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									 How I am Making
 $100+/profit From
 Ebay spending only
few minutes per day.

This report is created towards people who already know what ebay is and
                 what you can do with it. Basically ebay is:

                           ●  Place to buy online
                            ● Place to sell online

                     ●   Place to Bid on Actions online

First off I am going to relevant my way, that I am earning $100+/per sale.
 This method require you to invest some money I would say $250-300 if
you want to make $100+ profit. Also this is a bit risky if you don't follow
                            my method carefully.

                                Basically the idea is:
  You will be biding on a item and after you win the item you need to pay
  for it. The seller will sent the item to your door and in that time you will
  re-list the item for sale in ebay. When your action finished you will end
                        up with around $100 + profit ;).

  I can guarantee that this method is working 100% because I am doing it
          for 2-3 months now and its working really well for me.

   I am hoping most of you that are reading this ebook are having ebay
  account already. If you don't go to and register

     All I can say is Good Luck to everyone and carefully read my
                           instructions below.
                        Step 1 – Getting Started

               Let me explain the method more detailed.

You will be bidding on mobile phones items. The model that I am going
 to talk in this method is Nokia N95, but I hope that u can do this with
 other mobile phones as well. You should be bidding on the item in the
right time and put your action on the right time ass well, because if you
don't you will not be able to find any Nokia n95 8gb for 150 pounds and
    also selling one to make $100+ profit. You need to remember the
following that after 1-am UK time the phones are going very cheap and
  I really don't know why is this happening so thats the time when this
                         method comes into work.

  Lets say is around 1-am UK time now and lets follow the following
                   steps to see what I am doing... SO:

                            ● Go to
                    ●   Type Nokia N95 as seen below

  Now you need to click search button and you will be redirected to a
            page that is looking similar the one below

Now after you have arrived here you should click the link thats says
“Mobile Phones” ( look at the my image above that is with green )
 After we have clicked on “Mobile Phones” link we will be redirected to
           other page that is looking similar the image bellow.

As you can see from the above image there are Nokia n95's 8gb selling for
   around 140-150 pounds. With around 5-6 minutes left in the action.
  Now have a look carefully the most ended soon items and choose one,
click on it and start bidding. I have already chosen to bid on the following
                           mobile phone so lets see:

As you can see the action will end in around 2 minutes and the current bid
  is 134 pounds so what you need to do is to bid on the item I would say
don't spent more than 150 for a phone. So the next available bid is 136 go
 and bid on it. And refresh your action until the action have ended. If you
 got outbided which is 99% not possible because everyone is sleeping in
 UK go and bid again before the action have been ended. As I said above
              don't spent more than 150 pounds for a phone.

Now you have won the item and you will be required to pay for it. Go and
make your payment and the phone should arrive at your door around 2-3
days if you are living UK, if not 2-3 weeks if you are living out side UK.
                      Points you need to remember

  ●   Don't spent more than 150 pounds for a phone because you will not
          be able to make your $100/profit ;) after you are selling it.

                       ●   Bid only after 1-am UK time

             ●   Try to get win the cheapest phone that you can

The more cheaper you win the phone the more profit you will be making
                              for you...

 Now you have made your payment to the seller and you are waiting to
received the item but in this time, we are going to list the item for sale in
                        ebay with our own action.
                      Step 2 – Create your action

To create your action you must be creative enough and know what to do. I
am going to try and explain step by step every thing that I am doing to end
                            with $100+ profit.

                      So how to create your action:

Click on the following link ( see the image below ) - the link with a green
                           where is says “Sell”

 After you have clicked that link you will be redirected to a page similar
                           like the one below:
Now you got redirected to the page which looks like the image above.
 Type your title I will suggest you to use some of the following titles
   because they attract more bidders that will bid on your action:

         ●   Nokia N95 Black 8 GB For Sale "Perfect Condition"
                  ● Nokia N95 8GB “Good Condition”

                  ● “Perfect Condition” Nokia N95 8gb

                ● For sale Nokia N95 8gb ”Great Phone”

After you have your title don't forget to Click on the “ Advanced Sell” -
                        look at the image above.

Now you need to click “ Start selling” and you will be redirected to the
                           following page:

Now you need to click the most appropriate category for your phone so
that will be “ Mobile Phones”, then click Continue button and you will
                       arrive at the page bellow:
 Now you need to enter Brand or Product type, or Model: So enter “nokia

 You will see something that will appear like the image above choose your
mode. I choose the following one as you can see in my image above which
is 2 and click select, and you will be redirected to a page looking similar to
                               the below one.
Now you need to enter details of your action so go on and do it:

    1. Tittle – example ( Nokia n95 8GB “Perfect Condition” )
 2. Subtitle – example ( Great smart phone in perfect condition )
                          3. Brand - Nokia
             4. Model – Other – Nokia n95 Smart phone
                      5. Type – Smart phone

                  Follow the image above...
6. Camera – Other – 5 Mega pixels Digital Camera
 7. Condition – Choose the condition of the phone
               8. List all the features

         Follow the steps bellow...
9. Get a picture of your phone – go to google images and search for
   nokia n95 8gb and add a picture. You will need only one so don't
   10. Describe your item – Look at my description to get a idea.

                   Follow the steps bellow...
             11. Starting price I would say put 79 pounds
     12. Buy it now is up to you but I would recommend 220-230
                               pounds ;)
 13. It's most important to set up your action when to start and
when to end. So I choose the duration to be 3 days and the action
  to start at 18 oct. at 17:30 – PM UK TIME, which means my
  listing will end at 21 oct. at 17:30 PM UK TIME. This is very
important and I will tell to set your time at around 17:00 to 20:00
  so the item can end when bidders are not sleeping in UK and
    have come back from work or school. In this times ppl are
 bidding the most and the phones are selling for around 220-250
                      pounds from my research.
    14.Select where you want to received the money ( type your paypal
                   email their ) as seen the image bellow

15.Click on the Continue button at the bottom and at the next step you
   will be required to review your listing before you list the item for
    sale and to pay your fees which will be no more than 2 pounds.

                         Points to remember

                  ● Be creative when writing your title
              ● Be creative when writing your description

●    Remember to put the right time when your listing will start and
     end if you don't then you will lose money this way if you do you
                            will only profiting.
Thats all. I hope you have learned something that u can live with. This way
 I am earning around $100 + per phone. If you are lucky enough you can
                              even earn more.

                          GoodLuck to everyone

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