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									How to Get the Discount Out of a Discount Car Rental

Discount car rentals are so hard to come by, and in recent times,
discount car rentals simply mean you pay less for something less, and
lets face it, sometimes when you pay less for a car rental, you end up
with something that looks more like a farmers truck than a car. Its hard
to come up with a budget friendly rental, so how do you get a discount
car rental these days? Well here are a few tips to boost the value of
your money, car rental wise.

1.A good way to essentially, get a discount car rental is to, once you
return the car, fill the tank with the cheapest no-name gas you could
find, not for revenge or anything, but because car rental companies,
require customers to fill the gas tank before returning it, and it you
dont theyll fill it for you with the company pump but at a higher price,
now we dont want that, so be sure to fill your tank before you return the

2.To get the discount off of discount car rental, make early
reservations, some car rental companies give discounts or free upgrades
for customers who reserve their cars early.

3.When youre planning to use your rental car for more than five days, or
longer, ask the rental car company if you can get discount car rentals
for a weekly rate, most companies offer discounts for the sixth and
seventh day for weekly rentals.

4.Ask your travel agency if you could get discount car rentals if you
acquire packages like fly-stay-drive or fly-drive. Most travel agencies
as well as hotels offer these programs at a discounted price, whats good
about this is that you get a discount and you shoot two to three birds
with one stone.

5.When you go to a car rental company, ask them if you could get a
discount car rental in exchange for your frequent flyer miles, this is
good for those miles that are about to expire, so instead of throwing
them away youd get one last use for them.

6.One way to get a discount car rental or maybe just the best deal for
your money is to look for sites or rental car firms that accepts a pre-
determined budget. This is when you indicate the money youre willing to
spend for the car rental, most rental car companies will give you the
program that has the biggest discount car rental and the best deal for
you, of course it pays to know if the company has a history of fraud, in
this day and age, you cant really trust people that much with your money,
check out the car before you reserve.

7.Ask the rental company for discount car rentals when you frequently
rent a car at their firm, theyre most likely to give discounts or free
upgrades if you always rent with them.

8.Get discount car rentals by reserving your car through the internet.
Most rental firms have internet only discounts that can save you a lot of
money, look up the rental firm that has the greatest discount for the
same value.

9.To get a discount car rental upgrade, try going to pick up your car
just as the shop is opening, therell be a shortage in the economy cars,
and youll probably get a free upgrade when they cant give you the car you

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