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					The Sotheby’s Training Programme offers exceptional graduating seniors the opportunity to participate
in a unique twelve month programme in our New York office. Spring 2012 graduates with majors in art
history, Asian studies, business, international affairs, and liberal arts will be considered for this program
which will develop early career talent for careers in both the art specialist and business aspects of our

Trainees in this programme will complete rotations in art specialist and business departments. They will
attend regular lectures, workshops, and museum visits with senior executives and will work on projects
with their fellow trainees. Upon completion of the programme, successful trainees will be placed in
permanent positions.

Please complete this application form in full, writing clearly in black ink, or type text. If you should need
to, continue your answers to any of the questions on a separate sheet and attach securely to this form.

Submit your completed application form, cover letter, and resume to by
Friday, November 11.

PERMANENT ADDRESS:                                       CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS (if different):

Zip code:                                                Zip code:
Tel No:                                                  Tel No:
Cell No:

If employed by Sotheby's, can you provide proof that you are of legal age to work?                  Yes       No

Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States for more than a year?                    Yes     No
Please note: If a job offer is made, you will be required to provide proof of citizenship or other evidence
              that you are legally authorized to work in the United States.

State the name of any relative currently or formerly in our employment: ____________________________

Were you ever an intern or an employee of Sotheby's?      Yes        No
If yes, when and in what capacity? __________________________________________________________

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?              Yes         No
If yes, explain:

(Please note that a conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from employment at Sotheby's)

       Name                        Dates Attended                     Course of Study                 Degree

      Name                         Dates Attended                     Course of Study                 Degree

       Name             Dates Attended            Course of Study                                     Degree

Language                    Spoken                        Reading                       Writing


Please list the computer software programmes that you currently use and your level of proficiency (basic,
intermediate, advanced)?

Please give details of any part-time or full-time employment, internship work undertaken, either paid or unpaid.

Name and address:                      Job title and work performed:           From: ________________
                                                                               To: __________________
                                                                               Starting Salary: _________
                                                                               Last Salary: ____________
                                                                               Reason for leaving: ______
Type of business:                                                              ______________________
                                                                               Supervisor: ____________
                                                                               Telephone: (___) _______

Name and address:                      Job title and work performed:           From: ________________
                                                                               To: __________________
                                                                               Starting Salary: _________
                                                                               Last Salary: ____________
                                                                               Reason for leaving: ______
Type of business:                                                              ______________________
                                                                               Supervisor: ____________
                                                                               Telephone: (___) _______

Name and address:                      Job title and work performed:           From: ________________
                                                                               To: __________________
                                                                               Starting Salary: _________
                                                                               Last Salary: ____________
                                                                               Reason for leaving: ______
Type of business:                                                              ______________________
                                                                               Supervisor: ____________
                                                                               Telephone: (___) _______

1.      What skills have you gained from your previous experience and how do you think they relate to our

2.      Please describe in more detail why you have chosen your areas of study. How do they relate to our

3.      What do you hope to gain if you are offered a position in this programme?

4.      Please give three reasons why you feel you are suitable for this programme at Sotheby’s.


5.   What are your long term career aspirations? Please give reasons for this answer

6.   Please give details of your interests and hobbies, stating any posts of responsibility held in societies,
     or other extra curricular activities

I affirm that the information provided herein and in the resume submitted by me is true. I understand that this job
offer is contingent upon the results of reference and background reviews, and that any false statement, omission or
misrepresentation of the facts called for on this application or in my resume will be cause for rejection of my
application or for termination of my employment. I authorize Sotheby's and its agents, in connection with the
application process, to obtain documents and information regarding the truthfulness of all statements made on my
employment application, resume, and other attachments, by contacting references and my former and current
employers, confirming my educational attainments, reviewing motor vehicle records, verifying my credit profile,
reviewing civil litigation records, and reviewing criminal justice records for criminal convictions that relate to me
consistent with the law. I also authorize Sotheby's and its agents to discuss the results of such a review with
Sotheby's employees involved in the hiring process and release Sotheby's from any and all liability in connection

I also understand and agree that, if I am offered a position with Sotheby's or any of its affiliated or related companies,
it will be offered on condition that my employment shall be for no definite period, and that my employment,
compensation, and the terms of my employment may be changed and/or terminated at any time and for any reason
and that no individual is authorized to agree to any other employment arrangement except by a writing signed by the
President and General Counsel of the company.

 Signature: ______________________________________________                        Date: ______________________

Sotheby´s does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth and
related medical conditions), sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability (physical or mental), marital status, citizenship,
military/veteran status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, being a victim of domestic violence or any other characteristic
protected by federal, state or local law.
                                   RELEASE OF CLAIMS

In consideration of my application for employment with Sotheby’s, I authorize Sutton Associates, acting on
its own or as an agent of any other company or organization and their respective agents, to conduct and
report research, verification and/or confirmation of my personal criminal, credit and prior employment
records. I authorize any person having such information or reports to release it to Sutton Associates. I
also authorize prior employers or companies for which I have provided services to answer any and all
questions regarding my prior employment. A facsimile (fax) or xerographic copy of this consent shall be
considered as valid as the original consent.

Fair Credit Reporting Act: I have been given written notice in a separate document that a consumer
report or investigative report may be obtained in connection with this background investigation and used
for the purpose of evaluating me for employment as an employee. If employment is denied in whole or in
part by Sotheby’s because of information contained in the consumer report obtained through this
investigation, I will be informed of such and provided with a copy of the consumer report and a summary
of my rights in regard thereto.

Criminal Background checks: If employment is denied in whole or in part by Sotheby’s because of
information contained in a criminal report, I will be informed of the identity of the court which the criminal
record was obtained, what the contents of the report were and what the effect this information had on the
decision made.

I release and hold harmless Sutton Associates, its agents, as well as any previous employers listed on my
application or resume, and/or other companies or organizations and their respective officers and directors,
employees and agents and all persons, agencies and entities which solicit, report or are otherwise
involved in the information or reports about me, from any and all liabilities and claims arising from the
release of any such information or reports.

By signing this form I certify that I have carefully read and understand the above consent, authorization,
and release of claims. I have voluntarily agreed to this background check to assist Sotheby’s in evaluating
my qualifications and suitability to provide services to it.

Signature                                                                        Date

Note: This information is required to ensure positive identification and is in no manner used in consideration for employment. Your admission of
this information is optional and voluntary. Refusal to provide this information will not eliminate you from consideration of employment or subject
you to discharge or disciplinary treatment, if hired.

Full Name (Printed):                                                             S.S.N.

Other Name(s) Used:

Present Address:                                                                 From: (Mo/Yr.)

City:                                   State:              Zip Code:                      Phone #:
Please List Addresses within the Past Five Years:

Previous Address 1:                                    From: (Mo/Yr.)

City:                        State:        Zip Code:          Phone #:

Previous Address 2:                                    From: (Mo/Yr.)

City:                        State:        Zip Code:          Phone #:

Previous Address 3:                                    From: (Mo/Yr.)

City:                        State:        Zip Code:          Phone #:

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