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The sector of construction recruitment is growing rapidly in the UK. In spite of economic downturn, construction jobs in the UK are sustaining well and several projects are coming up as well.

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									                 Construction Recruitment Is Growing In The UK

Construction recruitment is always on a rise in the UK. In one form or the other, a large section of UK
population is engaged in the jobs related to the construction sector. This sector employed 7% of the
working population (counts to 2.2 million and above) as per the Office of National Statistics figures
published in 2009. Even though the economy is not in a good condition, still by the end of 2012, the
number is expected to exceed more than 2.8 million.

Most of these constructions works are generated from the sector of commercial properties and the
housing projects. The construction jobs are available all across the UK, but South East and London are
the most prominent sectors. This is because the building projects and infrastructure work are huge over
here in the form of Cross-Rail tunneling project, the Thames Gateway regeneration scheme, or the 2012
Olympics. A leading recruitment Sheffield firm mentions that jobs in the construction sector are always
steady and one of the least affected sectors of economic downturn.

New recruitment is high every year in the construction sector. During the peak of recession in 2008, it was
predicted that 88,000 people will be recruited in this sector between the period of 2008 and 2012 by
Construction Skills Network and the prediction seems to be true.

According to the experts, the demand of workforce in the construction sector is going to rise because of
many reasons. One such reason is the sustainability and carbon reduction policy. Existing constructions
will be refurbished for energy efficiency and all the existing facilities will cut down on the waste, which will
give a rise to more work in the construction sector. Because of the availability of the micro generation
facilities and various schemes by the construction companies, the homeowners are keener to renovate
their homes for better improvements. This is surely going to increase the possibilities of more construction
jobs in UK.

Infrastructure for telecommunications, energy and transport needs to be developed and maintained
constantly and for that construction recruitment is vital.

If you are interested to take a job in this sector then you can contact some of the recruitment agencies
and search for the suitable jobs. Online is the best source to lookup for these agencies and the available
jobs in the construction sector. This sector is growing consistently in the UK and it is the time to grab your

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