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muscle_mass_building_exercises by Arnelvaw



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									Muscle Mass Building Exercises

Chances are you would love to be built with a nice muscle physique that most women love to look at. If you are
a thin man and desire a healthy, fit, and muscular body you should find the right exercises to do to help
you muscle instead of working against yourself and losing weight. Gaining muscle mass requires you to do
muscle building exercises.

Barbell squats are a great exercise to work out mainly your quadriceps. You also work out your calves, glutes,
hamstrings, and and lower back. All you need to perform these exercises is a barbell and weights. Be wary of
this exercise if you have any issues with your back.

Barbell deadlifts work out mainly your lower back muscles, which are very important muscles to work out for
strength building. Other muscles that you use when you do barbell dead lifts are calves, forearms, glutes,
hamstrings, lats, middle back, traps, and quadraceps. Again the only equipment you need to do these exercises
is a barbell and weights.

Barbell bench presses work out the chest area of the body. These exercises also work out the shoulders and the
triceps. Again you do not need a lot of equipment to do these, simply a barbell and weights.

Dumbbell bench presses work out the chest area as well. Dumbell bench presses also work out the shoulders and
the triceps. You need to do these exercises at a incline on the bench and all you need is dumbells.

The barbell military press works out the shoulder mainly. But barbell military presses also work out the
abs arms. This is an exercise you do while standing and all you need is a barbell and weights to lift.

The clean and press used to be a whole event in the Olympics up until 1972, it was taken away from the events
when they decided it was too difficult to judge technique. The lifter will jump the bar up in quick
succession. One by the hips, knees, and then ankles. When they let the legs do that work the bar goes up onto
the chest and then into the air.

Wide grip pull ups mainly work out one's lats instead of working out just the biceps as regular pull ups
Instead of putting your hands close together on the bar when you are doing pulls up you should put them as far
apart as you can and still pull yourself up as much as you can to complete the pull up.

Barbell curls will work out the biceps and the forearms. They are done by simply using a barbell in your hands
and curling them forward toward your body. They are simple and all you need is a barbell and some weights.
Leg presses work out all parts of the legs, you need a machine to do these. You place your legs on the flat
area and push up against the weight of the machine.

The French press works out your triceps. They work by lying on a bench with weight behind you and then lifting
it to the front of your chest!

Now that you have read these exercises and tips on doing them you can be well on your way to being more
muscular and tougher for the women in your life.

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