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					Delivering our values

Corporate Responsibility
Summary Report 2003
                                 AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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At the heart of our commitment to corporate responsibility are
AstraZeneca’s core values. Our continuing challenge is to ensure
that these high level values are translated into consistent and
appropriate actions and behaviour worldwide.

This Summary Report is designed to capture the main points of our
approach to managing this challenge and to present a brief overview
of our 2003 performance in the three areas of sustainable
development: economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Detailed statistics and further information about our policies,
principles and commitment are provided on our website,, which also provides a feedback facility.

AstraZeneca core values:
> Integrity and high ethical standards
> Respect for the individual and diversity
> Openness, honesty, trust and support for each other
> Leadership by example at all levels

Chief Executive’s message   01   AstraZeneca in brief
Our commitment              02   > One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies
Our goals                   04   > Turns ideas into innovative, effective medicines for
                                   important areas of healthcare
Economic performance        06   > Powerful product range including many world leaders
Environmental performance   08   > Spends over $14 million each working day on research
Social performance          10     and development
Performance summary         16   > Corporate HQ London, UK; R&D HQ Södertälje,
                                   Sweden; strong presence in key US market
                                 > Sales in over 100 countries
                                 > Manufacturing in 20 countries
                                 > Research in 7 countries
                                 > Over 60,000 employees worldwide
                                              AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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Chief Executive’s message
                                              Respect for the individual and diversity           of appropriate programmes in their areas
                                              We value the different backgrounds and             of responsibility. An important step in
                                              skills that our global workforce brings to         2003 was the inclusion in our annual
                                              our business and are committed to                  compliance report by senior management
                                              ensuring that diversity is appropriately           to the AstraZeneca Board (the ‘letter of
                                              supported in the workplace – at all levels.        assurance’) of a requirement to develop
                                              At the end of 2003, we had around 28               local CR implementation plans.
                                              diversity programmes in place within the
                                              Group and a number of awareness                    Our business is focused on the discovery
                                              raising initiatives took place during the          and development of life-saving and
                                              year, mainly within R&D and our US                 life-enhancing medicines. Historically,
Our reputation is built on the trust and      business. Further work is needed to                the markets for these therapies have
confidence of all our stakeholders and        ensure that the benefits of diversity are          been in developed countries but as the
is one of AstraZeneca’s most valuable         fully recognised across the Group.                 economies of developing countries
assets. Along with our commitment                                                                grow, new markets for our prescription
to competitiveness and performance,           Openness, honesty, trust and support               medicines emerge. Our strategy for
we will continue to be led by our core        for each other                                     expansion in these emerging markets is
values to achieve sustainable success.        Our Code of Conduct has been revised               designed to ensure that through timely
                                              and re-published during the year and a             investment, we are well placed to meet
Stakeholder expectations are constantly       formal, confidential helpline procedure            the needs of patients in these countries.
evolving and we continuously monitor our      is now in place for employees wishing              As part of this, we are committed to
internal and external environment for         to raise concerns on integrity issues or           playing a role in targeting improved
issues relating to our business that affect   report inappropriate behaviour. We also            treatment of the highest priority
or concern society today. We use a formal     concentrated on reviewing and refining             diseases. In June 2003, we opened
risk assessment process to identify both      our corporate governance controls and              our new state of the art laboratories
the opportunities and the challenges that     reporting procedures to ensure that we             in Bangalore, India. Work there is
these issues present, and to plan the         are meeting new laws and regulatory                dedicated to finding the first new
actions needed to ensure our response is      requirements. This includes the ability            treatment in 40 years for tuberculosis,
appropriate and consistent. Our current       to meet the appropriate executive                  one of the world’s greatest causes of
Priority Action Plan is shown on page 4.      certification requirements of the                  death from infectious disease.
                                              Sarbanes-Oxley legislation in the US               AstraZeneca will make any treatment
Corporate responsibility (CR) is not an       and the changes introduced in 2003                 invented in these laboratories available
optional extra – it must be integral          by the revised Combined Code on                    for clinical development and supply to
to all that we do. Our strategy to            Corporate Governance of the UK                     the world’s poorest countries at low
include considerations of corporate           Financial Reporting Council.                       prices in partnership with governments,
responsibility across all our activities is                                                      healthcare systems, international
beginning to take effect. In particular,      Integrity and high ethical standards               agencies and others – all of whom have a
relevant aspects are being increasingly       During the year, we added sales and                part to play in bringing essential medicines
integrated into our risk assessments,         marketing practices to the Priority Action         to the patients who need them.
scenario planning, training, purchasing       Plan to ensure they continue to get the
practices and market access strategy. In      appropriate high level of attention and            Good corporate responsibility enhances
2003, we made some good progress,             that we develop ways of improving our              the benefits of our medicines, the quality
but recognise that there is more work to      global reporting in this area. The                 of our financial performance and the
do to ensure that a sense of corporate        settlement of the Zoladex investigation            significance of our contributions to our
responsibility is consistently embedded       in the US (see page 13) strengthened               local communities. I am committed to
throughout the Group and actively             our commitment to deliver high                     the high standards necessary for our
interpreted and managed at a local level.     standards of ethical behaviour in the              continued business success and for
                                              marketing of our medicines worldwide.              maintaining the value of our contribution
Because corporate responsibility spans                                                           to society.
a wide range of issues, they cannot           Leadership by example at all levels
all be covered in this brief introduction.    Good corporate responsibility depends
However, I will highlight under each          on the right level of commitment from
of our core values some areas of              all employees, led by the AstraZeneca
progress and some where further work          Board, who approve the strategic
is needed. More information is available      direction, and our Senior Executive Team
in this Summary Report and on our             and management, who are accountable                Sir Tom McKillop
website,                     for the development and implementation             Chief Executive
                                               AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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Our commitment
We believe that good corporate                 Making it happen                                   We plan to build and extend these
responsibility (CR) performance                During 2003, we continued to drive                 activities to ensure that CR is
depends on the effective manage-               the integration of CR into business                consistently embedded at a local
ment of the economic, environmental            processes and consolidate the                      level throughout the Group.
and social priorities of sustainable           framework for local implementation
development. This can only be                  of our global standards to ensure                  Improving understanding
achieved through the successful                consistent and appropriate behaviour               Communication is essential to
integration of CR considerations               worldwide.                                         successful CR integration. We continue
into all of our business activities.                                                              to communicate our CR objectives to
                                               Senior managers throughout the                     build awareness and commitment. We
Our Global CR Committee leads the              Company are accountable for the                    have made progress but more work
development of CR management                   development and implementation                     needs to be done. Plans include tailored
frameworks. The Committee reports to           of CR programmes in their areas of                 communications focused on improving
Dame Bridget Ogilvie, Non-Executive            responsibility. Based on the global CR             the understanding of what corporate
Director with responsibility for               policy, these programmes are required              responsibility means in practice for all
overseeing CR in AstraZeneca.                  to take account of regional, site or               levels of the organisation. In particular, in
                                               functional priorities and objectives.              today’s demanding world, we need to
Identifying the priorities                     Our CR Management Standards help                   continue to promote an understanding
We use a risk assessment process to            managers to understand the issues,                 that CR implementation does not
help us identify the opportunities and         outline the framework for managing                 necessarily depend on extra resource
challenges associated with our                 our commitments and provide advice                 but on the consistent adoption and
corporate responsibility. Our Corporate        on putting the standards into practice.            integration of CR considerations into
Responsibility Priority Action Plan (set                                                          everyday business thinking.
out on page 4) provides a framework            The size and scale of AstraZeneca and
for managing these in line with our core       its business mean that developments                To help build corporate skills in CR
values, including defined objectives and,      such as these take time to embed. Local            management, we are in the process of
where possible, appropriate key                CR committees in the US and Sweden                 integrating CR into our Leadership
performance indicators (KPIs).                 have been established and one is                   Development programmes. This
                                               planned for 2004 in the UK, representing           includes using case studies to
This year, we have added sales and             three cornerstones of our global                   demonstrate the importance of good
marketing practices and access to              presence. These cross-functional                   CR performance, to raise awareness
medicines to the Plan and we continue          committees have an ongoing role for                and to stimulate discussion of how
to monitor our internal and external           setting, monitoring and reviewing CR               we can all contribute to delivering
environment for emerging issues that           programmes that are relevant and                   our values.
may require attention and inclusion in         appropriate for their areas. They will
the future.                                    work closely with the Global CR
                                               Committee to share best practice and
                                               ensure that local and global objectives
                                               are aligned.

AstraZeneca Corporate                          AstraZeneca              > safety, health and      > the individuality,    > ethical issues are
Responsibility Policy                          aims to set, promote       environmental             diverse talent and      dealt with in an
Through the provision of innovative new        and maintain               considerations            creative potential      effective and
medicines, AstraZeneca improves human          high standards             continue to be            that every              transparent way
health and enhances people’s lives. Our        of corporate               a fundamental             employee brings
activities impact not just on the patients     responsibility             company                   to the business       > our CR
we serve and our investors but also on         worldwide which            consideration             are fully valued        commitments
our employees and on society as a whole.       will ensure that:                                    and respected           are expanded
Our continued long term success depends                                 > we make a positive                                by encouraging
on our ability to integrate successfully our   > as a minimum,            contribution to the     > sales and               suppliers
financial obligations with our social and        we meet national         communities in            marketing               to embrace
environmental responsibilities.                  and international        which we operate          practices are           standards similar
                                                 regulations                                        reputable               to our own
                                            AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
                                            For more information visit                                              03

Stakeholder dialogue                        We also plan to publish our first US CR            Our rolling programme of AstraZeneca
We encourage constructive dialogue          Report in 2004 which will outline the              site audits included 14 in 2003, 11 of
with all our stakeholders and others who    commitment and progress to date in                 which covered CR, helping us to
have an interest in our activities.         that country.                                      monitor progress and identify areas
Feedback opportunities are integrated                                                          for improvement in the consistent
into our employee communication             Measuring progress                                 adoption of our standards. Of the 11
programmes to help us identify areas of     Measuring our performance is essential             sites audited, five were marketing
both satisfaction and concern. We hold      to understanding the progress we are               companies, four were manufacturing
face-to-face meetings with investors        making and identifying potential areas             sites and two were research facilities.
(mainstream and ethical investor            for improvement. We have for some time             In particular, the audits highlighted the
groups). Our site-based community           had processes in place for monitoring              need to continue to support managers
liaison staff ensure that our local         our economic, environmental, safety                with clear guidance on what is required
communities – including local               and health performance. More recently,             of them in these early days of local CR
committees and politicians – are kept       we have been focusing on developing                implementation.
informed of our business activities and     KPIs in other areas of social
plans and given the opportunity to raise    performance. These are listed in the               A new CR Audit Handbook that provides
any concerns. The regular contact we        Priority Action Plan and discussed                 guidance and support in the new areas
have with customers in our day-to-day       further in the narrative of this report            for our internal auditors was published
business activities provides them with      and on our website. Establishing KPIs              during the year and we are now working
opportunities to comment on CR issues.      in some areas of social responsibility             to build on this with further guidelines
                                            is proving to be a challenge for industry          and training to ensure an appropriate
During 2003, our CR Committee in            in general and AstraZeneca is no                   focus on CR in all of our audits.
Sweden held dialogue sessions with          exception. We are continually exploring
internal and external stakeholders in       the ways in which we can meaningfully              Additionally, AstraZeneca’s Group
their country to help them understand       benchmark our performance.                         Internal Audit function works to review,
better the challenges of their local CR                                                        among other things, compliance with
implementation programmes. Issues           Auditing compliance                                laws, regulations and Group policies.
raised by stakeholders included supply      An important step in 2003 was the                  During 2003, a number of reviews were
chain management, pharmaceuticals           inclusion of a requirement to develop              conducted and reported to the Audit
in the environment and the extent to        local CR implementation plans in our               Committee of the Board. Areas covered
which our core values are reflected in      annual compliance report by senior                 included our Code of Conduct and our
our behaviour and strategic decision-       management to the AstraZeneca                      Code of Sales and Marketing Practices.
making. The Swedish CR Committee            Board (the ‘letter of assurance’).
is currently updating the Swedish CR
Action Plan in the light of these           Alongside this, we are building on the
discussions.                                experience of our long standing safety,
                                            health and environment audit
In the US, the CR Committee has             programme to include additional areas
interviews with key stakeholders            of CR, such as purchasing principles,
scheduled for the first quarter of 2004,    labour practices and community
the outcomes of which will help shape       support.
the US Priority Action Plan.

                                           Dame Bridget Ogilvie
                                           Non-Executive Director with responsibility for
                                           overseeing CR in AstraZeneca
                                           “AstraZeneca continues to make progress in
                                           the integration of CR into all its activities.
                                           Staying in tune with the changing
                                           expectations of its stakeholders is an ever
                                           present challenge.”
                                                     AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
04                                                   For more information visit

Our goals
Corporate Responsibility Priority Action Plan

Issue                                   Objective                                                        Action plan
Integration of CR into all activities   CR considerations are included in all relevant strategies        Continued internal communication of policies, framework,
                                        and decisions                                                    management standards and guidelines
                                                                                                         Continued local implementation and global auditing
                                                                                                         Integration of CR into learning and development
                                                                                                         Sampling employee understanding and opinion

Corporate governance                    Deal with all stakeholders with the highest ethical standards    Internal communication and training in our revised
                                                                                                         Code of Conduct for all employees
                                                                                                         Improve systems for reporting concerns

Access to medicines                     To consider access to medicines when defining pricing and        Communication of our framework for considering access
                                        market access strategies for new brands                          to medicines early in product development
                                                                                                         Monitor local alignment with global principles
                                                                                                         Share good practice

Sales and marketing practices           High ethical standards of sales and marketing in all countries   Further develop mechanisms for monitoring and reporting
                                        of operation                                                     compliance
                                                                                                         Establish KPIs

Compliance                              Global consistency of implementation of CR standards             Continued development of audit processes to include CR
                                        including new governance laws and regulations

Human rights                            Ensure that we consistently live up to our core values and our Establish a means of collecting Human Resources data
                                        commitment to the principles of the UN Declaration of Human on a consistent global basis
                                        Rights worldwide                                               Establish KPIs based on the planned areas of data

Diversity/equal opportunity             Ensure diversity is appropriately supported in our global        Creation of diversity programmes
                                        workforce and reflected in our leadership                        Ensure recruitment processes are appropriate
                                                                                                         Establish a means of collecting Human Resources data
                                                                                                         on a consistent global basis

Use of laboratory animals               Minimise the number of animals used                              Continued adoption of alternative techniques where
Animal welfare                          Ensure high standards of care for those that are used            Continued monitoring using established procedures

Suppliers                               Encourage our suppliers to embrace CR standards similar to       Build CR into the external spend and supplier
                                        our own and working with them to share best practice and         management processes that we are developing
                                        help them improve, if appropriate

Community support                       Ensure optimum effectiveness of our commitment to                Continued communication of our Community Support
                                        community support, which focuses on health, science              Policy worldwide
                                        and education                                                    Monitoring activity and sharing best practice through
                                        Enable the sharing of best practice                              the global community support database

Safety, health and environment          Compliance with the SHE Policy                                   Aim to eliminate all injuries and accidents
(SHE)                                   “No hurt, harm or alarm”                                         Economise on the use of natural resources and work
                                                                                                         to minimise our impact on the environment
                                        Be among the industry leaders in SHE performance
                                                                                                         As part of the overall CR integration objective, ensure
                                                                                                         that SHE considerations continue to be integrated into
                                                                                                         all activities across the Group
                                                   AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
                                                   For more information visit                                                   05

KPI (where appropriate)                                              Progress in 2003
2 yearly global employee survey plus ad hoc ‘pulse’ surveys          CR implementation included in ‘letter of assurance’ process
                                                                     CR included in global risk assessment
                                                                     Local CR committees established in the US and Sweden
                                                                     CR module approved for inclusion in leadership development programme
                                                                     See page 2

2 yearly global employee survey                                      Code of Conduct revised and re-published
                                                                     International, confidential employee telephone helpline established
                                                                     See page 7
Candidate drug identified for development as a new tuberculosis      Collective global approach agreed
treatment                                                            Appointment of Access to Medicines Director (Oncology and Infection)
                                                                     See page 14

Under discussion                                                     Network of promotional standards experts established
                                                                     See page 13

Number of audits conducted                                           11 CR audits carried out by SHE auditors, complemented by Group Internal
                                                                     Audit reviews
                                                                     See page 3

Under discussion                                                     Human Resources global database project on track
                                                                     See page 11

Number of diversity programmes                                       Around 28 diversity programmes in place
Percent of women at senior levels                                    13% of our 200 most senior managers are women
                                                                     Human Resources global database project on track
                                                                     See page 12

Number of animals used                                               242,000 animals used in 2002 (2003 figure not yet available)
                                                                     See page 14

Number of business control meetings including CR                     150 business control meetings included CR considerations
                                                                     CR built into contracts and master agreements
                                                                     See page 11

Percent of community programmes focused on our priorities of         90% of community programmes focused on our priorities
health, science and education                                        Inclusion in the UK’s Business in the Community One Per Cent Club
                                                                     See page 15

Accidents with injury (Target: 30% reduction by 2005*)               14% reduction in accidents with injury, relative to hours worked
New cases of occupational illness (Target: 30% reduction by 2005*)   52% reduction in new cases of occupational illness, relative to hours worked
Unplanned releases to the environment not contained within site      18% reduction in unplanned releases
boundary (Target: 50% reduction by 2005*)                            15% reduction in waste, relative to sales
Total waste produced (Target: 10% reduction by 2005*)                3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Global warming potential (Target: 10% reduction by 2005*)            18% reduction in ODP emissions
Ozone depletion potential (ODP) (Target: 30% reduction by 2005*)     See pages 9, 12 and 16
* Against 2001/2002 reference point
                        AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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Economic performance
Our business is focused on delivering value for our shareholders and
for society by maintaining a flow of new medicines designed to meet
the needs of patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them.

                      Jonathan Symonds                                             AstraZeneca is listed
                      Chief Financial Officer                                      in the 2004 Dow
                      “You can read regularly in the newspapers                    Jones Sustainability
                       about companies that have lost value                        Indexes (World
                       through failing to manage some aspects                      and European).
                       that affect their reputation. These aspects                 Participation in this
                       can be far more important to the market                     type of survey is
                       than decisions that directly affect a                       an important means
                       company’s profits.”                                         of evaluating our
                                                                                   performance and
                                                                                   better the demands
                                                                                   of sustainable
AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
For more information visit                                               07

Shareholders naturally look for a                  We also reviewed and re-published our
good return on their investment but                Code of Conduct to make sure that it
increasingly people want assurance                 continues to be appropriate. Compliance
that they are investing in a company               with the Code is mandatory and is
that delivers a return in a responsible            monitored through the annual ‘letter
way. The establishment of ethical                  of assurance’ process and Group
investment indices such as Dow                     Internal Audit reviews. The revised
Jones Sustainability reflects these                version is being widely circulated to
rising expectations.                               employees and communication tools
                                                   provided to managers to support
Failure to deliver our core values could           discussions with their teams about
seriously impact our reputation, which             what is expected of them.
we recognise is an important driver of
the Company’s worth.                               The Code of Conduct includes
                                                   procedures for employees to raise
Managing risk                                      integrity concerns, including a
AstraZeneca’s Risk Advisory Group,                 confidential telephone helpline number.
led by our Chief Financial Officer,
Jonathan Symonds, looks at the risks               Contributing to economic
the Company faces and how they are                 development
being addressed. Increasingly we are               Our medicines are designed to improve
integrating reputational risk, including           health and quality of life. They also bring
CR, into our risk management processes             other benefits to society. Reducing the
and aim to ensure that managers build it           incidence of disease or the time needed
into their everyday thinking. Appropriate          for treatment relieves pressure on
tools are available in the form of a shared        healthcare systems and helps to
risk management philosophy, principles             improve productivity.
and a framework that all managers can
use to reflect on behaviours, assess               As the economic burden of funding
risks and positively shape their decision          therapies grows, we are increasingly
making.                                            including explanation of the economic,
                                                   as well as the therapeutic, advantages
Corporate governance                               of our medicines to help ensure that the
An essential part of our corporate                 full benefit to healthcare providers and
responsibility is to continue to operate to        society is understood.
high standards of corporate governance.
                                                   Our business activities also benefit the
During the year, we reviewed and                   communities around us through local
refined our corporate governance                   employment and wages, taxes,
controls to ensure that we are meeting             community support and local and
new laws and regulatory requirements.              national sourcing of materials and
This includes the ability to meet the              services.
appropriate executive certification
requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley                 Investing in innovation
legislation in the US and the changes              AstraZeneca spends around $14 million
introduced in 2003 by the revised                  each working day on research and
Combined Code on Corporate                         development – which is an important
Governance of the UK Financial                     contribution to the combined commit-
Reporting Council.                                 ment of the pharmaceutical industry,
                                                   which is the source of the vast majority
AstraZeneca’s senior Non-Executive                 of medical innovation, researching and
Director, Sir Peter Bonfield, was                  developing over 90% of new medicines.
nominated in 2002 as the contact for
investors wishing to raise high level
concerns about any potential corporate
governance issues.
                                                AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
08                                              For more information visit

Environmental performance
We continue to pursue sustained improvement in areas where we
believe our global business has the greatest potential impact on the
environment: climate change, ozone depletion and waste production.

> The installation      > Leading by             > In Sweden, as part        > An energy efficient    > At our US headquarters in Wilmington,
  of two new large        example in the           of our commitment           HVAC (heating,           Delaware, our employees have formed
  energy efficient        use of alternatives      to ensuring correct         ventilation and          an environmental awareness team, which
  combined heat and       to business              disposal of pre-            air conditioning)        participated in a range of projects during
  power (CHP) plants in   travel, our 2003         scribed treatments,         system has been          the year including the re-forestation of
  the UK and Puerto       Senior Managers          we supported                installed at our         10,000 acres of biologically critical habitat
  Rico will reduce our    Conference,              a major campaign,           new research             in the state of Delaware.
  CO2 emissions by an     involving over           in partnership with         laboratories in
  estimated 50,000        200 AstraZeneca          other interested            Bangalore, India,
  tonnes each year.       leaders from             parties, to encourage       opened in 2003.
  CHP is the simul-       around the world,        patients to return
  taneous generation      took place as a          surplus medicines
  of heat and power       video-conference.        to their pharmacists.
  in a single process.
                                               AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
                                               For more information visit                                                09

A detailed analysis in 2001 of the potential   expected to be maintained, we are                  Unplanned releases
environmental impacts of our business,         committed to maximising other ways of              Unplanned releases can cause damage
combined with stakeholder discussions,         reducing our reliance on air and road              both to the environment and to our
helped us to identify our priority action      transport, including rationalising our             relationships with our local communities
areas. We have clear targets for reducing      product distribution networks and using            and regulators. We aim to eliminate such
our impact, as set out on page 5, and          alternatives to business travel, such as           incidents by ensuring that our processes
here we summarise our progress. More           video-conferencing.                                are robust and reliable. In 2003, we had
information and detailed statistics are                                                           nine unplanned releases that were not
available on our website.                      Ozone depletion                                    contained within the site boundary
                                               Some of our products, such as asthma               (compared to 10 in 2002).
Our challenge is to sustain improvement        therapies, are presented in a pressurised,
as we grow our business. There is no           metered dose inhaler that uses non-toxic,          Pharmaceuticals in the environment
completely satisfactory measure that can       stable gases to propel the treatment               Traces of pharmaceuticals can some-
be used to relate resource consumption         safely and effectively to a patient’s              times be found in the environment.
to the size of a complex global business       airways. The most commonly used                    Studies in recent years by industry,
such as ours. In common with other             propellants have been CFCs, which                  academic and regulatory bodies suggest
similar companies and in line with the         contribute to ozone depletion as well as           that the concentrations being found in
Global Reporting Initiative, we use            being greenhouse gases.                            watercourses are many times less than
reported sales to calculate our resource                                                          those that would pose significant risk to
efficiency. This is because reported sales     AstraZeneca has been very active in                humans and are not high enough to
is a transparent, audited number that          the development of alternatives to                 cause immediate or short term harm to
enables comparison over time, as shown         CFC-driven inhalers such as dry powder             aquatic life. Nevertheless, we recognise
on page 16 (but it should be noted that        inhalers and pump sprays. We have                  that stakeholders may be concerned
exchange rate fluctuations can have an         also now begun the regulatory approval             about longer term effects and this is one
effect on reported sales).                     process for a new generation of                    of our priority areas of study. We continue
                                               respiratory HFC inhalers that do not               to work alongside other pharmaceutical
Climate change                                 damage the ozone layer. However,                   companies and regulatory bodies to
Our global warming emissions arise             CFC-driven inhalers continue to be used            provide further improvement to the
primarily from the use of energy at our        by patients who cannot tolerate, or do             existing techniques used to assess the
facilities, transport and the propellant gas   not have the choice of, alternatives. In           environmental risk associated with
used in some of our inhalation products.       2003, decreased sales of our CFC-driven            pharmaceuticals.
                                               inhalers resulted in an 11% decrease in
During the year, we completed a strategic      our overall release of ozone depleting             Consistent with our commitment to
strengthening of our product portfolio         substances. We are still planning to reach         product stewardship, we also aim to
with a range of new high quality medicines     our target of reducing CFC emissions by            minimise the amounts of any of our
that will drive AstraZeneca’s future           30% against the 2001/2002 reference                products being released into the
success. Planning for the new products         point by 2005. Exact timing will depend            environment from our facilities. We are
has included making necessary changes          on gaining regulatory approvals for the            improving our effluent treatment processes
to our manufacturing processes and             new inhalation devices.                            globally including the installation of a $36
increasing the size of our sales forces                                                           million state of the art biological treatment
(and consequently the distance travelled       Our use of ozone depleting substances              facility at our plant in Bristol, UK.
on business). Despite these changes,           for refrigeration and fire suppression has
improvements in efficiency and lower           been substantially reduced and is being            Proposed EU chemicals policy
carbon intensity of our fuel sources,          phased out completely.                             In October 2003, the EU Commission
coupled with a reduced use of our CFC-                                                            published draft legislation regarding the
driven inhalers, led to total emissions from   Minimising waste                                   approval of chemicals in Europe, a key
all sources decreasing by 2% in 2003.          We aim to use materials efficiently and            component of which is the introduction of
We are still working hard to meet our          maximise re-use and re-cycling. Where              a new regulatory system called REACH
target of a 10% reduction in our global        possible, we avoid the use of the most             (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation
warming potential over the 2001/2002           hazardous substances and are                       of Chemicals). AstraZeneca supports the
reference point by the end of 2005.            developing avoidance and substitution              Commission’s efforts to overhaul the
                                               strategies to assist this process.                 regulatory framework for approval of
We continue to implement programmes            Approaches to reducing the amount of               chemicals in Europe and through EFPIA,
to maximise energy efficiency. We are          waste we generate include the improved             the pharmaceutical industry’s trade
also working to increase the amount of         operation of existing production                   association in Europe, we are actively
energy purchased from renewable                processes and the better design of new             contributing to the dialogue on this issue.
resources and most of our sites around         ones, improved purchasing processes                We agree with the principles of the
the world have local programmes in place       and internal waste awareness                       proposal but, working with EFPIA and
to improve energy efficiency.                  programmes. In 2003, we reduced our                other industry trade associations, we
                                               total waste by 3% including a 9%                   seek to ensure that the eventual
Whilst the current level of travel activity    reduction in hazardous waste.                      regulation is not only effective but also
of our sales forces (up 10% in 2003) is                                                           workable and avoids obstacles that may
                                                                                                  unnecessarily harm our competitiveness.
                                              AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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Social performance
Managing our business in a constructive and responsible way means
understanding and responding appropriately to the issues relating to
our activities that affect or concern society.

> During 2003, we    > Our overall            > We continue to         > As part of our          > We strengthened
  developed a new      contribution to our      make progress,           commitment                our commitment
  automated system     local communities        but recognise            to employee               to high ethical
  for collecting       through charitable       there is still work      wellbeing, at least       standards in
  Human Resources      donations and            to do in ensuring        60% of our staff          the sales and
  data globally.       sponsorships             that diversity           worldwide now             marketing of our
                       totalled $22 million     is appropriately         have access               medicines globally.
                       in 2003.                 supported in             to confidential
                                                our workforce.           counselling
                                                                         and support.
AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
For more information visit                                              11

Here we describe our approach to some              We have been working to improve our
of the social issues relating to our               global reporting processes, building
business. You can read more about                  on our long standing systems for
these and other areas of our social                monitoring compliance wherever we
performance on our website.                        operate. During 2003, we developed a
                                                   new automated information system for
Human rights                                       collating, reporting and analysing
With over 60,000 people working in                 employee demographics globally. By
45 countries, AstraZeneca is a major               the end of the year, this was operational
employer worldwide. Our core values                across the UK, the US and Sweden
reflect our commitment to ensuring that            (where more than 60% of our employees
all of our people are treated with integrity       are located) and the rest of the world is
and respect within a working environ-              expected to be brought into the system
ment that recognises the freedom of the            during 2004.
                                                   Working with suppliers
AstraZeneca supports the principles set            In 2003, we published a revised CR
out in the UN Declaration of Human                 Principles in Purchasing guide which
Rights. Our Code of Conduct and our                included further guidance for our
Global Human Resources policies detail             purchasing community in working with
the high standards of ethical behaviour            suppliers to encourage similar standards
with which everyone in AstraZeneca is              to our own, share best practice and
expected to comply, both in spirit and             stimulate improved CR performance.
letter.                                            Time will be required to fully implement
                                                   these guidelines.
This includes only employing adults,
as defined by the labour laws in the               During the year, we continued our
countries in which we operate and,                 programme of priority audit of main
as a minimum, compliance with national             suppliers. In total, 14 sites were audited
legal requirements regarding wages and             at our major chemical suppliers. Two
working hours. All our employees have              potential new chemical suppliers were
the right to be a member of a trade                also audited and at one of these, we
union. We have agreements with trade               identified the need for an improvement
unions in a number of countries where              in standards before any work could be
collective bargaining is customary                 commissioned by AstraZeneca.
practice within a country’s legal
framework and where employees                      CR is also being integrated into the
support it.                                        regular business control meetings that
                                                   are being introduced into our purchasing
We also work closely with our major                practice. In 2003, approximately 150
suppliers and use purchasing practices             meetings that took place included CR
to encourage similar standards to our              considerations.
own. We do not think it is appropriate
for AstraZeneca to promote individual
rights and freedoms more widely in
society, but we believe that we can and
do influence others through leading by
                                               AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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Social performance continued
Employee safety, health and                    To that end, we are increasing the                 particularly encouraging decrease in the
wellbeing                                      emphasis on the management of driving              two major areas of work-related upper
We believe that if we are to expect            activities in our marketing companies              limb disorder and work-related stress
people’s continued energy and                  around the world. Vehicle accidents are            illness.
commitment at work, we must provide            a common cause for concern for many
the right environment in which they feel       companies and we are working together              Diversity
safe and well and positive and                 with other organisations to share                  Our approach to diversity takes account
enthusiastic about what they are doing.        learning and best practice.                        of all the ways in which our employees
Our broad range of occupational safety                                                            are different – not just in terms of gender
and health programmes is focused on            In 2003, our overall frequency rate for            and race, but also culture, age, ability
continuous improvement in the                  accidents with fatal and serious injuries to       and family situation. We value the
frequency rates for accidents with injury      AstraZeneca employees and contractors              creative energy that these differences
and for new cases of occupational              fell by 13%. This is largely due to an             bring to our business.
illness, with a target for achieving a 30%     improvement in contractor performance.
reduction (against the 2001/2002                                                                  In 2002, we identified that we had
reference point) by the end of 2005. To        Our wellbeing programmes are designed              work to do to ensure that diversity is
help us meet this target, we continue to       to promote physical and psychological              appropriately supported in our work-
develop behaviour-based safety and             welfare and include physical fitness               force and reflected in our leadership.
health programmes and make them                activities, nutrition advice and stress            We made some progress during 2003.
widely available. When accidents occur,        management courses. Examples of good               Our R&D community, which has been
we investigate thoroughly to ensure we         practice from Europe, Asia, North and              active for some time in this area,
understand the root causes, take steps         South America feature prominently in our           introduced an innovative, interactive
to avoid repetition in the future and          improvement plans and are shared                   diversity programme which is being
communicate to build awareness and             worldwide through our ‘Wellbeing in                rolled out to the R&D workforce. 42
best practice.                                 AstraZeneca’ communications.                       workshops were completed in 2003.
                                               Programmes vary depending on country,              In addition, diversity improvement plans
Although our overall accident frequency        culture and need. They include flexible            were created and implemented for the
rate for employees improved by 5% in           working arrangements, access to fitness            six major areas of R&D. Our Operations
2003, we are disappointed that we              and social activities and support for staff        group included as one of their three
showed little improvement in our vehicle       experiencing stress. Communications to             global people targets the requirement
accident record. Around a third of the         help ensure that employee wellbeing                that each of our 20 manufacturing sites
total accidents reported (including one        remains high on the agenda include face-           should prepare priority action plans
fatal accident in Germany) were related        to-face discussions with the top 200               addressing their diversity needs. During
to driving. This remains the greatest          managers in the Company, addressing                the year, around 15 plans were
cause of accidents with injury to              their personal wellbeing and that of their         completed. With seven diversity plans in
AstraZeneca employees. Driver training         staff.                                             place in the US, our total is now around
has always been a core feature of our                                                             28 programmes.
safety education programmes, but we            In 2003, our overall frequency rate of
recognise, and take seriously, the need        occupational illnesses (per million hours          Our challenge is to build on this work and
to improve our performance in this area.       worked) improved by 47%, with a                    continue to drive improvement in other

                                             > Pilot projects that aim                                                  > In the US, our
                                               to build understanding                                                     senior managers
                                               of the causes of minor                                                     and their direct
                                               vehicle accidents to                                                       reports all
                                               reduce the likelihood                                                      attended diversity
                                               of more serious ones                                                       training and
                                               occurring will be                                                          started work
                                               implemented in                                                             on developing
                                               Europe, Asia Pacific                                                       diversity action
                                               and the Americas.                                                          plans for their
                                               This is in addition to                                                     functional areas.
                                               the defensive driver                                                       Seven plans were
                                               training programmes                                                        completed by the
                                               that are already                                                           end of the year.
                                               in place.
                                                 AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
                                                 For more information visit                                               13

areas of our organisation, at all levels. Our    we added sales and marketing practices             attitudes. For example, direct to
Senior Executive Team has responsibility         to the Corporate Responsibility Priority           consumer advertising of prescription
for reviewing the diversity among the top        Action Plan to ensure they continue to             medicines is illegal in many countries,
management of the Company, including             get the appropriate high level of attention        yet it is not only legal in the US but also
the percentage of women at a senior              globally. Our AstraZeneca Code of Sales            considered by many to have a positive
level. In 2003, 13% of our 200 most              and Marketing Practices outlines the               influence on patient welfare. During
senior managers were women.                      high standards of ethical behaviour we             2003, we tested draft reporting criteria
                                                 demand in the marketing of our                     which we hope will lay a basis for a
Sales and marketing practices                    medicines. It is based on the global               meaningful global promotional
During 2003, AstraZeneca settled an              industry code of conduct (the IFPMA                regulatory monitoring system which
investigation into US sales and                  Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing                   takes account of the different national
marketing practices for Zoladex prostate         Practice), as well as the codes of                 environments. We have established a
cancer treatment, admitting violation of         marketing practice, laws and regulations           global network of promotional standards
the Prescription Drug Marketing Act by           applicable in each of the countries in             contacts in our marketing companies
providing free samples of the product to         which we operate. The IFPMA Code and               (known as ‘Nominated Signatories’) and
physicians between 1993 and 1996,                our own Code of Practice embody the                have begun to share experience and
with the understanding that these                principles proposed in the World Health            best practice amongst this group.
physicians would bill Medicare for               Organisation’s ‘Ethical Criteria for
reimbursement. AstraZeneca also                  Medicinal Drug Promotion’, although the            Clinical trials
settled civil claims, without admitting          WHO suggestion that advertising of                 A potential new medicine enters clinical
liability, involving allegations that the        prescription medicines to the public               studies only after its potential efficacy
Company provided inducements to                  should not generally be permitted is not           and adequate safety has been confirmed
physicians to purchase Zoladex and for           consistent with the law or self-regulatory         in pre-clinical trials, which include animal
improperly setting and reporting its             standards in certain countries – notably           testing. All proposed clinical trials are
price. The settlement provides for a five        the US.                                            reviewed and approved including
year Corporate Integrity Agreement with                                                             consideration of the pre-clinical data,
the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)        Compliance with our Code is                        the safety of the trial and the nature and
for the Department of Health and                 mandatory. Whilst we have local                    amount of information given to trial
Human Services under which                       monitoring systems in place, including             volunteers. We have strict guidelines to
AstraZeneca is required to keep in place         auditing of our marketing companies                ensure that volunteers and patients taking
its current compliance programme and             by Group Internal Audit, we are now                part in trials understand their purpose
provide periodic reports to the OIG on           looking to establish KPIs in this area             and are not exposed to unnecessary risks
the status of compliance activities. The         that will enable improved reporting of             and that the privacy of health information
total payment associated with the                our global performance. A variety of               of individuals taking part is protected.
settlement was $355 million.                     legal, regulatory and self-regulatory
                                                 mechanisms are applied to pharma-                  We continue to monitor the safety of our
We are committed to ensuring that                ceutical marketing activities around               products after they have been approved
improper practice such as this is not            the world and different interpretations            as new medicines, including collection
repeated. In addition to the strong US           of what constitutes acceptable practice            of data on any adverse reactions to a
compliance programme, during the year            exist according to national cultures and           treatment.

                                                > Within the UK                                    > During 2003,
                                                  FTSE100,                                           an employee
                                                  AstraZeneca is one                                 assistance
                                                  of two companies                                   programme, CALM
                                                  with the highest                                   (Counselling and
                                                  representation of                                  Life Management)
                                                  women on the                                       was made available
                                                  Board (four out                                    to staff in Japan.
                                                  of 13 Board
                                                  members are

Jane Henney             Dame Bridget Ogilvie
Erna Möller             Michele Hooper
                                                  AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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Social performance continued
Animal welfare                                    reduction include our commitment to                our products whilst continuing our
Laboratory animals continue to play a             adopting alternative techniques.                   investment in research and ensuring
vital and necessary role in the research                                                             that wherever possible medicines are
and development of new medicines for              The welfare of the animals we use is               available to those that need them.
important areas of human healthcare.              a top priority. Our research sites are
This includes early testing of the effects of     subject to formal inspections by our               Although essential medicines are
new compounds and the requirement by              own staff every two years in addition to           becoming increasingly available to those
regulatory authorities for the submission         the mandatory visits by government                 that need them in developing countries,
of safety data from animal studies before         authorities around the world. Meeting              there are still many other factors such
a new medicine can be tested in healthy           local regulatory requirements is a                 as basic hygiene, healthcare infra-
volunteers and then patients.                     minimum baseline and we have our                   structure and training and education
                                                  own strict guidelines on animal welfare            that are also pre-requisites before
As we continue to expand our R&D                  as outlined in our Bioethics Policy and            significant progress can be made in
activity, we aim to manage the potential          supported by programmes such as                    delivering medicines to patients in
increase in use of animals by adopting            animal care training for our laboratory            these countries.
alternative techniques such as                    technicians.
computer simulations, informatics and                                                                Each of our development products is
high throughput screening, which                  Where we outsource animal studies to               reviewed independently in relation to
eliminate the use of animals or reduce            give us access to additional expertise             pricing and access in all markets, so
the number needed. As well as                     or capacity, inspections to ensure                 that plans can be put in place early for
developing our own alternatives, we also          compliance with our own standards                  those which may be regarded as
adopt those successfully developed by             are a significant part of our animal               essential medicines – either because
others and we continue to work,                   welfare programme.                                 they address diseases prevalent in
alongside the rest of the pharmaceutical                                                             developing countries or because they
industry, with regulatory authorities to          Access to medicines                                are potentially a leading or unique
agree reductions wherever possible in             The increasing demand for new                      product in their class, offering
the animals required by their protocols.          medicines that improve and extend lives            significant patient benefit in a serious
                                                  is driven both by the ageing population            or life threatening condition. In these
In 2002, we used around 242,000                   and advances in technology. At the                 circumstances, we aim to make
animals, a small reduction on 2001                same time infectious diseases such as              arrangements to ensure patient access
(248,000). Some 98% of these were                 HIV/AIDS are threatening to overwhelm              to these medicines through charitable
rodents and fish. Approximately 4% were           the populations of some of the least               donation, expanded access
used by external contractors. The                 developed nations. Governments are                 programmes or differential pricing.
number of animals we use each year will           responding in different ways to balance
continue to fluctuate. Increases can result       healthcare budgets against the ever                The appointment in January 2004 of
from a rise in the number of compounds            increasing demand for wider access                 an Access to Medicines Director, a new
in development and from our further               to medicines. The challenge for                    position in the Company, strengthens
adoption of tests using genetically               AstraZeneca is to address the continued            our commitment. Working in the
modified animals. Factors influencing a           downward pressure on the costs of                  Oncology and Infection therapy areas,

                                                > In the UK, AstraZeneca supports the                > Prior to its launch, we implemented an
                                                  Brightside Trust, a charity that aims to help        expanded access programme for Iressa,
                                                  underprivileged young people enter the               our new treatment for lung cancer, which
                                                  medical and healthcare professions. This             made the therapy available to patients with
                                                  addresses a particular issue for modern              lung cancer for whom no other treatment
                                                  medical practice – that most disadvantaged           had been successful. During 2002 and
                                                  communities do not have access to                    2003, over 42,000 patients in 70 countries
                                                  doctors with a similar background. Our               received Iressa through this route.
                                                  support includes a one year secondment to
                                                  the charity as well as a $160,000 financial
                                                  contribution over three years.
                                                AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
                                                For more information visit                                               15

the role will initially focus on Iressa, our    In all cases of facilitating access to our         In 2003, our spend on community
new lung cancer treatment, and other            medicines, we can only be successful               sponsorships and charitable donations
emerging treatments for cancer.                 if we can ensure that the product is not           totalled $22 million.
                                                diverted away from those who need it
Whilst we support the concept of                and that we retain intellectual property           Improving data collection
differential pricing in this context, we        rights which enable us to protect our              In 2002, we introduced a central
continue to seek safeguards that                core business and provide for future               database to improve our processes
differentially priced products are not          investment in the discovery and                    for capturing the full extent of our
diverted from the patients who need             development of new medicines for                   community support initiatives, product
them, to be sold and used in more               a wide range of diseases.                          donations and patient access
affluent markets. Differential pricing can                                                         programmes around the world and
only be of benefit in countries where           Product donations and patient                      to ensure the information can be
healthcare systems can deliver                  assistance programmes                              shared internally to promote best
medicines to the patients that need             Our product donations and patient                  practice. In 2003, over 1,000 projects
them and ensure that they are used              assistance programmes make products                were entered into the database,
appropriately.                                  available free of charge or at reduced             covering activities in 34 countries.
                                                prices. In 2003, our expanded patient
Research into neglected diseases of the         assistance programmes in the US                    For the first time, in 2003 AstraZeneca
developing world is essential to the            contributed to a total spend of                    was included in the UK Business in the
effective treatment of these diseases in        $724 million in this area, at average              Community’s One Per Cent Club, an
the future. AstraZeneca has recently            wholesale price.                                   index of companies that contribute 1%
made a substantial investment in new                                                               or more of their annual operating profit
research facilities in Bangalore, India, that   Community support                                  to community support.
are focused on finding a new treatment          Wherever AstraZeneca is located
for tuberculosis – a major and increasing       worldwide, we aim to make a positive
threat to life in developing countries.         contribution to our local communities
                                                through charitable donations, sponsor-
Should we be successful in identifying          ships and other initiatives that help to
a potential new medicine, a key priority        make a difference. In particular, we
will be to develop it in partnership with       focus on bringing benefits in ways that
governments, local organisations and            are consistent with our business of
international bodies in order to achieve        improving health and quality of life
the earliest possible approval according        and on promoting the value of science
to global standards. We hope that we            among young people.
can then again work in partnership
with the relevant global and local
organisations to ensure that any new
treatment reaches the patients who
need it.

> The Together Rx programme in the US, run                                                       > In December 2003, AstraZeneca announced
  by AstraZeneca and six other pharma-                                                             a $360,000 three-year partnership with
  ceutical companies, provides eligible                                                            Peking University’s Guanghua School
  Medicare patients with up to 40% savings                                                         of Management to fund the China Center
  on medicines used to treat a range of                                                            for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes
  common conditions that affect older people.                                                      Research in a series of research and
                                                                                                   educational programmes aimed at
                                                                                                   supporting China’s continued reform of
                                                                                                   its healthcare system. In particular, the
                                                                                                   programmes will focus on building research
                                                                                                   skills and expertise in health economics.

                                                Sir Tom McKillop
                                                        AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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2003 performance summary
                                                                                         2001                     2002                     2003         2005 target
Economic $m                                                                                                                                           (where relevant)
Sales                                                                                  16,222                   17,841                 18,849                       –
Operating profit                                                                        4,156                    4,356                  4,111                       –
Dividends                                                                               1,225                    1,206                  1,350                       –
Ratio of market capitalisation to book value of net assets                                 8.0                      5.5                    6.1                      –
R&D investment                                                                          2,687                    3,069                  3,451                       –
Total wages                                                                             3,542                    3,993                  4,745                       –
Taxation                                                                                1,214                    1,177                  1,143                       –

Greenhouse gases1
CO2-equivalents (million tonnes)                                                          1.87                     1.77                     1.72                1.59
Index (tonnes/$m sales)                                                                   115                        99                       92                   –
GWh                                                                                     2,170                     2,240                    2,440                    –
Index (MWh/$m sales)                                                                      134                       126                      129                    –
Total ozone depletion potential
   CFC11 equivalent (tonnes)                                                              110                        99                      88                   75
   Index (kg/$m sales)                                                                     7.0                       5.6                     4.7                   –
Hazardous waste (kte)                                                                     36.7                     31.1                     28.3                   –
Total waste (kte)                                                                         65.5                     60.3                     58.4                   –
Index – total waste (tonnes/$m sales)                                                     4.04                     3.38                     3.10                3.26
Unplanned releases
Contained within site boundary                                                              24                        17                       8                   –
Not contained within site boundary                                                          12                        10                       9                   6

Safety and health: AstraZeneca employees
Number of accidents with injury (per million hours)                                       4.16                     3.84                     3.64                   –
Number of accidents with injury and days lost (per million hours)                         2.86                     2.84                     2.66                   –
Cases of occupational illnesses (per million hours)                                       3.83                     3.15                     1.67                2.44
Safety and health: AstraZeneca employees and contractors
Number of accidents with injury (per million hours)                                     4.18                      4.11                      3.57                2.90
Number of animals used in research                                                   248,000                   242,000                         –2                  –
Site audits that included CR                                                               –                         –                        11                   –
Community support ($m)
Sponsorships                                                                               n/a                      9.7                     16.4                    –
Charitable contributions                                                                   n/a                      3.3                      5.6                    –
Total                                                                                      n/a                     13.0                     22.0                    –
Product donations and patient assistance programmes
at average wholesale price ($m)                                                            n/a                    303.0                    724.0                    –

Regulatory infringements – safety, health and environment
Prosecutions                                                                                 1                         1                       1                    –
Legal sanctions                                                                              4                         7                       4                    –
Failures to obtain correct permits                                                           1                         0                       0                    –
Infringements of operating permits                                                           7                         6                      12                    –
Total                                                                                       13                        14                      17                    –
    Figures are calculated in line with the Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Protocol guidance (   2
                                                                                                           2003 figure not yet available   n/a Not applicable
                                               AstraZeneca Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2003
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During 2003, AstraZeneca sold its Marlow
Foods operation. Although no changes have
been made to the absolute performance
figures, the SHE improvement targets and
their reference points have been modified in
line with the WRI/WBCSD protocol. This
avoids incorporating the reduction in
emissions resulting from the divestment as
part of our improvement process.

With the exception of the economic data, the
above represents preliminary figures only.
Final statistics will be published on our

Contact information
Registered office                     Registrar and transfer office:
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