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									How To Draw Manga Creatively Off-And-

Do you have the passion for drawing manga? If so, are you willing to
invest your time and money on the resources that will help you be a
manga pro even without experience or qualifications? If you are, then
read on as I am going to show you how to draw manga creativity off and

Firstly, you should have read and seen many manga comics and
animation. You should have a mental mindmap on how most manga
characters look like, their common characteristics, typical behaviour and
the settings around them.

Not just humans but animals, aliens and even robots. You should also
have a draft story in place if you feel the story is not good enough and
how you can make it much better and more appealing to fans.

At first glance, you might not understand what I am talking about. Still
that is what I have been doing for the first 15 years of my life since
starting to sketch at 16.

That was in 1990. I bought some Robotech comics and one mega graphic
book featuring all the 200 characters, robots and vehicles at a bookstore
recommended by cousin. If you have similiar passion, you will certainly
feel and do the same to develop and improve your drawing skills.
The next thing I do is buy an A4 size drawing block. Then I started
drawing. As my foundation is not strong then, I copied some of the
characters from the graphic book.

The first character I have drawn was Lynn Minmei. She is the young girl
who brought the aliens’ downfall with her enchanted songs in Macross.
Then I draw Rick Hunter, his sworn big brother Roy Fokker, Lisa Hayes
and other characters. My objective here is to get a feel of what it is like to
draw manga characters.

Gradually I started developing my own style after watching other
animation series like Akira, Gundam, Patlabor and Silent Mobius. Those
artistes such as Haruhiko Mikimoto of Macross, Yoshiyuki Tomino of
Gundam and Kia Asamiya of Silent Mobius have their distinctive drawing
styles and trademarks.

In contrast to most manga drawing books, I did not start out with circles,
squares, rectangles and triangles. I used my memory to draw those
characters. The result turned out to be too simple and not as
sophisticated as what I saw in comic books.

Later I bought books that taught me how to draw manga.

Using the techniques and strategies they taught, I found myself
progressing faster since I did this every single day.
Then from characters, I progressed to drawing machines like robots,
vehicles and animals. It was from then something hit me.

I know a classmate who was extremely good at drawing robots. But he
did not want to share his secret with me nor with anyone else. Yet seeing
him draw then and myself drawing now, I kind of felt a deja vu and an ah
ha moment. It was from that moment I started creating my first comic
story based on what I drew.

With that said, here are my 9 basic steps on how to draw manga
creativity offline.

1. Read plenty of manga comics and observe the characters styles by
different artistes.

2. Bought them as references and then materials and tools you needed
like merchanical pencils, markers, rulers, compasses, projectors and plain
A4 drawing block of paper.

3. Copied from manga books your favourite characters to get a first hand
feel of drawing manga.

4. Draw your own characters on fresh set of blank A4 paper in your own
style without copying

5. Improvise your characters with references from books that teach you
how to draw manga.
6. Scan and made multiple copies of your drawings in case your original
drawings get lost or spoilt

7. Get poster and colour pencils and books that teach you how to colour.

8. Add colour to what you draw.

9. Rinse and repeat the whole process to machines, animals and
environmental settings.

10. Create a story based on what you drew.

Those are offline methods. Online wise, there are many videos you can
find in sites like Youtube. If you are really serious about making this as
your career, you might want to invest in manga courses and software to
automate if you do not like to draw manually.

However the foundation is still the same. You need to have a passion for
reading manga comics, graphic books, watching animation series,
learning and drawing.

This is how I mastered my artwork. I hope you can do the same and
achieve similiar results.

                   If you have been a manga fan like me with desire to
make it big but struggling to draw, please feel free to check out my site
on How To Draw Manga Faces.
                       But if drawing and adding colour manually is not
your cup of tea, you might consider Manga Studio as your alternative.

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