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      2012 Campaign
   Coordinator’s Guide
Thank you for the job you are about to undertake. There are two things you should know right off the bat.
First, you should feel proud that you have been asked to serve in this capacity. Not everyone has the
opportunity to directly help their community and serving as a Campaign Coordinator for your company
allows you to do just that! Second, the Schuylkill United Way is here to help you. If there is anything you
need, please do not hesitate to call us anytime at 570.622.6421.

Here are some ideas and instructions that will make your Schuylkill United Way employee campaign a success. At
the end of this list is a checklist you can use to help you keep track of these proven practices.

    Set a goal for your campaign and announce it to your employees. This does not necessarily have to be a
     dollar goal – you can raise the bar for increased participation.

    Dedicate a meeting to the United Way campaign. Announce the date in advance and give the employees
     examples of what is supported by their donation by providing information from our brochure or by sending a
     link to our website (www.schuylkillunitedway.org).

    Create a fun theme for your campaign and carry it throughout all of your communications. For example, if
     you selected a football theme, you could send messages in the days leading up to the employee campaign
     meeting that use football references. This is an easy way to add a little fun to your campaign!

    Obtain support from the management team. A word of support from the person in charge or a note they
     provide to employees usually works well. The word of support or the note should not make the employee
     feel like they have to give in order to please the boss, but instead should simply tell the employee this is
     something the employer supports and that he or she wants the employees to consider supporting it as well. A
     sample letter can be provided if needed.

    Invite a representative from the Schuylkill United Way to attend your campaign meeting to tell employees
     what the Schuylkill United Way is all about. If you would also like a representative from a United Way
     partner agency to address employees, please ask someone at the Schuylkill United Way office to coordinate
     this for you. All partner agency speakers have been trained to give their talk in five minutes or less.

    Available upon request, the Schuylkill United Way can schedule the grand prize vehicle to make an
     appearance during the employee meetings. In some cases, the vehicle can be left on company grounds for an
     extended period of time. This is a great opportunity for donors to see what is up for grabs! Also, keep in
     mind that the Schuylkill United Way does have a short campaign video that can be presented during the
     meeting or borrowed and shown at your own convenience.

    Send a group of employees on a tour of a couple different Schuylkill United Way partner agencies.
     Complete lists of the agencies that the Schuylkill United Way helps to support are on the back of this guide.
     This is a great way to expose employees to see what programs and services are offered by each of the
     agencies. Have them share their experiences at an employee meeting.

    Try to find employees who have personally benefited from the services of a Schuylkill United Way partner
     agency. If someone has used a partner agency to help them at one time or another, and is willing to talk about
     their experience in a positive way, ask them to speak at the employee meeting. This is the MOST effective
     way to get employees to give.

    Offer incentives to employees who give. See the list of incentives later in this guide for ideas. Incentives
     offered by the company and given internally are above and beyond those offered by the Schuylkill United
     Way prize giveaways.
 Distribute brochures and pledge cards to all employees whether they plan to give or not. The pledge cards
  provide valuable information that can be tucked away for future reference.

 Set a deadline for the pledge forms to be submitted. Some employees will undoubtedly want to think about it
  before deciding whether or not to give. Others will fill out their pledge form during the meeting and submit
  immediately. Ideally, you should give employees no more than two weeks to complete and submit their

 At the employee meeting, help introduce the Schuylkill United Way staff and partner agency representative.
  Also, remind employees of the deadline, your campaign goal, and of any incentives you are offering.

 After the meeting/deadline, collect completed pledge cards and separate the prize stubs by $1, $3, and $5. If
  the employee chooses payroll deduction, keep the pledge card for the human resources department. Please
  note: Payroll deduction for pledges made during the 2012 campaign (in the year of 2011) starts in January of

 At the end of your employee campaign, send all non-payroll deduction pledge cards along with the cash or
  check in the amount of the donation and all separated prize stubs in an envelope and either mail or call for
  pick up no later than 2 PM on Thursday, November 17, 2011:

Schuylkill United Way
Attn: Kelly K. Malone
91 S Progress Avenue
Pottsville, PA 17901

 Share your final total with your employees and compare it to the goal you set at the beginning of your
  campaign kick-off. Even if you did not hit your goal, you still want to thank employees for their support and
  make them feel proud that they gave what they could.

 Attend the Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, November 18 at Penn State Schuylkill at 8:00 AM. This event
  serves as the wrap up event for the campaign and the total raised in Schuylkill County is announced. Awards
  are given to the top campaigns as well as all prize incentives are raffled off including this year’s grand prize,
  the ALL NEW 2012 Chevy Cruze, courtesy of Bob Weaver Chevrolet!

 Invite the Schuylkill United Way back next spring to thank employees for their donations. United Way will
  bring an agency speaker along to again share a success story illustrating how donations are helping people in
  need right here in our community.
  Schuylkill United Way
           Kick-Off Breakfast
          Friday, September 9, 2011
        Penn State Schuylkill, 8:00 a.m.
         Monday, September 12, 2011
      Dimaggio’s La Dolce Casa, 8:00 a.m.

        Appreciation Breakfast
          Friday, November 18, 2011
        Penn State Schuylkill, 8:00 a.m.

2012 Campaign
Prize Incentives Offered by the Schuylkill United Way –

This year's grand prize, the ALL NEW 2012 Chevy Cruze, valued at $17,000 is being donated by Bob Weaver
Chevrolet. Participating dealers include Freemdom Hyundai, Buick, Pontiac & GMC; Rinaldi Family Dealership;
Sands Ford/Suzuki of Pottsville; Freedom Toyota & Hyundai, J. Bertolet Volkswagen, and the Law Firm of
Williamson, Friedberg and Jones, LLC.

Other prizes include:

                        $2,500 or $1,500 Gift Certificate from Boyer's Food Markets, Inc.
                                $2,000 Gift Certificate from Wal-Mart DC #7030
                           $1,600 Home Improvement Package from Lowe's RDC 961
                                   $1,600 Vacation Package from AAA Travel
                                   $1,000 Gift Certificate from Big Lots!, Inc.
                              $500 Weber Gas Grill from Hadesty's Ace Hardware
                          $500 Gravely Lawn Mower from M&S True Value Hardware

All prizes that are used as incentives for the campaign are donated by community minded companies and
corporations. It's important to know that when giving to the Schuylkill United Way, your donations are not then
spent to purchase prize incentives; your money goes straight to the agencies that provide programs and services to
county residence at little or no charge. Every penny that is raised in Schuylkill County STAYS in Schuylkill
By contributing to the 2012 Schuylkill United Way campaign, you are eligible for prizes based on the amount of the
donation. For a minimum of $1 per week or $52 per year, you will receive one ticket stub for the $500 Weber Gas
Grill from Hadesty's Ace Hardware or the $500 Gravely Lawn Mower from M&S True Value Hardware. For a
minimum of $3 per week or $156 per year, you are eligible to fill out two ticket stubs. The first stub goes into the
Gas Grill or Gravely Lawn Mower drawing and the second stub goes into the drawing for the remaining prizes
which are listed above. For a minimum of $5 per week or $260 per year, you are eligible to fill out three ticket
stubs. The first stub goes into the Gas Grill or Gravely Lawn Mower drawing, the second stub goes into the drawing
for the remaining prizes and the third stub gives you a second chance for the remaining prizes.

The first ticket drawn wins the vehicle, the second name drawn wins the $2,500 grocery gift certificate, the third
name drawn wins the $1,500 grocery gift certificate, the fourth name drawn wins the $2,000 Wal-Mart gift
certificate, the fifth name drawn has the choice of the Travel Package donated by AAA Travel or the Home
Improvement Package donated by Lowe’s RDC 961, the sixth name drawn gets the remaining gift in that category,
the seventh name drawn wins the $1,000 Big Lots!, Inc. gift certificate, eighth name wins the Weber Gas Grill; and
the ninth name wins the Gravely Lawn Mower.

The prize stubs for the drawing can be found in the pledge brochure, which gives the details on the promotion, lists
the rules and regulations, and provides important tax information.

A contributor is eligible to win only one prize and a past winner is not eligible to win a similar prize in any future
Prize Incentive Ideas -

Here are some fun ideas for incentives you can provide that help to encourage employees to give.

    An extra day or half-day off for a certain level of donation. Most companies set the minimum donation for
     this incentive equal to one day’s pay for the employee. If you would like the formula for “Give-A-Day, Get-
     A-Day” please contact the Schuylkill United Way office for the worksheet.

    Give a small gift of appreciation to all employees who turn in their completed pledge card. A company t-shirt
     or hat go a long way.

    Hold a drawing for all employees who donate. Usually bigger prizes result in more donations.

    Hold an ice cream social or pizza party after the campaign is complete for all who participated. Do it on a
     Friday as a way to get the weekend started early.

    Offer free food at employee meetings where employees are asked to give. If the employee isn’t there to be
     asked, most likely they will not give. Free food is a proven method to boost attendance at these meetings.

    If your boss is willing, consider setting a challenge for employees that if met would result in the boss having
     to do something embarrassing. For example, the boss could dye his/her hair a funny color for a day if the
     employees meet a dollar goal or a participation goal. Or, the boss could take a pie in the face if the goal is
     met. Anything that is harmless and fun is a way for the boss to show the employees that he/she supports the
     Schuylkill United Way on a personal level.

    Offer a “Sleep-In” or “Long-lunch” pass

    Raffle off lottery, sports, or movie tickets or give away a special parking spot closest to the building.

    Hold an auction. Encourage employees to donate unique items of value or plan a yard sale. Have employees
     clean out their closets and set up a company-wide garage sale to benefit the Schuylkill United Way.

    Host a chili or kielbasa cook off contest. Employees cook their favorite recipe and enter it into the contest.
     Participants pay to sample all of the entries during lunch.

    Pet or baby picture contest. See who can match the most staff members with their pet or baby pictures. With
     the pets, co-workers can pay an amount to vote for the cutest, most unusual, and funniest.

The Schuylkill United Way staff has TONS of other ideas. Please touch base with Heather Delp before you begin to
plan your campaign. Remember, we are always here to help!

                    “CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF CARING”
Best Practice                                   Notes
Set goal for campaign

Create theme for campaign

Management supports campaign

Hold employee meeting(s) to ask
employees to give

Invite UW to employee meetings
     Do we want the campaign vehicle
        to show employees?
     Do we want to show the campaign
Invite UW partner agency to employee

Offer incentives to encourage employee

Distribute UW brochure and pledge cards
to employees

Set deadline for pledge cards to be

Offer payroll deduction

Find employee who benefited from UW
partner agencies and ask to tell story

Send group of employees on tour of three
or four UW partner agencies and have
them report back to other employees

Support other UW fundraising events

Create internal fundraising events as part of

Thank employees and report final giving
totals to them.
        Schuylkill United Way
Fast Facts
                                                                                1% is directed
   99% of every dollar raised during the Annual Campaign stays in Schuylkill County.
     to United Way Worldwide and United Way of Pennsylvania for membership dues, branding, and
     support services.

   In the last five decades, the Schuylkill United Way returned over $22 million in allocations to
     partner agencies that provide programs and services at little or no cost.

   Administrative costs for the Schuylkill United Way are less than 16%, well below the state average
     of 25%.

   The Schuylkill United Way is an independent nonprofit organization that is governed by a          31
     member volunteer Board of Directors.

   Schuylkill United Way member agencies served 88,500 people last year throughout Schuylkill
     County. That number represents over half of the county’s entire population.

   All prizes used as incentives for the campaign are donated by local community minded companies.

   During the 2010 Stuff the Bus event, over 900 backpacks were collected and stuffed with school
     supplies. Those backpacks were then distributed to each of the 15 partner agencies and
     delivered to local children and families.

   The Schuylkill United Way, in conjunction with FamilyWize, offers a prescription discount card
     that has saved Schuylkill County residents $405,185 since 2008 on the cost of prescriptions.

Did You Know?
                                                                   a return of anywhere from $7 to
   For every dollar invested in a Head Start child, society gets back
     $18. From birth to five years of age, one thousand children were eligible for the Head Start
     program here in Schuylkill County.

   In the county for over 32 years, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Schuylkill County has mentoring
     programs in 7 school districts and service over 300 youth each year.

   Schuylkill Women in Crisis (SWIC) offersfree and confidential services including 24-hour hotline,
     individual and group counseling, children’s advocacy, shelter, transitional housing, case
     management, civil representation, medical advocacy, court accompaniment, and community
     awareness and prevention education programs.

   The Salvation Army’s summer lunch program serves 225 lunches to kids every day.

   Tamaqua Area Meals on Wheels served 26,000 meals to residents of Tamaqua last year.
           Schuylkill United Way
      This past year, 318 young patients were scheduled for free clinic evaluations through
          Schuylkill County Crippled Children’s Society.

      Last year, over 20 Schuylkill County Senior Citizens had the opportunity to participate in
          weekly community trips which offered transportation and companionship to various
          restaurants, shopping malls and community activities.

      According to the American Red Cross Schuylkill and East Northumberland County Chapter, the
          average individual is able to donate blood every 56 days and up to 6 times a year. If every
          single person who donated blood once a year would donate twice, there would be less of a

      In 2008, the American Red Cross Schuylkill and East Northumberland County Chapter provided
          emergency communication and services to the Armed Forces by relaying important
          information like birth and deaths in the family.

      Child Development,   Inc. has been the delegate agency for the Head Start Program since 1965
          and currently serves 437 children (3 to 5 years old) by providing care 4.5 hours per day for
          168 days a year or 6 hours per day for 180 days per year.

      Child Development, Inc. provides a high quality, pre-kindergarten education for 80 children in
          the PA PRE K Counts program that offers a full-day program model for 5 hours a day for 180
          days a year.

      The Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA serves nearly 1,500 Schuylkill County girl members, ages

      54% of parents of a  Girl Scout in Schuylkill County reported an improvement in their
          relationship since starting in the Scouting program.

      The Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA recruit more than 12,000 adult volunteers who serve as troop
          leaders, mentors, board members, and adult education trainers.

      Hawk Mountain Boy Scouts collected 175,000 pounds of food for local food                   pantries during last
          year’s drive.

      The Eagle Scout rank is the highest rank that a Scout can achieve, taking years of dedication and
          hard work to achieve. Nationally, only about 5% of Scouts earn the Eagle rank. In 2007, the
          Hawk Mountain Council of the Boy Scouts in America had over 160 scouts achieve the Eagle
          Scout rank.

91 S . P r og r es s A ve . , P o tt sv il l e, P A 1 7 9 01
Ph o n e: 57 0 .6 2 2. 6 42 1 Fax : 5 7 0. 6 2 2. 7 42 4
in fo @ s ch u yl k il l u n i te d w ay . o rg | w ww . sch u yl k il l u ni te d w a y .o r g
       Schuylkill United Way
Mini Articles

One Is Not Like the Other
The Schuylkill United Way is governed by its own individual bylaws, constitution, and code of
ethics. While United Way Worldwide and United Way of Pennsylvania provide branding and
support services, it’s the 31-member Board of Directors who are dedicated to providing
funding, guidance, and encouragement to the 15 partner agencies that provide programs and
services to residents of Schuylkill County for little to no charge. Board members and officers
are comprised of businessmen and women who live and work in Schuylkill County and the
immediate surrounding area. All board members volunteer their time and are elected for a
term of three years with the option to serve two consecutive terms. Regular meetings are
held the second Monday of each month at 4:00 PM in the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce
building, Pottsville.

What’s Raised Here Stays Here
When donating to the Schuylkill United Way campaign, each and every dollar raised stays
right here in Schuylkill County. Need proof? Available upon request is the current Financial
Statement which lists allocation amounts to each of the 15partner agencies who provide
programs and services to residents of Schuylkill County. Monthly allocations are decided
uponby the Schuylkill United Way Budget Committee. Members of the committee are
appointed bythe Schuylkill United Way Board President and with approval by the Board of
Directors. The committee meets once a year to review the funding requests of each agency.
An extensive ten-page packet requests various information including; the number of
residents, income, and age of those within the community who are served by the agency.
This information is a good indication and helps the committee decide which programs and
services need additional funding and support in the year to come.

Your One Gift Does It All
Corporate, employee, and individual donors in Schuylkill County are able to give to several
different agencies in one convenient contribution through the Schuylkill United Way. Your
onegift does it all! Donations can be split up among any number of agencies as designated by
a three digit number to signify the desired agencies. Every dollar that comes into the
Schuylkill United Way office, located in Pottsville, is tracked and carefully handled as to
respect the wishes of the donor. Keep in mind, by giving to the Schuylkill United Way; you are
supporting programs in many different service fields whether it’s providing emergency
shelter, health care, family counseling, youth programming, drug prevention, or disaster
relief. This wide array of programs helps to solve the challenges that one agency alone may
not be able to meet.

No One Wants to Deny Services
In most cases, agencies are multi-faceted organizations that provide a large number of services
   touch a multitude our community. Members of the board,
to meetwith the needs ofof needs. Funding from the Schuylkill United Way can only fund a small
   committee, and volunteers are focused on meeting the
          of those services, so programs and
portionby supporting and providingcosts must be met elsewhere from other sources. Agencies may ask
   services to member of meet those who need help
their clients to help our community expenses so that no services are lost. No one wants to deny a
service to–anyone in need. Unfortunately, in many cases, the total cost for those services well
   the most whether
exceeds the dollars that the Schuylkill United Way can provide. This means that sometimes a
service cannot be provided as often as needed, unless there is another funding source to cover
the costs. Usually, those additional funding sources come in the form of federal and state
funding, but with local cutbacks, even that source is oftentimes limited.

Rules are Rules
In order to be a participating agency of the Schuylkill United Way, agencies must adhere to strict
rules and regulations as set by the Board of Directors. Each year, every agency must submit a
copy of their annual report, most recent audit, list of current board of directors and officers, IRS
990 Form, and the Bureau of Charitable Organizations Certificate. Agencies must be compliant
with all requests so that the Schuylkill United Way can be assured that residents of Schuylkill
County are properly being taken care of and appropriate programs and services are being
offered. When one agency comes up short and is unable to offer a certain program or service,
rest assure there is another agency that is able to offer you a program or service that meets your
needs. The Schuylkill United Way is proud to have a hands on relationship with each partner
agency and that each agency works well with one another to conquer a common goal…serve the
community at large. its emergency shelter, health care, family counseling, youth programming,
drug prevention, or disaster relief.

We Went Down In History
In January of 1936, a small committee met to discuss the possibility of starting a Community
Chest here in Schuylkill County. Several years later, the first Community Chest campaign
was held raising $72,000 for the community and used to support various local human service
agencies. In the early 1970s, the Community Chest became the Schuylkill United Way and has
since raised more than $22 million for the residents in our community. Today, the Schuylkill
United Way is independently run by a volunteer 31-member Board of Directors. Board members
and officers are comprised of businessmen and women who live and work in Schuylkill County
and the immediate surrounding area and allows the Schuylkill United Way to stay in touch with
the needs of our community. Members of the board, committee,and volunteers are focused
on meeting the needs by supporting and providing programs and services to member of our
community who need help the most – whether its emergency shelter, health care, family
counseling, youth programming, drug prevention, or disaster relief.

Separate but One
Because of the overwhelming support the community of Tamaqua has shown over the last few
years, Tamaqua has its own campaign goal which is counted towards the overall county goal.
For the 2012 Campaign, Tamaqua Area is set to raise $100,075 which is part of the overall goal
of raising a total of $1,000,075 for Schuylkill County agencies who offer programs and services
to residents in our community. While the Tamaqua Area has its very own Kick-Off and         13
Campaign goal, they are very much a part of the Schuylkill United Way.
PARTNER AGENCIES                                       The Salvation Army, Tamaqua Corps (008)
                                                       Major Sharon Whispell
Schuylkill United Way (000)                            105 W Broad St
Mrs. Kelly K. Malone, Executive Director               PO BOX 229
91 S Progress Ave                                      Tamaqua, PA 18252
Pottsville, PA 17901                                   570.668.0410 or 570.668.7845 PHONE
570.622.6421 PHONE                                     570.668.4350 FAX
570.622.7424 FAX
                                                       SARCC – Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center of
American Red Cross in Schuylkill County (001)          Schuylkill County (009)
Mrs. Janet Curtis, Executive Director                  Mrs. Jenny Murphy-Shifflet, Executive Director
1402 Laurel Blvd                                       17 Westwood Centre
Pottsville, PA 17901                                   Pottsville, PA 17901
570.622.9550 PHONE                                     570.628.2965 PHONE
570.622.9654 FAX                                       570.628.2001 FAX

Avenues, Founded as UCP in 1952 (002)                  Schuylkill County Society for Crippled Children (010)
Mr. Peter Keitsock, Executive Director                 Mrs. Sharon Kimmel, Executive Director
2 Park St, Agricultural Park                           119 S 2nd St, Ste 101
Pottsville, PA 17901                                   Pottsville, PA 17901
570.622.7920 PHONE                                     570.622.7170 PHONE
570.622.9271 FAX                                       570.628.0877 FAX
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Schuylkill County (003)   Schuylkill Wellness Services (011)
Mr. Doug Allen, Executive Director                     Ms. Carolyn Bazik, Executive Director
91 S Progress Ave                                      512 N Centre St
Pottsville, Pa 17901                                   Pottsville, PA 17901
570.622.0174 PHONE                                     570.622.3980 PHONE
570.622.1638 FAX                                       570.622.8591 FAX
Boy Scouts of America/Hawk Mountain Council (004)      Schuylkill Women in Crisis (012)
Mr. Daniel J. Adams, Executive Director                Mrs. Sally T. Casey, Executive Director
5027 Pottsville Pike                                   PO BOX 96
Reading, PA 19605                                      Pottsville, PA 17901
610.926.3406 PHONE                                     570.622.3991 or 1.800.282.0634 PHONE
610.926.4965 FAX                                       570.628.1836 FAX
Child Development, Inc. (005)                          Schuylkill YMCA (013)
Mrs. Mary Ann Devlin, Executive Director               Mr. Wayne Stump, CEO
2880 Pottsville-Minersville Highway, Ste 210           520 N Centre St
Minersville, PA 17954                                  Pottsville, PA 17901
1.800.433.3370 PHONE                                   570.622.7850 PHONE
                                                       570.622.3211 FAX
Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA (006)
Ms. Ann Goropoulos, VP of Community Development        Tamaqua Area Meals on Wheels, Inc. (014)
350 Hale Ave                                           Ms. Samantha Gibbons, Program Coordinator
PO BOX 2837                                            Trinity Church
Harrisburg, PA 17105                                   22 Lafayette Street
717.233.1656 PHONE                                     Tamaqua, PA 18252
717.234.5097 FAX                                       570.668.6954 PHONE
The Salvation Army, Pottsville Corps (007)             Tamaqua YMCA (015)
Capts. Adam & Tammy Hench                              Mr. Nick Zigmant, Branch Executive
400 Sanderson St                                       105 West Broad Street
PO BOX 107                                             Tamaqua, PA 18252
Pottsville, PA 17901                                   570.668.1447 PHONE
570.622.5252 PHONE                                     570.668.0998 FAX
570.622.2262 FAX

Jack Bertolet Jr., J. Bertolet Volkswagen, Orwigsburg – 570.366.0501
Jeff Bowe, Bowe, Lisella, & Bowe, Tamaqua – 570.668.1241
Jim Brennan, Sovereign Bank, Pottsville – 570.628.6625
Tom Cara, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Tamaqua – 570.467.2981
Serge Chrush, Sovereign Bank, Tamaqua – 570.668.1122
Charles Dodson, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Tamaqua – 570.467.4336
Susan Fegley, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Tamaqua – 570.467.4336
Dr. Scott Fellows, Fellows & Smink Dental Associates, Pottsville – 570.622.4080
Alan Hanley, Wal-Mart DC #7030, Pottsville – 570.544.1304
Martha Herron, PPL Electric Utilities, Hazleton – 570.459.7314
Karen Kenderdine, First National Trust, Pottsville – 570.622.8200
Eric Hollen, Wells Fargo, Pottsville – 570.621.6301
Bill Jones III, Jones & Co., Pottsville – 570.622.5010
Patrick Kane, ETA Benefits Group, Tamaqua – 570.573.0708
Allen Keich, Bob Weaver Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, & GMC, Pottsville – 570.622.7191
Ed Kleffman, Retired, Pottsville – 570.622.3986
Todd Miller, M&S True Value Hardware, Tamaqua – 570.668.3838
Henry Nyce, Republican-Herald, Pottsville – 570.621.3388
Naomi Ost, Union Bank & Trust Co., Pottsville – 570.622.3011
Billie Payne, Pottsville Housing Authority, Pottsville – 570.628.2702
Joseph Pilla, ETA Benefits Group, Inc., Tamaqua – 570.668.6822
Jeanne Boyer Porter, Boyer’s Food Markets, Inc., Orwigsburg – 570.366.1477
Ed Redding, R&D Communications, Pine Grove – 570.345.5427
Dave Snyder, Miners Bank, Pottsville – 570.429.4311
Attorney Rick Thornburg, Lipkin, Marshall, Bohorad, and Thornburg, Pottsville – 570.622.1811
Mike Tobash, Tobash Insurance Agencies, Cressona – 570.385.4501
Kris Verba, Wegmans RSC, Pottsville – 570.544.8400
Jeff Wessner, M&T Bank, Pottsville – 570.628.6525


President – Jeanne Boyer Porter
First Vice-President – Patrick Kane
Second Vice-President – Kris Verba
Treasurer – Naomi Ost
Assistant Treasurer – Henry H. Nyce
Secretary – Kelly K. Malone

Jack Bertolet, Jr.
Dr. Scott Fellows
Bill Jones III
Patrick Kane
Henry Nyce
Naomi Ost
Billie Payne
Jeanne Boyer Porter
Attorney Rick Thornburg
Kris Verba


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