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print production

                   Leaving current and potential donors with a positive, memorable visual impression
                   of your organization can be critical to your non-profit's long-term efforts. Spinx will
                   work closely with you to develop highly professional marketing collateral materials
                   including brochures, mailers, newsletters, annual reports, invitations, corporate
                   identity packages and anything else that you may need.

                   Our graphic designers are highly qualified with a great depth of experience in working
                   with non-profit organizations to create a professional web design and image that
                   inspires potential donors and constituents as well as staff members and volunteers.

                   Organizations like yours look to us for a wide range of print design and production
                   assistance including:

                    • Corporate identity packages that include everything from a distinctive logo to
                       p ro f e s s i o n a l l e t t e r h e a d , b u s i n e s s c a rd s a n d c o n s i s t e n t b r a n d i n g o f a l l o
                       f your advertising, collateral and online efforts.
                    • Convention and trade show booth materials that grab the attention of attendees
                       and effectively invite them to learn more about your group.
                    • Supporting your online marketing with off-line materials and vice versa including
                       direct mail announcements for website launches and services.

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