Edward Wightman Sentence and Narrative by BobbyWightman-Cervantes


									               A R R A T I 0
                               of the Burning of
                     Edl"~ard JFightlnan.
       - _---

                               1alltes ~
                       the           God,
      r. ~ .AM E S by FrancGrace ofIrtlllnd, King of England,
             Scotland,        and             Defender of the
      ~L, -1. ~     aith,&r.  To ODrright Trully an4 right WeIbe-
        :... i,p;, _ loved Councellor,   ThomlU Lord Elltfmtre our
                  Chancellour of EnglAnd, Greeting.       Where the
     Reveren" Father in God,RichartlBi{hop of Coventry and Lith-
    fit/d, haviD~ judicially proceeded in the Examination, Hearing
     ad Determining of a Caufe of Herefie againfi Ea).f1"raWi{ht.
     ",an of the PariOt of 'Burton upon Trrnt in the Diocefs of Co-
    fltntrt) and Lichfitld, concerning the wicked Herefies of the
    Ebionitts, CtrinthiAns, Y"lc)ltinialls, Arrians, Mactaonians, of
    and of other Heretical,Execrable,
                                              PhotinUl,and Anabaptiftl,
                                         and unheard of Opinions,by
    the inflintl of Satan, by him excogirated and holden.v/«.
       That there is not the Trinity of Perfons, the ather, the
    Son, and the holy Ghofl, in the Unity of the Deity. 2. That
    Jefus Chrifi is not the true natural Son of God, perf Cl God,
I   and of tbe fame Subflance, Eternity and Mljelly with the Fa-
    ther in refpetl of his Godhead.      3. That [efus Chrifl is only
    Man and a meer Creature, and not both od and man in one
    Perfon. 4. That Chrif] our aviour took not humane f fh of
    the fabflance of the Virgin Afllr) his Mother; and thar That
    Promife, TIJe Iud of the Woman foil" brrtrk..,the,,'pC11ts J.,e.ul, WlS
                                     Bb*                                not
        not fulfilled in hrin. s. Tbat the Perfon of the holy Ghoft
        is        od c u I,coetern I. and co fTentialwith the ather
        and th on. 6. That the three C                  • 'rIk.. The pontel
        Creed, the NictM Creed, and the AtIM".ji_ Creed are the
        Hermes of the leo/.'t""tJ. 7.Th t he the faidEJw"ra Wight-
        ""'" is th t Prophet fpoken of in the eighteenth of DtlltrollO",}
        in tbefe word ,I ill r,,;{t thml "p. Prophtt, &c. And that
        That place of Ir.i.b, / .1,,,, h.'rIt ,r,tIt" tht Wi"t-prtfl: And
        that That place, whtfo f." u i" hiJ h.lla, are properand perfo-
        nal to him, th id Eh"r. WighNII"". 8. And thac he the
        raid Wightm"" is that P rfonof the holy Ghon Ipoken of in the
          cnptures , and the Comfort r fpoken of in the fi teenth of
          t J,hllJ Gofpel,   9.And rb t thofe words of our SaviourChriO:
        of the finof blafpemy a inft the holy hoil,are meantof his
        perfon, 10. And that That placethe fourth of M"/,,,b}, of
         EliM to co e, i Ii        . m aneof·          rfon. II. Thatthe
              Idorh fl pi the fie p of the firlldeath, I ell as tbe bo-
         d ,and i mort 11 0 ching the fl p ofch 6rndtath, 5th
         body i:      nd e e t           af of our    iOI1 J        Cbrift did
         {)eepin tbat            d atb         IIa hi b . 12. That the
          ou of the lec.'t j de arted,a~ n               em          &Ired of
        t     triumph nt       rch in H        . 13. Th t the aprizingof
         Infant isaDabominable cullom. I4.That there ought not b
         in the Chur b th ufe of the r'                  to e I brated in
         rh tern n of ead                    i        th r. of &ptifm to
           e c lebrat d in the Element of ater, a t            are no praai-
         fed in the Church of £11•.  ('"''''   Butthatthe ufe of Baptifmis
         to be Adminifired in ater, only to Converts of fufficientage
         of underfi'a ding, con erred from Infidelity to the Faith.
         IS. That od hath ordain dad fent him, th faid Edwtlra
         Wightm"", to p rform his part in the ork of the lvationof
         the world, to deli r it his teaching or admoDitionfrom the
         Her fieof th Nito/.it."tJ, as Cbrill WI ordained and rent
         to fa e th world, and by his death to deli er It from fin, and
         to reconcile iuo God. ) 6. And that Chriftianity i not boi-
        l profefled and pre         d in the hurch of Eng/".d, but only
        iA part. Wherein h the f: id Eaw"ra Wight",,,,, hath before
          he raid R vered arher, as alfo before our Commiffionersfor
                    if Edward Wightman.
 c~ufe~ Ecclefiani~al within our Realm of E" •.    (land, maintained
 his faid m~fi perillous and dangerou Opinion, a appear rh
 b. m:lny his Confeflion , as alfo by a Boo write n and fubfcri,
 bed by him, and given to us. For the which hi Damnableand
 Heretical Opinion,      he is by Divine fentence declared by the
 fa~d Reveren~ ather, the BI{h~pof C()1/t1lfr~ and Lichfirld,
 with the advice and conf nt of Learne Divines, and other
~earned in the Law affifiing him in Judgement, jufilyad-
 Judged, pronounced and declared to be an obfhmre and incor-
 rigible Hererick, and i left by them under the em nee ofrhe                                     .   ,.
 great Excommunication,       and therefore as :1 corrupt member to
 be cut oH"from the refl of the flock of Chrif], lefi he fhould in-
 ~"eClother profdling the true Chriflian Frith . and is to be by
 Our fecuhr Power and Authority as an Hererick punifhed ; As
by the S~'{nifica'llit of the faid Reverend Father in God the B:-
fhop of C()ventrryaed Lichfidd, bearing Date It LichfieJdthe
fou rtenth d a} f DfccmJ,er an t he nint h year of ou r Reign, and
remaining in our Court of Chancery more at large appear tho
And although the bid Fd7l'.Jrd 11'j,IJtman hath fince the faid
  entence pronounced againfi him, been often very charitably
moved and exhorted, as well by the faid Bifhop, as by many
other Godly, Grave and Learned Divines to diffwade, revoke.
and remove him from the faid blafphernous.Heretical and Ana-
baptitlical Opinions; Yet he arrogantly and wilfully perlifieth
and continueth in the fame. We therefore, according [0 Our
Regll JilunClion and Office, minding the e ecuton of [ufhce
in this behalf, and to give example to other left they fhould
att mpt the like hereafter, have determined by the afTent of
    ur C uncel to will and require, and do hereby authorize and
require vou Our faid Chancellor irnmediatly upon the receipt
hereof to ward and make out under Our great eal of Eng-
l.ma, Our Writ of'Execution according to the tenor in tI~e(e
prefents enfuiug. And thef prefent fhal! be your fufficiene
   'arrant and difcharge forthe fame.

                                                                -_     .....-------       _...

        q)Ex Yic- CivitAtu "()ft,~Lieh. /AlII',.;               CII", /lntr,,,tlUl,,,
        ..I.'-' Chrifl' P."r Rich.,_             ,r,'Uit/t",i" Di1li". C''U'IIt'" (j-
        Lich· Epi[c'PI4I"oIIujig"ific.""it.           'III'. ip{tt,"". ",. "Jv"fl4l
        'IlIe,,"'" EiJ",.ra.,. Wigh,,,,.,, P"r"h;~ ii, Bllrl'" fop" Tr'II'
         CtJfJe",,· cI- Lich· Dioce[. tU d- flip" ",ph."au htreji". B"i,,,u.
        Ctri"thi,P"I,,,ti,,i.,,i,Ar';i.M,,,,tlonii.S"nu              M"g;,M.""u
         A{It""hi,r""" Photi,,;,d- AII"".pli!lIV"", ./i".",,, htreji.,ch:'
         rllm, (f) ;"[,,ptr  a,   Aliirs eXtCrA"ai4'pi"i,,,i"UI ;"jli"[I,, S.t"".
        I:t(cogitatt~ & AII,thACiml"ai,i4, jllxtA CAn,,,"'" Ecd,ji.flico-
         rllm Irgllm'h rJ- CO"[NtlNai""mhlljUl Rtgll; "ojIri A"g'· ,xigen-
         tiAm jNdicial;,· proctat"s, pr4JiElIII EaJII.rtitu H'igh,IIIA"corAIfLI
         prllfato Rtvtrtndo PArr, A' Alii4ThtDI'gi4 d- jNruplriti4 Ji"; i"
        jNJicio AjJifl,,,tibUl "mpltr"lS. pr~a;a. "eph."rlA c,im;"" hcrt{tl
         ac IlliAdtteflanda bllljphtm;Aego B rreres co"tNrlMC;ttrrJ- tX qNA-
         dA", ptrtinACia [citllttr "A/icio{t ."imo" obaNrAto           pllblkAvit a,.
        feIJae"at rJ- Jjj[eminAbat, pfr {t""IIt;'m tltfinitivA'" tjN/dtm Re-
         "trtndi Petr» CII",C'D"I,,,jil ht%gorll'" d- j",uperi'"ImI pr~-
          a;[loTllm jllfit Legitimr & Ca"",;" eon,r. t""d,,,, EhArtIN",.,
          W~(ht"'A" in fa PAtte latam heretic" AdJ"ai,.t' d- pron"",iA'· tX-
          if/it; & ides'A"91111m              morhida", , gr'l' DO"';11;", lIbditos
                                       o't'r:11I                               [
          noflros [UA"'JtA.~ioIU;n.{ic;tt tjicitndllm rJ- ,li",i"A,dll", fort de-
          creuerit : CII", ;g;lur SA"aA hlllttr EcdeJiA "on h.btA' qNodHl-
          ttrim i" hit, p"rte fActre c:!r txrqNi deb,.t, ide", R,ver,,,dlll PA-
,         ter ell"d,,,, E dwA,a"m wij:hrm"" lit bl",ffihtmllm(!Jo dAm"AtHntJ
           H~relicllm b,Achio "o/lroje,,,/.ri reli'!,,;t, ""Jig"" a"imllllvtr-
    •    ]ionel/t[1e,,~ prollt pt' LiurM P Attntu pr~f.ti Rt'tIerendiP.Iris
          Epijcop; Covenrr· d- Lich';" hACpArlt J"ptri"ae COllftEr",bu;n
           (;"ncell"r' noftrll'" etrtificA'· eft. Nos igit"r Nt ~/"tor jNft;ti~
           & fiati CAtholi,. dt/ellfor: Yo/ente/" EccleJia", s"na"", "'          ,II-
          r" & /ihertA,es tj,,[dtm & fidt", CA,h.licA", ma""tentre & Je.
          fe"dtrt, A&hNjujmoai Hl.rtfu & Errores "bi9.1 (quAntll", in
           nqbis eft) erAdicAre d- extlrpare. ACH~rtt;"s fic ""viDos II·
           nimAaVtrjione ClnJigll.f plI"ir;. Attt"denre('h k"jH[""di Hereti-
           e"", ;nfO""A pr.diflA (,,,via,,,,, & dAm"At"m II1XIAIlges d- COIl-
          {Hlrudint'" Rtg"j nsftr; A"gl;~ j" hll' pArt' ""jilt,· ig"iI
           illCtnaiocomb",; aehert; Tihi pr4cipimNsIjllod diD. £J",.,l1l1m

            Df Edward Wightman.                                    II

WightmA" in cNft.dia tHA exiftent- in al;qHo loco pHMi" & Aperlo
intra CillitAum pr,.dirt eX CAUf,.pr.miffA "r.m popN/opNhlice
.gni committ;, & ,p[Hm Edlf1.raNm wightmAn in eotinn ignt re-
"liter combHri fAc·." hNjNfmodi criminu iJeup.tiontm "Iiorllm'h
Chrijli"norHm eXt"'pIN", m."ifeftNm, nt in fimile crimen/Ah.n-
turf    Bt htJ&fNb pericN/' ;nCHm~tnt; "HIIAtenUl omittlU.

                                      Henry Hihaite.

    This containeth a Warrant to be granted by Your Majeay
unto the Lord Chancellour of england, for the Awarding of
a Writ under the Great Seal of EnglAnd, to the Sheriff' of the
City of Lichfield, for the burning of Edw."dw;ghtm""      who is
convided of divers horrible Herefies before the Bifhop of Co-
'lIe"tre) and Lichfie/d, and by his Sentence left to tbe feculae
Power, as is by die faid Bifuop certified to Your Majelly, into
Your Hignefs Court ef Chancery.
    And is done by force of Your Majefties Commandment to
     me given under Your Highnefs Sign Manuel.

                                       Henry Hihaite •.                 -

THe      King to the Sheriff' of Our Ci~ of ~ichfit~d, Greetin~.
';1 Whereas    the Reverend ather In Chnft, R,ch.r. by Di-
~ Providence of CO'lltntrt) and Lichfit/d Bifhop, hath lig-
nified onto us that he jud~ iall)fproceeding, according to the
eligence of the Eccldiaft.lcal Canons, and of the l:aws and
Coftoma of this Our Xingdome of Ellg/AIIJ, agaanfl one
                      .           Bb • 3                 EdWArd
....       .   ,

                       12.                A N"'Ation oj the Blltnillg
               ~       ----                          - -        - -- - ------
                             Eawardwight",anof      thePar~fuof BNrtonuponTrent,    intb~
                             Diocef of C, entre} and L.chfield. of and upon the wicked
                             Heretics of £/"on, Ctr;lIrhlll,  r.l",ti";",,,tArr;1U, MIl"-
                             dtJn;UI, Simon Mag'", of MAnes, MAniehtlJ, PhotinHI, and
                             of the Anabaptift J, and other Arcb.Hereticks, and moreover
                             of other curf d Opinions belched by the innind: of Satan ex-
                             cogitated and heretofore unheard of, the aforefaid Edward
                             I'Vinhtrnan appearing before the aforefaid Reverend Father and
                             ot1~er»ivine , and Learned in tbeLaw,ammng him in Judge-
                             ment, the for faid wicked Crimes, Herefies and other dete-
                             flabl Blafphc:mi~s.and Errours ~ubbornly and partinacioufly,
                             knowingly, mahclou{1y, and With an hardened bean, pub-
                             lifhed def nded and difperfed, by definitive Sentence of the
                             faid Reverend Path r, ith the confent of Divines, Learned
                             in the Law aforefaid, )ufily, Lawfully and Canonically againfi
                             the faid Edla'ard Wightm.n in that part brought, nands Ad-
                              judged and Pronounced an Heretick, and therefore as a di-
                             feared heep out 0 tbe lock of the Lord, left Our Subje8,
                              he do infed by his co tagion, he hath decreed to be calt out
                              and cut off.     her as therefore the holy Mother Church hath
                              not further in this part what it ou ht more to do and profecute
                              the fame Reverend ath r, the fame EdWArd Wight",,,,, as ~
                              Blafphemous and condemned Heretick, hath left to Ourfecu-           Ex
                              lar Power to be punifh d with ~o dign punifhment, 3S by the
               ,              Letters Patents of t~e afore~ld ~evertRd ather the Bifhop
                   •          of Covtntrt} and L.chfit/d rn this behalf thereupon made is
                              certified unto Us into urChancery. We therefore as a zelot
       •                      of Juftice and a Defender of the atholike aith, and willing
                              chat tbe holy Church and tile Rights and Liberties of the fame
                               and the Catholike aith to         intain and Defend, and fuch
                               like H refies and Errors every where fo much as in us lies to
                               root out and tirpate, and Her ticks fo conl'll'l to punifh with
                              condign punifhment, holding that fuch an Heretick in be
                               aforefiid form con via and condemned according to the Laws
                               and Cufiom of this Our IDg orne of E,,'!.l mi in t is part
                               accuftomed ought to burned ith fire, We command thee
                               that thou caufe th raid EdwArd wight",,,n being in tby cuftody
                    ,r Ed ward Wightman.                          13
to be committed to the fire in forne publike and open place be-
Jow the City aforefaid, for the caufe afore1iid, before the
people, and the fame EJwArJ Wightm". in the fame fire caufe
really to be Burned in the deteftation of the faid Crime and
for manifefi:example of other Chrifi:ians, tbat they may not
fall into the fame Crime, and this no waies emir, under the
peril that {hall follow thereon. WitnefS,d'c.

                           161 I.
        Exptdu'    4pUrJ Wtjl",' Non, 'it Martii
           .Anno Rtgil1""bi Al'Igf &c. Non,.
                                  ,e, Windebank.

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