What Twitter Mistakes Should Be Avoided_ by Jonathan303Munoz


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									What Twitter Mistakes Should Be Avoided?
While entrepreneurs are employing Twitter for their Social Media Marketing
they tend to make these 3 common Twitter mistakes.
Twitter is an effective Tool that should be employed cleverly.
If not, it can wound your Reputation in the Social Networking World.
The online world is immense but small at the same time,
so you want to make sure that all your work don't go down the drain.
Ok so let's explain the Big 3 Twitter Mistakes
1. Beginning with your Twitter Profile
 a) Your Username
When choosing your Twitter username make sure
you pick your name in it. If your name is not available
than pick something like itsyourname.
You are branding yourself not your company.
This is immense and most people do it wrong. They think
they need to brand their company name and not themselves.
This is a regular mistake that online marketers tend to make.
For the simple fact that folks don't buy from you due to
your company is good. There are plenty of good companies
out there. Folks buy from you due to of YOU! That's a fact.
 b) Your Twitter Profile Picture
You should consistently and I mean steadily have your
profile picture be YOU. People want to be friends with who
they are doing business with.
Your picture need to be likable and friendly.
It need to show your face. Make sure you are cheerful in it.
don't make the mistake of having No picture on your profile
or one where you are acting like goof. People like to have
fun with the clowns but most of the time they do not take
the clowns seriously.
 c) Your Info URL
Here you could choose what link you would likes to be shown
on your profile. You can use between your main
Lead Capture Page, your Facebook Page or if you
have an established blog.
The choice is yours.
 d) Your bio
This might take you some time and effort but it is
well worth it. This will brand you and it has to be done
 in a short space. (Twitter allows you only 160 characters
of Twitter Real Estate. This goes for your short bio and
you tweets.) You could adjust this as you do better, so
for now you could look at few leaders and see what they
have in their bios. It need to be simple but personal.
 e) Twitter Background
You could pick to customize your Twitter Background
if you like. TwitBacks.com has free Twitter Backgrounds
you can select from.
But the default background is good for beginners.
2. Your Twitter Tweets
entrepreneurs often think that it is enough to have a big
follower list but it is not. What is valuable is the quality
of your following. How do you accelerate a quality following?
Easy with your tweets.
do not be selling and pitching all your programs and
opportunities. Folks can't stand that and will quickly
unfollow you. So what do you tweet about?
A good Strategy to select is this formula:
70% Value with No Promotions Tweet quotes,
step by steps tips, valuable and relevant blog post links,
jokes, etc. Focus on spreading your Business worth
Philosophy and helpful tips, add benefit to other folks.
Also get in to conversations with entrepreneurs. This is often
overlooked by lots who pick Twitter for their Social Media
automation efforts.
Doing this will show others that you are engaged,
in the game and are adding benefit.
This is what real Network Marketing is about.
20% Tips with Links to your Own articles, blog posts,
videos that are tips, reviews or principles information.
Share knowledge that your niche can receive some insight or
benefit from. Become a source of increase and power
so that folks would likes to keep paying attention to you.
Become their go to guy or gal.
10% Invites to your webinars, and promotional
invites to your affiliate products, lead capture
page or business opportunity.
each 2-3 days you could invite your followers
to network with you on facebook.
If you avoid those 3 Twitter Mistakes than
you should be in a good position.
With that being said.
Enjoy your Twitter Social Media marketing
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