Direct Selling - The Keys To A Successful Home Based Business

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					Direct Selling - The Keys To A Successful Home Based Business
The holidays are fast approaching and the ad vultures are out in full force. Prices slashed, specials,
free financing. You name it, it is being shoved in our faces daily - over the internet, television, flyers.
Mailboxes seem to overlfow; especially during this time of year; with so much junk there is barely
enough room for your normal mail.
But there is one thing missing from all of this garbage piling up daily outside of your front door and in
your e-mail inboxes.
The missing component?
The personal touch. Yes, selling is an art but consulting is the canvas. Without the canvas to paint the
pretty picture, you have no picture. Same holds true for selling. Without the personal touch of an
"artist", selling just gets lost among all of the other products out there.
This is why Direct Selling has become an accepted business model and the model of choice for
many work from home businesses today.
What is Direct Selling?
According to the DSA (Direct Selling Association), "Direct Selling is the sale of a consumer product
or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location. These products and services are
marketed to customers by independent salespeople. Depending on the company, the salespeople
may be called distributors, representatives, consultants or various other titles. Products are sold
primarily through in-home product demonstrations, parties and one-on-one selling."
The consumer is overwhelmed by choice and would like to unclutter their life and have a simpler
lifestyle. They are looking for meaning in their lives, especially now during such turbulent times.
People are striving for self-improvement vs. Contentment.
Simply shoving your products in their faces doesn't work any longer. Consumers are not necessarily
looking for the "best" product but rather the "best" nurturer. In other words, they are looking for
someone that goes along with the product. A consultant, a friend, an expert. Someone they can trust
to give them what they are really looking for and to be there to give them value. They have worked
hard and they want indulgence, healing, nuturing.
Direct Selling gives people all of that and more. You can't just sell in today's economy. The
consumer is looking for much more. You have to heal and guide. That is why the word "consultant" is
a powerful word in today's industry. It implies that there is so much more than a product the
consumer is purchasing. They are also in a sense purchasing "you" and that is the KEY difference in
direct selling vs. REgular selling. This is why Relationship Selling is the new way of selling in today's
The old way of selling used to work but the times have changed drastically. To be successful in
today's market you need to understand not only what product people are looking to purchase, but
what is driving that purchase. The consumer is looking for choosers; trusted people whose values
they can identify with and who they believe will guide them to make the best choices.
Consumers today want to be a part of a community. They are looking for a network of people - a
Which products are the best for a Direct Selling Business?
Products that require explanation or client education tend to thrive in the direct sales environment.
Becoming an expert in your product (or service) is the single, most important step you can take
towards success. It is a matter of finding out what is a good fit for you so you feel comfortable selling
that product or service.
Choose a product that you would use even if you weren't selling it. One that you would purchase
regardless of whether or not you could get it for wholesale or retail. Would you pay retail for it? If yes,
then that may be a litmus test for whether or not you would be successful in your direct selling
Passion - this word is overused in the industry but it is crucial to success. Passion will drive your
business. If you are passionate about a product, that passion will be transferred over to the
consumer. Once they trust you and rely on you for advice, your passion will push it over the top. The
old saying "fake it till you make it" may work for recruiting but not so much for sales of a product.
This doesn't mean that you have to be passionate about EVERY product your direct selling
company offers. Different strokes for different folks. Some will have better results with one product
than with another. But knowing that up front and being honest with the consumer will help drive your
sales upwards. That is where the "consulting" comes in and why "YOU" matter more than ever.
Suggesting one product over another, nuturing them and working with them every step of the way is
what makes direct selling such an accepted business model in today's market.
Successful people stay in their strength zone. Concentrate and grow in areas you feel passionate
about and in which you will excel. You'll mess up if you try to be someone other than yourself.
Direct Selling is growing rapidly and is becoming the model of choice for many today. 75% of direct
sellers are women but that does not mean that men are not a strong part of this success. Men are
just beginning to come into their own in this industry and the trend is growing. 75% of direct sellers
work part-time so it can easily fit into your current lifestyle.
The desire to achieve is the most important thing in any businesss. You have to have a willingness to
just "go for it" because it will not just fall into your lap.
Remember, the missing link in your Direct Selling Business is you. There is power in you and the
consultative approach to selling is a growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down.
There are excellent sites and organizations for Direct Sellers. TheDSA is an association for direct
sellers and offers tips and suggestions on how to grow and build your business along with powerful
networking opportunities.
Many home based direct selling sites are geared towards women but men are welcome to join them
as well. The HBWM is also a great site for work from home moms and dads and offers monthly
newsletters, free advertising opportunities, helpful tips and suggestions and the chance to network
with like-minded people.
Without that "personal touch" selling just gets lost in the masses. Your product is just one of
thousands to choose from and nothing differentiates you from the other guy.
Break away from the pack and become the canvas for the artist. Give your customers that "personal
touch" and your picture will paint a thousand words!

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Description: Many home based direct selling sites are geared towards women but men are welcome to join them