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									                              Dancing The Waltz

When dancing the waltz, make sure you hold your partner correctly. The woman’s left hand rests lightly
on the man’s upper left arm, and her right hand is held by the man’s left hand. The man’s right hand is
positioned on the woman’s left shoulder blade. The body should be firm, the spine almost stiff and the
elbows should never be allowed to drop. This signature posture lends an elegance and grace to the over-
all effect of the dance.

The basic step for the waltz is the box step. This is called as such because the footwork of the couple
forms an invisible box. The man steps forward with the left foot, and a side step to the right. He brings
the left foot beside the right foot, then steps back with the right foot. He takes a step back with the left
foot, and closes the right foot beside the left. The woman follows the natural opposite of the man’s

It is very important in waltz that the couple establish strong partnering skills. This is foundational in
ballroom dancing. The man should be able to lead competently and the woman must allow herself to be
led. You can only do this when you have made a connection and trust with each other. Practice often so
that you will both be able to anticipate each other’s moves and flow effectively.

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