Nikola Tesla's Free Radiant Energy Device

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					Nikola Tesla - Free Radiant Energy Device

Nikola Tesla, one of the most important inventors of the 20th Century patented a device called the radiant
energy device. It captures ions radiating from the ionosphere towards earth and converts it to electricity.
Read this article to find out how this radiant energy can be harnessed to provide free energy for all.

The establishment would like us to believe that electricity is a privilege and that it needs to be purchased.
Even with global warming providing evidence of its existence through natural disasters worldwide, the
powers that be cling to the notion of fossil fuel energy.

Billions of tons of coal are burnt every year to supply electricity to households and industry, but our
biggest source of energy is right there in the sky, every day and every night.

Nikola Tesla, the Serbian born inventor, is widely regarded as one of the most important inventors of our
time. He advocated the use of Alternating Current as opposed to Direct Current. This started a "war of
currents" between Tesla and Thomas Edison, which Tesla finally won when it was proved that Alternating
Current enabled electricity to be transmitted over large distances. He was also instrumental in the
development of the AC motor, which finally tipped the scales in favor of Alternating Current.

The name Nikola Tesla brings to mind images of wireless light bulbs glowing in eerie fields and
spectacular electric sparks flashing randomly around a glass sphere. But he was responsible for more
than 300 patents in his lifetime. These include the spark plug, remote controls, blade-less turbines and
many more.

Nikola Tesla proved that energy could not only be harnessed from thin air, but also transmitted through
thin air. He did this more than a century ago and yet nobody seems to have caught on to the technology.

In 1902, Tesla began work on a facility called the Wardenclyffe Tower. The tower was built with the
purpose of researching and developing trans-Atlantic electricity transmission. One of the principle
financiers of the project, JP Morgan, withdrew funding once he realized that there was no way of metering
the amount of electricity transmitted to households. Again, as with so many other forms of renewable
energy, greed stood in the way of progress.

Towards the end of Tesla's life, he was ridiculed for his sometimes unbelievable claims. One of these was
that he had invented a "death ray". A device capable of annihilating a fleet of enemy aircraft at a distance
of 200 miles.

After Nikola Tesla died in 1943, his documents and devices were seized by the US government and
classified as "top secret" by the FBI.

Tesla did however manage to patent his radiant energy device in November 1901, long before he was
considered eccentric. The device simply captures radiant energy in the form of charged particles that are
transferred from the positively charged ionosphere above the earth to the negatively charged planet itself.

The device consists of an antenna, a tower, a spark gap (2 electrodes separated by a gap), an earth
plate, a few electrical components, a transformer and an inverter. Most of these items can be bought
online. With a bit of elbow grease and the right manual, you can build this device at a fraction of the cost
of solar panels and say goodbye to ridiculous electricity bills.

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