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									SCCT                        EXHIBITOR

                                                                           JULY 14–17, 2011
                                                            6th Annual Scientific Meeting of the
                                               Society of Cardiovascular Computed Technology

                                                                              JULY 14–16, 2011

                                                                   HYATT REGENCY DENVER
                                                                        Denver, Colorado, USA

                                                              Meeting & Housing Registration at

Presented by Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography
Jointly sponsored with the Center for Continuing Education, Tulane University Health Sciences Center
 The Industry’s Premier Marketplace
                             The Society of Cardiovascular                         How Can Your Company Benefit
                             Computed Tomography is the only                       from Exhibiting at SCCT2011?
                             international society dedicated                       + The Exhibit Hall opens on Thursday, July
                             exclusively to cardiovascular CT and the                 14; this “early” open will give exhibitors
                                                                                      access to SCCT pre-program attendees,
                             SCCT Annual Scientific Meeting is a true                 such as the SCCT 4th Annual Cardio-
                             representation of our international                      vascular CT Board Review Course and the
                             presence. The 6th Annual Scientific                      CTA Academy Course
                             Meeting will take place at the Hyatt                  + A Welcome Cocktails and Cheese
                                                                                      Reception in the Exhibit Hall gives
                             Regency Denver, Colorado, July 14-17,                    exhibitors the opportunity to mix and
                             2011. SCCT2011 offers a unique                           mingle with attendees
                             educational experience in clinical                    + Dedicated Exhibit Hall hours ensure
                             applications, cutting edge research,                     exhibitors exclusive time with attendees
                             and technology development. The                       + The Workstation Arena gives attendees an
                             Exhibit Hall provides an extension to                    opportunity for hands-on manipulation and
                                                                                      workstation comparison in one location
                             this attendee educational experience.
                                                                                   + Poster Sessions located in the Exhibit Hall
                             Between Poster Sessions and the                          guarantees high attendee traffic in the Hall
                             Workstation Arena located in the
                                                                                   + SCCT2011 is promoted to more than
                             Exhibit Hall, exhibitors benefit from high               30,000 cardiologists, radiologists,
                             attendee traffic at the meeting. As an                   technologists, nurses, and other key
                             exhibitor, you have the opportunity to                   decision makers in cardiovascular CT
                             meet physicians and other decision                    + Attend social events to leverage time
                                                                                      with attendees
                             makers face-to-face to discuss new
                                                                                   + Interact with principal clinicians and
                             products and technology advances in
                                                                                      researchers in this dynamic field of
                             cardiovascular CT.                                       cardiovascular imaging

                                                                                   Additional Exhibitor Benefits
                                Attendee Demographics                              + Company name listed in the SCCT2011
                                    from SCCT2010                                     Final Program
                                                                                   + Complimentary listing on the SCCT2011
                                               25%                                    Annual Scientific Meeting website
                                                                                   + Complimentary exhibitor registrations
                                                                                      based on booth size
                                               70%                                 Exhibitor Services
                               70%..........................Physicians             + Lead Retrieval
                               25%................................Other            + Food and Beverage
                                                                                      options inside your booth

 2 SCCT2011 | Exhibitor Prospectus | Hyatt Regency Denver | Exposition: July 14-16, 2011 | Annual Scientific Meeting: July 14-17, 2011
SCCT2011                                                       General Information
Annual Meeting Dates                                                Exposition Installation Hours
and Location                                                        Exhibit installation must be complete by
July 14-17, 2011. . . . . . Annual Scientific Meeting               12:00 pm (noon) on July 14
July 14-16, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exposition       Larger booths are encouraged to load after
                 Hyatt Regency Denver, Colorado                     5:30 pm on Wednesday, July 13 to avoid noise
Exposition & Sponsorship                                            during pre-program meetings                                     APRIL 2011
Management                                                                                                                          S    M T       W T F           S
                                                                    Exposition Dismantling Hours                                                        1          2
Carrie Dresser, Vice President,
                                                                    Saturday, July 16, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm                            3 4       5 6 7 8             9
Business Development and Education                                                                                                  10 11     12 13 14 15         16
Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography                       Larger booths are encouraged to dismantle after                 17 18     19 20 21 22         23
415 Church Street, NE, Suite 204                                    5:00 pm                                                         24 25     26 27 28 29         30
Vienna, VA 22180
Phone: 800.876.4195 | Fax: 888.849.1542                             Important Dates                                                 MAY 2011                                                                                                                    S   M    T    W    T    F     S
                                                                    Booth space assignment begins and                                1    2    3   4     5    6    7
Official Show Coordinator                                           balance of rental fee is due . . . . . . . . . . April 29       8     9   10   11   12   13   14
Shepard Exposition Services                                                                                                         15   16   17   18   19   20   21
                                                                    Last day to cancel for partial refund . . . . . May 2
4710 Trident Court                                                                                                                  22   23   24   25   26   27   28
Baltimore, MD 21227                                                 Deadline for receipt of Final Program                           29   30   31
Shepard Sales Manager                                               listing information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . May 2
                                                                                                                                    JUNE 2011
Denene Kinney | 443.883.9495                                        Exhibitor service kit available online . . . . May 16           S    M T       W    T F S
                                                                                                                                                    1   2 3 4
                                                                    Deadline for island exhibitors to
Exhibit Hall Hours                                                                                                                  5 6 7          8    9 10 11
                                                                    submit blueprint and/or                                         12 13 14       15   16 17 18
SUN 7/10 MON 7/11 TUE 7/12 WED 7/13 THU 7/14 FRI 7/15    SAT 7/16   photograph of booth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 1      19 20 21       22   23 24 25
                                     3:30 pm   7:00 am   7:30 am                                                                    26 27 28       29   30
                                        to        to        to      Approval for give-aways due . . . . . . . . . June 15
                                     7:30 pm   5:00 pm   4:00 pm
                                                                    Housing deadline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 20      JULY 2011
Welcome Cocktails and                                                                                                               S    M T       W T       F    S
Cheese Reception                                                    Direct shipments accepted . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 7                                1    2
                                                                                                                                    3 4 5 6              7    8    9
SUN 7/10 MON 7/11 TUE 7/12 WED 7/13 THU 7/14 FRI 7/15    SAT 7/16   Exhibit installation must be complete
                                                                                                                                    10 11 12 13         14   15   16
                                     6:30 pm                        by 12:00 pm (noon) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 14    17 18 19 20         21   22   23
                                     7:30 pm
                                                                    Exhibits dismantled . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 16   24 25 26 27         28   29        31

   SCCT was
   proud to have
   from 38 different
   countries at the
   Annual Scientific

Annual Scientific Meeting: July 14-17, 2011 | Exposition: July 14-16, 2011 | Hyatt Regency Denver | Exhibitor Prospectus | SCCT2011                                     3
Booth Rental Information

  SCCT2011                                                                Actual Exhibit Floor layout is subject to change.
                                                                      SCCT will make every attempt to honor exhibitor requests
                                                                                  for desired space and location.

Rental Fees                                  Included in the Booth Fee                      + Security guard service (Exhibit Hall
Exhibit fees are based on $31 per            + An 8' high back wall and 3' side
square foot (in U.S. dollars). The             rails with drapery                           + Two (2) complimentary
smallest booth space is 10' x 10'. Full                                                       registrations per 100 sq. ft. of
                                             + ID booth sign identifying the
payment must accompany contracts                                                              exhibit space. Additional
                                               company’s name and booth
sent on or after February 15, 2011.                                                           representatives may be registered
Ceiling height is 30'. Please contact                                                         for a fee of $279 each (Please
the SCCT Office for questions                + Welcome Cocktails and Cheese                   note: Complimentary badges do
regarding exhibit space. The exhibit           Reception ($26 per sq. ft. for booth           not apply to SCCT Partner
floor plan will be available at                space plus $5 per sq. ft. toward               Discount Agreements)                     support of the Welcome Cocktails
                                                                                            + Exhibitors are welcome to observe
                                               and Cheese Reception)
                                                                                              all SCCT2011 program activities.
                                             + Company name listed in the Final               Please note that CME and CE
                                               Program and SCCT2011 website                   credit will not be granted to

4 SCCT2011 | Exhibitor Prospectus | Hyatt Regency Denver | Exposition: July 14-16, 2011 | Annual Scientific Meeting: July 14-17, 2011
Terms of Payment                              Each representative of an exhibiting           Exhibit Booth Staffing
                                              company must wear the official
A 50% deposit of total exhibit space                                                         As a courtesy to the attendees and
                                              badge at all times while in the exhibit
cost must accompany the Exhibit                                                              to fellow exhibitors, it is important
                                              area. Supplementing the identification
Space Contract. Applications will nei-                                                       that exhibitors open their exhibits
                                              with business cards or company logo
ther be processed nor space assigned                                                         on time each day and staff them
                                              type is not permitted. Exhibitor
without the required deposit. The final                                                      throughout the day until the
                                              badges may be made out only in the
50% is due no later than April 29,            name of the company shown on the               scheduled Exhibit Hall closing.
2011. If full payment is not received         Exhibit Space Contract. False certifica-
within this time period, assigned space                                                      Full Payment
                                              tion of individuals as exhibitor
may be reassigned or sold.                    representatives, misuse of exhibitor           Full payment is due April 29, 2011.
Please make checks payable to:                badges, or any other method or                 If payment is not received by this
Society of Cardiovascular Computed            device used to assist unauthorized             date, booth space is subject to auto-
Tomography. Visa, Master Card,                persons to gain admission to the               matic reassignment and deposit will
Discover, and American Express will           Exhibit Hall is in strict violation of the     be forfeited as liquidated damages.
be accepted for payments. Exhibitors          SCCT Rules and Regulations.
will not be allowed to occupy                                                                Cancellation Policy
                                              Badges will not be mailed. They may
assigned space until all monies due to        be picked up at the Exhibitor                  Cancellation of space after May 2,
SCCT are paid in full and the                 Registration Desk. All representatives         2011 will result in a charge equal to
Exhibitor Agreement is submitted.             must register for the meeting. No              100% of the total cost of the space
                                              badges will be issued without                  assigned. The 50% deposit is not
Exhibitor Badges                              identification of company affiliation.         refundable.
Exhibitors are encouraged to register
in advance. Each exhibiting company
will receive two (2) complimentary                                     Hotel Accommodations
badges for each 100 sq. ft. of exhibit                      Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
space purchased. (Please note:                                      650 15th Street • Denver, CO 80202
Complimentary badges do not apply
to SCCT Partner Discount Agree-
ments.) Additional representatives
may be registered for a fee of $279
each. There are no refunds for badges
purchased but not used. Exhibitors
will have full access to the SCCT
Annual Scientific Meeting to observe
SCCT sessions; however, CME and CE
credit are not available with exhibitor
badges. Exhibitor badges allow
exhibitors access to all SCCT2011
programs and events at the Hyatt
Regency Denver.                                             + Rate: $189, single or double plus applicable taxes
Representatives registered through                          + Reservations: 888.421.1442 or
exhibitor registration will be provided             
with an exhibitor badge only. Any                           + Mention SCCT2011 to receive the discounted rate
representative desiring an attendee                         + Reservation cut-off date is June 20, 2011
badge for CME or CE credit will be
                                                   Exhibitors are encouraged to book hotel rooms within the SCCT room
required to pay a full SCCT2011
                                                   block. Please check the Hyatt Regency Denver Cancellation Policy
meeting registration fee. Exhibitor
                                                   when making reservations.
badges are non-transferable.

Annual Scientific Meeting: July 14-17, 2011 | Exposition: July 14-16, 2011 | Hyatt Regency Denver | Exhibitor Prospectus | SCCT2011   5
Sponsorship Opportunities
As an SCCT2011 exhibitor, you already                                                      EDUCATIONAL GRANT
know the value and importance of                                                           OPPORTUNITIES
participating in the Annual Scientific                                                     Educational Grants
Meeting. You recognize that SCCT2011                                                       Recommended donation $29,000 (any
                                                                                           donation amount accepted)
is the most powerful exposition dedicated                                                  Educational grants are used to support
                                                                                           activities that enhance the educational
to the appropriate use of cardiovascular CT                                                program and/or extend its reach beyond the
and its integration into medical practice.                                                 time and setting of the meeting.
                                                                                           Educational grants provide SCCT the
SCCT2011 is the place to showcase your                                                     continued opportunity to bring the latest
                                                                                           advancements in cardiovascular CT to
products and services directly in front of                                                 SCCT2011 Annual Scientific Meeting
your target audience, meet qualified leads and boost your sales.                           attendees. In addition to helping advance
                                                                                           the field of cardiovascular CT, donors will
                                                                                           receive recognition on signage throughout
Have you considered adding a sponsorship to maximize your investment                       the meeting.
exponentially? The SCCT2011 Annual Scientific Meeting is your
                                                                                           Read with the Experts
opportunity to impress, excite and motivate physicians and other                           Sponsorship $7,500
decision makers about what’s new in the field. No matter what type of                      This is a dedicated session where experts
                                                                                           present cases in a structured format to the
sponsorship you choose, you position your company as a power-player                        audience. Sponsorship consists of providing
                                                                                           the workstation, which will include
in the industry. Review all the various options to see how partnering                      applications support, uploading the data
with SCCT is guaranteed to deliver value-added exposure.                                   onto the workstation, and service support
                                                                                           for setup. Sponsors will receive recognition
                                                                                           on signage as well as in the Final Program.
Get your company’s name out there! Sponsorship gives you a great way
to start a conversation with this highly specialized field of professionals                Lunch Totes
                                                                                           Sponsorship $15,000 (1 day)
from across the country and around the world. An effective sponsorship                     This keepsake insulated lunch tote will be
will draw the maximum number of prospective customers directly to                          provided to each attendee on Friday or
                                                                                           Saturday. The sponsor’s company logo will
your booth.                                                                                be on each lunch tote, as well as SCCT’s

                                                                                           Attendee Bags
                                                                                           Sponsorship $10,000
                                                                                           This is an excellent advertising opportunity
                                                                                           for companies. Sponsors will have their
                                                                                           logo placed on each attendee bag. SCCT
                                                                                           provides the bags, and sponsors will have
                                                                                           an imprint of their name and logo on each
                                                                                           bag. The SCCT logo will also be listed on
                                                                                           the attendee bag.

                                                                                           Welcome Cocktails and Cheese
                                                                                           Sponsorship $20,000
                                                                                           The highly attended Welcome Cocktails and
                                                                                           Cheese Reception is held in the Exhibit Hall.
                                                                                           Sponsors will receive recognition in the Final
                                                                                           Program and in signage at the meeting.

6 SCCT2011 | Exhibitor Prospectus | Hyatt Regency Denver | Exposition: July 14-16, 2011 | Annual Scientific Meeting: July 14-17, 2011
Internet Café                                                                                  SYMPOSIA OPPORTUNITIES
Sponsorship $15,000
Free internet access is a must-have for any                                                    Lunch Symposium
conference attendee. As such, this is one of                                                   Sponsorship (Exclusive) $30,000
the most visible advertising opportunities                                                     Sponsorship (Concurrent) $20,000
available. Supporters are identified by                                                        Satellite symposia are held outside of the
special signage at the email station as well                                                   SCCT Annual Scientific Meeting official
as on customized screen savers at each                                                         program times. Boxed lunches will be
terminal.                                                                                      provided in the Exhibit Hall. Space is limited
                                                                                               to three concurrent sessions, so contact
Lanyards                                                                                       SCCT to reserve your company’s preferred
Sponsorship $10,000                                                                            date and time. Symposia are listed in the
Get increased visibility for your company                                                      Final Program. All symposia will be
with these convenient, portable badge                                                          advertised on signage.
holders. Each attendee receives a lanyard
displaying the supporter’s logo.                                                               Dinner Symposium
                                                                                               Sponsorship (Exclusive) $30,000
Refreshment Break                                                                              Sponsorship (Concurrent) $20,000
Sponsorship for one break $7,500                                                               For dinner symposia, food and beverage will
Five breaks are available                                                                      not be included. Food and beverage for
Guarantee your presence at the SCCT2011                                                        dinner symposia will be at the sponsor's
Annual Scientific Meeting with support of                                                      discretion and cost. Satellite symposia are
a refreshment break in the Exhibit Hall.                                                       held outside of the SCCT2011 Annual
This support includes signage near the                                                         Scientific Meeting official program times.
buffet tables as well as recognition in the                                                    Symposia are listed in the Final Program.
Final Program.                                  Promotional One-Meter Panels                   Space is limited to three concurrent sessions,
                                                Sponsorship $2,000                             or one exclusive session so contact SCCT to
ADVERTISING                                     Grab attendees’ attention with a two-sided     reserve your company’s preferred date and
                                                panel placed in high traffic areas.            time. Sponsors receive recognition in the
OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                  Final Program. All symposia will be
                                                Supporting companies work with the
                                                decorator to create personalized messages      advertised on signage.
Workstation Arena                               of interest to attendees.
Sponsorship $7,500                                                                             Breakfast Symposium
The Workstation Arena is a feature of the       Advance Program Advertisement                  Sponsorship (Concurrent) $10,000
meeting where sponsors are able to set up a     Inside back cover, 4 color - $12,500           Satellite symposia are held outside of the
maximum of four (4) workstations. Each          Full page, 4 color - $10,000                   SCCT2011 Annual Scientific Meeting official
sponsor will provide their own cases on their   Half page, 4 color - $5,000                    program times. Space is limited to three
workstations including technical and            Advertise in the SCCT2011 Annual Scientific    concurrent sessions, so contact SCCT to
professional staffing. Sponsors will receive    Meeting Advance Program to reach               reserve your company’s preferred date and
recognition at the Workstation Arena as well    thousands of cardiovascular CT                 time. We encourage sponsors to provide a
as signage throughout the meeting and in        professionals. The four-color booklet          continental breakfast with their symposium.
the Final Program.                              containing program information, registration   Sponsors receive recognition in the Final
                                                and housing forms will be mailed to more       Program. All symposia will be advertised on
Room Key Cards                                  than 15,000 cardiology specialists and other   signage throughout the meeting.
Sponsorship (plus any hotel                     key stakeholders in the field. Advertisement
charges) $5,000                                 must be received by 12/1/10 to be included
This opportunity places the supporter’s         in Advance Program.
name and logo on the key cards used by all
attendees staying at the SCCT2011 Annual        Final Program Advertisement
Scientific Meeting hotel. This is a creative    Inside back cover, 4 color - $12,500
way to advertise to meeting attendees.          Full page, 4 color - $10,000
                                                Half page, 4 color - $5,000
Give-Away Material in Attendee                  The SCCT2011 Annual Scientific Meeting
Tote Bag (CD, Flyer or Brochure)                Final Program is attendees’ must-have
Sponsorship $3,500                              amenity onsite. With final session informa-
SCCT will provide supporters the oppor-         tion, a list of exhibitors, and a list of
tunity to have one item inserted into the       supporters, an ad in this four-color booklet
attendee bag that is handed out to all          will be integral to this in-demand publica-
meeting attendees. Items must be pre-           tion. Advertisement must be received by
approved by SCCT by June 15.                    4/1/11 to be included in Final Program.

Annual Scientific Meeting: July 14-17, 2011 | Exposition: July 14-16, 2011 | Hyatt Regency Denver | Exhibitor Prospectus | SCCT2011             7
Rules and Regulations
Agreement to the Rules and Regulations                       Insurance                                                  Subletting of Exhibit Space
The following rules and regulations governing the            The exhibitor shall, at its sole cost and expense,         Exhibitors are prohibited from assigning or subletting
Exhibit Hall under the auspices of the Society of            procure and maintain throughout the term of the            a booth or any part of the space allotted to them. Nor
Cardiovascular Computed Tomography are part of the           contract for exhibit space, comprehensive general          shall they exhibit or permit to be exhibited in their
application for space and constitute a binding contract      liability insurance against claims of bodily injury or     space any merchandise or advertising materials that
between the Exhibitor and SCCT. They have been               death and property damage occurring in or upon or          are not part of their own regular products or services.
formatted in the best interest of the Exhibitor, and we      resulting from the premises leased. The general
ask full cooperation of the Exhibitor in their observance.   liability insurance shall name SCCT, Tulane CCE,           Relocation of Exhibits
Any detail not specified is subject to decision by SCCT.     Shepard Exposition Services, and the Hyatt Regency         SCCT reserves the right to alter locations of exhibits
                                                             Denver as additional insured’s. Such insurance shall       as shown on the official floor plan, if deemed, in the
Enforcement of Rules and Regulations                         include contractual liability and products liability       sole discretion of SCCT, to be advisable or in the best
As a condition for exhibiting, each exhibitor shall agree    coverage with the combined and single limits of            interests of the Annual Scientific Meeting.
that they, their employees and their agents will observe     liability of not less than $1,000,000. The exhibitor
all SCCT policies and regulations as described in the        shall be required to provide SCCT with said certificate    Electrical Connections and Internet
prospectus. SCCT reserves the right to restrict and/or       of insurance indicating the appropriate liability          Arrangements for electricity or internet access must
dismiss at any time any exhibit, which SCCT deems            coverage.                                                  be made directly with the Hyatt Regency Denver.
undesirable. Any exhibitor who begins dismantling or                                                                    Details for these arrangements will be sent to the
packaging their exhibit and/or exhibit materials prior       Contract for Space                                         official contact person.
to the official close of technical exhibits may not be       The application for space and the official notice of
permitted to participate in future SCCT expositions.         assignment constitute a contract for the rights to use     Americans with Disabilities Act
                                                             the space allotted. A completed application for space      Each exhibitor shall be responsible for compliance
Appearance of Exhibits                                       with deposit and all requested information must be         with the Americans with Disabilities Act within their
Any part of a booth that has unfinished side or end          received by mail or fax 888.849. 542.
                                                                                             1                          assigned exhibit space.
panels, must be draped at the exhibitor’s expense. A
booth must lend itself to an attractive appearance. Show     Exhibit Booth Representation                               Cancellation of Exposition
Management reserves the right to have such finishing         Booths must be kept open and staffed daily during          In the event of cancellation of the SCCT Exposition
done at the exhibitor’s expense. Carpet or other             scheduled exhibit hours by exhibitor’s staff. Breaking     due to fire, strikes, governmental regulations, or
suitable floor covering is mandatory for all exhibits.       down or packaging up of materials earlier than 4:00 pm,    causes that would prevent the scheduled opening or
                                                             Saturday, July 16 is prohibited.                           continuance, then and there upon, exhibitors and the
In-Line Booths                                                                                                          SCCT has no further obligations to each other, and
Booths may not be more than 8’ high. All in-line             Sound and Audiovisual                                      the SCCT management shall determine an equitable
booths will be provided with an 8’ high back wall            Audiovisual and other sound effects must be regulated      basis for the refund of such portion of exhibit fees as
drape, 3’ high side drapes, and a standard booth sign        so that they do not disturb neighboring exhibits.          is possible, after due consideration of expenditures
with company name.                                           SCCT reserves the right to determine at what point         and commitments already made.
                                                             sound interferes with others and must be discontinued.
Island Booths                                                                                                           Conditions of Contract to Exhibit
Overstatement in design should be avoided. Exhibits                                                                     Exhibitors agree to abide by the conditions of contract
                                                             Social Functions/Hospitality Suites
must be constructed in compliance with the                                                                              stated in the SCCT2011 Exhibitor Prospectus.
                                                             Exhibitor sponsored meetings and social activities
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991. Island booths                                                                  Exhibitors accept responsibility for informing all of
                                                             must not conflict with any scheduled conference
may extend to all outer edges of the booth space, but                                                                   their employees of these conditions and agree that
                                                             activities and must be approved by SCCT.
the design of the booth must allow accessibility from                                                                   they will abide by them also.
all four aisles and sufficient see-through areas so as       Printed Material Distribution/Canvassing
not to block the view of the adjacent exhibits. All                                                                     Industry Guidelines
                                                             Canvassing in any part of the facilities utilized by
building materials including “see-through” or “sheer”                                                                   The purpose of the SCCT Exposition is to allow
                                                             SCCT is strictly prohibited and anyone doing so will       companies an opportunity to complement the
such as glass or fabric will be considered as potential      be requested to leave the building. Distribution of
visibility blockers when SCCT reviews island floor                                                                      scientific or educational sessions by informing and
                                                             advertising or printed material by an exhibitor outside    educating the course participants on the latest
plans. All island booths are required to submit a            of exhibitor’s allotted space will not be permitted.
blueprint of the booth design by June 1, 2011.                                                                          developments in equipment, supplies, and services
                                                                                                                        that are available. Adherence to the ACCME
                                                             Selling of Products and Services                           regulations regarding exhibits is required, which state:
                                                             The purpose of exhibits is to further the education of     When commercial exhibits are part of the overall
Each exhibitor agrees to protect, indemnify and hold
                                                             meeting attendees through product and service              program, arrangements of these should not influence
harmless SCCT, Tulane CCE, Shepard Exposition
                                                             displays and demonstrations. Sales and order taking        planning or interfere with the presentation of CME
Services, the Hyatt Regency Denver, and their officers,
                                                             are permitted provided all transactions are conducted      activities. No commercial promotional materials shall
directors, agents, employees from any claims, liability,
                                                             in a manner consistent with the professional nature of     be displayed or distributed in the same room as the
damages or expenses asserted against them or
                                                             the meeting. No signage or advertising of product          educational activity immediately before, during, or
incurred by them as a result of, or in connection with,
                                                             pricing will be allowed. SCCT reserves the right to        after an educational activity certified for credit.
any loss of or damage to property, or injury to
                                                             restrict sales activities that it deems inappropriate or   Exhibitors are reminded of the Food and Drug
persons resulting from, arising out of or in any way
                                                             unprofessional.                                            Administration (FDA) regulations on the promotion of
connected with negligence, wrongful acts of or break
                                                                                                                        investigational and pre-approved drugs and devices.
of contract by the exhibitor or its agents, servants or
                                                             Educational Events in Exhibit Booths                       Exhibitors are also cautioned about FDA prohibition of
employees. Exhibitors are encouraged to insure
                                                             Exhibiting companies must inform SCCT, in writing, of      promoting approved drugs for unapproved purposes.
themselves against property loss or damage and
                                                             all educational events offered in their exhibit booths.    Exhibitors must comply with the standards established
against liability for personal injury.
                                                             Notification letters must include description of the       by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical
It is further understood and agreed that the SCCT            event identifying content, date, time, format and          Education (, the American Medical
shall in no event be liable to an exhibitor for any loss     names of physicians involved in delivery of the            Association’s Ethical Opinion on Continuing Medical
profits, sales or business opportunities or any other        educational content.                                       Education and Gifts to Physicians (,
type of direct or consequential damages alleged to be                                                                   the Food and Drug Administration regulations
due from breach of this contract. It is understood and                                                                  regarding industry-supported scientific and
agreed that the sole liability of SCCT to any exhibitor                                                                 educational activities (, the revised
for any breach of this contract shall be for the refund                                                                 PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare
of all amounts paid by the exhibitor pursuant to this                                                                   Professionals (, and the revised
contract as an exclusive remedy.                                                                                        AdvaMed Code (

Annual Scientific Meeting: July 14-17, 2011 | Exposition: July 14-16, 2011 | Hyatt Regency Denver | Exhibitor Prospectus | SCCT2011                                             8
SCCT2011 Contract and Application
Exhibit Space & Sponsorship                                                                   PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE
                                                                                              ONE APPLICATION PER COMPANY
                                                                                                                                                       SCCT USE ONLY
                                                                                                                                                       Contract Rec’d
COMPANY NAME:                                                                                                                                         .................... / .................... / 2011
                                                                                                                                                      Amt Rec’d: $......................
                                                                                                                                                      Bal. Due: $ .........................
                                                                                                                                                      Total Booth: $.....................
                                                                                                                     Check here if non-profit
                                                                                                                   exhibitor (Certificate MUST        Assigned Booth: # ..............
CITY, STATE, ZIP :                                                                                                 be attached - 501(c)3 only)

EXHIBIT CONTACT:                                                                                       EXHIBIT CONTACT TITLE:

DIRECT TEL:                                                 FAX:                                       EMAIL:

 Booth                                    Sponsorship Commitment                                                                                     Complete and
 Commitment                                                                                                                                           Return this
                                         Educational Grant                  Advertising Opportunities:
Booth Choices:                                                                    Workstation Arena:$7,500
                                              Educational Grants                                                                                     Please complete and
1st #                                                                             Room Key Cards: $5,000 (plus any hotel charges)                          return the
                                              Recommended donation:
2nd #                                                                             Give-Away: $3,500                                                  Exhibit/Sponsorship
                                                                                  Promotional One-Meter Panels: $2,000                                      Contract
3rd #                                         Read with the Experts:                                                                                 with the required 50%
                                                                                  Advance Program Advertisement:
                                              $7,500                                 Inside back cover, 4 color: $12,500                             deposit check, made
Preferred Booth Size:                                                                                                                                      payable to:
                                                                                     Full page, 4 color: $10,000
Booth Fee: $31 per sq. ft.                    Lunch totes: $15,000                   Half page, 4 color: $5,000                                          Society of
  10'x10'     10'x20'     20'x20'
                                              (1 day)                                                                                                  Cardiovascular
                                                                                  Final Program Advertisement:
  20'x30'     30'x30'     Other                                                      Inside back cover, 4 color: $12,500                           Computed Tomography
                                              Attendee Bag: $10,000
                                                                                     Full page, 4 color: $10,000                                    415 Church Street, NE
If booth size is not on floor plan,
please call the SCCT Office for                                                      Half page, 4 color: $5,000                                           Suite 204
assistance 800.876.4195.                      Cocktails & Cheese                                                                                      Vienna, VA 22180
                                              Reception: $20,000            Symposia Opportunities:                                                     800.876.4195
 Total                                                                            Lunch Symposium: $30,000 (Exclusive)       Fri           Sat       Fax: 888.849.1542
 Booth Fee: $                                 Internet Café: $15,000
                                                                                  Lunch Symposium: $20,000 (Concurrent) Fri                Sat      For further information,
                                                                                  Dinner Symposium: $30,000 (Exclusive)      Fri           Sat           please contact:
                                              Lanyards: $10,000
Companies not desired                                                             Dinner Symposium: $20,000 (Concurrent) Fri               Sat           Carrie Dresser
in proximity:                                                                                                                                            Vice President,
                                              Refreshment Break:                  Breakfast Symposium: $10,000 (Concurrent)
                                                                                                                      Fri   Sat           Sun        Business Development
                                              $7,500 (per break – five
                                              breaks available)                                                                                        800.876.4195 or
                                                                              Total Sponsorship Commitment: $

 Payment Information                                                     Final Payment Deadline: April 29, 2011. We agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing the
                                                                         exposition as printed on this contract, as well as to the provisions of the official Rules and Regulations
                                                                         governing the exposition as stated in this invitation, which we accept as part of the agreement. We agree
   Visa       MasterCard              Discover     AmEx      Check       to pay the booth rental charge in-full on or before April 29, 2011, failure to do so may result in the
                Make checks payable (US$) to:                            cancellation of assigned space. Should exhibitor cancel before April 29, 2011, the SCCT reserves the right
      Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography                      to retain 50% of the contracted booth fee. Should exhibitor cancel on or after May 2, 2011, SCCT
                                                                         reserves the right to retain 100% of the contracted booth fee unless the booth space is resold then the
                                                                         SCCT will retain 50% of the contracted booth fee.
                                                                         This agreement, signed by a duly authorized representative of the company, must be received by the
                                                                         SCCT Office no later than February 15, 2011, and will constitute a binding contract for the sponsorship
                                                                         amount indicated. Full payment is due to the SCCT Office by April 29, 2011. This agreement will become
CVV # :                               Exp. Date:
                                                                         effective upon acceptance by SCCT.

TOTAL AMOUNT $                                                           SIGNED AND DATED THIS                          DAY OF                                                                       2011

CARDHOLDER NAME:                                                         HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR COMPANY LISTED?

SIGNATURE:                                                               SIGNATURE:

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       415 Church Street, NE, Suite 204 • Vienna, VA 22180

The Premier Meeting Dedicated to
Cardiovascular CT

SCCT                               EXHIBITOR
The 6th Annual Scientific Meeting
of the Society of Cardiovascular
Computed Tomography
Hyatt Regency Denver | Denver, CO
Annual Scientific Meeting | July 14-17, 2011
Exposition | July 14-16, 2011

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