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					                                           ASSE Wisconsin Chapter
                                           Board Meeting Minutes
                                   February 15th, 2012
DATE / LOCATION                    Security Insurance
ATTENDANCE                         Present: Ross Lukowski, Bruce Morton, Jared Owen, Ken Kempke, David

                                   Meeting called order at: 9:30 am By Ross Lukowski


  President’s Report

  Past Minutes                     The January 2012 minutes were accepted by the board
                                   Motion to accept by Ken Kempke, second by Bruce Morton

  Treasurer’s Report               M&I Account Balances:
                                   Checking: $10,102.39
                                   Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Bruce Morton, second by Ken Kempke

OLD BUSINESS                       Ross is still waiting on student section bi-laws, he will follow-up.


Newsletter & Website, Dave         Dave has been working on website, doing a great job.
(VP’s Responsibility)

Professional Development /         The CSP disks are in Tony Prospero’s office
CSP, Tony Prospero

Job Line, Kemp Shobe               Few jobs were added to website

Govt. Affairs, Ken Kempke          Ken is sending out the emails.
Survive Alive House, Ross          Next meeting March 14th 2012 at 3:00 PM, Ross will attend

Bylaws, Peter Mark                 Ross submitted by-laws to Mary Beth. They will be reviewed and sent to Ross
                                   for signature. They will be valid for two years.

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Prepared by: Jared Owen
Membership, Russ Fote              280 members, three were recently added

Student Section, Peter Mark        Peter will set-up student meeting.

House of      Delegates,    Ross
Lukowski                           Meeting is June 3rd in Denver

Foundation Activities, Brian       No Report

STARS Nick Young                   Report updated as needed by Ross. Will be reviewed before June meeting.

Recreation Jim Jones               Board will begin planning for next year’s event.

                                   Golf outing, Admirals Game, and Social with SSO was discussed for ideas
WISE, Rebecca Severson             No Report


    Technical Meeting              No Changes to schedule.
    Schedule, Board & Guests       Next meeting March 8th – OSHA Compliance at Alverno College


                                   Russ does not want to use Pay-Pal for OSHA compliance update meeting.
Pay Pal
                                   Board discussed using Pay-Pal for the Golf Outing and OSHA Safety Day.

                                   Ross will test Pay-Pal account to verify it is working properly.
                                   Mary Beth will be attending the Board Meeting in March 8th 2012
                                   March 1st 2:00 pm – Conference call
Mary Beth                          Rock Meeting April 19th and 20th in St. Louis
Region 5 News                      May 3rd Conference call 2:00p.m.
                                   June 5th – Region 5 at PDC networking event
                                      Conference June 3rd – June 6th
                                      HOD June 3rd
                                   July 12th 8 a.m. Conference call for new officers, transition for old, Stars report

Raffle License
                                   Ross is working on

                                    A request for active and contributing members to fill open board position for
                                   2012-2013 year was added to the newsletter.
Board Members 2012-2013
                                   A request will be mentioned at today’s meeting.

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Prepared by: Jared Owen
                                   Ross will need to get form to complete process. David Leix explained that
ASSE, UWW SSO scholarship          there is a shortened version of the document as we are not going through the
                                   foundation for the scholarship.

                                   Next meeting March 5, 2012 at WCTC at 2:00PM Room C52
OSHA Safety Day                    Vendor checks should be sent directly to Robert Pieter’s.

                                   OHST study material was requested by ASSE member. The request will be
OSHA Training Materials            denied due to limited resource and licensing requirements.

                                   Documents can be stored on-line through service provided by ASSE Nationals.
Archiving Historical
Documents                          The board discussed keep the past 1O year financial records.

                                   Jared will set-up online storage account

                                   Bruce and Jared will review hard copy documents in storage bin to determine
                                   what should be saved. This will be verified by board before disposal.
                                   The board is looking for available board members to make meeting. ASSE will
Roc Meeting in St. Louis           pay for travel and one night hotel stay.

                                   April 19th and 20th
                                   Ross will attend PDC in Denver, and possibly Bruce.
                                   ASSE will pay for one night hotel, travel expenses for up to two members
                                   Motion made by David Leix, and Second by Jared Owen. Accepted by Board.

                                   The above motion was amended

                                   ASSE will pay for 3 nights hotel, air-fare, and PDC conference fee for one
                                   board member. Motion was made by Bruce Morton and seconded by David
                                   Leix. Ross Lukowski abstained from motion. Motion was accepted by board.

Regional Conference Call           March 1st 2:00 – 3:00 PM is next conference call.

                                   Bruce would like to order updated CSP study disks for the Association, the
CSP Disks                          current disks the chapter has are from 2008

                                   Russ made a motion to purchase CSP study materials. The motion was tabled
                                   to verify access codes and use requirements.

                                   Bruce will look for additional information on the study CD’s for next meeting

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Prepared by: Jared Owen
Open Floor Discussion              Bruce discussed a company contacted him regarding donating signs for the golf
                                   outings. Bruce will follow-up

                                   Golf outing hole sponsorship is being worked on by Bruce, Jared, and Robert.
                                   They are contacting individuals from the past year. Board members are
                                   requested to contact companies for sponsorships.

                                   David Leix mentioned that a Michigan based broker looking for retired member
                                   to work part-time, this posting will be put on the job-line.

                                   Kathryn Schwab (ABB) and Dan Gahlman (Diversified Insurance) are
                                   interested in becoming a board member. They have been in contact with Ross

                                   Next board meeting March 8th at Alverno College 10:00 – 11:00 in lower level
NEXT BOARD MEETING                 cafeteria
MEETING ADJOURNED                  Motion to adjourn was made by Ken Kempke/Second by Bruce Morton at
                                   10:24 am

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Prepared by: Jared Owen

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