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					Revive Your Old Cosmetics and Beauty Products

It is easy to accumulate an over-abundance of cosmetics and various beauty products, either as a result of
making purchases that don't quite live up to your expectations, or by pushing aside containers that are almost
empty. You can save some money and become a more responsible consumer by following these simple tips for
extending the life and usefulness of items that you already have at home.

Even your favorite beauty product will tend to get pushed to the back of a drawer or cosmetic counter when it
starts scraping the bottom of the barrel. You know that it is wasteful to throw out the bottle when there
still a small amount of the product remaining, but it takes too much time to coerce those little amounts
outtheir resting places, particularly if they are dried out. A simple trick to make use of those remnants,
while extending the life of that product you likely spent a lot of money on, is to add a drop of thinner
a dried out bottle. The thinning substance will vary depending on the product, but a good example is nail
polish. When you end up with thick or hardened polish, simply add a few drops of nail polish remover to the
bottle, and shake gently until it blends with the hardened nail polish.

When makeup such as foundation, powder or blush gets old, you can still use the product as though it were new.
However, it is possible that it will not blend as easily as it once did. In this case, you can try
misting with a fine spray of water after application. This will make the cosmetic more pliable, creating
your face
moisturizing effect, and refreshing the ingredients. Use your fingers or a soft sponge to blend the makeup
incircular motion until it appears natural and adheres well to your facial skin.

If you use powders for your foundation or eye shadow, you likely have experienced cracking, which makes the
product crumble and appear to be unfit for future use. It often shatters and becomes a messy experience every
time you open the container. Do not throw these products out, though, because there is a simple solution. Open
the container with the crumbled powder, and then add several drops of rubbing alcohol, also know as isopropyl
alcohol. Mash the powder and alcohol together with a spoon or similar implement, and then let it sit untouched
for a few days. The alcohol will dry out and your powder will be compact once again.

Despite your desire to lengthen the shelf life of beauty products you own, there will inevitably be times
whenmust let go of them. Some types of makeup have natural ingredients with few preservatives. This is far
better for your skin, but it also means that they can become rancid and will need to be disposed of after
few weeks or months. In addition, some cheaper products made in foreign countries may not adhere to the
stricter guidelines for additives that may be more harmful to your skin. In general, it could be wise to
out cheap cosmetics that have been sitting around for a while. Use these products consistently after buying
them, to avoid the chance of this happening.

Keeping these ideas in mind, you should be able to extend the useful shelf life of your beauty products. The
money you save can then be invested in new products that you may want to. Keep an open mind and use all the
resources at hand to enhance your beauty, as well as your pocketbook.

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