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					Glossary of Terms Shooting Video
A. Angle (angle of shooting)

  High Angle: The angle of the object retrieval. Impressively small object / dwarf
  Midle angle (eye level): The angle parallel to the image of the object. Impression of a neutral /
no dramatic impression.
  Low Angle: The angle of the shots below. A big impression.
  Bird's eye view: a bird's eye viewpoint. Impressively spacious environment with small objects
scattered without meaning.
  Frog eye view: a frog eye viewpoint. Camera position parallel to the ground or lower than the
ground object. Cause a sense of mystery, very large.

B. The size of the image
A. LS (Long Shot)
Meaning: Image width, reach out to objects around the main object

Functions: Indicates the object to its environment

2. FS (Full Shot)

Meaning: Taking the full image from head to toe

Its function: to show the form of an object with its environment intact

3. MS (Medium Shot)

Meaning: The size of the image of the head to knee

Functions: notice figure object with characteristics essentially

4. Mid shot
Meaning: Size Picture from head to waist

Function: Same as MS

5. MCU (Medium Close up)

Meaning: The size of the image from head to chest

Functions: Affirming the person's profile

6. CU (Close Up)

Meaning: The size of the image of the head to the lower limit of the neck

Functions: To provide a clearer picture of the object

7. BCU (Gig Close Up)

Meaning: Taking pictures of the head to the chin

Function: Highlighting the object expression

8. ECU (Extreme Close Up)

It means: Taking very close to detail specific parts of the body
Functions: Shows details clearly

9. 1 S (One shot)

Meaning: Taking pictures of the objects

Functions: Introducing figures

10 S (Two shot)

Meaning: Taking pictures of two people

Functions: Shows the interaction of two

11. S (three shots)

Meaning: Taking pictures of three people

Functions: Shows the interaction of three people

12. GS (Group shot)

Meaning: Filming a group of people

Functions: Shows the communality

C. The camera movement
  Zoom in / Zoom out: Position the camera and the object remains. Optical object impressive
facilities closer (zoom in) and away (zoom out)
  Panning: Position the camera still. The camera is converted to the right / left
  Tilting: fixed camera position. Turned toward the camera up / down
  Dolly out / dolly in: Camera and tripod placed on the wheel brace so that it can move in any
direction (dolly in, dolly out, left dolly, dolly right)
  Follow: the camera moves to follow the object
  Crane shot: The camera moves to reach a wider orbit since put on a long instrument (crane /
jib). W

D. Object Movement

In frame capture / out frame: Object moved to go into the catchment area of the lens / objects move
out of the field to catch the lens.
  walk in / walk away: the object is moving away / closer to the camera.


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