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					                                                                                                                            April 2011

                                                            Quarterly Focus
1-877-695-8321                                          An Oregon Employees Federal Credit Union Publication

           Oregon Employees Credit Union,
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           Get convenient access to your Oregon Employees accounts, anywhere, anytime.
                                                            Scan these codes* with your iPhone or Android
                                                            phone and download the mobile app for FREE!

                                                            Oregon Employees Mobile Banking allows you to:
                                                               • Check account balances
                                                               • View transaction history
                                                               • Transfer funds between Oregon Employees accounts
                                                               • Locate one of our FREE ATMs

                                                            Don’t have an iPhone or Android phone?

                                                            Enroll in Text Banking following these seven steps:
                                                            1. Login to your account at
                  iPhone                 Android
                                                            2. After you login, click SMS Settings
          *QR Codes are the square images on these          3. Click Add a mobile number
          phones. If you have a QR Code reader,             4. Agree to terms and conditions
          scan the image, and it will take you to the       5. Enter your mobile phone number
          appropriate website and you can download          6. Read and reply Y to the text message from 41411
          the mobile application.                           7. Enter verification code that was sent via text into the web site.

          Questions? Go to or call us at 503-485-4405 to learn more about Oregon Employees
          mobile banking solutions.

                  BALANCE Financial Fitness Program
          Oregon Employees Credit Union is dedicated to               nation or budget development, an appointment will
          helping you realize your financial goals – reducing         be scheduled – giving you the personal attention you
          your debt, saving for higher education, buying your         need to meet your objectives.
          first home, or planning for retirement – which is why
          we are excited to announce your newest benefit of           To use the new program, simply call 888-456-2227.
          membership: BALANCE Financial Fitness Program.              Counselors are available Monday through Thursday,
                                                                                5am to 8pm, Friday, 5am to 5pm, and
          Through BALANCE, you have access to                                   Saturday, 8am to 5pm (PST) or visit www.
          free, confidential money management                          for more information.
          information and assistance. All you have
          to do is make a toll-free phone call.                                 We recognize that money concerns have a
                                                                                serious effect on our quality of life. Now,
          BALANCE counselors can answer many of your ques-            through our newest partnership, you have access
          tions immediately – from how long an item stays on          to the very best professional guidance – so you
          your credit report to whether it’s better to lease or buy   can achieve financial security faster than you ever
          a car. For more complex issues, such as debt elimi-         thought possible.
Take Advantage                                What is Guaranteed Asset
   of Our Low                                    Protection (GAP)?
 Interest Rates                             If your car is involved in a total loss
                                            (due to theft or collision), you are
Are you looking for a new or used car,
RV or boat? Get pre-approved before         responsible for the gap between
you buy. Apply online at or       your auto insurance limits and the
       call us at 503-485-4405.             outstanding balance of your loan.

                                            GAP waives the difference
                                            between the actual cash value
                                            of your vehicle and the balance
                                            remaining on the vehicle loan.*
                                            Gap can be purchased at any
                                            time during your auto loan. In addition, GAP may waive up to
                                            $1,000 of your auto insurance deductible.** Benefits are paid up
                                            to $50,000. Protection begins immediately after we process your
                                            enrollment and continues for the term of the loan.
   Rates as of late March include:
                                            If you would like to add GAP to your auto loan, call us at 503-485-
               AUTOS                        4405 or stop by the credit union.
    As low as 2.99% APR for up to
          84 months (new)                   * Some exclusions may apply.
                                            ** This optional benefit is not available in all states.
 3.99% APR for up to 72 months (used)

           RV’S & BOATS
      As low as 6.95% APR (new)
           7.70% APR (used).                        Point. Click. DocuSign.
                                            Oregon Employees has partnered with DocuSign, the world
                                            leader in safety and security for electronic signatures, giving you
                                            the ability to electronically sign OEFCU loan documents and forms

   Increase                                                                       with your computer, tablet or
                                                                                  smart phone.
 Your Account                                                                             For more information, go to
   Security                                                                     , call us at 503-485-
                                                                                          4405, or stop by the credit union
If you haven’t set up a code word on your                                                 and find out how easy and safe
account, please call member services at                                                   electronic signing can be.

Whenever you call in,
member services will
ask for your code word.
Using a code word helps                                We are now on Facebook and Twitter.
increase the security on                         Like us on Facebook,
your OEFCU accounts.                                 Follow us on Twitter,
          Get Organized. Go                                                        National
         Paperless. Go doxo.                                                     Credit Union
OEFCU has partnered with doxo to offer you a secure online digital               Youth Week,
filing cabinet for long-term document storage. doxo is a new service
designed to help you organize important documents online. Now
                                                                                 April 18 – 22
you can automatically receive your Oregon Employees statement                                   Stop by the credit
on doxo, and it will be stored indefinitely in your personal online                             union during Youth
file cabinet.                                                                                   Week, April 18 – 22,
                                                                                                2011, and young-
In addition, you can upload important documents to doxo that                                    er members will
you would normally keep in a safety deposit box or file cabinet.                                receive free edu-
These documents might include tax documents, insurance policies,                                cational materials
                                                                                                to help them learn
                                                                                                about money and
                                                                                                savings. Remember
                                                                          to start saving early and watch your sav-
                                                                          ings grow.

                                                                          Make a $20 deposit and get a free $5
                                                                          gift card to Jamba Juice or Subway.

                                                                          What is Mechanical
                                                                          Protection (MBP)?
                                                                          MBP is coverage for auto repairs occurring
                                                                          after the Manufacturer’s Warranty on your
                                                                          new or used vehicle has expired. Our MBP
                                                                          program includes roadside assistance, tow-
                                                                          ing, rental vehicle assistance, travel and tire
titles to your house or cars, wills, trusts, medical receipts, mortgage   road hazard benefits.
paperwork, birth or marriage certificates, and any other documents
you would want to store long term.

To learn more about doxo and to sign up for this free service,
go to doxo even has an iPhone
app available.

                     Holiday Closures                                     MBP must be purchased while your
                                                                          new or used vehicle is under the original
                                                                          Manufacturer’s Warranty. You can save
    The credit union will be closed for the following holidays:           hundreds of dollars when you purchase
                                                                          MBP through the credit union rather
             Monday, May 30                  Monday, July 4               than through the auto dealer. Call us at
              Memorial Day                 Independence Day               503-485-4405 to see if your vehicle qualifies
                                                                          for MBP.
                                                        2011 Education Scholarships
                                                   OEFCU will be awarding two $1,000 Founders’ Scholarships in 2011. Any OEFCU
                                                   member, or his or her eligible dependent, may apply for a Founders’ Scholarship.
      Downtown Branch
                                                                                              Students must attend an accredited
      631 Winter Street NE                                                                    public or private institution of post-
      Salem, Oregon 97301                                                                     secondary education. Priority is given to
         503-588-0211                                                                         students attending a public or private
        1-877-695-8321                                                                        institution in Oregon, studying for a
                                                                                              bachelors’ degree.
   Contact us on the web:
                                                                                              Applicants are evaluated based on
                                                                                              academic performance, community
                                                                                              involvement, personal achievements,
               Lobby Hours                                                                    goals and financial need.
 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. • Monday – Friday
                                                                                            Go to, print and complete
               Phone Hours
 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. • Monday – Friday          the Founders’ Scholarship application and return it to the credit union along
               503-588-0211                        with the required information listed in the application packet. The application
         Toll Free 1-877-695-8321                  deadline is May 13, 2011. Scholarship winners will be notified by June 1, 2011.
                                                   If you have any questions, contact OEFCU at 503-485-4405.
             Drive-up Hours
          8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
         Monday thru Thursday
      8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. • Friday

       4,000 Shared Branches
  For Shared Branching locations, go to
                                                   Online Resources for Financing College
   or call 503-588-0211, 1-877-695-8321            As the cost of college rises faster than family income, financial aid and scholarships
                                                   will become increasingly important to help pay for college. Following are a
               75,000 ATMs
For ATM locations, go to          variety of online resources to help you with financial aid and scholarships.

  24/7 Mobile and Text Banking            – Trends in Student Aid 2010
                                                   provides detailed data on student aid of all types (grants, loans, work-study
        24/7 Telephone Teller                      and tax benefits) from all sources (federal and state governments, colleges and
     503-588-5467 • 1-800-676-7742
                                                   universities, employers and other private entities).
        24/7 Internet Banking
                       – Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
                                                   This website includes the link to apply for federal student aid, important dates,
        Evenings & Weekends                        and announcements.
        Visa® Credit Card (lost card)
        Visa® Check Card (lost card)      and
              1-800-682-6075                       ss/welcome.jsp – These free websites provide scholarship, cost and payment
                                                   calculators, and a variety of other information.
           Member Rewards

The articles in this publication are for general
information only and are not intended to pro-
vide specific advice or recommendations for any
individual. We recommend that you consult
your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor
with regard to your individual situation.

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