Howdy Folks,
Kenny Lacy here, and welcome to my Hub. Just a quick bit about me- I'm currently working in the
Technical Services Industry. I'm also a former College Instructor, Law Enforcement Officer, and
former restaurateur/ food service business owner.
I'm an Outdoor, Boating/Fishing enthusiast, and I also enjoy raising Exotic Birds.
I'm here to share my thoughts about my former business adventures, and to enlighten you about my
newest venture EZ Wealth Solutions
So sit back, enjoy my hub and get to know what makes a former "Mustard Slinging" Hot Dog
salesman trade in his cart and restaurant for an EZ Wealth SolutionsInternet biz.
God Bless...
Several years ago my family and I owned and operated a successful Food Service (HOT DOG) biz.
This was a GREAT little business that was Extremely Fun an Profitable considering that We only put
in about 3-4 hours a day.
Although things were "VERY Slow" in the beginning, business began to pick up as we began making
a name for ourselves. Eventually We were able to make a pretty good living at this and did so for
about 7 years. Our initial Start Up Cost for this Biz was probably somewhere around $3000-$5000 (
Equipment Only).
We spent the first 3-1/2 years selling our products in New Bern, NC at the foot of the Twin Rivers
bridge. Our location was right on the waterfront across from the City Park and our clientele consisted
of a diverse mixture of both Blue collar workers and Professionals from the downtown area.
As our business began to grow, we were constantly being invited to cater various parties and social
events. Obviously, this was good exposure for our business and because we provided a Fun,
Affordable, Desirable product, we quickly became the "Hit of the Party" at many of New Bern, NC
best Birthday and Sorority Parties, Political Fund Raisers, and LIVE "On Site" Radio Promotions.
Then,one day we were approached by one of our customers who asked us if we would be willing to
provide our services at a Softball Tournament aboard a Marine Corp base at MCAS Cherry Point,NC.
After investigating the requirements on how to do this, we were eventually Blessed with a government
contract with MCAS Cherry Point that lasted another 3-1/2 years.
It had always been our intention to open a Full Scale Restaurant to better serve our clientele and after
7 years of paying dues, We were eventually presented with an opportunity to open our First
Restaurant. However little did we know that we where about to learn an IMPORTANT lesson about
the difficulties of opening a Restaurant and dealing with local Bureaucratic processes and doing
business in our town.
Well, To make a LONG story short, lets just say that we winded up loosing EVERY DIME that we
made trying to overcome the Bureaucratic Incompetence of some local officials, the (Health Dept.
And Building Inspector). So, we spent 7 years busting our butts serving the local community only to
see it ALL go "DOWN THE DRAIN"...
But, you know what folks, I DID NOT GIVE UP!!! Several years later we were "Once Again" given the
opportunity to take over a floundering Restaurant, which we took advantage of. However, this was
"NOT TO BE" either because of the timing of 911. When this Military community and all of it's brave
service men and women headed off to war, our local economy which pretty much depended on
having them and their families here to support it, dried up!
So, after striking out again trying to open our Family Restaurant It was "Back to the RAT RACE" for
me, working a regular 9-5
J.O.B, busting my butt for somebody else. Once again I was back in the land of LOW PAY, and
LONG HOURS. And you know what, "IT SUCKED"!!!
Folks, let me tell you something; Once you get the Taste of running your own business "There's
nothing like the FREEDOM and EXCITEMENT of It", no matter WHAT IT IS. If you have EVER ran
your own biz, then you know what I'm talking about. But, If you haven't then you really need to come
to know this FREEDOM that I'm speaking about.
Folks, since closing my Hot Dog Biz, I have always known that "ONE DAY" I would find another
business opportunity that I could Whole Heartily believe in and that would give me the same
EXCITEMENT and JOY that I experienced when I was "Slinging Mustard" down by the river.
And even though the Internet was in its embryonic stages back then, I knew that the "KEY" to finding
and Succeeding in my next business would be in utilizing the GREATEST TOOL ever invented!!!
So, I spent Several years looking into and trying most of the MLM, and Network Marketing
opportunities out there. After being involved in the likes of such companies as: Amway, Herbalife,
Meleauca, Primerica, and many others, I sold and Marketed everything from Soap to Vitamins, and
everything in between.
But, I was unable to find a business with the 5 KEY ingredients I felt were necessary for assuring My
Success:(Affordability, Duplicatable, Easy to Understand and Implement, Appeals to the
Masses, and STRONG Customer Support from "REAL PEOPLE")
Please don't get me wrong here folks, I'm not knocking any of these programs. They are all good
programs and they have worked for many people that are involved in them. It's just that "They did not
work for me".
So, I was still looking for something as Easy and FUN to operate as my Hot Dog Stand, but
WITHOUT the Headaches and Hassles of State and Federal Health Regulations, Inventory, Food
Cost, Spoilage, etc.
I wanted something that I could put just a few hours a day into yet STILL be able to see Profits
building quickly. And, I knew in my heart that it was just a "Matter of Time" before someone would
come up with what I would call "The Perfect Business Model".
A business that would allow the "Average Person" with basic computer skills and a DEEPLY
ROOTED "Desire to SUCCEED" achieve measurable success one day at a time, in $47.00 and
$97.00 increments!!!
Well my friends, about 3 weeks ago, I got an email from a Good Friend that introduced me to a
relatively NEW and PROMISING business, and it has all of the elements that this former business
owner desired.
It's very affordable because of a "PAY IT FORWARD" strategy that allows you to start virtually "Risk
Free", It's Easily Duplicatible, It's a Basic and Easy to Understand Business Model, It Appeals to
"EVERYONE" because Someone Else, (ME) will "Pay Your way In" , PLUS You get to "Keep 100%
of the PROFITS".
Not to mention, and this is one of the most IMPORTANT FACTORS that I was looking for, You have
the BEST
Customer Support System from one of the Most KNOWLEDGEABLE, EXPERIENCED, AND
WEB 2.0 Mentor/Coaches and Teams available online PERIOD...
So Folks, If you are like me and you have been contemplating trying or getting involved in an Online
business, then I would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to take a SERIOUS look at this business model.
This is NOT your typical "GET RICH QUICK" or Fly by Night Online business folks.
The site is not Flashy or full of Bling- Bling, but it DELIVERS what it says it will deliver, IF you are
capable of learning the basics and working the program.
You know Folks, in these uncertain Economic times many of us are struggling Daily to "MAKE ENDS
MEET". Maybe "YOU" are one of them? Could "YOU" use a little extra help with your Bills each
month? Do YOU know someone that is struggling with their Mortgage or High GAS prices? Maybe
YOU know someone that could use a little extra help with their Kids School or College expenses?
It doesn't really matter what you need the Money for, does it? But I'm willing to bet that if you had a
REALISTIC, HONEST, and ETHICAL way to supplement your Income, that was within Anyones
Budget, then you would take a SERIOUS look at it.
If the thought of DAILY $47.00 and $97.00 CASH Payments intrigues you, then take a GOOD HARD
LOOK at EZ Wealth Solutions my friends.You owe it to yourself to AT LEAST investigate what I am
telling you here. Do your Due Diligence on EZ Wealth Solutions then make a POSITIVE decision to
change your families FInancial Outlook TODAY.
The fact that you have read up to this point tells me that you may be looking for a Business model
that fits into YOUR busy lifestyle. MAYBE this Fits what you're looking for, Maybe NOT ! Either way,
Folks, I'm totally aware that there are TONS
silly Internet claims that promise to make you a Millionaire or Rich in 30 Days or something
ridiculous like that. And, I'm NOT going to Insult your Intelligence by making such exaggerated
What I'm about to share with you sells itself! IF you just Take the time to Investigate it. As a former
businessman I can really appreciate the No Nonsense, No Hype, No BS approach that EZ Wealth
Solutions brings to the table. So, There is no need for us to make such claims.
This program is designed to Realistically put$47.00 to $97.00 and Up DAILY Cash Payments into
you Pay Pal account with just a little effort on your part. It is designed for Work at Home Moms, Mr
Moms, Retirees', College Students, Business Owners, Former Business Owners, or anyone
else that has a few extra hours of time to Devote to building a Solid, Profitable, and Easy to Learn
This is not a "Pie in the Sky" biz op folks! I know that it's going to take "Some Effort" on my part to
make my business a success. Thank God I have never been afraid of a little Hard Work.
But, I also know that "My Success" will grow "Much Faster" if I am willing to Share my knowledge
and experience with all of you who are looking for the same thing that I'm looking for which is merely
I'm not here preaching "How To get Rich Folks", I'll leave that to all of the Internet Guru's out there.
What I am preaching is a "Realistic" way for you and your families to possibly "Get out of Debt".
And, maybe have a little disposable income left at the end of the month, instead of wondering where
and how you're going to get the money to pay the Light Bill, Phone Bill, or put Gas in the car to take
the kids to practice or whatever.
It's YOUR Decision my friends. If you are looking for something REALISTIC without all of the HYPE
and BULL that you see with other programs, then take a few minutes to look over the Videos on my
If what you see appeals to you, TAKE THE FREE TOUR, then fill out the Short survey at the end and
I'll PROMPTLY get back to you. If you don't see anything interesting, then I'd just advise you to keep
your ears open because you are going to be hearing A LOT about this company in the coming days,
weeks, months, and years.
It's rare these days to get something of such value for such a small price. If it weren't for all of the
regulations involved in running a Food Service (HOT DOG) operation, I would definitely go back to
doing that. Even with an entry level cost of between $3500-$5000 to get started, it's STILL an
affordable and Fun business.
HOWEVER, now that I have found EZ Wealth Solutions, I can get the same Enjoyment and
Financial Benefits from my little Internet biz with out the hassles.
To learn more about me or my EZ Wealth Solutions Biz you can check me out on YouTube, or
Or if you would rather open a Hot Dog Stand, then give me a call and I'll share everything that I know
about this business with you for FREE.
Thanks for checking out my first Hub page Folks...
God Bless,
Kenny Lacy

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