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									How Did David Wood Become An MLM Rock Star So Quickly?
Who is David Wood and how did he become a MLM Internet Rock Star so quickly? David has come a
long way from when he was trying to sell Amway products door to door several years ago. David has
tried to make his way with several different MLM companies from Pre Paid Legal to Nutritional
Products. He was introduced to network marketing and learned the business through many of the Old
School network marketing methods, such as recruiting friends and family, running to hotel meetings,
belly to belly using the three foot rule. He was so desperate to get recruits that he was photo coping
company fliers and putting them on car windshields in shopping centers. David created some success
with his hard work and long hours which built a nice team and a modest residual income from these
David generated enough income from his hard work that he and his wife decided to head to Hawaii
and live off his residual income. Once in Hawaii he thought that he could live off the fruits of his labor
because he had grown tried of the long hours, hotel meetings and the rejection of recruiting. The sad
part is that like any MLM business if you are not recruiting and promoting the business, the income
slowly dissipated. He decide to take any job he could find to make ends meet. This was fine for a
while but deep down He knew that he wanted more than a job because he was an entrepreneur at
David decided to give network marketing a chance one more time, but this time He did some
research and decided to use the Internet instead of the old school methods. He found MLM Lead
System Pro an attraction marketing system and plugged into the system. He used several techniques
that were recommended to start generating leads but focused on writing articles and creating content
through articles and his blog post as well as videos and Traffic Geyser. He also has use an
Automated Article Submitter that has exploded his business in four months creating 100 or more
qualified leads for free leads a day. This has allowed him to bring in one to two new recruits a day into
his primary network marketing business and sent him sky rocketing up the leader board.
David has been so busy creating articles, content, videos, and building his down line that he did not
know that he won Mike Dillard's affiliate contest earlier this fall which was a 800 dollar Amazon Gift
Card as the prize. David stated he was shocked to hear from Mike Dillard's representative that told
him he had won the contest. David is so focused on growing his business, developing leaders in his
own down line and creating new content that things like a contest are trivial to him.
David has cemented his Rock Star status with the webinar's that he has been doing weekly and bi
weekly. And has had several MLM Lead System Pro webinar's jammed packed and rocking earlier
this fall. David's enthusiasm is contagious and he has you on the edge of your seat getting writers
crap from all the notes that you are taking on his valuable information and training.
David is a leader in this industry that you would be proud to call your friend or your sponsor. David
has a way of taking complicated information or training and simplifying it through his power point
David cares about people, his team and is giving back to the network marketing industry. He must get
this from when he was a missionary in his younger years, did I mention that David was only 28 years
old. With all the scams and negative publicity that the network marketing industry receives it is
refreshing to see a young talented, energetic and honest leader developing in the network marketing

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