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									                Easy Earn Online System
Member Name: ________________________________________________

Father Name : _________________________________________________

Home Address: ________________________________________________

Gender: ___________________        Date of birth: __________________

C. NIC#: ___________________       Passport#: ____________________

Nationality: _________________    Religion: ______________________

Qualification: __________________________________________________

Cell#: ____________________       Tell#: _________________________

Package Type: _________________________________________________

Amount Paid: __________________________________________________

E-mail Address: ________________________________________________

Referrer ID: __________________    Referrer Name: ________________

                                                 (Member Signature)

                FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
Member Name: ________________________________________________

Package Type: _________________   Amount Paid: __________________

Joining date: ___________________ Referrer ID: ____________________
                                                  (Director Signature)

          Main Office Plot No. C140 Nooriabad
   Sub Office Zafarullah Chok Jahanian (0345-7074238)
                               Online System

                   Agreement With Easy Earn
   1.  Registration fees are non- refundable & non-tranaferable.
   2.  Before registration myself, the Easy Earn representative showed me actual work.
   3.  Easy Earn is not going to trained me how to work on computer, internet.
   4.  You must have a valid email address where we can contact you . If you move or
       change email address, youagree to notify us via email as soon as possible so that
       we can keep your profile updated at all time.
   5. You understand anyone fund to be working 2 memberships would have their
       account terminate without notice.
   6. You understand that if you found to be cheating or are found to be fraudulent in
       any way your account will be terminated and your earning will be list. And (Easy
       Earn are not responsible in this case)
   7. We reserve the right to change cancel or end any offers, opportunities as well as
       the payment terms and rates at our sole discretion. We will do our best to notify
       you via email within 5 days of any change.
   8. You understand that assignment are offered as clients order them. You
       understand that any assignment can be changed at any time without notice.
   9. Payments are send on the 1st to 10th of each month when your account reaches
       $100 your will be paid check or can have money via franchise.
   10. If I misbehaved with the representatives of Easy Earn after registration my
       membership will be cancelled or terminate on the spot.
   11. If you reports have any errors company will make reduction from your earning.
   12. Any incomplete work will not be payable & accepted.
   13. Company will deduct monthly charges of your selected package from your

I ________________ agree that all above terms & conditions wich Easy
Earn representatives inform before & during registration with this project. I
will follow all above terms & conditions. I assured that all my personal
information is Correct.

Client signature: ______________                   Date : ____ / _____ / ____

          Main Office Plot No. C140 Nooriabad
   Sub Office Zafarullah Chok Jahanian (0345-7074238)
                             easy_earn @hotmail.com

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