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HOA Newsletter Fall 2006 by 3g92726


									                                                           The Homes at Deer Mountain
                                                                                   December 2006

HOA Board Mission Statement: "The Deer Mountain HOA Board will serve the community by focusing its
efforts on upholding its Bylaws and enforcing its Covenants to accomplish appreciation of property values, cost effective
maintenance of community property, and management of its facilities consistent with ethical and fiscal standards at a level
that will best serve the interests and needs of the community. We strive to equally involve all members in an environment
of mutual respect, cooperation, camaraderie and support."

                                 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT

Season’s Greetings!

This past year your Board has worked hard on numerous issues concerning our community. They
include landscaping, parking, streetlight repair, and entrance maintenance. In 2007 the Board
anticipates working on the lighting and landscaping for the entrances, open space maintenance,
creating a sub-association, trail reconfiguration, and adding additional cement around the mailboxes.
We will also continue to focus on landscaping and covering exposed cement on our homes. Your input
is important. Please let us know your priorities, concerns, and suggestions. Your help is needed and

We would like to thank Deborah Cole for her work as a Board member this year. We’d also like to
welcome Joe Naidu, Wally Smojver, and Brian Woodworth to the Board. Our Board meetings will
generally be held the first Tuesday of each month, usually at the Todd Hollow Meeting Room. Please
contact Linda Lee at 333-2130 if you have an item you would like to place on the agenda. These
meetings are open to homeowners if you would like to attend. The Board feels very strongly that
homeowner input and support is important as we try to represent all of you.

We wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

                                                               Jack LeGlise
                                                               HOA President

                                           2006 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President                                                      Jack LeGlise         
Vice President/Capital Improvements                            Deborah Cole         
Vice President/Community Relations                             Jeana Neu            
Chief Financial Officer                                        Ben Koerselman       
Todd Hollow Representative                                     Alfonso Flores       
The Homes at Deer Mountain Newsletter                                                December 2006
Page 2

                                      REPORT OF ANNUAL MEETING
                  The annual meeting for The Homes at Deer Mountain Homeowners Association
                  was held on Saturday, November 4 at 10:00 a.m. in the Auditorium at the Summit
                  County Library. A quorum of 171 voting ERUs was present, either in person or by

Neil Anderton, from the Wasatch County Commission, spoke to the homeowners concerning the
parking situation. He explained that a parking ordinance was being drafted for Wasatch County with a
resolution specific to Deer Mountain included in the ordinance. He mentioned that a public meeting
will be held concerning the ordinance. Public notification of the meeting is required.

Voting for the 2007 Governing Board took place during the meeting. Results of the election are
announced in this newsletter.

Homeowners voted for a raise in Homeowners dues to $200 per ERU annually. The raise in dues did
not pass. Alfonso Flores, representing the owners of Todd Hollow, explained the owners of Todd
Hollow did not support a raise in dues but encouraged the homeowners to form a sub-association in
which they would be free to raise their dues and vote on homeowner issues without interference from
Todd Hollow owners. The formulation of the sub-association is one of the top-priorities for the 2007

The meeting was cut short when a representative from Summit County interrupted to say that they
would be using the auditorium and that our meeting would have to be adjourned. The additional issues
that were scheduled to be discussed at the meeting will be explained in this newsletter. Please read

               2007 BOARD
The 2007 Homeowners Board will be:                    Contact information for the new board will be
                                                      available on the Website:
              Alfonso Flores
             Ben Koerselman                          
               Jack LeGlise
                 Joe Naidu                              ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE
                 Jeana Neu
                                                      Welcome Bob Snaith! Bob is the newest
              Wally Smojver                           member of the Architectural Committee. He
             Brian Woodworth                          has agreed to fill the spot recently vacated by
                                                      Ian Patrick. We will miss Ian’s expertise, but
We look forward to a successful year in 2007          look forward to working with Bob. We
with the new board. We want to thank the              appreciate all of the work and careful
homeowners who participated in this election,         consideration the Architectural Committee puts
both as candidates and as concerned                   into their important work for the neighborhood.
homeowners taking the opportunity to vote.
The Homes at Deer Mountain Newsletter                                            December 2006
Page 3

              FALL CLEAN-UP                        Other interesting and helpful information
                                                   regarding our county is listed on this
Thank you to all those who participated in the     website. Please take a moment and go
fall clean-up. Although the weather was nippy,     exploring, you never know what exciting
numerous people participated in cleaning up        information you might find!
the neighborhood and enjoying a light lunch
afterward. The neighborhood looked much                     PERFORMANCE BOND
better after the clean-up. We look forward to
another neighborhood clean-up day in the           In compliance with rules set down by the
spring.                                            CC&Rs, the Governing Board recently passed a
                                                   resolution requiring a $10,000 performance
    PARKING ON THE STREETS                         bond when application is made to build on
                                                   Deer Mountain. This bond will be held in
Jack LeGlise and Linda Lee attended a meeting      escrow until completion of construction when
of the Wasatch County Council on December 6        an inspection by the ACC will be necessary
at 3:00 p.m. An parking ordinance was              before the bond can be returned to the owner.
presented that should help to keep cars off of
our streets overnight. After a brief discussion,   The performance bond was implemented to
the Council tabled the vote on the ordinance       help insure that the plans approved by the
until December 20. They showed considerable        Architectural Committee are followed and that
reluctance in adopting a parking ordinance.        any changes to the approved plans be submitted
                                                   to the ACC, and approved, prior to construction
Please try to attend the meeting on                of the changes.
December 20 at 3:00 p.m., in the Council
Chambers, 25 North Main Street, Heber                          2007 CALENDAR
City, Utah. We feel that neighborhood
support in this issue could be very helpful.       A calendar of events for 2007 will soon be
                                                   available on our website:
The burned-out lights at the entrances were
recently replaced. It is very difficult to         This calendar will include Board meetings,
maintain the current lights and the Board is       ACC meetings, and community events and
looking for a workable solution so that they       parties. Please contact Jeana Neu if you have
entrance lights can be maintained on a regular     items to put on the calendar, suggestions for
basis.                                             events, need information about events or would
                                                   like to help in any way. Jeana is working to
       COUNTY WEBSITE and                          increase community communication and
           MEETINGS                                relationships.

A schedule and listing of all Wasatch County        If you would like to submit an article or
meetings can be found on the county                 topic for your Deer Mountain newsletter
website:                                            please contact Linda Lee at 333-2130 or
                             Look for us on the web at:
The Homes at Deer Mountain Newsletter                                     December 2006
Page 4

                   *Please note: 2007 Budget is included with the newsletter.

Due to the cost of repairing the streetlights and moving the mailboxes the Board has
passed a resolution implementing a special assessment to homeowners. The assessment
is itemized with your annual dues and payment for both is due January 31, 2007. The
resolution is also included with this newsletter, along with your invoice for the annual
dues and the special assessment. In accordance with the CC&Rs, the dues have been
raised 15%. A schedule for the dues is listed below.

                    Single Family Lots Dues                          $120.75
                    Single Family Lots Special Assessment              66.25
                    Total Single Family Lot 2007 Assessment          $187.00

                    Keetley Townhouses dues                          $ 90.57
                    Keetley Townhouses Special Assessment              49.69
                    Total Keetley Townhouse 2007 Assessment          $140.26

    Please look for the following items included in this

                                2007 Budget
                       Special Assessment Resolution
                         2007 Annual Dues Invoice

                Important Dates to Remember:

                 December 20 – County Meeting
                  January 31 – Annual Fees Due
       January 2 at 7 pm – Board Meeting (1st Tuesday of month)

    Check the Deer Mountain Calendar on our website for more
              important meeting and dates in 2007.

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