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How to Merge PDF Files in Mac OS X and Windows
2012-02-13 12:02:05 Emma

Have created a PDF form and wanna merge it with another PDF file? Or have created two parts of a PDF
eBook and need to merge them into one? In daily life, merging PDF is needed. Here in this article, we’re
introducing easy ways for you to merge PDF documents in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Windows.

Part one How to merge PDF files in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for free

Apple has provided a free app to merge PDF documents. It is Preview, the default PDF reader for Mac OS
X. Besides allows you to view and add comments to PDF, it also allows you to merge PDF files. It is
pretty simple. You just need to right-click the PDF files and open them in Preview respectively. And then
select the thumbnails of PDF pages and drag them to another PDF file where you need them to be. Ok,
here you can arrange the PDFs in order by drag-N-drop. And after everything is Ok, go to File>Save As…,
set a path to save the new PDF file. That is how to merge PDF files in Mac. If you’re a Windows user,
please go to part two.

Part two How to merge PDF files in Windows

Windows users are not as luck as Mac users. Microsoft does not provide a free solution to merging PDF
files. To merge PDF easily and effectively, you should choose a third-party PDF Merger. Here you can try
Wondershare PDF Merger, for it is a professional PDF tool that allows you to merge several files with
two or three clicks. Just see how easy it could be to merge PDF files by using Wondershare PDF Merger.

   1. Download and install PDF Merger. After the installation, click the quick start icon to launch it.
   2. Click the Add Files button to upload the PDF files you need to merge into one.
   3. Click the Merge button to merge these uploaded PDF files into a big one.
That’s it! Now you can click the Open button to see the new PDF files in the folder. The above mentioned
ways to merge PDF files could be the easiest ones. Hope them are helpful.


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