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									Nikola Tesla patented his Radiant Energy Device in 1901. The device captures positively charged
particles that are emitted by the ionosphere and converts the particles into Alternating Current using an
inverter. This article provides information about Nikola Tesla and his inventions, in particular his Radiant
Energy Device, which could change the way we produce electricity for good.

Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia in 1856. In 1884, Tesla moved to the United States and started working
for Thomas Edison. He redesigned the direct current generators manufactured by Edison and it saw the
start of mutual animosity between the two.

Tesla formed his own company in 1886 and by 1887, he'd built the first brush-less alternating current
induction motor, thereby tipping the scales in favor of alternating current. The "war of currents" was won
by Tesla when it was established that alternating current could be transmitted over long distances
whereas direct current lost an enormous amount of voltage over long distances. Edison, an ardent
advocate of direct current, was left on the verge of bankruptcy.

In 1891 Tesla demonstrated how electricity could be transmitted through air by lighting up light bulbs in
different locations without the use of conducting wires. This phenomenon came to be known as the Tesla

In 1897, Tesla filed the first radio patent, although he was never officially recognized as the inventor of
radio. In 1898, he demonstrated the first radio controlled boat to the US military and the public, but
remote control only re-surfaced commercially in the 1960's. In the same year, Nikola Tesla patented the
spark plug.

Tesla moved to Colorado Springs in 1899 and made remarkable discoveries. He researched the
ionosphere and refined his "Tesla effect" to a point where he could transmit huge voltages for long
distances without the use of conducting wires. He conducted experiments in wireless telegraphy (radio
telegraphs). His aim was to send wireless signals from Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains to Paris.
During his time in Colorado Springs, Tesla also proved that the earth was in fact a conductor and that it
resonated at about 8Hz. Tesla left Colorado Springs in 1900 and his lab was demolished in 5 years later
and all his equipment sold to cover his debts.

Nikola Tesla's "world system for the transmission of electricity without the use of wires" appealed to
lawyer and banker James S Warden and the two men started planning a development called
Wardenclyffe. The idea was to build a resort community around Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, which would
be the hub of this "world system" of wireless electricity. JP Morgan, who provided the lion's share of
capital for the Wardenclyffe Tower project, withdrew funding for the project after discovering that there
would be no way to meter the amount of electricity transmitted and therefore limited financial gain. Once
again, greed stood in the way of progress. The whole project collapsed and the media labelled the
development "Tesla's million dollar folly".

Later in his life, mounting debt and battles for patent rights took a toll on Nikola Tesla. He was seen by
the establishment as a "mad scientist" and some of his more unconventional ideas and claims were
discarded as foolishness. These inventions range from thought cameras and anti-gravity aircraft to a
directed energy weapon, which he claimed could bring down a fleet of aircraft at 200 miles.

One device that Nikola Tesla patented in 1901, called the Radiant Energy Device, deserves special
mention, though.

Tesla discovered that he could harness what he called, cosmic rays, using a simple device that intersects
particles emitted by the ionosphere. Using an antenna, a few electrical components, an earth plate, a
transformer and an inverter, Tesla tapped an endless supply of electric current from the positively
charged ionosphere, on it's way to the negatively charged earth.

This device is very simple to build. With a DIY guide and a bit of elbow grease, you could be generating
free electricity in a jiffy.

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