; My First 100 Days in Quest Of Internet Marketing Secrets!
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My First 100 Days in Quest Of Internet Marketing Secrets!


It is quite confusing to read mails in your inbox that claim to make you a millionaire overnight just by few clicks of your mouse. Don’t get into this crap. Internet marketing requires the same amount of efforts, if not more, like any other business. In addition, it also requires skills and know-how and above all an aptitude to learn the secrets of business. Yes, once you have mastered it sky is the limit.

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									  My First 100 Days in
   Quest Of Internet
   Marketing Secrets!
                 BY: RAM GUPTA

An internet guru does not pen down what you are going to read in the following
lines and pares. These are the real life experiences of a beginner and could be
useful for you, if you too are a beginner. To top it all, the beginner is very new to
the area of online marketing business and even to the web world. Any jargons used
in the article have been picked up in the last about one hundred or so odd days.

There was a big dilemma in my life after retiring from the job. One did not want to
sit idle as one tends to age if he is not meaningfully occupied. One fine day while
checking the mails, I came across a mail from an unknown source. Normally this
would have seen the trash folder but I do not know why, I opened it. It was
surprisingly a long mail scrolling down to several pages. The heading or the title
made me read the full mail.

This innocent looking mail was about how someone at the age of eighteen made
over a couple of thousand dollars in a week. Amazing, I thought. The mail was a
product promotion of some software promising you that you could also repeat the
fete of the young boy. It also said that one did not need any technical knowledge,
no experience, and no investment except in purchase of that particular soft ware.
All it asked was if one knew how to operate the mouse or to make few clicks.

After lot of thinking, I went back to the mail, gathered the courage and bought the
product. Prompt came the product by a simple download. Eager and inquisitive as I
was, I opened the soft ware and read the instructions at least ten times. Fifty
percent of the terms were jargons like PPC, PPV, key words, back links, hop links,
HTML, MLM, Network Marketing, Online Marketing etc. Etc. They did not make
any sense to me. Until then I knew computer only as a tool to send and receive
mails and sometimes to make some simple searches on the Google.
Not knowing what to do next, I made a promise to myself. Not to give up, if an
eighteen year old can make thousands, let me at least make a couple of hundred.
My learning curve begins that day. One great myth about on line marketing and
internet marketing business was exposed; it did require knowledge, experience and
time. The network marketing business also required some initial investment in
buying online marketing tools to understand and operate the business. One cannot
sit on the computer for half an hour a day and make millions. It requires a
considerable amount of time, at least in the initial stages, till you have managed to
put some products on auto pilot.

Today, thanks to Google, yahoo, YouTube and other similar sites, I have reached
my basic level. I have learnt different models of internet marketing, network
marketing and online business, Facebook Lead Generation, Twitter Twists,
selected one module that seemed most appropriate for me and have launched a
couple of Websites in niches that offered me an opportunity to market products I
thought I understand. I have started building my lists through article marketing and
video marketing. Soon and very soon, looking forward to bringing the first dime in
my account.

I am sharing my experiences especially to the beginners. Do not be discouraged by
the initial hiccups. This happens in any venture. Stand resolved to succeed. Follow
the process honestly. Understand the MLM script. You will soon have our own
system that will work like an ATM at will. The business of making money online
has undefined boundaries; there is room for everyone, irrespective of the
competition. The cake is large enough for all to have a piece. The size of your slice
will surely depend on the efforts you put in. Any yes, one more tip. I just joined
My Lead System Pro or MLSP, a great resource for leaning the tips and tricks of
Internet Marketing, go have a look at MLSP, you will thank me forever for this tip.

Making money online or on the net is not as easy as a cake walk. Online
Marketing requires deep internet marketing research, all the skills, knowledge,
strategies and tactical planning and approach that any other business requires.

Making money is never easy for those who give up!

Suggest you take a look at MLSP and watch the FREE PRESENTATION?
You are free to publish this article without any change in the content and links
electronically, in print, in your e-book, or on your web site, free of charge, as
long as the author resource details are included.

Ram Gupta. http://sevenfigurewealth.com

APRIL, 2012.

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