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					Online Marketing Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

While the rise of the Internet brought a world of customers to your company's doorstep, it has also pitted
against thousands or even millions of new competitors. Many of these companies have the funds and expertise to
create a limitless online presence, whereas smaller and start-up companies have more modest resources.
Fortunately, there are many opportunities to market your company online in a way that is both effective and

Few online users can resist the appeal of an interesting and well-written blog. Adding a blog to your
company's website offers prospective and current customers a reason to visit your site daily, weekly or even
monthly. Make the most of blogging by including regular updates, relevant content and incentives to return
again and again. It also helps to include an option on your blog that allows readers to share your posts
social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a natural talent for writing, article marketing is a viable option. Create informative, relevant
articles with eye-catching titles and submit each one to article directories. At the end of each article,
include a call to action that will entice the reader to seek additional information from your website. Before
submitting your articles, ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

One of the most remarkable things about social media sites is the speed with which users can reach out to
members of their network. Gone are the days when customers only shared negative reviews of companies; today
people enjoy sharing information about their favorite products, brands and businesses. Sites like Facebook and
Twitter are useful for businesses because each allows companies to interact with members of the target market
in real time. After creating a page for your business on Facebook, use that space to offer a discount
freebie for anyone who refers others to your page. Entice would-be customers to subscribe to your updates by
promising access to exclusive content and sneak peaks of upcoming sales or events.

Thousands of companies have discovered that video sharing sites like YouTube are valuable tools for reaching
out to consumers. Create and upload a brief, professional video and include customer testimonials, product
demonstrations or an entertaining skit. Think of your YouTube account as your own television channel and
upload related videos that are likely to appeal to members of your target market. If your company provides
landscaping services, for example, create a slideshow that showcases some of your best work. If you own a
salon, try making a video that teachers viewers to style hair for a special occasion. At the end of each video
clip, include a call to action and invite viewers to visit your website or place of business.

Even if your company has limited financial resources, there are many low-cost and no-cost online marketing
solutions. Developing a solid understanding of these principles helps to create a foundation for future
marketing efforts and a time when you have more money at your disposal. Until then, get your foot in the door
with the guidelines from this article.

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