services (HHS)               donate directly or you can donate
Web site to look up information                which recognizes the important work           through the Alumnae when you renew
involving medications.                         of the Helpline. HHS provided The             your membership. If you are an active
                                               Business Case for Breastfeeding toolkit to    LLL Leader, please think about
In addition to the wonderful online            help employers create a breastfeeding         volunteering for the Helpline. 
resources, there are a variety of human        friendly work environment. It is              Questions? Contact:
resources available through the                estimated that 15% of US mothers who
Helpline chat list: LLL Leaders,               are planning to return to employment
doctors and lactation consultants. The         do not even begin breastfeeding               Susan Prado
Helpline chat group is a lively                because of the anticipated difficulty of      Associate Coordinator
discussion forum where Leaders can             combining breastfeeding and                   LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US
ask questions of other Leaders. The            employment. One study found that in           Lombard, Illinois USA
professionals offer medical information        the month a mother starts work, her

                    “Don't ever forget, life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful." The Nesting Place blog

                  W o r lld B r e a s t f e e d iin g W e e k iin B iig L iig h t s !
                  Wor d Breastfeed ng Week n B g L ghts!
One evening in early August, I was sitting outside on the balcony of my apartment building on the 28th
floor. As I drank a glass of sun tea, I was watching the new signage from the nearby Philadelphia
Electric Company building. Along came this message in big letters: WORLD BREASTFEEDING
WEEK. Was I excited! Maybe we have come a long way. 
Evy Simon, Philadelphia
Pennsylvania USA

                                  L L L A l u m n a e A s s o c ia tio n C o u n c il
 Publications/Web Site                          Publications/Continuum Editor                Membership Coordinator
   Sue Christensen                                Fran Dereszynski                             Sue Steilen 
   1304 Leeper Ave.                               5502 Maryport Dr.                            13958 Grenelefe Lane
   South Bend IN 46617                            Huntington Beach, CA 92649                   Homer Glen, IL 60491
   574-288-7151                                   714-840-1136                                 708-301-0890
   <>                      <>                           <>

 Public Relations/Area Outreach                 Alumnae Treasurer                            Coordinator: Search in progress
   Pam Oselka                                     Susan Geil                                  
   9701 Kruger Rd.                                4868 N. Hermitage Ave.                     Resource Development: Position Open
   Union Pier, MI 49129                           Chicago, IL 60640
   269-469-2706                                   773-561-2229
   <>                          <>

September – December 2009   _____________________________________________________________                                    9 

                                            T a k in g T im e to L e a r n
Though my children are grown, I                brain is less used to soaking up               forgotten. Continual reminders, when
recently realized just how the                 information as it is presented. I’ve           appropriate may send a much stronger
concepts I first learned in La Leche           discovered that, rather than making            message.
League still apply to my life today. If        myself endure marathon sessions with
everything goes as planned, the                the material and trying to force it to         • Learning they are loved. Kids may
newborn latches on instinctively after         stick in my head, I learn better when I        like big gift-giving sessions, but really,
birth and never has any problems               revisit the material again and again           isn’t it the day in, day out attention to
breastfeeding. But if there are any            over time. When I reread the material          their needs that tells them we love
problems, our instincts might be to            a second or third (or more) time, the          them? Reading to them, hugging and
work until the baby “gets it.” Those           material makes more sense. It also             kissing them, asking “how was your
marathon sessions of trying to get the         gives me time to think over the                day?” when we see them again, and
baby to latch on sometimes end up in           material between study sessions, and I         showing an interest in what interests
a battle of wills. Instead, studies show       find myself making connections                 them can all be the foundation of our
that the baby will catch on faster if the      between what I’m learning in school            love for our children. Positive
baby has frequent contact with the             and my day-to-day life.                        attention helps them know we value
breast and many opportunities for                                                             them as individuals, as well as part of
success.                                       This concept may hold true in many             our family. Months ago I got a text
                                               ways–for all of us, in all stages of life.     message from my 20+ year-old
Why have I thought about this                  Think about these examples. Are they           daughter that said simply, “Mom, one
concept so much lately, though my              better learned in one marathon                 of my favorite things about you is that
youngest baby is now ten-years-old?            session or in small bites over time?           you read to us.” Can there be any
The truth is I see this concept in many                                                       more payoff than that? I’ve still got
ways in my life now! I’m back in               • Learning to drive. Some teens think          that text on my phone, and I melt
school again. I’ve been trying to finish       they can cram all the learning into one        every time I reread it.
school for many years, but between             or two long sessions and be good
nurslings and the business of running          enough to pass the behind-the-wheel            • Learning how to parent. How do
a home and family, the progress was            test. Sure, they may be able to get            our children learn to be parents?
very slow.                                     their license, but can you really relax        Maybe from books like many of us
                                               with them before those habits are              did. I love seeing my grown children
I finally got an associate arts degree in      ingrained and reliable and they’ve had         say or do things that show they’ve
December 2006. I really thought that           more experience behind the wheel in            absorbed childbirth, breastfeeding,
would be all I could do because                many different settings?                       and parenting ideas from watching
attending classes and leaving children                                                        my husband and I parent their family.
at home–plus working fulltime–made             • Learning a sport. At first, learning         My grown daughters exude more
it very difficult. A couple of years           the rules and how they apply in the            confidence than I did at their age as
later, the desire was stronger again,          game takes so much energy that                 they talk about birthing and parenting.
and now I’m finishing a bachelor arts          there’s not a lot of attention to
degree. I probably have about two              strategy. Once the rules are second            Next time you are teaching something
more years of school ahead.                    nature, it is easier to have fun, play         to your children or learning
                                               your best, and strategize.                     something yourself, take it easy.
I’m working as an Independent Study                                                           Remember: just like the infant who is
student at the university that I first         • Learning about bodies, intimacy,             learning to breastfeed, often smaller
attended when I graduated from high            drugs, etc. According to experts, as           sessions repeated over time are more
school 29 years ago. I study on a              kids grow up and ask questions, they           useful–probably for both your kids
schedule I create rather than one              learn to the level they are able to            and you!
made by a professor.                           understand and no more. So talking
                                               with your children once, giving them           Karen Lyons
So far, I’m making good progress.              “the talk” may not be as effective as          Walnut, California USA
Unfortunately, it seems like my older          we would hope. One talk can be

                                                 Trust in yourself.
                   Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe.
                                                            Claudia Black

                                            Have You Moved?
  If you move, send your new address to Membership Coordinator, Sue Steilen at: If you have a
  forwarding account with the post office, it does not cover forwarding of bulk mail/second-class mail. Remember to include your
  email address (if applicable), new phone, along with the address. This helps us keep you informed through Continuum mailings and
  email messages that may be sent through the new Alum Yahoo! Group. Thank you. 

10     _______________________________________________________________ September – December 2009  

                                         F r o m th e M a il b a g
                                         In early October, I will be doing the      In the past couple of years, I
                                         same thing when I go to Kansas City        attended memorial services of a
                                         for LLL US Western Council’s               Leaders’ husband, father and
                                         Face2Face Place for Area                   mother. One memorable service
                                         Administrators.                            recently was for the husband of a
                                                                                    long-time Leader. I witnessed the
                                         I was thrilled to receive comments         inspiring stories shared by his three
                                         about the last issue as well as reader’s   adult children. He was a dedicated
                                         articles to add to this issue. I’d love    LLL supporter. For many years, his
                                         to hear your thoughts after you read       business provided storage space for
It’s still summertime…wonderful          this one. Let me know what topics          Leaders and their children to come
long, hot, lazy days. When there’s       you would like to see in the future,       by and use for LLL Group supplies. I
absolutely nothing to do but so much     too. Here are some starters.               heard that he was like a “Dear
to do that the time flies by too                                                    Abby” to the men and fathers he
quickly and all of a sudden you find     A file on articles about                   knew–a listener and guidepost in
it’s fall! Many of us gauge our lives    grandmothering (nearby or long-            their lives. As I introduced myself to
by the seasons. We all have our          distance) has been started for a future    friends at the service, they already
favorites or perhaps our favorite part   issue. What were your grandparents         knew about La Leche League and
of each. My favorite part of summer      like as you grew up? Their influence       what it meant to his family and
used to be what was the same for my      on you and your family? What               friends.
children: no school, no schedule and     wisdom and stories became part of
no homework. Ah, life before             your heritage? What is your                What astonished me was that these
adulthood is amazing indeed!             grandparenting style today? Is there a     recollections were similar to those I
                                         competing climate with your                heard for the mothers I have known
This summer, a highlight for me was      grandchild’s grandparents from the         in LLL–how this father’s life touched
attending Kaleidoscope, the Eastern      in-law side of the family?                 the lives of others in a deep way and
US seminar in Philadelphia for LLL                                                  as you continue to do for your
Area Administrators. At the              Other ideas: Boomerang college             families.
Marketplace, I displayed photo           students! Not really an empty nest
albums from the 2007 LLLI                yet? Or have you been a caregiver          Cherish each day. Take time to tell
Conference, San Antonio (2006) and       (nearby or long-distance)? Aging and       the ones you love how you feel about
Philadelphia (2008) trips and also       health issues begin to creep into our      them for you never know how many
sold several Alum memberships and        lives from time to time. My mother         tomorrows you will have. 
Leader service pins. Meeting many        had mini-strokes that progressed into
Leaders in person was a very             dementia. I was her caregiver for five     Until next time,
exciting. Now I have a face to put       years. She passed away seven years         Fran
with names of those who provide key      ago. When I see a caregiver in the
support and information to Leaders       store with elder in a wheelchair, I        Send articles and photos to me by
                                                                                    January 15, 2010. Articles selected for
in their Areas. I also attended          flash back to what I must have
                                                                                    publication may be edited for length,
inspiring sessions about publications    looked like when I took mom                clarity, and adherence to LLL
and conferences/continuing               shopping or for a “walk” outside the       journalistic guidelines.
education and discovered that many       house to see the neighborhood.
Leaders present were Alum                                                           Published September 22, 2009

                     P a s t I s s u e s o f L L L N e w s A v a iilla b lle
                     Past Issues of LLL News Ava ab e
I was a Leader for 12 years in west suburban Philadelphia in the late 1980s and 1990s. I inherited copies of LLL News,
dating from 1969-1983 with gaps in between. I'd be happy to send these to anyone interested rather than putting them
into the paper-recycling bin. Contact me at: <> or call 610-278-7997. 

Janet Easlea
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania USA

September – December 2009   _____________________________________________________________                              11 
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