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									Pros And Cons Of Different Acne Treatments

Do you have a lot of acne? There are a lot of different treatments available and this article is here to
helpselect the best ones.

There are a lot of different medications you can try, such as Retin-A, Differin or Tazorac. In most states,
you need a prescription to get these medications. Talk to your doctor if you want to try these treatments.
These medications usually work well, but they have side effects. For instance, you can get orange marks on
your skin if you expose it to the sun, which is not convenient if you live in a sunny state. You might
alsoa very dry skin and other side effects such as a loss of appetite, sexual drive or difficulties going

Applying creams to your skin such as ProActiv, or different products from Laroche-Posay, Garnier or Nivea
works for certain types of acne. These products will definitely improve your complexion by preventing
breakouts and drying your acne, but they can also damage your skin. These creams contain a lot of chemicals
and are very acidic. Your skin may become red, dry, itchy and start scabbing in some areas.

You need to use a good moisturizer before you apply your anti-acne cream. Try different creams and talk to
your dermatologist to find the best creams available. Price can also an issue with these treatments. Compare
different products, and do not hesitate to buy an affordable cream instead of one from a well known brand.

Home remedies are a cheaper alternative. You can apply a honey mask to your face, or use green tea to reduce
infections. There are many other home remedies that are very efficient against acne. Do some research online.
These remedies work to a certain extent and are not convenient. Even though the ingredients are affordable,
some of them are hard to find and some kind of preparation is necessary, for instance, with the classic soda
powder mask. These remedies are ideal if you have enough time, but you need to find something easier for your
morning routine.

It is important to understand some treatments do not really work. You will have to test them for yourself
and out which ones are the most efficient for your specific needs. Use your own judgment not to apply
anything dangerous on your skin.

If your acne is caused by an hormonal unbalance, you can try hormonal treatments such as Spironolactone, or
any kind of birth control pill. These remedies are very efficient if your acne is only caused by hormonal
unbalances. You should expect a lot of side effects from hormonal treatments. Talk to your doctor first
to sure this is the right solution for you. Birth control pills are safe and efficient but you might
behavioral changes, especially if you have suffered from depression before. Other hormonal treatments might
have negative side effects on your growth and development.
Every acne treatment has pros and cons. You will have to test different treatments, get advice from
professionals and see for yourself what works best for your acne.

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