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Life Insurance Leads, Health Insurance Leads, Financial Planning
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     If you can use more new clients…and I mean tons of new clients for your life insurance, health insurance, or
financial planning agency, I’ve got great news for you.

Think of what this means. Instead of pouring money down the drain on useless advertising and wasting time cold
calling trying to bring in new clients, your lead and referral generation programs will actually be extremely
profitable….Read More

In fact, one of the hundreds of strategies Ill show you, youll learn how to double and triple your appointments
instantly. Some will even call you for an appointment!

Now, I know this might all sound a bit exaggerated, especially if you are used to many of the traditional cold
calling tactics most insurance and financial planning agencies teach you.

There’s this myth that cold calling will fill up your appointment book. You know, just make 100 calls a day, 10 will
make appointments, and youll make 1 sale.

All agencies continue to grasp onto this cold calling system, but the fact is, it doesnt work. Sure, one out of a
hundred agents will be successful at it. Thats bound to happen. But the majority of us dont have the time and
energy to pick up the phone every day and make those gut wrenching calls.

Theres a second myth thats out there to. Just run an ad or two, or mail an offer to a rented list, and you’ll be
swamped with new leads.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. These days the cost of advertising, the declining quality of
mailing lists, increased postage costs, and stiff competition make getting leads much more expensive and far
more difficult than ever before.

This probably comes as no big surprise to you. Because if you’ve done any lead generation lately, you’ve
probably produced mediocre results, if not a complete disaster.

Let’s face it, if it was so easy to pull in hordes of new leads, everybody would be rich. But you and I both know
that simply is not the case.

The problem is, regardless of what company youre with, if you want to make a healthy income and keep growing
your client base, you must keep the leads and referrals rolling in.

You’re faced with a monumental challenge: either get a steady stream of new appointments or get out of the

If youve ever thought to yourself, all I need is to get in front of more people, then this is the answer youve been
waiting for. You’re going to get all kinds of different prospecting and marketing techniques that will help you get a
flood of new clients.

I put all of these strategies into a marketing course with foolproof instructions called, The Avalanche Response
Marketing System!

Inside you’ll get sales letters, postcards, ads, and powerful prospecting techniques that will help you get in front
of high quality prospects, and more. And I’m going to hand it to you on a silver platter…

Imagine never having to worry about an empty appointment book. Think how great it would be to know you can
generate new leads and referrals everyday and any day…even while you simply relax and go golfing.

"In the month of October, I had 38 rock solid appointments, 18 became clients over a period of 6 weeks (a far cry
from the 3 every two months, eh Brian.) My total commissions = $32,000 (so far). And this is usually my slowest
part of the year…business was soooo good that I actually ended up making almost as much money from October
to Thanksgiving, as I did from January to September. So to reward myself, I took from Thanksgiving to the middle
of January 1998, off. Thanks a million Brian, YOU DA MAN !!!"

"The sales letter system you developed is getting me a 20% appointment ratio with excellent prospects after
mailing to a cold list. I even get a few of them calling me for appointments first! But when I follow up for
appointments with the rest it’s almost like they are expecting my call. Getting appointments is so easy now!"

I used your postcard and heres what I got so far…a retiree who wants to transfer $25,000 into an annuity. Another
retiree with $150,000.00 and will annuitize it in order to fund a $15,000.00 per year premium for a life insurance
policy. And I sold 7 investments (which equals at least $7,000.00 in commission!) All this and I still have at least
another 6 more new clients lined up! Wow! Thanks a million Brian!

"I was really skeptical because there are so many so call marketing experts who claim they have the ‘Goose that
laid the golden egg.’ Well the results where phenomenal! I mailed only 30 letters. Didn’t make one follow up call,
and made $3,600 in two weeks!"

First you get the enormous manual called, 125 Master Strategies For Success In Marketing! This manual is
loaded with marketing and prospecting secrets that will keep you busy as a bee sitting in front of hot prospects.

Here are a few little-known secrets you’ll discover inside 125 Master Strategies For Success In Marketing! (You
might want to grab your highlighter and see how many of these powerful secrets you could apply right away):

Any one of these secrets will help you make more money now and for the rest of your career! Order Now.

But thats just the beginning. Thats only a small sampling of whats inside 125 Master Strategies For Success In

Bonus Section 1: The Foreign Currency Letter! This is an amazing letter that you can use word for word in your
marketing (and use as a template for any prospecting letter) to help you get all kinds of appointments. It uses
foreign currency as a spectacular grabber (a device used to grab the attention of your reader).

Bonus Section 2: The Letter That Produced Thousands of New Leads and Sales For Agents All Across The UK!
This letter was written at least 30 or 40 years ago and its responsible for Millions of dollars in new life insurance
business. Discover the powerful salesmanship in the letter……Click To See More Information
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