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					Organizing A Successful Online Contest or Giveaway

Organizing contests, drawings and other giveaways is an excellent way to get some attention on the Internet
and to promote your products. This article is here to guide you throughout organizing your first contest.

Make things official with rules. Rules should cover who can enter the contest, what they need to do to win,
what they will win, who gets the rights of the material they submit for the contest, a deadline and any
of disclaimer you feel is necessary. Read through rules for other contests to get an idea of what you need
include or go to a specialized attorney to get the rules of your contest written by a professional. People
will be more likely to trust you and participate in your contest if they can easily find and understand
rules. A contest without specific rules would open the door for a lot of complaints from people who think
should have won the prize.

Open your contest to other countries. People who take an interest in your products and want to join your
contest will not get a good opinion of you if they cannot enter the contest because of their location. Opening
your contest to other countries is a good way to find new markets and to make the competition more
interesting. If you plan on using the material submitted for promotional purposes, it is in your best interest
to attract talented people from all over the world.

Make entering your contest easy by allowing people to submit their entry on the internet or by mail. Create
a page on your site where people can enter their submission; test this page to make sure the submission form
works perfectly. You could also accept submissions on Facebook by having people tag you in the pictures or
videos they want to submit. Accept submissions by emails and provide a P.O. Box address so that people can
send their submission by mail. Let the contestants know that the method of submission will not influence their
chance of winning, as long as you get their submission before the deadline.

Add a quick summary of the rules on your website or social network profile. Get the attention of a potential
contestant by explaining what kind of submission you want and what they can win in a few seconds only. Add
pictures of the prizes, their value and write a short description of the submission you want. Make the
deadline visible too. Add a link to the complete rules of the contest and to the entry page.

Get more people to join your contest by encouraging the contestants to share the contest with their friends.
For instance, the last step of the submission process could be to share a link to your site on their Facebook
profile. You should also encourage Facebook submission by letting contestants tag your page in the pictures or
videos they post as a submission since all their friends will see this submission in their newsfeed. Perhaps
you could give out an additional small prize for the contestant who referred the most people to your contest.

You should have a better idea of what you need to do to launch a successful contest on the internet. Learn
more about other contests to get a better idea of how other businesses are doing it.

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